#1010GrudgeMatch Retiree - The Greeting Committee "She's a Gun"

May 2, 2017

Congrats to The Greeting Committee becoming our latest retiree in the #1010GrudgeMatch on FM949!  In fact this is there second time reaching retirement status AND the first band to do it TWICE!  They join the likes of POD "This Goes Out to You", Finish Ticket "Color", Judah & the Lion "Take It All Back" (see them at SPF 949!), and themselves The Greeting Committee "Hands Down" from February from 2016.  The key to going 10 nights in a row is being socially active.  You have to sustain the hype for 10 nights with your fans on social media.  The #1010GrudgeMatch has taught me this, ANY band/song can win on ANY night, you just have to WANT it.  Here are some of the highlights from the 10 night run.

In honor of their second win, I'm debuting a new feature for #1010GrudgeMatch Retiree's.  The Dramatic Song Reenactment. 

This was a HUGE night.  Paramore was were a great challenge for TGC, but they came out ahead by rallying the troops. The votes are still fluctuating!

And the band got involved a few nights and even reached out to me.  Thanks guys!  Love the "Rocky" references.  You're the champ now!

I have a fun relationship with @thegreetingcommittee lol @fm949sd. ------

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