Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Resources for Suicide Prevention

There is help available. Find out where to find it.

May 19, 2017

We're still reeling from the passing of Chris Cornell, so this morning we spoke with Joyce, the Executive Director of Survivors of Suicide Loss here in San Diego. She gave us some great insight on an issue that affects so many of us, but is so difficult to speak about, often until its too late. We wanted to make sure to share some of the resources available, and make sure that if you or a loved one needs help, that you know where to find it.



Dana & Jayson - The Chris Cornell Aftermath

​It's been a day since the news broke that Chris Cornell is dead at the age of 52 from an apparent suicide, and as new information keeps being released, Dana & Jayson knew it was important to speak to an expert. We invited Joyce from San Diego's Survivors of Suicide Loss to join us and help us talk about an issue that is often too taboo to discuss. Find links and information about the resources that are available at