Dana & Jayson | Help Santa Rosa

One of our co-workers is making a difference...

October 12, 2017

The fire that are devestating huge portions of Northern California have touched the lives of a lot of people as brave firefighters and first responders do their best to help fight the fires, and help those displaced all at the same time. This morning, Dana & Jayson spoke with Jim, one of our co-workers here at FM 949, who is from Santa Rosa, about his hometown, his mom, and what you can do to help her help others. Read Jim's note, and check out the audio below, and CLICK HERE to donate.

Dana & Jayson - Help Santa Rosa

​It's fire season in California, and a series of devastating wildfires are sweeping through Northern California. In San Diego, we are way too familiar with the damage and anguish these fires can cause, so when Dana & Jayson found out one of our co-workers Jim was from Santa Rosa, and trying to do something for his community, we knew we had to help too. We invited Jim on the show to talk about the efforts already underway, what his own mom is doing to help, and what you can do to contribute.