Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Jayson's Friend Request: Female Companion

You might think calling Craigslist for friendship is a bad idea. You'd be right...

October 12, 2017

If you think that calling strangers on Craigslist for friendship is a pretty bad idea, you would be right. Jayson isn't hearing it though, because every week, despite failing over, and over, and OVER again, he keeps trying. It's something Dana & Jayson do called Jayson's Friend Request, and it always promises to be awesomely awkward. This week, Jayson is calling a lonely man who posted for a live in female companion and 'friend with benefits'. Would Jayson be able to melt his heart, or would he deny the benefit of friendship. Take a listen and find out.

Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Friend Request: Female Companion

If you wouldn't think that Craigslist is a good place to find friendship, you would be right. Don't tell Jayson though, because he isn't buying it. Every week, he hits up a random stranger about a Craigslist post that he really has no interest in. He's not looking for goods or services, he just wants to snag a friend. This week, a lonely guy is looking for a female companion and friend with benefits, but Jayson has other ideas. Check out the latest edition of Jayson's Friend Request on FM 949.