Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] No Dignity, No Doubt

How far would you go to save money?

January 12, 2018

After a pretty costly holiday season, a lot of San Diegans are looking for ways to save money. There are lots of ways to do it, but if you're a person with dignity there's probably a limit to how far you'll go. This morning, when Dana & Jayson found out the latest ad scheme from IKEA, we hit the phones to put you to the test to find out how far is TOO far when it comes to pinching pennies.

Dana & Jayson - No Dignity, No Doubt

Friday, January 12th

​Do you consider yourself someone with dignity? Then you probably have a limit to how far you'll go to save money. This morning, Dana & Jayson found out exactly how far you would go, letting you weigh in on IKEA's latest ad with a BIG discount for women with no shame.


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When it comes to saving money is there a point where you say. That's too far I'm not going that far to save Mon my movement and I have a specific instance I wanna throw radio and I wanna see how far you would dollars you would actually do this this is something that I Kia is asking their customers studio. There's an ad that I he has put out for baby furniture like for example their baby cribs right and they run about 800 dollars so the way to you would save money in this instance. It's you ripped the data out of the magazine and as a woman you it's taken into the bathroom at DO. And you urinate on it and if your pregnant. It will change the price of the ads. To half the price on the crib so taking the crib from 800 dollars to 400 dollars. And that's like that pregnancy tests. Because the ad will just change the price on its own because of the hormone in your peak. What DL a. So look at that point eight. You then just take the ad covered and you are and into IQ if you had presented so my question ends would you do it. Would you. Who would you urinate on an ad to save money there it has I had the law and a I am sitting there I just in all like I am no one would do best. I would do it you're saving so much money on two accounts first of all you don't have to buy a pregnancy tests that have all that you can set up a script for just a little beat but you have still walking in shamefully. With your urine sample less than. I he's I've been. Peed myself before and while we were out Costco you and I Dana there was a little stain on your pad and it hasn't Mario so much water on my pants I look like I had urinated all over and I walked through Costco with those same. And that was a different situation now let's tee on your pants up on an ad but no seriously if you had to walk up to a woman who's standing there behind the counter. You would do it yet you only during down the value it. Jason I don't need you Vienna phases of the guy I don't know what's being done buttons but at is serious like. We're gonna get that little piece of paper is going to be on that and that you are meeting and it's a pretty soon Jackson out of there may be good and is an unknowing like. Your jacket decided to give you this a piece of paper. But Hewitt doing you would take in an ad with pee on it and handed to a human being because it would save you money bit deeper that ought not to save money you're acting like it's like two dollars but don't you think it's like a matter of what you're dignity is worse without 400 dollars at our allies. So what 95701949. Would you assess would you. 619570194. Or not and I would have done it for one of those IKEA meatballs. Hook up. How far would sandy Aegon is go to save money would you give up your dignity in this instance would you piano coupon and then presented to a human at IKEA that's like he wants you to do it's a new added that it is making international news. Did you rip it out a woman then it's hazy about their p.s on it if she's pregnant the hormone in her. 800 dollar crib the for 400 dollars but you still have to present the peak coupon code sets at six and I've by 701949. Hey Roxy good morning from national Saturday. Itamar means I would totally key item. But then I can't like I understand that part but then that these to have repeated many things I yeah absolutely I don't have any shame in that I don't feel good about handing the paper to a human. And you're quite a bit. Now. There at a thieves she comes to the table all. Where ideas Dana. I it means you could do that I feel like bell IKEA. It will be laughing at me because I did this you know adding 400 dollar thank you though the rocks the T let into the root of the problem with Dana. As your east teak or have a weird color depend on hiatus arrogant and I have. I mean it. Yeah like the whole experience like they're putting you in a really awkward situation it's almost like they're doing a game show behind the scenes in the -- human experiment and like how low will the humans golf I'm OK with being bella meet I'm like yeah yeah anthrax and it. I'm not to look for that I Kia added that Friday press plotting. Are good they got here. You're Yuri and can save you half the price on a cred that I Kia its data and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative this is gross which more people would start employing that's like last night I was looking for 50% off coupon for Papa John's could. I could attend fat cat get up at a piece sample and given it sees that deliveryman. I'd save 50% exactly say so yet visited the Nike is doing where you can rip this ad out of their catalog a woman is pregnant can pee on it and hormone in her. It'll actually change the price of the crib in the ad from 800 dollars to 400 dollars but then you have to present the. Well seeing my thing is they're asking for your peace. They are requesting that they are providing you with your peace. That's on them that's not something that you need to be embarrassed. Because they are. Asking requesting include rising U 400. Dollars get your 400 dollars Menem and they're going in there. And they went why I'm having ordered box out. You're getting at but I am trying to think of your average I Keogh worker in a blue apron when you know that it was some executive in Sweden. At that thought of this idea I. I think I think it's a war different velocity between men and women including the we have 400 bucks. Yeah important box we did undertake heartbeat yeah all that for the swearing I'd. If this. Good I the end to a toilet for free exactly. Why wouldn't I keep onto a cart for 400 bucks I I don't see your argument what's to whoever they are. Are okay Dee and Moore in and I Wear your husband's we would definitely force you the other. Start right there yeah get husband like 400 bucks up 400 bunch. Look key. There's a destroying relationships once again there that's a. Take you more again. Currently our order audit Tiffany from Oceanside. Call a fresh eggs you're like long lost listener family member because it's an I don't know maybe a month since we spoke. I you know night listening I think it's. I'm not calling. I can't have any heat on things we've. Tiffany you would then it's. I hate about this. Such later crashed into the and I am white and Black Sea so I'm not like I'm. I'm. I didn't like it I need eight dollar if you're pregnant keypad and a bit like a ballad about a hundred dollar every can. He had I agreed but there's a few things and I mean I know this is a weird question but I'm glad it's a bright you out of the woodwork and back onto the bottom line. But all so I wanna say that it's an 800 dollar credit. And I key to being a little crises that crib is probably gonna take a week to put together first of all but second of all you would be OK with having that interaction and going to like Kia which your PT. Yeah day Melanie break it down here around Hank. Somebody wants it had to lie here and yet I let it get out who am I argue. He's standing by with the IKEA cast here that you were headed would be Heath Dade who thought I'd be like god outlook. Huge if you feel worse than that block here on your little blue apron you really think about it case and what that would Judy your soul. The IU would I used to work it reads now I would hate it would women would bring out like dollar bills out of their broad how god they did the work that it would be. Employees and moist and that I think that's as valid today said that you know that paper's gonna be my voice is that our. Decent puck he makes things so much clearer to me I am I now now why I don't care I'm forgotten my age. Here and they'll keep on and I weren't in a Bane to people can be checked while their lack. Eaten apple in my hand and that's in the same hand people Hanley checks after the way they are now at the dollar bills and they're there. So that's why you wanna do yes it's like revenge. Yeah back at everybody I have a well isn't that utilities so good to hear from you that's good you thought you guys Nancy and miss you.