12/21/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Krampus & other Christmas legends & folklore

Wednesday, December 21st

12/21/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Jeff Belanger discusses CHristmas legends and folklore from around the world, including Krampus, Belsnickel, and many more. Some of these stories are terrifying and their intent is questionable. Listener calls and some holiday fun.


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This episode of beyond reality radio was reported December 21 2016. I. Ferraro jewel songs Jimmy Johnson welcome to everybody Cheney I. This is a first for me okay. 12 cups of coffee before the show. Are you never gonna sleep tonight I'm not gonna sleep tonight and bounce and off the walls now I'm in the middle of big caffeine heady can expect. And I and I saw I can be responsible for anything I say you're due to 9 and this morning at a time. But let's tigers you'll you'll be up forever and if I drank coffee right now I wouldn't sleep for days and now I've made this mistake before and in this exactly what happens there's no sleep probably in the next Dana half. While a big load everybody else they're listening beyond reality radio tuning in whether it be on one of the great stations we era on or whether you're tuning in online ad beyond reality radio dot com. You can click the listen life and join the chat haven't done yet makes feel like FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. We've got a great shield plans nine we're going to be talking with very good friend of ours G apple injure about him talking legends in full floor. And last year Jim we had a Mon around the same time and recovered of course correctness and a bunch of other things and he's just he's always just incredible talked. He's a great cast very knowledgeable guy who really well spoken presents. Information really really well always interesting com and if he's listening this has probably smaller militant and sized. Bigger than it was spent at Craig we've been talking about this night for a long time Jay in fact I think we've been talking about this nice since we had him on about a year ago. And we ran out of time to be grew only had a month for an hour last time those were doing three guests in a night because we're once a week. And so we were anxious to have him back because there was so much more talk about. Well he's just a great dial around I've actually had him co host. Dioner out to radio and raced into it way back very very beginning grant town. And when he was out and Jeff came in and co hosted with me and he's he's just a great guy he's he's very knowledgeable the field investigates the paranormal. And little lonely he runs ghostly village dot com which is one of the most popular paranormal of sites out there. Andy and he's been doing it forever he also I know he was writing animals he still does but he was writing for ghost adventures. Com he's been on everything from History Channel Travel Channel migrant Biography Channel and that counts. Well it's it's you know in addition to that he's always kind of on the forefront of the next hot paranormal topic I know. That he's talking a lot recently about time slip some anxious to to get his opinion on that and see what he's learned because we've been talking about time travel quite a bit on the program as well we always find it interesting. So in addition to the legends in the Christmas stuff for gonna talk about also have a little time to chat about that as well. Please also I wanna serve a thing he I know that he is planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro so we got to get in some discussion on that because that's one. Decline I know I don't that is pure dedication oh my goodness I can't imagine doing an interest on nine mile whatever that's not probably not going to be on my list anytime soon I contend that there and RT one of those guys who you complaints going upstairs well I do and you know with good reason and it's my knees and you know and often dishonest it's pretty easy flaw in the went in the winter of course to. I think you'll remember about three months ago when I was talking about Max spears who. Was that world famous conspiracy theorist you mentioned he was found dead or smaller strange information has come and on. The world famous conspiracy theorist Max spears from Ken Berry was found dead by a friend and pullen just days after texting his mother. Your boys in trouble if anything happens investigate. And so Vanessa beats. Max's mom fare fears her son who made a name for himself in the and the world conspiracies. Sought to expose some government coverups and I may have been murdered because of him because of his work in in the enemies that it made him. But even weirder Jim is now. An inquest has heard medical evidence about the moment shortly before his death. Which is being rescued by polish authorities. If they were told that 39 year old and this is just really strange. Had vomit it up to leaders of black flew it. Just just prior to his death so he just prior to his death he he again he he had vomit it up to us as a black fluid and and then doctor try to resuscitate him before pronouncing him and dead by it. It's just it's really. There's just so much strange stuff that's been going on with the expressly with the the polish police have kind of really botched this whole investigation into his death and even when he his body was sent back. Back home the medical examiner came back him and said that they couldn't figure out a cause of death. So I mean it really makes you wonder is he was investigating some serious. That high up individuals and and a and the government in his and makes you wonder that. Especially when you can't figure out why he passed away and initially they were trying to cause him call his death natural causes me you. How do you call that natural causes you know the doesn't seem and he would a lot of information out there today Hassey figured out. And yeah I think I think there's definitely there's definitely seems to be some sort of a cover up going on us. And and it just complicates matters because it's in you know and Poland as a western country and Ansonia. An ally of the US it's part of NATO. But it's still doesn't have the resources and the probably the criminal justice system or the investigatory. Powers or skills that. You would have the United States and I just complicates it as well. Won't shortly before his death mr. spears was said to be probing into the lives of well known figures in politics business and entertainment. And his mom said to have that and there are some he was dating some really dark places and some people wanted him dead to news. And so assist and there's a weird things we keep on adding up on top of this and and I do hope that they. You figure it out and gets some sort of closure. Yeah I mean that's it's everything that you wanna have answers for repentance sooner rather than later so let's all that that happens come. I'd a you know ID anytime you get a suspicious death like that to Scott got to controversy around did come it raises so many questions and we've seen him here written politically motivated me seen others that just you know defy explanation and them. I don't know I don't know how you get to the bottom of some of those things are just don't. Especially when everybody you looked to for hull can be part of a cover yet resentment and that I think that's the biggest the biggest issue is at all year you're going to seek help from the law enforcement. But in certain countries that are just so controlled. Or corrupt that year actually digging your hole even deeper ma am I doing that. And there's two and there's a lot of weird ways some of these people and Julia you know to really attempt. MM. Bomb by the way if you live in the state of Maine. Terrorist is me the commonwealth or state Canada nurture it whenever sediment. And you do see you wanna Wear horns. On your head right I had apparel temperature and you for the entire I was put a sign I'm sort of our morning. And you wanna do with it you wanna have your driver's license photo taken away you've now been cleared to do that. Perfect via a man in Maine he won the right. After going to court. To have his photo taken for his driver's license. Using his the horns attached to his forehead he calls them are religious symbol 56 year old man. In Maine he posted the photo on FaceBook after months of wrangling with the state bureau of motor vehicles about whether he could Wear. The goat horns on his head in your religious. In BP claims they're a religious. Symbol front for whatever religion but he says he's had he's a self described pagan minister. And he priest of hand and he says those warrants are very important is religion. I'm sure also in narcotics he takes a program or through it probably are as well. But he went through months and months of legal battles with the a motor vehicles of the department of Maine and he says as a practicing pagan minister and a priest of hand I'd be I've come to feel very attached to Warren's. And they become part of me and part of my spirituality. The horns are part of my religious attire. So in other words she's walking around with a mom all the time like I guess he must be and you know there's a photo it would also seem like a dangerous situation. Yeah I mean you can put in China I suppose yet. But ever drops obviously down and pick it up and imperial somebody if small high draft. I don't know how other attached I mean you and I have a mutual friend. Who had horns. Is implanted actually Ryan my tattoo guy yeah. They were implanted in his skull on they're not big and their under the skin if I remember correctly. Nearly doubled in these little ones Syria and there was. I love trying dearly but I was creepiest you know months and he's he's got a lot of those things to its name in news and a lot of very. Interest that he knows how to do that you that he. Had black tattooed the waits the wait in his eyes yeah. Attorney and chief that's to that's dedication that does have some really painful I haven't let him tell it to me says sex I'm not sure how has visited you and you mean intend to meet you meet Schmidt media blitz may be in the yes. Yes I was with you when you got your very first answer and is sure. You know you were also had writ cherry our friend rich do it you mean he is embarrassing name racecars are marked the ethnic but I said Aaron so the story with the with Ryan as I said in his chair first offered showed up to do Lily dale. Which they can only fit a thousand people in to this. This building so we go and actually speak two days in a rosary to speak to 2000 people. And I went and had Ryan tattoo my entire back with an Angel and demon on a scale scale runs down my spine. It took seven hours streets attest to that you leaks and then the next day. We we did our presentation and we did it meet increase with a thousand people who are of course everybody walked out they want to picture fine. But that patch on the fact that and they stand there. And hey listen to you about tomatoes sold I mean is the most painful for him three days in my life and I think what you're having that done for seven hours are sitting there watching it like to do we don't engine and these are Nazis and the next door grab some food of event here and there. Does good time that was when his shot was in Jamestown new York and it's not there anymore it's moved out west but and is get in I think he's gotten into blood paintings now he's selling ads will be army B missile strange but good luck to your right if you're listening or whatever PR we love you like a brother a civil so our telephone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call and be part of the program a similar questions grow into Tran a lot of people on people ask questions in chant and wonder why we can't handsome man got to tell you. The chat scrolls by so quickly that Jason and I can't always pick what's going on this so your best. Option for getting a question answered is too on call the listener line 8446877669. And we has some great shows coming up as well Tom it tomorrow night we're going to be talking with Tom O'Toole who is a magician. And at the age six parents bought Amara magic sent in the years that followed he passionately study magic books and articles and but he says a huge. Harry Houdini fan and I know that you are as well gyms so yes in analog to kick off Aaron talked about as I sit there quietly. Managua and while we're talking about this I wanna see you do some of Houdini escape so Omnia in on the watch them on speed limits which are. That's it it's not quite the same as a straitjacket now and I'll be addressed either way as jackets. Does. I had nobody there don't like but so and that's going to be a good one on Monday is going to be a prerecorded show. Of course because we got a Christmas mayors in congress so we're in recouping from that they Tuesday we've got LA my easily. The ever count him LA I was scheduled to be on the show earlier in the month and had to cancel the week. We've been anxious to get him on the program he's very well versed in the Nestle lean and we remember that night he canceled we get Scotty Roberts on to take his place phenomenal person grow our guess now that was awesome but I'm so he's gonna be on Tuesday night we'll actually have that conversation with him he's done a lot of stuff flooding UFO's stuff. Written a lot of books on great got to talk to very very knowledgeable as well. Well Wednesday I'm a little confused on this one Jim Jeannie. It's a clerical error there clairvoyant gore man yeah you know this is going to be a really interesting discussion because they have no idea what that means. And I looked it up a little bit but its slate she's in tune with foods in the way they they interact and I don't know what she talks about feeding our shock Chris now we just would do is just just had somebody on the show addition we're talking shock Grissom I'm blanking on the name that was just this week here last week at thank. Our members that conversation the idea idea and deadly Schmidt. Jeanine. Talks about how you have to feed them just like you feed your body you've got to feature you're shocked raise your spiritual components your body and I'm not sure if that means physical food generally sure where we're gonna go with this conversation and I'm certainly curious about it. So what do you would you what are you hoping for for Christmas it's. Not for me. Tell you know you weren't asking because your he had a runner on base in western shopping me around that area until Saturday got to those fund these doughnuts right through that conversation here but bread hands so and I have to be honest with Vienna and and I've spent a lot of folks. In the in the chat room asking about my mother and appreciate those sentiments in those questions and those concerns my mother still in the hospital she's. In New York City right now so it's a bit of a ways away and I'm hoping that we get some good news that's really almost enforce a Christmas I'd be. Very very happy with that day your mom's a sweet. Ours and I of course is going to be tough for for all you bush. To play tough for her not being not being him back in in New York terror home yeah. Yeah yeah that's turned into his shoes very anxious to get home for Christmas and it just is just not gonna happen and so on you know that's that's reality we have to face it deal with it and again thank you everybody for asking about her. In the chat room that's very very kind agree lament your earliest. They cannot hide you get all your shopping on the home I guess I don't know I you know those the sad part about it is that. You gotta go online you know punch a few keys and I think they got everything nobody shows up and that's pretty much know her ex any more. Well let's let's and I try to do a lot of a shopping online and then pray that I'm home and like a wife isn't or. The kids aren't when the stuff gets delivered that's right that's the biggest problem you know but I'm. You know it's probably good because if you're like this woman. Who. Has just announced that she can not want to leave her house because she's got an allergy to Wi-Fi signals and mobile phone signals. Really now she's house bound. Because she's allergic to these electromagnetic waves from modern technology and in the the allergy shows up in the form of migraines fatigue. And even infections. Well that's funny because one of the things I talk about turn my presentation when I'm up on stage is. Hyper sensitivity to EMS field and it's fatigue nausea loosen nations skin irritation. You know. Did paranoia all these things come in effect a lot of times when we go on these cases. That's that's the first thing we'll look for is some sort of high magnetic field that that's in the house and might be somewhere around where the person is. And we we've sold cases just by replacing all the alarm clocks the old Laporte remember magic you want to foot the day before the number sure yeah yeah those used to get off such high. Magnetic fields. And out. Of course people have an alarm clocks rednecks of bed go to it right now exit their head for you know 810 hours a night. And a lot of he would have these experiences and we had a case that we actually solve the case by buying the person a new alarm. So I am a firm believer that she might be hypersensitive to dispose or more to the story. Yeah well her name is Kim in DR and a and she has too aware shielded bed net on the rare occasions that she leaves her home she Kennard drapes around her. Authority cakes I think I guess she's pushing she's hoping that by talking about this sensitivity to these electronic waves. It'll help people understand that the use that this condition. On May be unusual and may be rare but it's there and she said most of the time I think. On people think I am mad it's so difficult because people are not feeling it for themselves when she says match means crazy. She's a people are feeling of themselves she hasn't seen her friends and family in the long time to fish can leave the house now here's the interesting thing. You know the show usually used to watch breaking bad Reggie wants that yet shelter him better article says yes exactly get a call solve them spin off. One of the characters in that show. On has. Well what he thinks is the same sensitivity to any kind of electromagnetic fields and he has no electricity in his home anywhere is a like one of those space blankets all the time so that he can numb you know huge block out. Anything that might be getting and I thought brother yeah. And I thought it was a it was a bit strange I'd never I'd never seen anything like that and then none you know and then now here we have a report that some don't actually. Dealing with the condition. It would make you an Andy you know it would make you truly wonder if you could take somebody who's never been around anything that was a big reason why we got Matty. My dog Mattie was and choose a wild dog we sieve Michael shelter in Tennessee. But she was a wild dog for three years prior to that. So she had never been contaminated. Should never had to deal with all these magnetics fields and Electra electrical currents right through walls and Eric. So only after we had her temperament tested we we broader we brought our homes issue was great but. And that was a thing we will we reduce or on cases because. These are things she never she never sensed fortunate read dealer so. All the sudden. Now you put her in that environment and she's she viscerally horning in on these things you know so it makes you wonder if you took some money a person who would never been around. Something like then just automatically drop them in. In how how would they handle it would they be able to to feel it to the sense that I mean there's a lot of profile there and that I exposures to these things can cause different type and different effects right down to even people with cell phones next to their head ending up and ending up with these weird tumors yeah. Humanism was lot of research it remains to be done about all that and and you know people have been concerned about from other we we have time for quick phone call here I think doing the about a minute ethics or breaker let's go to the phone lines we got Matt. Matt welcome to be on reality radio great to have him show. Well earlier I don't. Can mammals in the show. Arms and so question. Charter. Ugandans. Are handing more appeared the news or. Well we're always planning stuff so I hum you never know when something's gonna show up at. You know as I'm sure you're aware Matt you know at the takes it has lot of work putting these together and trying to doomed for every day can be a little bit of the challenge but we love doing stuff like that Jane I always like to put a little humor into the show also I that you can count on. Some of that stuff shown up here and there for sure there what's been your favorite so far. Earn. And it might be our collaborative. Blood yeah you don't even marked planning if you do proper. Job moral issues. Opera or did you put a great suggestion I'm sure our voices are ready for operatic singing or anything yet but. Will pulled keep data mining and give it some thought you know we got to take a break when we come back. We'll bring our guest and Jeff blanch are going to be talking about the cramped press and other Christmas legends and folklore plus some other things just got to let's talk about. And so. It's beyond reality radio to listen to. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps her magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. Dressed in. You need to subscribe taps her match. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps parent magazine has been completely redesigned and re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website caps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's capped a paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it's. Error magazine again go to the website captain paramedic dot com. That's happens paramedics got there can't use promo code beyond just say. Our. Cramp this we're going to be talking about other Christmas. Legends in folklore from around the world and I got to say it's pretty creepy stuff a lot of it really is creepy. Yeah I saw a video the other day. In Germany and doing this Christmas festival or that they do every year and mend some quick at first off some of the customs are amazing but. It is it's a scary concept but they really they embrace that they love it over. Well let's bring in Jeff splinter our guest Jeff is an author researcher an adventure over a dozen books to his credit mass spending many paranormal topics Jeff. Welcome back to beyond real B radio great to have you on the show. Take it review and you know I hoped you need direct credit Stacy must then what did this year. Tell you we wouldn't have brought John talk about cramp this if we weren't sure that we pass that December 5 date because in all bets are off until we can get past it. It is it is it is no looming there you know by the Germans knew about consequences for sure. Those kids in line and caucuses just one example. Well and that's not just Germany at a rate its new numerous countries actually had yet. More. So keep you'd think he'd. I really think we can go back. Way way back if you understand the script to put it some context. And yet to realize you know something happen and it happened today as it's been happening for many years they courses the winter solstice. And our ancestors thousands of years ago noted there are four significant. Days of the year. That the auspices and equinox is when the scene changes in winter spring summer fall they're very specific moment they happen at at. At a specific time and they beat the highest holidays. Forever so of course right now December 21 to move a little bit it could be that the Israelis that it is pleased the expert but it's typically around first. This this is one a high holidays. And then our ancestors mark aptly points and call them. One of those would be called ballot which is November 1 which all of course now. So this day. Is a time when our ancestors especially when the northern climates around it's okay we live in three seasons we live and in spring summer fall we do our gambit to survive. Winter the only piece in the you'd you'd you'd survive if you don't leave it you just try to get through it it's a scary time of year. It has been for a long long time we've just gotten off modern era with you know electric heat and and cable TV and you know grocery stores that carry who chorus. You know we forget that it was just a couple generations ago that winter it was scary and the. Yep just surviving and that's the biggest part and he has so many people didn't so of course it's a terrifying thing you got to figure out your story goods have enough to get you through the entire season. He's got enough firewood to. To burn survivor and Angela Cisco's. All that good stuff and you know so really the earliest roots of the Christmas holiday go back to a Saturday only and role in this particular region party and this is this is like you know a week of party. In and around the east the winter solstice. And rage from like December 17 to the twenties there. In this the time win. That was the idea is similar to Christmas today. You know goodwill toward men all folks are equaled the masters with certain service could be orgy that be creepy east. And it was all beginning you know beginning of the quest for the content tax credit to the gut better. And as that party moved moved ignored as those Roman move north and they got up at the Scandinavian regions. It became you'll you'll excuse us celebrated on the solstice. And again similar tradition you know that the vikings would would sort of tricking artful pale and every trick from a symbolic that we're all equal in the idealist we're gonna need each write like your roof Mikey minute you're gonna come knocking at my door saying hey. Can put me up for the winter or vice Versa. And and they knew that it was like one last party. Before winter cancel many of our our traditions and really traditions it's scary roots. Came from that you'll tradition from the liking it. From the nordic people. You know for example. They looked out at the winter landscape. And they knew that winter kill everything you know it's obvious future look out there and see everything he's dead. Except one tree right one tree. Doesn't lose at least as these these ever greens these tiny and they figure holding must be magical that there must be something to do in the Derek even stronger in the winter that put the evergreen boughs over their doors and windows thinking these prickly needles which he now. Those evil spirits especially during the winter. And you know you got to remember too it's your life is like a farmer hunter gatherer. There's not much you can do in the winter you can on tour but for the most part you're sitting there watching the fire. Seasonal affective disorder long port had a name. You know if any in the I think they made even scarier for those folks and we're used to not only having the comforts that we have morals are used to kind of having advanced warning when a storm is coming or when the weather was can change severely make it really have that mean make. They kind of look at of Verizon had no idea what the next day it was going to bring. Absolutely and I think about it too but. Windy you're outside it's different it's different between you hear any other time of the year howls and a different way. And they wondered you know is that is that the Norse god Oden you know riding it Heatley Orson and it that that the crichton vanquished enemy these peace meaning you know you know howling wind outside so they had to do something and that that ever was a big part. And so this this holiday continued to all. As we go forward now the idea that that. The idea of introducing Jesus to do diversity is rather. Out to the Christmas holiday doesn't come around and it'll really the fourth century. And it's emperor Constantine girl he's the one that says okay we're gonna unifier Roman what religion. And he kind of sell the idea of Christmas on to the mainly you know take people by saying hey you know this raging party we have you know cult Saturday area. We're gonna add to date. At Morgan at Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And you know that'll be the birth of Jesus everybody is adding to date to this rating ROK we think we can get on board that. Because what beetle the Bible really doesn't. Tell us much about the birth critique because early Christians. The burst or really is an important that the death stories critical. No but and then Luke can critique it in the only clue that the time of year. That Jesus was born and it's as shepherds living in the field keeping watch it. And we know in the past regional the world there's three seasons at the shepherd you lay out in the field at night. And it. Spring summer fall hook early clues that it was not winter. But it's OK you know and celebrate Margaret them either in its that we do. But but getting out. Get a decrepit. Right before we get to crack this week at the top of the most central most important figure. To this holiday. Epic I mean nick who was born in the land Mirant which is modern day Turkey. And Nicholas was born to wealthy parents work. He had disappeared generosity. He had known he offers material well but he he. He gave it away his entire life it became a priest and that eventually the bishop of Myra he would give to our east or at least two couldn't afford them he would be if some issues outside of in outside of their homes with pro gold coins through the windows. And and that spirit of giving. Is that this has become a central figure of course Nicklaus who. Then became just you know a really big deal and still is obviously. That huge. And in that in places like Norway and Sweden. So one. They celebrate technical mistake on December stick which the data nick dot Nicholas died December 6 street 43 AD. And that the David they honored and that the days. You know but Nicklaus present December 6. December X. Had the day before that if he gets December 6 the day before belongs to crop that. Crop this is a monster. Boy and they sell some teachings out there that all the talk about Aaron crown accomplice or campus. End scene nick my cynical showing up at the aunts and house is the same time. That's right and here's the thing people assume. Partner a crop this is is this. You know enemy of Santa Claus not at all she is a cohort they are partners that is good cup and backed up. They they you know you wonder when your kid you know did you know anyone that really that cold sticks and stocking. He'd get right known like it's got presence of a bidding battle few less presence but still that's company. Back then and couldn't crack it was wildly popular in the latter after the 801. Decade or two of the nineteen hundreds especially in Germany Austria and or region and the idea was simple. At first well. He's a monster he's covered infer he's got a clue and who he's got you know add up for. Read on it sticks out like certain he's got horns on the top of the eighties coverage means you can hear comic rattling chains. And it carries on his back. Either scratchy burlap sack or bask. Any idea is on December yes he will come around at night in and not make it here chains there's nothing you can do about it. Any scoops up the naughty children all over the world and it takes them back to lead to see Blair. Any. They're dead they're going to duck I missed. It there's no there's no way out when you're aircraft is coming you're finished you're cooked. And that's why on December 6 seeing Nicholas was free to bring well to the good girl bullet there were no doubt he went left the clean up my carpet. So he's learned need that list. He didn't did not relive feel like you're still alive he must be good though. If it's really a great system. That worked really well for along time intact in the league he can hundreds and I invite adding to you can jump on Google just look up you know crop discards. There are just dozens and dozens example you can see outline of these these things they were really popular resent these instead of Christmas cards. And what a creek reminder you know because one of the things that. We we've we've really lost the consequence of Christmas you know it's it's and it brings toys and if you're really not the media could get the Xbox. You know it's a typical peg that back then it was. No beauty need to be aid because you know elect depends on. Had been in December 5 comes and just imagine combining that some kids that worry BP well in my daughter like she is that you know there's like nothing wrong a year she never gets in trouble chipotle. I've been good at like you've been so good and pretty and she wonders so imagine. If crop but it was a celebrated our I can only imagine she just wouldn't speak to us. I gotta stop you know just pray and police sun come up right at leisure arise tomorrow morning. Jeff from we're gonna go to break here and and continue our conversation on the other side of the breaking just a second here but when we come back I mean one of the things it seems really strange X not strange but really revealing about all these stories whether the related to Christmas or not. Is the fact that so many of them were just really designed to control the behavior of mostly children I mean these you don't. Beat to be good don't be naughty and they were terrifying stories of these kids. Into word in fear for their lives and wolf we'll find out if they actually had any impact. How what are break its BI. Reality rating Jayson TV. Arsenal he's trying to dvds left without being real sound you always find your dvds halfway through your favorite movie is sell of the dvd real leader historian arm. Our state of the art technology we'll take your dvd re going back to the beginning for cinematic masterpieces starts. The very beginning every time and reach out our car. May she get the dvd and you wonder now how. Are. Are are chasing champion got a great nine under way we've got Jeff Blanchard as our guest we're talking about cramp this were also just talking about legends and full glory in Najaf again thanks so much for joining us this is a great time year to have you on the shelf. You know it's great while we're doing this actually mind starting like Christmas. And the winds started your Christmas shopping yet. Probably should take expedited should be an ordinary. Or are you don't really get Amazon prime shape before the second or conversation McRae represented wanna bring a listener call in this is Josh from Kansas City he's been on hold for a long time. And he wanted to offer a comment on the electromagnetic fields discussion we're having a little bit earlier Josh sorry keep general for so long but well Michelle. They're content differently on our long timers are going against. Our. Art and unbelievable tonight annual institutional child. Extols so he's new interest in the English and I won't feel. Course you know it was an hour's young. A little bit older at least in TVs are turned on and I was leaving anywhere near were worsened late I could hear it like a ringing in my ears. And be stronger. All the action like fueled rumors are a little bit more electricity than being drawn. Appliance. Loud otherwise. So it can't go without my whole life. I mean really hasn't Neal outside our little world. Just national hatred palatable or something it has not been. Electron draw. Well and I would get I would get that too many times working in the plumbing field especially being in down in the basement. And a lot of times are right near the power box and yet we didn't the headache or of a tightening of his skin him and the front of the head dom. And yeah it's you tend to get them but I and I understand where you're talking about. Not to that extent but spending so much time looking for high magnetic fields to try to it's. Disprove a lot of politics that we've investigated. You attend Tuesday's star really realizing that there picking up on the more. And sometimes I'll I'll be near certain TVs and it's like you can hear home come office. Come off for the TV or come from the refrigerator and nobody else in the house can hear. But yours I'm I'm assuming is more ample fight tonight. We actually can be very loud. So to speak. Meaning you also commented what if somebody. Hadn't been subjected to he's Clinton saying any kind of ammunition not because. Childhood friend. Massey admitted actually. Parents were very young it will order Amish and they decided to move away from the Amish community and making Q I can't seem eerie. He grew up until it was about eight or nine years old before he moved here. And so the whole. Electronics. Being around all this bill. I'm going to feel just totally brand new to him. And he actually suffered migraine while it was the whole time and I talk to about it. Yes immediately heard like bringing. In somebody turns something wrong message yet you. In interest and thanks for sharing Ellis can tell just take on Hinske just went just take comment Jeff found. You know in your travels and in research and investigations. You experience any of the stuff for a talked anybody that does hyper sensitivity aspect. Yeah absolutely I don't know people that they can't walk high tension wires without getting you know Matt headaches and things like that. You know I'd edit and want to say you know. Its future some argue you know getting any part of it still all like to see old people he killed I think he can get that one art oriented it signal that it's a funny thing but some people that seem to be. More sensitive to another I'm not I can like beer around a power sources and don't you feel any thing but you know note nine that a lot of people definitely do. Well let alone he innovate create chances scientifically proven that you can did nausea fatigue. Skin irritations hallucinations. Paranoia. All being around high magnetic fields so. And there's people that are hypersensitive to it so of course it's it's going to be that much more. Worse program. Did you think this one of the things you know in all of human history it's only the last century. Really like country a little bit more of that elect that was even finish. Don't we could with that you know so that the human animal it's not involved. Not at the time to all to be around this much electricity. It's it's gonna I people is ours in human history. All you see that near. The high power plants and and lines where a lot of those people. And if you look it up they start to generate different types of cancer and tumors of their body. As this is something in their bodies can't fighting an offer reacting to. Sure yes right now I think we knew that it was given a different time you know radio waves TD great cell towers like. That stuff was around for our you know great grandparent and sometimes great great grandparents to getting your age but that this is this the new column unfurled a brave new world. Right so let's some weight who picks only have a few more minutes for its take the top of the hour break but. Before I went to break we are mean we've talked a little bit about the campus we're gonna get into that a little bit more but the things striking about that particular. Legend story folklore. And many others is that so many of them were are designed to at least evolved. To be a tool to try to control the behavior of children. We'll cure I mean but but I mean there's countless stories that not just the Christmas season but there's you know always this idea it. You know you know someone is watching even when common dead. Art you know someone looking in and checking your behavior in and things like that. Connecticut this year is that these that these kids Scott Ferrell. It keeps itself. But that did not go to not some noble like you know. You know lord of the flights cut thing. But the reality is that. You know I think we we we create these monsters to keep our moral compass which you don't remember a few years ago at the end of the world lose the reflects several. Right it would appear to all the claims ought to know. And then there was there was another data than there was 2012 others preacher that it ought to man. It will take it if it you know I think. We we need these monsters for the same reason that we need the end of the world somewhere on the horizon right it has to be somewhere like time. To just as a reminder to keep Atmel a subject we need to know there's some consequence that it matters that make it can all come crashing down. What you're it's a little easier to talk crashing down. But I knew some of these cards you look at these old cramp or scars are you talking about it. It should showing rapist with a spear and a child hanging from each means that some of these cars are just downright terror I look at him as an adult normally quiet the whole would anybody's really set match. That's eleven year old and 1890s. Yet there's this one very it literally lifting its filed by the use in the Al discreetly I mean you know. Completely horrific or leading a budget from change dot. One or stuffing one in a basket as as these two screams for help meet its its harsh it. It is somewhat to normal and wondering now worries dragon a little little blond haired girl led out by change I mean she's been. Whatever I did it. In some circles today that might be prosecuted as child abuse just telling your child that might happen to them the system needs right now prospective. Bullets and I know we got to take a break him but if if crap it's just too much for you there's another character from that part of the world that's that's a bit. Brutal but a little less lethal than we can certainly talk about that. Wow nice nice setup their jet that was that was perfect you can co host left her heels of the season dvd on reality and it will be right back after. Chastened on TV Johnson our phone numbers are 8446877669. Before we get back toward guest I'll remind you that tomorrow night. We have Tom interval joining us Tom as a magician. He's also a Harry Houdini. Fanatic researcher and done experts are gonna talk about Harry you do need he's gonna share some. Secrets with the chin and how we can actually do some of those escapees are cells. You wanna try to water tank on I don't think I wanna start their know how exactly do anything from there it's just going downhill mr. Shuster should not be all right I'll do that when if you do the hang upside down from the top of the skyscraper. The ministry jacket. I am not a Harry Houdini a big fan if I mean so corporate costs so that's my friend penalty area there there are and then of course we head into the weekend and Christmas. Culturally everybody has agreed holiday yeah. You know so let's go back to our guest line to bring Jeff Blanchard back into the program. Jeff before we move on in in and start talking about as some other legends and folk are we do you have. A phone call or me go to Nina. In California Nina welcome to the program and your run with Jeff Blanchard. I've very looking at. Daytona banks. Okay well I'm since we're talking about the origin and folklore and everything I decided change a couple of little bit right now and talk about the origin dealing with that did being clock clicked. Better make sure. We're still see that kind. I don't I'm sorry what. It will still be in Germany. Or title. We didn't like your reaction. I'm gonna tell look at. Well a lot of friends actually have been and it hit me up on bass boat and Bosnian everything she and people asking me. About. Which is. Original sleeping beauty is that the French pertinent or degree amber and items and declared every client that is the embers and that they originally. And and and yet but it adds that did neighbors. Is based opt I guess I don't know what he's decided to do something different and based on. The French one. Yeah did he really you know put the whole group sales were fantastic and it's another example of you know we are in. Crack at getting watered down and he he Putin ordered it ought to get overtime but you know he's sleeping beauty just one example. You know the briar rose which which of course is center and earned the Cinderella story you know any original Grimm tales just had a quick side. He does this step sisters. It in the original version. It's not that if he couldn't get into the glass slipper they literally one of copper to close off field it was blood. Trying to wagers put an ideal Cotter peel off again until it was blood that the regional. But is the kind of watered it. I was missing there aren't there quite sanitized. Who has to negotiate Disney filter. That's the that's. That's the Internet and you know you can blame Disney or you can just say that's what our society it's been dealing could be art collection for over century. And crackers being suppressed is just one example sleeping in sleeping beauty another example Cinderella another example per. And a Little Mermaid killed. And with the hundreds and Anderson went in cash she actually I Indian because you love the prince so much. That's you know wanna kill and pushy rather. Basically killer felt turn into the phone and just diet yes and static kill them and I would say that. Like that's that's terrible OK let that burden their original version that fat blood. It still seen I think it frozen to the downright quaint. They're those cute original stories seem a lot like skeleton. And kidney. Made those two versions in two with. I don't know it's something a lot more emotional and they really added to this story. So I think with but. Anderson very town beta to really gauge public vote. The book I am. Good to beat you you you should stated as a book called the power and shipment. By colonel battle I think psychologist. At and one of the things that he he wrote this book like the 1970s or eighties and he'd noticed that we were really like watching. Our our Chris are our children legends and that its of the moralist lost a little tidbit that children to understand that this is an. Abstract that would keep their toes up to heal us and you know what what is really dark characters and bad things that happened they can actually process that. And at what it would happen for the last countries who relates to protect children from. Darkness and evil and in in May be battle are important we got them a disservice. Thanks and thanks for the call Nina thank you very much you know I would stated making those intimate movies I mean I would go see that. That movie on before and are whites are Little Mermaid or ever and I may not like I may be way off base here but did they kind of do that recently with a little red riding hood I mean they actually. Really kind of immunity gruesome story that I think it was originally intended to be. Oh also the I think we're seeing a return to that I mean an end cropped up before we thought he had a field you know wide screen feature film last year that that would. You know all the country nobody did that well in the box office but I thought I looked at. I look at that think because it had carcasses and as opposed to anything else but I think the movie well I would argue that it would say that was a great horror movie. I think they nailed the spirit of what practices and especially with the end in which it giveaway to people should. See if there interest but but I think they they built the spirit of one whole litany. So we have bombed you know we don't have much more than a forty minutes assorted cute talk with the jets so let's let's. Change the page here in the spring up you were box tells another story. Yes so if if opposite a little rough for intimate you don't want it. Tell your children that there is there absolutely potentially could die on December. You can lighten it a little bit whether another character called dirt Belichick. And now also from Germany and Austria the Belgian tickle tragically cute Nicholas in purse and he shows up a couple weeks before Christmas and he's covered and so it is covered in patchwork hurt like a pat took her coat and he carries with him switchers to. Now she's invited him to. He doesn't speak and it's note that the parents very. Happily opened the door to to details nickel and you might commit any white person can't be on the ground and if it's just political Indy before there are invited to do so they don't get away from the stick but really the political role is he left despair apparent OK who's been good who's been dead at a technical. Little Cerro greater she's been good but Johnny Chung that a real pain in the absence here and it's so it to the belt nickel takes jutting out back tightened to a tree and beaten mercilessly. With that stick and the whole idea is that. You can fly right by Christmas. While our case and Garcia beaten into being a good person. As opposed to you know. To that you'd you know that the diet to cast your debt why they. Do a better one because at least you get a chance for redemption I mean you don't get a chance for redemption when it comes Democrats who in cribs not try it. It's too late yet he's a death sentence has been doled out at. Campuses they're Q. Now what does it what is it about the German culture that brings these horrific stories. Tube to the forefront I mean who is or something. Underlying here I mean I guess I suppose there will use their similar stories around the world that seems that the Germans headed headed down to a science. They did you know and that the grim tales which we were just talking about Cinderella that other stuff like that that those Brothers currently they were capturing a lot of this germanic folklore write it down and and that's that those stories that it is neat as as really you know and it ties to the years but again don't I think that culture first of all it's it's hard living units it's mountainous regions it's. Cole they've got you know harsh winters and you know certain parts of the country in and so on I think that just kind of lend itself. To some of these tales and and it's also Europe as such interesting melting pot you know you've got. It is such unity like magic of the United States people spoke different languages in likes it Pennsylvania and new York and West Virginia. And urged. Right that's what's happening in your work you've got. Place is better you know not much larger than some are larger states and speak different languages and have different beliefs it's a little police believe from one you know one region to the other they mix and mingle and so on and it in those that still exist for recent they exist to you know that they serve a purpose any alleged the we keep it around because its service and some. That's that's the bottom line is that. We needed it served us and so we told story you know for example had to hitchhike details which are those details but it it's all over the world people see this coast along the side of the road may be hitching a ride maybe it's not radiate light or whatever. But that that goes back to even before the automobile goes back to you know cart path so Juan. And them the moral of those stories is that you don't always reach destinations traveling can be dangerous. Watch out for highway. Watch out for. You know if you if you lose your vehicle if you leave your way could be lethal it's so we tell those stories and and we share those ghostly tales even if we can't find the reason you know the direct cause behind them. Because this circus. Now it seems like Iceland headed at a corner on some of these stories to bring him for just a tiny little place east there's a bunch of veterans they've come on they're ranked. Yeah I think it has agreed to act which is it's it's do you agree to assist relief for its first all female monster. And she's. Goes back to pagan times and she's just giant troll with whom Turkey and she's got thirteen hailed and she's always had a bad mood. Hungry for children and she comes down a mountain dwelling very in a crack like. And every Christmas Eve she's on the hunt for bad children. And she also places him second takes them back Turkey and cheap boil them alive for her secrets do. An absolute monster and it thinks there's something about making your email that makes it worse because we expect you know women to be the mother figure to be searchers. And this this troll like one that is is the terrifying monster via the culture. I don't know I know I don't know what what. Then I don't know I can't imagine being a child's been growing up. During those times when you didn't know any better in the stories we're being told CU and you had to look over your shoulder and you know then Piero somebody and under your covers and just. Especially at Christmas approached you must then. You must have been living in fear of every moment. You know but like I said it will. These these legends and so on the serve us as we need to they exist so sure some families they were probably ripped it. That he around every corner there was public outcry if the script discovered it in but what you would agree that whatever. In another out the things they probably suppress looks like today you know beat some people use it like. Well you know every every ten minutes Ole senate watch and then get you know an end. You know you could say that's so Purdue. Hey I had twin boys I had to use that. I hand the only way it survive at the time. Of course we get you know as a participant it desperate regularly take out nothing's working you know. Yelling out I'm angry at them give him the silent treatment I got it again ago and medical legendary supernatural. It's. But now what what about this that was I know in China Eastern Europe there are and there was a Christmas which means. Fro perch and a or whatever one's. I thought that the couple Christmas which is as one in Italy come about on. And she's got a a neat little story look upon is that the Christmas which is in the story goes that. You know when Jesus was born. Soul allies and the bad guys were following this guiding star. And they got a lot they lost their way and make out LaBeouf Honda was the backup keeper all the land. And they ask for logic for the night. And she took note she's too did you take terrorism she can't she sent the moderate. And then that Nick Lachey Lisa stark realizes she made a mistake she big talk and has good. Goodies for this this Christ child. And then tipped off to look for. But never find him. And spent the rest of her days. Delivering those baked goods and in other duties on a Christmas Eve and she writes her broomstick and so on and so the Christmas which and it took push at least he's known to sweep up after herself because she is such a tight purse. So we'll see Italy get there are. All I know there was one though that replaced him supposedly replaced children's organs with garbage. I don't know that I would let it. Eastern Europe's frau. Perched or suffered. Some we and we're namely yeah. But meanwhile I knew something you didn't go to the media. That and tell if it's in every culture I think needs some competitive. Gotta figure in any. Talking about even Els for example. You know L have been around a long time take focused on but it Sweetney they've got to figure they called Thompson's. And the content is is helper that. It is today is depicted the big white beard really short miniature person. Read pointy hat. If you if you went to click on these crafty stores figured he would be an item that you've seen before. And it's it's a topic my mother had these outer shelf or like it all at all appeared you know. And then the story goes to decide how spirit is could be mysteries and cruel but it also there to help you put the worst thing mr. Compton can do you. It'll leave because he doesn't help the animals and helps with the assembly and so one and only asks if exchange just one thing. I'm Christmas Eve you have to leave out this bowl. Of sticky sweet rice putting. Or at bat against but it Scalia says you do that stick around. And if you don't do that she leads in this certificate. Okay who would Likud Christmas at that so what does. So it should. OS. UV content keys no bonus. That the guards still do that stuff we leave out food offerings that met that goes back. Many many you know millennia in an idiot media would offer expert spirits hurt for magical creatures and so on it's it it's a liberal offering to keep these these folks are. And and I don't speak AM I gave a talk and talked about some of these Christmas monsters and someone said that. In her family. There they would put a a date in an effort to date in 21 of the bulls and if you applicable dated date you want Micah special present and so on. So it's it did you know it is some and it's still it's passed around to disdain it. It changes and things overtime but really you know that that Thompson is the regional elf on the shelf but think about it. This this else that's watching your behavior. All that Morrissey you know food offering what year and the elf on the shelf and now. In my house is is the tradition but also celebrate correctness and the caller. Which. Everybody treated take if you if you need to expert in the Pentagon. If Jeff obviously were approaching Christmas time and all of these things were talking about really have a Christmas connection or at least a seasonal connection to Christmas and we talked about winter being. Did this season that you know brought the most fear for a lot of these folks as these. Legends and focal were being developed but are there other times a year. And other legends. In the few minutes we have before break that come to mind that don't have anything to do the Christmas season. Via a million. And a local local. Between the stock at an avid hikers on. Yeah there's there's tons of you know an end there's there's legends associated with the other seasons as well you know I'm about Easter for example you know we've. You've got it's really we're celebrating fertility and it's represented by the egg in the but you know the egg of course. And on the ball and we know the rabbit Stew yeah. The rather prolific. Producer rate in and that and the got it after it was the goddess of fertility you know she's she comes around and you know she was over simplest but in the audience so you can you know. We we've we turn to these these legends. Wherever we need to. And sometimes it comes at a time harvest you know Halloween is. And it which of course also fault of one of those happy holidays. What between. Equinox and all that November 1 and so that that ballot. I'm ultimately prevail in the world living in the world the debt is that it that it. And it ghosts and monsters could come into our world medal art sale fares especially on this day. They would beat up who got hurt in the dress up as you know. The scary monsters of children so children don't get dragged down back into the underworld so. You know. We always we we find some. Right to make sense to the world scare and the cedar change and can be Trout that could be and can be fierce storms and so on could be. Plague that had a and we have to come up with something either makes sense of it or give us an idea that there's this. Something else out there there's some grand design. And in the eighties and some protection from the things we fear and that's what these legends it did pastor. I actually believe kind of a terrible guy I do believe there is something under. Otherwise you'd just make it up historian and and you know. But I think that underlined saying something occurred it didn't compute to people. And and it got a name. And that name. It's passed around. Whether that name. It speaks fighters and scorcher or coaster course our spirit or sprite or they hope it what for what you need it you know we we give it to me because it appears enough that it neatly. Woman some sort of truth behind all stories and yet. What that is. Emily Jerry and Jimmy you were talking about the whole Icelandic sang and there's that whole granola or whatever it is. Yet a giant is who edited giant today eats children for Christmas tenor. Andy. Why the mother of god I who who came up with that it's just terrified. It. And they didn't we've got about two minutes for we have to go to break and I didn't wanna get this listener colonies and waiting patiently this is Jay from Florida. Hey guys okay so real quick. But I've always talking about eating in other ways to attend but for the cut some of the people are paying. For one cut the tree out of the forest the market and the department what to expect direct hit with silver and what gold they've bet that would bailed them with hammers that it. Move not to some others they had decorate and a torrent of products until I was actually warning you. Up to duties. Taken things that way but just that it gets done. Highlights and hair. OK so first the law because it's Satan crawled the chimney. Represents said the fire from the pit of hell. It is not about its bird that's about his debt and that's why it is Chris mass. He was born either in September or October. We have some blues which is the child that memorize and asterisk which was his wife slash mother and also. Commit terrorism tight end. With decorating the tree and calling around like a cigar and whatever that the so bent. Wrapped around the tree. And that they brought and the paganism that and what I'd heard before was. All those that don't port so what this thing Aiken at the whole thing that gift giving what about older men. Seducing children but they were basically pedophile. To get the children certainly buoyed them partly my girl also. All right let's get Telus digests we have about thirty seconds Jeff what are your thoughts and that stuff. Edward yeah. Yeah and these combatants. Then he's been the case so. You know what it comes down to religion right you're you're going to find fault in thing that you don't agree it. And and that's OK you can look at the tapes pagan but in reality like you've. Altered the encryption invented an altar and altered goes back weight or urged to its it's a symbol that people knew and understood you know whether the uncle from. Egyptian time which of course the cross with a look at the top of all of into the cross because it's assembled its familiar culture. That is literate you know that the only knows symbols and what DC so that you know at that the reality is every single religion. Is a combination of all the stuff that came forth and it doesn't make it wrong. I let's pay let's pick up a stupid populist picking up on the other side of the break to asserted do that to you it's beyond reality renewed attention to. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com. RI. Our science chip plant saying that particular song holly jolly Christmas and relied singing that song. And all the songs that came from like Rudolph's red nosed reindeer and Santa Claus is coming to town those put crossed in these other guys there. Nor can I mean who made those Jeff you know c'mon. What are. And he witty guys that produced those films wrote and directed the whatever but anyway ghosts that some of the best Christmas songs. Ever made I'm sorry it was a bit it was an easy point to make that I just couldn't make a number sorry for bringing them now. A powerful. One of my all time favorite said jingle bell rock and I think it's gonna sit my favorite clearance and lethal weapon the beginning of Alice. Soundness. Of their August of anyway suggests. Before we went to break we had a call from GA from Florida and we are kind of addressing some of the points that Jamie in OJ calls is a frequent caller of the show when he has a lot of very interesting points. And I don't necessarily agree with. Some of the stuff for me be most of it but I find it very interesting in I don't know what his sources but he's got some really really strong opinions. Well well you know calling the Garland at the circuit and become like that just that that's arbitrary that someone someone trying cute. Down down play you know some of these. The reality is that all of these are traditions in the days survive her read. And you can look at them it's evil and you you are evil and or you can look at that man it's good that you are good in them just like everything. You know and just like any passage from the Bible I could twist it however one. You know. I don't think it's fair to turn down you know centuries apart centuries of tradition that you contributed to but many cultures and many people that have come together. And call them evil and rally against the first of all it's like you can't. You know Christmas is that the biggest consumer holiday in the United States economy depends on it and and part of that is that the decorations like the trees all these things. I think it's more interest into at least traced back into it came. And and you know you can you can you can make it secular if you want to you can make religious if you want to that's the beauty you can. They ended bolt it however you know it works for you currently that you it's not not a requirement that you bring credit dissent or even sent a closet that's not what your family want to do but to say it's it's evil or for someone else that's just wrong that's just that's just judgmental and in your religious views skewing. Your view the whole world other people believe different. Governor Wilson. Now let's see what Tehran masseuse is Marianne buffalo has to sake she wanted to comment on this topic is well merry and welcome to the program beyond beyond reality radio. Guy I thank you for having a adolescent NJ from Florida many times. There are some things I don't agree with the majority of the things I absolutely. Agree with him a special concert Bible. Anything that is why I went to support. It. That's an attack in which she should Chrysler our savior. And La. According to the Bible is anti Christ. And as far as tradition. That currently churches. Invited certain traditions. The group's not Christian. To. Sort of gather more people into the church. For example and it really terrible explain myself the best I can do is. For example the Catholic Church one of the commandments that gave netstat child that what all angles the pay. No green in the images. Blob on the while the Catholic Church has frozen. In net change from tradition. Never in my case settled there and there are. Anyway. That was basically my message. Term. And AM. I am in total absolute. Agreement would change our world. All right wolf thanks for the comment we appreciate those comments just you know as you said you know people take it and and they interpreted in there and what we know we ask dear to them in and certainly entitles that rang. Of course you know you're allowed to incorporate whatever religious views you want and and and celebrate the holiday armored CQ in your family and and that's that's the media it. I don't know I'd I'd look for things that. You know it to say that the spirit of saint Nicholas's this guy who even if you don't believe it. Can follow this summer or this you know. These sick patient and think that it did someone that's okay. That it was a great example you know here's a dedicated all the way and and and his story has survived almost two millennia now like you know get get close to it. And I think that's pretty meeting and so I can find the good and panic I can find the moral lessons that outlets. And make the world more positive has begun commercial and chilled Coca-Cola and and so on care. But I can buy tickets there at battery can choose to look at the good parts of that and and proud that sent becomes our house every year and it's a tradition that I hope might might get out carried on into virtual. Well and I agree with that night had a sister who him grow same household is as media our entire life and a gnome one onto her own things and it was you know a few years later. Now eyeing him perm she's not celebrating Christmas with the with the kids and and the reason behind it was according to now I'm don't know too much in the details but. Because Santo was really seasonally had to do was move and and a and M to the end of the name and it was it was so far faster athletes she. Jesus c'mon you know if we celebrated as our whole lives crowing. And now mute he moved out you married in this individual and then you decide it's a follow whatever religion you chose to follow. And the fact of the matter is now you're you're putting something that you always had a positive. Experience from into this negative light associating. This individual with with a double. Anyway it's just a spot sanctuary and and okay you wanna believe that fine. But don't start pushing your beliefs on made all start pushing your beliefs on somebody else if if I wanna enjoy him my way. Than just let me do that. Yes I agree an and now you're right and that's I mean that's mean that the world will ultimately. We have like you know. 90% of course. That. This from if it Jeff we've got and almost 56 minutes left here before we have to which ago and I did. Eight touch a little bit of Monica on the work that you're doing. Looking into time slips and he's been talking about that quite a bit really has nothing to do with what we've been talking about up until this point. But I'm fascinated about it tell us a little bit about what you found. So I I AM you know when we east when he studied. Ghost and another Carol thanks for and you can't help but look at these things and it is in categories you can't help you know it's like residual running it today. You know is an intelligent attractive and so on visit. What is it and I've collected so many stories as a personal spray it thousands over the years and I remember it was back in 1987 I got this one. It didn't quite skated with any of the others and does not disguise and sit you know. I was looking for tennis court and we have to click and it's and he was in them. He used. Around Cambridge Massachusetts and him and his buddy were driving around in the news courts are people who received a police officer into the police officer looked. Like an all time like the uniform looked a little weird and the copilot did double strange in the east that were so tennis court this anarchists two blocks down or block over there and it gets that it should be pulled in and hole. Everybody there was dressed like tennis like she said it looked like 1940 and it could ordered this is like some. Culprit group tickets together and does so the figure our Ol get out a week for a court and it but he you know the color in everybody disappears. Could this is so strange to not attack he goes to pick but. But it is not like it immediate coast is that they got a place you know you're in a modern day house and it the big screen TV in this this woman in Victorian dress kind of float her she's got a place in this time. And space right in this case. He was at the does the living person was but again at a place. And so I started collecting more these stories of call time slips where you experienced a different kind maybe alternate time forward to a passed out and and possibly the future. And and they just started adding up more more people east the Egypt opposite to look in the nature physics so one. I'm travel should keep this mind bending. You know. Concept you know that that could it be that some of these things that we called ghosts or aliens or bigfoot or whatever are all things that make perfect sense. Somewhere on the timeline. Just not necessarily right now right here and not so it's kind of explore novel like this this unified paranormal theory something that might be able to. To explain everything. Think but at least put it into a different context that we have. For instance using Kazaa also a lot of cases we've dealt with over the years it it seems that there's definitely time slip or. Time overlapping. And whether you're you're making contact with something by the way you're making contact with is living a normal day in and its life with other people around. And so there definitely seems to be that that we had slip wartime time overlapping in a lot of cases that I that I've seen throughout the last 1015 years. Exactly and that you know so we are you don't have to travel to the future that's it it's it's been known for a long time because typical fast. Really fast mean. If you get on a commercial jet you art you'll be kind dilated because at a different rate to the ground. Corrected you that a rescue elected it yet united in navigate second. On the world but if you could go a lot faster than the jet if you could go. Faster than. Space shuttle he could go past the speed of light you could dilate time. You could go up to the state can come back and be future. Going back in time is nothing in physics that prevent that person say. But it does raise a lot of questions a lot of lot of mind benders write like that Tikrit occurred ox if you go back in time to kill your grandfather before. You know he ever had children what would happen you know there's there's there's two there is one is that. If you believe in a singular timeline and time travel entry entitled country. If you accept the idea of a multi course that if you go back into your grandfather. There would be no consequence at all it would just be universe would split yet again at pebble it there's the universe where you were never born in this universe where you were Bork. And it's just you you created. A split moment and it's come. It's just it's just some might ending stuff but still at it it'll work and not enough. Try to get up to the book up there one. Now real quick Jeff I wanna talk about this fund raiser that you're doing for climbing. Kilimanjaro now you seem to be doing great you breezed over 191000 dollars or your team to to do this. Yet not so I'd leukemia lymphoma society approach be back pocket and always on Kilimanjaro in Africa. And they were doing this on greater and I'm like man you know might my brother in law died of cancer a year ago two days ago. Now and as I wanted to do so it's an honor it is well. So we started. Started this thing and it had been in training and do hikes at the exercising eating right is gonna be going to Tanzania march 17. And climbing Kilimanjaro and my goal at our thirteen schools street 60000 dollars and Adam. You know percentage. Arteries 25000. It's alt text stuff although directly to leukemia almost society as a link to it on my website or few articles village dot com slash totally it will jump you over to looking at almost society. We're just trying to get the word out there and it they've done amazing work in and in fighting yours and treatment for blood cancer and is on. Don't put them. Just stay with us okay we're gonna let you governor wanna give you an opportunity to help you quarry they can get a hold of your books double B gun there's other side of the break it's beyond reality. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. If you're dressed in. You need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned and re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website caps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's capped a paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Arab magazine again go to the website tab Tara Mac dot com. That's happens paramedic dot com user promo code beyond just say I. I'm now really greatly with Jason and Jamie we had a great night and. Tell you might Jeff Blanchard my mistake was bringing up time slips will be like three minutes to talk about it but it was the car. If we could only time we would have unlimited data we could just time. Knew we had worked that out at some point that would be great held live might get might make the Israeli officials have long but that's our right. Jeff Jeff work people get a hold of like your books find out where you're going to be in what Europe to. Yeah economic government website which is just a Lander dot com or go to Alicia come on books are available on Amazon. Find booksellers everywhere he can also ask for my name and not be able to have some but I do a lot of lectures they did 54 in not 2016. In the I'm on my way to topping then number 2017. So I looked talking about the start connecting with people were asking questions posed appreciate. Let's Austin's thanks so much for coming on the hang out with essence always a pleasure to talk with him and. As you two guys have a great holiday and agree 1217. Thanks you too Jeff blenders are aghast and we appreciate him being on a lot of great stuff there's so. You put a little poll out Jay in and chat room what was a result. Here well I asked of course I asked which ever Christmas songs that we would people want me here. And it's seem pretty unanimous that it came down to the grinch. I did see some recedes into the rock and we didn't do that one so now and I saw somebody say Def Leppard and and you know where that can only do we did a new one but it's just and we are having a problem with the audio on and so on I will have to play that tomorrow. You know makes adjustments. And so on its seems that most people seem to want the grinch and Cantwell review under the now. Sure let's throw down Hayes Jason and javy doing you're mean one. You wonder. Yours because she knows she needs or next hour. Sure the first. Hero me won. And needle. Airlines are very challenging you know you can only. Moral flaw yeah. You have polls. Us dirty. I take good. And you. He might. You're just wrong. Miss him. King. Winning the audience. Yeah. Rubber tires cold distant. Soul. Hole and jump over slowing the most disgraceful sort in the womb rubbish imagine. Mangled up entangled. Your so yes it's. Your home. You must see nothing. Jane. It was a good good time until I. Oh like to have fun and we do we we may surely so I assume I enjoy watching people in Chad comment on the lyrics or even recite the lyrics are ready minimally to play in the sun couple nights so I don't she's supposed to see that. Well I definitely again a big shadow goes to Jeff Blanchard you can check out his website at Jeff only injured dot com. And also he had it planned climb Mount Kilimanjaro and pretty crazy I mean there really isn't it I mean I. First votes dangerous and you know and into take that risk insurance and there there it's well planned and and and there are going to be well protected but still that's quite. Commitment to a very worthy cause so there to be commended for that. In law and his team they have a goal 50000 dollars and you can you can see the donation page right on Jeff Blanchard art com or go to college. And is there are dipped 10191043. Dollars and 79 cents sorrow and it's just. And Jeff has my utmost respect he's always just a great guy. And a great person I talked to and with anything that comes on the paranormal and then just that when he's doing things like this crime for care. Yeah Jeff and I might might wanna minor reductions suggest winter was and and a paranormal event where he night got up we do know each other real well but we we ESP phony enjoyment we as saying. Well one night in Bangkok karaoke. It's certainly crowded and and I don't think we did a great job and and we had fun. Are desperate and its argument is saying that the products. So see what coming up on the program tomorrow night we've got Tom interval Tom is a magician he'd be in practicing magic at the age of six years old had a fascination with Harry Houdini became a researcher and an amateur by biographer of Harry Houdini so America about Houdini. Renewed talk about magic and it's going to be our final program on before the Christmas some weekend and Christmas Christmas itself Monday. Receive Christmas and Christmas Day and of course were in need Monday just to recoup that's right and and the Mondays so money's gonna be a prerecorded show a best of so on me she tune in for that board chair and also be in the chat Romanian don't talk when everybody Daria. Yeah and then twos and they were bringing out LA Mars Julian. And if you remember LA was scheduled to be with us a few weeks ago and had to cancel we had Scottie Roberts stepped in and then take his place with a great time with Scotty by the way he was awesome. But LA will be with us Tuesday night of next week will be talked him up and ethylene. And a bunch of other things including UFO's and more LA's got a lot of a lot of credits to his name and look toward America. Rescission and then Wednesday we had Jeannie square that clairvoyant. Goran today. And as the cigarettes that should be really insisting or him to talk about food didn't. And different types of energy and everything else yes I don't that this that this we're going into that particular conversation Jay would really not exactly sure where it's gonna go but we're excited to have. But we know those some itself that's current law again big shout out to Jeff for coming on Jeff Blanchard check him out chuck Blanchard dot com. Based tune in and everybody will catch you tomorrow night's Jason javy oral. And it's just it's. At CB Johnson. RA. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page gives us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow up on where you like to be a guest on beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.