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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Bad Dad's Day

Their pain is also their gain...

June 16, 2017

We feel for the dads of San Diego. Sticking with the Father's Day theme, Dana & Jayson called each other out for what Jayson's dad, and Dana's husband could expect from them on Sunday. Figuring they weren't the only ones underachieving for the dads in their life, we hit the phones to find out who is really having the worst Father's Day. The dad with the worst tale of woe was set to turn his frown upside down with a pair of 3-Day Kaaboo Del Mar passes.

Dana & Jayson - Father's Day Fails

​Dana and Jayson called each other out for failing a little bit on their Father's Day plans this Sunday, but rather than make it right, they decided to make themselves feel a little better by asking you to call us, and let us know how bad your Dad's Day is going to suck, for a chance at Kaaboo Del Mar 3-day passes.