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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Folder of Positivity

It works for the President...

August 10, 2017

It turns out President Trump needs a little positivity as much as the rest of us, so much so that he has a folder of positive articles and reactions delivered to him every morning. Rather than let the Donald have all the fun, Dana & Jayson gave you the chance to call in, plead your case in your best Donald Trump voice, and duke it out for our FM 949 folder of positivity packed with concert tickets to go see The Avett Brothers, The Killers, our Indie Jam 2017, as well as tickets to the Burgers and Brews International this weekend at the Del Mar Racetrack. Who did we make feel great again? Listen to find out!

Dana & Jayson - Folder of Prizes

The President of the United States loves positive reinforcement. Dana & Jayson saw the story about Donald Trump receiving folders full of positive articles and correspondence every morning, and decided to do their part for the people of San Diego. We opened up the phone lines and gave you the chance to win a folder full of prizes including tickets to see The Killers, Burgers and Brews International passes, Indie Jam tickets, tickets to see The Avett Brothers, AND a special visit from Dana & Jayson. It's a positive affirmation Thursday on FM 949!