November's Featured Beer: Belching Beaver Hoppy Hoppy Night IPA

Celebrating Five Years of Dam Good Beer

November 13, 2017

Time flies when you’re having fun…and making dam good beer, which is what the crew at Belching Beaver have been up to for the better half of a decade now. Their latest special release celebrates the Beav’s five year milestone and takes the hazy IPA craze to new heights. First, lend me an ear and let’s talk about the groovy artwork on the can. (Inside joke for art history majors. You’re welcome.) Van Gogh’s psychedelic ode to pondering the celestial glories above has been reborn and wrapped around a can of New England-style hoppy goodness that’s just perfect for sipping by the fire pit and gazing up at the heavens on a cool and clear November night. Whew…that’s the kind of talk the contents of said can are capable of generating and after cracking one open you’ll understand. This is no ordinary hazy IPA to be sure.

Let’s get started. Pop open one of them gorgeous cans, pour it into your favorite pint glass and breathe it in. The aroma is quite simply stellar. Galaxy hops (of course) are in abundance, imparting a tropical, passionfruit laden nose that is rounded out by the generous addition of our familiar friends, citra and mosaic. Take a gander at your glass—the opacity is there alright, but after just one sip you’ll be surprised at the smooth but crisp mouthfeel. No grit between the teeth nor any hint of polyphenol hop burn at the back of the throat. Belching Beaver rep about town Andy Coppock says “it’s not just another sludgy juice bomb,” and he’s absolutely right. Surprisingly, it’s not terribly sweet or sticky like many hazy’s. Instead, there is a well-balanced blend of juiciness and bitterness that finishes clean, but with just enough malt backbone to keep you warm on those starry starry evenings. Enjoy!