Rock & Roll Happy Hour 05/26/17: Breakwater Brewing Co.

Pre-gamin’ It in O-Side

May 26, 2017

Ever notice how lively our broadcasts are during SPF and Indie Jam? The amazing music, cool interviews with the bands, and gorgeous beachside setting are all major factors (duh). But there’s also a special, not-so-secret ingredient that creates additional buzz: BEER of course! And we can always count on one local Oceanside brewery in particular to get us in a festive mood for these events: Breakwater Brewing Co.! First of all, they’re within stumbling distance of the pier and amphitheater (which is where you’ll find us before the festivals). Second, they make amazing pizza (it’s important to build your base). And third, well, they’re just a great bunch of folks who we’ve enjoyed hanging out with for many years.

If you’ve never been to Breakwater, then make it a point to do so next weekend as we get ready to officially kick off the summer with SPF 949 on Sunday, June 11th! (You DID remember to get your tickets, didn’t you!?) They’ve recently remodeled the place, so it’s a comfy spot to hang before the festival, or anytime at all. Listen to tonight’s Rock & Roll Happy Hour to get all the details on their latest brews. Here’ what we’ll be drinking:

  • Bandidos Yanquis Just try to drink this one in small sips…you can’t, so guzzle away to your heart’s content. Mexican style lager brewed with key limes. Salt optional. 5.5% ABV
  • Kali Kush A classic American Pale Ale brewed up with a generous amount of locally harvested California Sagebrush (“That’s Artemisia californica, not a true sage, actually, but a species nevertheless endemic...blah blah…” Thanks, Ranger Ken!). Each dank and delicious sip is a spirit journey through San Diego’s backcountry. 5.6% ABV
  • DMJ How much do we love this beer? Enough to drink it before, during AND after tonight’s show. Good thing the studio has a couch where we can crash. Named for the Del Mar Jetty located on the north side of Oceanside Harbor, it’s Breakwater’s flagship beer. Citrusy, piney, tropical hop goodness with a crisp, clean finish. More please! 7.1% ABV
  • Rasbiscus Mead “A malt-tinged honey wine brewed with absurd amounts of raspberries and hibiscus flowers. Ruby red, sparkling, semi-sweet, and irresistibly delicious.” We agree. Heck, it’s so pretty you’ll want to serve it in a wine glass. 9.6% ABV
  • Rye Dawn 2016 WORLD BEER CUP GOLD MEDAL WINNER! Nuff said, but if you want a descriptor, here it is: “A Brown Ale brewed with Rye, Oats, Wheat and Barley” 6.8%
  • Laugh Track Double IPA Damn this is good. What’s the ABV anyway? What time is it? Where are my pants…

Rock & Roll Happy Hour With Breakwater Brewing

An evening of drinking with our friends from Breakwater Brewing