Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Apple Secrets

September 12, 2017

There is a huge Apple event this morning at 10am, where the tech giant is expected to introduce a new iPhone model, and probably a bunch of other news about some of Apple's most popular technology products, but we don't know yet. Rather than wait until after our show is over, Dana & Jayson were able to secure an exclusive interview with our own Apple insider, Siri. She joined the show to try to give us some spoilers about the big event, that is, if her arch-rival Alexa will let her get a word in. It's educational radio, sort of, this morning on FM 949.

Dana & Jayson - Apple Secrets

Apple has another one of their big events this morning, and they're expected to release a lot of new information, including the big reveal for the next iPhone model. Rather than wait for the event itself, Dana & Jayson had the inside track, so they invited friend of the show Siri to join us, and give us a sneak peek of everything we'll find out about today. We're breaking tech news, and some FCC standards with a visit from Siri (and probably her rival Alexa) this morning on FM 949.