Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Holly Jolly

What are the MOST annoying Christmas songs of all time?

December 6, 2017

You might be having a holly jolly holiday season in San Diego, but how about all those cheesy Christmas songs? You can't escape them most of the time, because they come blaring out of every store speaker, but what are the ones that really drive you nuts? This morning, Dana & Jayson got their hands on the list of the Top 10 most annoying Christmas songs of all time, and asked you to guess what made the list for a chance to win Boomshaka Reggae Music Festival tickets.

Dana & Jayson - Holly Jolly

Since we all have the luxury of living in Southern California, there aren't a ton of signs the holiday season has arrived outside of some festive lights on palm trees, and Christmas songs everywhere we turn. Dana & Jayson know that outside of some classics, there are a ton of TERRIBLE holiday songs, so this morning we busted out the Top 5 most annoying Christmas songs, and put Boomshaka Reggae Music Festival tickets on the line.