Rock & Roll Happy Hour 05/19/17: Pink Boots Society & 10th Anniversary Festival

The Ladies of Pink Boots Society teach us a thing or two about beer

May 19, 2017

Way back before people who look an awful lot like Ken and Jeremy claimed craft beer as their domain, the mighty mash paddle was wielded by a decidedly different demographic: Women. And these days, they're definitely taking back their place in the brewhouse. The Pink Boots Society has been celebrating the contributions of women to the craft for a decade now, so join us as we gear up to their 10th Anniversary Conference and Festival taking place on June 2nd and 3rd. The society's mission is to promote the role of women in the brewing industry, while encouraging more of their sisters to take up this most noble of professions. This means that they will donate 100% of the proceeds from Saturday’s festival to the PBS Scholarship fund. Drinking beer AND supporting a worthy cause? Now don’t that make you feel good? Joining us for this show are Laura, Nichole and Candace from the local PBS chapter with beer in hand, much of which will be freely flowing at Saturday's big event. So get your tickets NOW, grab a beer, and listen up!

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Rock & Roll Happy Hour with The Pink Boots Society

An evening of beer with the lades of the board from San Diego's Pink Boots Society