Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Pariah Brewing

Celebrating A Year In The Life

February 9, 2018

2017. Where DID it go? It was definitely a roller coaster ride, and one of the biggest thrills we got was welcoming Pariah Brewing to San Diego’s craft beer scene. Now, it’s always an attention getter when a new brewery opens up, that’s a given. But when a newly opened brewery offers absolutely amazing beer, well that’s an occasion to celebrate! So join us tonight as we welcome back Brian from Pariah Brewing, along with his comrade Zach, as we celebrate their first anniversary—AND their FIRST CANNING RELEASE! YAY!

  • Little Green Bartlett
  • Ghoul’s Drool
  • Dank Drank
  • Mamba Mode

Rock & Roll Happy Hour ft. Pariah Brewing

What a year it has been! Pariah brewing survived in San Diego's beer scene by doing whatever they wanted to.  Tonight Brewmaster Brian joins Ken and Jeremy in the studio to talk about their new can release and what you can expect to find at the brewery this weekend for thier 1st anniversary celebration.