Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Anyone But Chargers Highlights

Relive all the fun from Sunday's game...

November 13, 2017

Some weeks it becomes easier to root for Anyone But the Chargers, and lucky for Dana & Jayson and Entitled Mike, this Sunday was one of those weeks. On this Commercial Free Monday, we welcomed Mike back on the show to run through Sunday's ABC Highlights, after Jacksonville beat the Bolts in overtime. Check out the lowlights, and stay tuned for your chance to win the exclusive, limited edition Anyone But Chargers t-shirt from the guys at Shirts on Tap.

Dana & Jayson - Anyone But Chargers: Week 10 Highlights

The Chargers have been making it hard on the football fans of San Diego, with a couple of improbable wins over the past few weeks, and with the bye week last week, we were hungry for another Charger loss. Lucky for Dana & Jayson and Entitled Mike, the Bolts delivered on Sunday, with an overtime loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars in spectacular fashion. This morning, Entitled Mike returned for this weekend's Anyone But Chargers highlights, and more chances to win the exclusive ABC t-shirt from our pals at Shirts on Tap.