12/22/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - The secret code of magicians and Harry Houdini's life.

Thursday, December 22nd

12/22/2016 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Tom Interval discusses his life as a professional magician and how the code of fellow magicians governs all of his colleagues. We also talk about the life and effect of Harry Houdini - considered the greatest magician and showman of all time. Plus listener calls.


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This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded December 22 2016. Christmas so we can generate some. The final show and and it's crazy minimal this weekend we got Christmas and the next week and we got New Year's and essentially to holiday expected back boom done now then I I I love them both so on good I'm good with the amount to an. Most of the time we can't remember who knew so well. Put up I today I have a little trouble remembering one specific new here that one that we spent at the Spalding and I didn't register a there a middle school I'll show and welcome the show every nation and yeah we get a great show planned tonight we do. We're talking to a atomic interval he's a magician and also who teeny expert. And I in the furthest thing from an expert on Houdini so there should be interest. Yet while the you know Tom is has been practicing magic sensors located actually just sixty started. And he's FISA performed throughout two many is the casinos and television shows and done he's very very well known for his act in his tricks and their ranks just talk about that. But he also owns. Virtual Houdini museum online web site. And he has a lot of great information about Harry Houdini who as anybody who is involved in magic kind of looks to Harry Houdini as the patron saint. Of a magicians and I find Houdini fascinating for two reasons one is his tricks were just. They're pretty awe inspiring but even more importantly he was a master. It's self promotion he knew how to. Get a crowd. Get them excited make them on the edge of their seat or standing on the edge of the of of riverbank watching him underwater meet. He knew how to perform he was of the ultimate. Performer and promoter. Well and he came from nothing and he was able to recovery aren't you know just a huge enterprise and just some things he did. I'm more it was amazing and so of course he had date he had to get the word out and especially back then and you didn't have. The media we have today or social media or anything like that to let everybody know where you're going to be what you're going to be doing. Yet there was no there was no electronic media back then at all I mean radios in its infancy it and during not a part of Houdini succumbed career but. Really there was no electronic or broadcast media everything had to be done in print or disk kind of driving you know riding through the streets yelling I mean it was kind of the town crier kind of thing. And day with that those limitations he was after actually able to be very very successful that's pretty pretty cool so thanks Tony. And in this hero listening on any of the great stations we era on the she'll freed also had over and like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Panel seat and head over beyond reality radio dot com. Click on the listen light button you can either listen right online right on the website enjoying the interactive live chat room Howard Judy and I spent a lot of time. Or you yet or just join Jeremy so listen on the radio what everyone to do. Yet another thing we ought to mention is that while we take phone calls throughout the entire show we don't always get them right on depending on how the conversations going what are guest. But we are gonna kind of open up the phone lines toward the end of the show and allow people to call in and you know wish friends family a fellow chat members beat each other whatever. America is just happy holidays things really wanna have a little. A Christmas spirit toward the end of the show house attacked we will surprises planned and we do we have a little pay their phone numbers 8446877669. Although tonight is the lack showed this week we've got some great stuff coming up Monday will be a best of pre recorded shows so on notes today after Christmas pennant still unwinding from the Christmas holiday but. Tuesday we've got a long anticipated guest joining us LA presumably. Yeah and LA is author lecturer filmmaker and he's been very cool while he talks a lot uncommon now for limb yeah trilogy and which we always talked about in the past Scotty Roberts Smart people and it's a really interesting thing NL Lleyton. He gets he gets really adept and he's he's so well known them on until. Yet he's he's a supernatural list whose lectured on the subject to view a foes the Nestle lean ancient prophetic texts and he's got a lot of research. And a lot of information back up just his discussion he's also talked a lot about. On the hunt for extra structural life on ancient artifacts that have been found throughout the world so it's going to be a fascinating discussion with LA and then Wednesday. Clara bonus at that garnered. At the FBR I'm not sure what that means how it comes together brought. It sounds and she didn't really interest love she talks about shock grocery shoppers are energy sources in the human body that we can't see your touch and there are seven according to Jeannie and her seven mean. Shoppers within the body that are thought to be the wheels of physical spiritual and emotional energy they're located in the same places for both men and women. Break down the center of the body starting at the base of responding going right up to the top over head. So we're gonna talk about those energy senators with Jeanine and death how to keep them aligned. And keep them full of energy health and age helps us balance our lives so we'll Suu Kyi is this. And Thursday were going to be talking with the Ronnie Dawson he's an oil field worker and an amazing UFO alien account Aaron and none north central Texas in 2010. And continues to enter into this exact time correct he still having these experiences. I he has that he is an e-book entitled the Ronnie Dawson UFO story on the available through Barnes & Noble and other places. And he says that in 2010 high powered laser was fired. He injury he fired a high power laser do you a phony attempt to better understand the crest propulsion system and defused a few days later. The ET's retaliated by invading a home. High powered police are. I'm assuming was in a weapon it was just like us I guess just Reuters I suppose I'm not sure I mean a lot the telecast at death star pointers wants a way to green doesn't work. There's a really. But valuable find all all about not running Dawson story next Thursday no c.'s gun. Thursday well Friday nights at thirty so New Year's Eve is is Saturday night of next week and then obviously New Year's Day Sunday menu and I. Do we decide we're going to be we're gonna be live on on Monday or not I think what. We know there are now we're gonna try in order to try to be lives on that it's what the most second or brightness. So here because after that and javy and I will be at the CES. In Las Vegas summer Tino Obama's special speaker for a solar thermal imaging. So will be out there for that and I guess second biggest consumer electronics. Indecent. Occupies all of Las Vegas it is huge here really doubt it I mean the hotel rooms aren't saying they don't have to pay forum if it is usually get a hotel room their furry hundred bucks 150 dollars. What are they 700 dollars a night you know you and I were looking at rooms and just gonna get a sense of what was going on there and you look at that weakens like 29 dollars 29 dollars 299 dollars and certain places that goes to 700 you know in this CS starts up. And it's crazy it's so expensive big and javy you get sick in the bathtub in my room and whatever takes me and you know I'm. Then the waterfront in Mexico this kind of monitored until now wanted to grounds out so don't forget a later in the program we really want to open up the phone lines to Christmas greetings in Christmas messages of goodwill and cheer so bomb maybe you might wanna scripted out to get something specially wanna say will. Well welcome those calls but in the meantime there's something don't you wanna talk about it's a 446877669. And no you had something you wanna talk about and. Honestly there's a lot of scariest thing going on October towards Italy right now if you heard about the super volcano that's starting to become active again. All I know is that how many years ago hundreds of years ago that day and that vesuvius erupted and they're buried Pompeii. And those folks did know was coming and they were basically frozen in place by the ash and lava and it's one of the most. Unbelievable events in human history that's all I know about the area invoke an. It's okay well that's that's pretty good though on the super volcano that caused one of the biggest eruptions in history. Has started to stir again Harry it's dangerously close hitting a critical pressure point. A twelve kilometer wide cauldron of that forms of vast super volcano on the coast of Italy. He showing signs of real weakening after almost 500 years of an activity. 500 years. Not only is assay rumored to be responsible for the extinction of the neanderthals gym while. It's got over half a million people living right around and researchers say it appears to be approaching critical pressure point that'll lead to an eruption. Well and ended the scary thing about that obviously if it's an eruption in the blizzard that the type that Pompeii saw it goes to abrupt. And it was so massive that there was no time to react and even wins you know scientific. Warnings at this point. 500000 people can't get out of the way of that kind of eruption I don't know I especially when everybody tries to leave all one send it to screw blocks and steals scene Italians drive I have I driven Internet. It's not a priests now but as super volcano. Those are stance of fields of volcanic activity formal Cano rejects so much magna from its manner that it collapses in on itself leaving behind a vast crater. And a landscape that's pretty much littered with geysers pride I drew thermal activity in sulphur tested. Since this the census ones formation. As its can't be flurry. Third year I believe it's called me and I had just had only two major eruptions 35000. Years ago and 121000 years ago. And the smaller eruptions occurred in 1538. When you say it's a smaller option it is really relative because. The 1530 eruption lasted for eight days dispute spewed so much material into the surrounding area that have formed a new mountain while. So. You know I think one of the things that we we know I think maybe one of the most recent. Major eruptions. Was to mount saint helens eruption. But that wasn't in a very populated area thankfully and I don't think we've Leeson and in many many generations had. That kind of major catastrophe where there's been a major volcanic eruption in a fairly populated area and there are several populated areas that are located around volcanic. Activity. William and that when your time I wasn't that slick 56 years ago. Well I think viewed the original major eruption was was longer. A goal but there was a sort of secondary eruption net I think direct. Yeah I remember I remembered his Jean Stein RL Stein toys thought. We're talking back and forth and we're in four and she she was stuck in England she couldn't get back to New York City. And she restarted multiple days because they couldn't they couldn't take off my but Tom has so this whole thing it had. Mean you know the whole site to concern the eruptions occurred 200000 years ago was thought to have. We've just been so bad that it triggered a volcanic winter. And I that'll ultimately led to the extinctions of the neanderthals digital. Italy has now raised its super volcano alert from level green to yellow. Sounds. Level green to IE AE you know much like her own crap it really keep an open on this one eye open well that's the only thing we need to be worried about these days because there's a Christmas solar storm that's battering the Earth's. As a major solar flare blasts from a massive hole in assignments heading our way it's actually already started to affect us. But earth is being blasted by a flare soaring from a hole in the suns emisphere and it's bringing huge GO medic geo magnetic storms with it. The super fast stream of solar winds actually hit the Earth's magnetic field just in time for the winter solstice yesterday. And it's whipped up in moderately strong geo magnetic storm that could last for several days according to the US is set national Oceanic. And it atmospheric administration. Now indeed it. Does it seem that we need to look out with the electronics you know what you're saying is obviously the stories I just got an iPhone seven and I bought the insurance or just. Disregard that was a good both. Had these storms are are known for creating the northern lights which is it a natural on occurring phenomena on the Northern Hemisphere. But they can prove much more devastating to humans especially as it relates technology. They wreak Havoc on navigation systems cause entire national power grids to grind to hold after strong enough in this is actually. Strong enough or impede it may be strong enough that president Barack Obama was forced to issuing a warning to the nation. And he said extreme space weather events those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure. Could disable large portions of the electrical power grid resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supplied health care. And transportation and so it was it's it's enough of a concern that is a pretty much all things that are in only need to have pretty alone does there seem in jeopardy on a daily basis and ask him in the storm's expected to remain. Affecting earth for several days which means including through Christmas but the good news is if you're watching four other northern my should intimacy a lot of great colors just trying to tease America's pro war. Right hey it's over light cameras and anything electronic concentrated drawing a picture of the so yeah coming up just a little bit we've got a guest Tom interval on the was one more thing and wanted to mentioned says that this was kind of an odd story but there's a restaurant owner in Florida who is looking. For the owner of something that was left in his restaurant. And it happens to be the cremated remains of this particular person's mother. I mean how do you just leave that. I don't know but it's a treat it is she the guy that owns a restaurant Allen and Goetschl the restaurant's called de Berry diner. Said his cook found a small. I have ten case. On that was left behind Sunday morning he thought it was actually thought it was drugs or something but when he looked at it it actually has a label on it says mom's ashes but that's so. Somebody left their mug some of their mother's actions and some kind during the last invite Florida I know Australia. Arm gastric there then so they have posted it on FaceBook damme we're doing our part here to pass the message along to it has to mean something to somebody. It's obviously very important very precious and when it carried it along with them. Inside this case so on and if you know somebody who's looking for their mother's ashes. And check the diner in Florida. And their guy did he possibly snort a line or two before you. Here where you realize there's an Adobe did an emphasis be wrong and it's an important role. That movie with Robert Downey junior and a the other guy guitarist in crazy has sacked and he won in his velocity after the whatever and I didn't Wear there a lot of I was trying to get back in and Mariette responders Akron. The guys that have the father's ashes McCann. And everything and wondered thought it was coliseum the coffeemaker. This goes so fast that it's sooner you know numb and I do remember the movie was and who do you remember. I don't hammered too Dieter something like that you and I haven't been particularly greater remembering these movies titles with certificate. Gotta get an old Erica it's sort of like who still want I just don't I don't spend a lot of time watching those arrogant he's been in this I'll watch it prime breezing through the way so watching something some common room speaking of watching stuff. Was their new home walking did on Sunday night. Knowledge it's often it's the February 10 and the same is the same season finale same thing with the Chris evoke on right. Tom Arnold now I don't know I districts sector I think there was still on America I just watched a last episode which. Armed and armored dating a second all that era ourselves in that when you know can extraordinary courtesy Felix she just dragging in dragging it just trying to get the whole season on would govern them mound minister it's you know. I know that it's costing them millions of dollars to dig these hopefuls. No I don't know. But you gotta wonder also though when it comes down to have that Tom its slate when we're when we're legal while filming we're doing the show ghost hunters if there's something if we if we have to head to Missouri to do a case. Well then I can and if they're gonna film and I might charge this charge it to them and they're gonna pay for the travel for the team and originally get us out there. So arm so it makes you wonder though there with these guys and the curse of oak island. How much is History Channel relate kicking in to to do this stuff. It is and then digging this these holes really costing them are sick costing the History Channel which again is making. Millions off of each episode that there's 22 commercial. CL you know it's funny about that Tonya talked about it there was a period before. Manama early in the spring I think was we were talking about it where they were uncertain whether they were gonna renew the series so. I mean it seems like a great show on the History Channel I really enjoyed and are you enjoy it but come must be only mildly successful they wouldn't hands. You know been so indecisive about renewing and thank him in a lot of time well I don't know. Yeah a lot of times that comes down to arm well first off the amount if history the station if the network actually owns the show. And if they if they do more than the cost factors that it's coming into our car how much are they paying the people who were co starring Arlen. You know each person contract negotiations. And if they if they don't bona it's between them and production company how much is the production company trying to charge them to make each episode in artery feeling that it's worth it when they sell the rats. So there's a lot of behind the scenes negotiations that go in the can be a real at a book. All right so I have to ask and I know the answer to this question but I know people asking Chad all the time and I'm sure people are wondering and thinking about it Javed as we end. And treat the the last week here of 2016. Bombs any any any idea when you can weevils are talking about the next if seasons. Of what's happening on television here. In 2007 to. It makes us and what is there there's a lot of different stuff coming out and a also Virginian you know I've got some other offers seduce them some different things. So we're looking we're looking at different in different avenues the thing is I'd. I want I would love to keep ghost hunters going Tara I want I want to but. If so I just knew we need to change it up a bit we need to spice it up ghost hunters has created so many spin offs and so many. Rip offs of the show that now and now it's just been done and you know and nobody's nobody's changing you know everybody's just rooted in regards to having the same stuff. We need something fresh we need something new. We need to bring it back and and just do it in and some incentive to really gonna bring bring everybody back to a. So nice host a quick phone call before we have to go to break here this is a good friend Matt Matt welcome to a beyond reality radio great to have you on the show. They get some gone again this. Just wonder there being on behalf. Everybody that listened to show that this year and integrity everybody's great all error EU gets well not altogether. You JT. Alex Eddie everybody and not we really appreciate it and then we will get there is free and happy new year. Tell them that means a lot to us thank you and we we love doing the show and that's why we're looking forward to next month we're gonna be syndicated on a ton more stations so. And we just the idea being able to reach so many more people. And he's still being able listen online if you want but now he's also being able to listen on radio station in your area I think an investor going to be huge but thank you so much him and we love Dylan and we love the the support in response from everybody. Did you know way and it just it just gives us saw it in two hours and days. Brenda. You know relax and yet here's some pretty funky stuff. And have fun men's tennis and have some fun and do it in a in a lightly enjoyable manner where we can joke can poke fun at each other and ourselves and and the subject. Hey Matt thanks so much for the call we just take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest in Tom Interpol be talking about. His career as a magician plus we're gonna talk about Harry Houdini and his career as a magician it's beyond reality pretty intense. Again scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. Yeah. I already chase and NJ and again thanks to Matt for the kind words we appreciate them like we said we're gonna open phone line so later in the program as well for people wanna call and and wish each other. John Merrick Christmas or just being a general Christmas greetings and we do I want Alicia everybody else they're just happy holidays Merry Christmas and Justin joining the family time and you know spend it. Smooth adjustment enjoying everybody I think that's the most important. I absolutely true that a 100% Perry will be right back after this with our guest commentary. Reality created with Jason Hawes and TV Johnson our telephone numbers 8446877669. And just a reminder Monday show will be a best of pre recorded Cho. Tuesday's LA mar zoo is going to be our next life showbiz tonight. Harry Houdini who has probably the most famous famous magician certainly the most famous escape artists of all time. And I I don't know enough about Houdini so our credit it's inching to have him on because it it's a subject of interest in me but I've never really looked into itself. I guess a mile and a lot like priceless go to our guests and bring Tom in Tom welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the show. There excrement on our. Tom before yet before we get too deep and any of this stuff tell us little about yourself I know you started to with an interest in magic bow when you were six years old to tell us the story in and let us know how you got it done in this. But that's correct yeah that's who via a magician Marshall broad deal is does that sound familiar. Not to me no Joseph no it doesn't. OK 11:19. Am in the early 1970s probably about 72. I guess I was six or seven years old and I saw this guy the magician on television. Q is performing at trek pitching. Adept. Cards called TV magic cards. And his name is Marshall boarding in or was Marshall brooding and I didn't see. Tom let me just ask you did you say he was he like he was selling them these TV magic cards. Can it actually selling them on Kyle yeah so. Like an infomercial and you'd see my mental illness there is infomercial I remember the answer would be yes. And he didn't think these impossible things you know he's they have to pick carbonation of the aid to states and equipment would act confidently because spades jump to the top. You know put tobacco in the doldrums for the top again he keeps doing what he's incredible thing is any ripples would act. Because Chinese cities and states that was the first playlist and I thought oh my god I can't believe he can hit the deck of cards conflict to play with playing cards that I am. At that point. I couldn't believe what you could do a deck of cards and then my parents saw our interest to that wasn't magic. And then not you know over the years than the next couple of years they got me the magic tricks from from places like his company commercial quality TV magic. Company in non Johnson Smith thank you guys might be shall reflect company. Just and that's how often they don't commit other tricks and then they got me. A magic that or two and I just practiced today about religion of my of my interest in magic. And military community played a part in that as well. It just yet did you ever we end up getting those says that TV magic cards did you ever own nose. Edmonton got. That he had gotten. To the end of working as shown on TV. Don't know if you can say that what it in the early days when I first got them I learned a lot right then and there when you buy a magic trick. These are all lying or these days online that we've got a magic trick it looks really really good right arm whether you're looking ahead on television or radio or magic shot. Could generally these guys their pitchman familiar experts say what they're doing they're selling it. And they are also good performers generally really hot slick talkers and then you can it's impossible to eliminate you by it and bring it home and the instruction which. I can I can and military. 3% of the time instructions or what not horribly so it's really really hard to to follow along especially when your kid. So to answer your question yeah I think I can kind of get through it. Abacus but I won't reveal any secrets to the concept of the cards was relatively simple and appeared out. Almost on my own that you they had a couple of different routines you can do. Didn't cars. You do Picard I had a deck and an usher too was that deck or not when I was a kid and and it seemed like the cards like every other card was an ace of spades or something and that was the trick. You know if you if you've kind of ruffled him one way they look like it was always a spades and if he did the other way it was the other cards that would that was a part of this deck. I'm going to Fifth Amendment yeah. It was ridiculous that it secretly can't talk about it no. I haven't met individually you know you might remember you know as a kid did you guys DJ didn't interview. You do mats decides that as is children's. I never I never did magic I was always in the Buick guy always trying to pay attention to they're Kansas and doing it because slightly in the slightly can't. Hands and so that was my I was I was ruining everybody's magic tricks now. You don't want to see. I know and I am one of those and the for the funny. Well I went one on one of my Echostar is Dave's tango was it was a magician and yeah he used to come here you still haven't come over and he BO and he lived with me for a long time and I editor in the kid's birthday parties should be performing and stuff and he would always make me leave the room because he ball he would want me as I'm watching his hands as he's doing tricks he's quite. Today Tom I had I had a couple trick decks as a kid you know and I used to dabble with that I used to think you know I thought it was pretty cool I never became proficient in any of that. There are few tricks and I would do over and over again and and make my you know Sam we sit through them but that was about it. I did. That's funny you mention that is because when I was a kid I wanted. I showed my my parents and my siblings mostly my mother. I just bombarded her with magic trick is as I got them and also one of the things I also did was I read. Kind of magic books after going to the library. I know you could lower on that in fact now I recommend in my magic students to read magic box can they get so much more out of box instead of having to spend money on fewer tricks you know you don't always struck and one good looking you might find like ten or fifteen good tricks. So I'm so proud this place to show my mother made the pastor everyone I knew. You know throughout school used to you know always should be able tricks and that's why we always get better you don't want to perfect the magic. By yourself in front of the mirror you know than it once you feel up proficient enough you start performing for a quote real people. Isaac are not magic circle and then once you know people are giving you feedback if something's. Not looking right and believe me they'll tell you and you know if it's not funny if it's not entertaining or interest I think that's the main thing magic got to be. Interesting. Obviously an amazing so yes it's really encouraged him early learning curve but my you know my parents suffer than anyone around me suffered yes. What are they in now with Saddam like I know Penn and teller were doing a show and not longer and I think it was still beyond wearing a full us or whatever was where magicians would get up in the death reform and do their trek. And so it is or something like that way especially when you're dealing with the the brotherhood of magicians I'm. I mean is this something like that where there critiquing everything you do that you should make sure you're you're getting things professionally done. Yet united people who know me they tend to be a little more critical. But they generally aren't that critical that we don't the people who might be a little more critical would be. Magicians. Are you know as a child as a lot of children you know we join magic clubs. So we can hang out with you know fellow magicians and learn from them and when you're performing it's really good experience because you're performing in front of magician you know technically how to do the tricks. Good a little more critical I'd say. You know in the event that the main thing in magic is and again economic insistence. That you have to focus on the presentation. And your own personality more than actual. Trek itself gonna want to go to the magic shop and purchase the track. And we feel horrible instruction and the yeah gotta go it's like anything you know you've got you've got to be Eva entertain even if it's not funny at least make it interesting and when and so. That's the thing I teach children it's not really about the Pentagon shows off some don't get me wrong I like it that's the scene about 45 episodes. And I think it's really cool and then also apparent car I don't even reveal that much when they they just basically say they're getting the news in the house terminology. To the magician and Microsoft. An incident revealing thing of the general public so that split. I'm betting an amazing thing is. It's not about. The Truex who told about the entertainer. And of course magic is unique it's unique form of entertainment because obviously. You know dancers don't have to fool people are extremist. And then they just bingaman are falling once so that there is obviously it's an element of mystery and secrecy and I fully believe in people and magicians. I went to keep that secret but at the same time some people get so caught up than now. It looked method that they actually forget you know you're such entertaining audiences hooked up front and just relaxed. Now I'm Sean. So if if you had to assign percentages. How much of a successful magicians who show is. Actual tricks and magic wall and how much of it is actually. More of a performance in the in the in in an entertainment or comedic. Org or showman cents. The gentleman edition. A a class of magicians. You know and is finger Flickr's. Guzzling guys ordered out to loved these slight of hand. And then do the slight of hand for the purposes. It's feeling good this is cool you don't look at it was called fancy card forces like India and I love college courses like that too. Don't think so panic kind of adrenaline Allegra the point is I think if your question percentage wise I think. 67% of magicians. More focused on the method. And then my the other person as maybe 40% would be focused more on the entertainment value but the thing is that if you think about the most famous traditions and history. And I'm talking about carry Blackstone junior. David Copperfield. Power Daniels in the UK. You know guys like that if you look at their performances. It's always about some sort of original twist. Not unnecessarily the method but on the way they presented David Copperfield thing was to do. These beautiful vignette dramatic vignettes in the early days you know in the 1970s. Who do play basically. And yet to into the magic tricks that'll make him unique. Blackstone junior you know I've gotten to the practices as followed of course was you know a famous magician as well. But I had my god not only had that incredible voice you know he. He had the commanding. That commanding presence here he could he could manipulate the attention of the audience like knowing whether or not he was my childhood heroes. And you know and send out holiday deals you know that guy he was often use funny is now seeking out. In the end and then think about humor by the way and a marketing and into this too much to them or he'll too much but in a magician can use their personalities they can use jokes. And one liners. To kind of work attention as well so it's not just about. Physical mr. action it's also a psychological destruction. And outlet softened on that topic. And not do much that's that's McCain's if you look at anything tradition. They always got something unique to offer and he usually involves. The way to entertain the angle of approach. Read we're talking with Tom interval a magician he's also Houdini historian. We're gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation or telephone numbers 844. 687766. Ninths beyond reality. Hey gang it's JP. From beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right duress and when you need to subscribe to taps her matches. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesign. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website keeps tabs Tara Mac dot com that's capture her match dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond any check out and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it's. Error magazine again go to the website captain paramedic dot com. That's happens paramedics got there can't use promo code beyond just say I. I'm already face change and I guess sinus Tom interval were talking about his careers a magician plus we're going to be talking about Harry Houdini disagree particularly short segment because. Jason Knight has in the especially when it and the power whisked. Kind of a Christmas saying that we would like to two features so. We don't have a few minutes here Tom but he did want to ask you about you know what point in your life did you. Decide to take your interest in that magic can make it more of a career and profession. Well. Am I my background is in professional waiting by the degree of professional writing for Roche college in Pittsburgh that's right was born and grew up. And like I did in the first my first experience in professional magic was in Busch Gardens. It's a theme park in Williamsburg Virginia and I would do you know between five and seven shows every day I was actually. Kind of an actor as well because you had to dress up in the medieval attire. And you know perform sleight of hand for that should be aghast so that was my beginning. And then nom I worked in court in the corporate world after going to college full time I allowed in the corporate world for about twelve years total at two different companies. And dumb a layoff. Kind of forced me to look for another job at the time and all that kind of enduring magic of impeaching. Might never stopped performing I was a semi professional. But then once I was laid off and I couldn't find a job this is around 2009. And ten when the economy was really bad. And but I thought you know what I'm gonna start my own business again out here in San Diego I moved here after I was laid off a might be a little easier to that to perform out here. As well as well you know the weather is nicer to us. So I've heard that. What do you think about. You know we're gonna retirement Houdini in a little bit. When you sort of next hour level nice long segment due dead the what do you think about changing times and how what that does to people's perceptions and mean. You can't turn on a movie or television show that seeing massive CGI in these effects that just make everything so surreal. I'm just simple magic sleight of hand stuff still have the impact the Houston. I believe it does I didn't think that what you said. The fact. Does the fact live performances I think a lot of people we're not used to sing a magician do Coca magic alive so. So it is a lot of most people haven't seen that the one they do the impact is just as strong as it was outspent and you know even back in leading climate mean you know. A lot of things technology was improving back then too and you know that you know you know viability around from what it like 1880s some of the 1930s. And you know movie houses took over an end garbled side as well. And you know that's still didn't actually reduce the impact of live performances. I mean they were reduced the number of venues magicians could perform I guess at that point. But Tom you know it is now in the modern age magic has experienced an ever done it and and so. Technology I think might enhance. Some magicians perform and so. And I don't find that to do ethical though there was some additions to performance he might use editing techniques. Instead of actually doing something they could do life. The government that I mean I think so you know people aren't. And then reloaded not jaded that bit people still impressed by a lot of magicians in particular. I think had a little more suspicious when they can magician on television. But you know when they hit lives they still can't believe that and I think that's why you know performance like David Blaine has done so well. In terms. In his network equipment that it has more impact I think. And then and then stage magic. Whether it's especially the riot even if you kill a magician why if on the stage it's really cool but you get well card partly to be doing something crazy with those boxes that a model left. Don't think magic close up and slight of hand. At a wedding for example you know. There really committed to us from the head of the table and they see him do this and possible stuffed with cards coined another small objects stealing his craft called clip that magic. You know especially if the magic happens in their hands. Then not only the impact of lost at all. No makes a lot of sense sorry we're gonna have to go to of a break Thomas thanks for hanging on for us here is to be little longer break than usual because Jason I have a the special Christmas feature that we wanted to throw appear in the for everybody's hopeful enjoyment but that's the idea right gamble we had a lot of questions only comeback products. And so thanks for hanging on parent Theresa this area it's beyond reality tends to. Twice three nights before Christmas when all through the show the mood was quite strange why we don't know the guest was on target without any traveler. And people were listening from Boston to Seattle. The talk was all white. But we did have some fear what would we find under the tree this year did you behave I asked Jason was to leave. As much as you did my good friend Jesus. But first we were chatting with how much concern. To we have the first mission of many more we learn. This there was clad in a fancy Rubin and some might see. He was a tiny bit that he said he was here to offer some needs and with great lines some mornings he needs he says hold on tight this might get rocky and many. Offered his name he says clean fun. And treat patients that they need to share. The first is that Jason never grow hair. The second is more serious and maybe send them. Achieving the police at Houston's. Students in this age of great import. Is not the kind of info that you should retailer. My visas have told me as soon you'll find. Two more visitors as a spiritual community. And with separate announcement this funky did leave in Jason and I we're grateful for the reprieve but just when it seemed things would be quiet another visitor appeared in creative writing. This man was crude. Had a notre blues and in between works he often gets. My name of the doctrine and I've been charged with a ribbon task. I just need to make sure I still have my plot plus. The words I will say it may seem of their Roth. Obama open and that they yearbook and can be tough. Well they greatest gift you can find this isn't. Israel proview. Where this. Year there reason. And out of his mouth as out the door he strode he said they'll light a match their date for surely explored. That left us wondering both scratching our head went once this gift referenced in the words he had settled. In before we could blink another vision we song. This woman's friendly. And not very tall. You know means Eddie. Like to be precise. And my name is Alex you both have been nice. You gift isn't easy and and glistening. It's the gift of the loves of everyone who's listening. Those words we've both shortage realize. That we were indeed receiving a prize for its all of you Alter who tune in each night. That make it all worthwhile rewarding and right. City each and every one of our listeners directly from us we wish the most happy seasons and Mary Mary. Christmas. Go beyond reality radio Jason on Stevie Johnson her phone number 6446877669. In we hope you enjoyed a little Christmas message and ordered. We're replaying that attend the show Jay for anybody who missed it and we had a lot of fun making and and it really goes out polio and without your support the show wouldn't be. Where it is it wouldn't be nationally syndicated it wouldn't be in a month from now jumping on another male fifty to a 150 channels. And you know I (%expletive) because you'll and we greatly appreciate what do. Are we doing Chris merry police say Merry Christmas from our hearts and a big thank you goes along with that. Just a quick reminder Monday night's show will be a pre recorded best of show Tuesday we'll have LA Mars Julie on talking about his work. Doug Melvin ethylene UFO's a whole bunch of things with with LA and then what are really gone to some uncharted territory here with say Jeanie boat. Boys Claire talking about well Clara forehand gourmet guess this is going to be interest saying you know where. Chart shocker as our energy and more food sources actually olympians those in and strengthen you and now Wang and so it it's going to be really minute. Topic that I and I don't think either of us are familiar with so and I think it's going to be inching their right now we're talking with Tom interval who refuses to tell us his magic tricks. And out of certain amount at a series coach Tom there to. Oh that exists I mean they're an ad is it is this something we have to swear to when you join one of these front of these magician groups and you know you your member of several. I mean is it something that's actually written in the yet to swear to me how does this work. Yes it is and revitalize its true. My opinion is that they don't really enforce it. A whole lot because you'll see exposure magic exposure going on. Famous musicians expose stuff but you know universe they see them picked out organizations but I mean you know like a masked magician. I don't know if you guys have heard of him but he was exposing that a couple of back in the ninety's or to tell public here member number. Now another guy you know ever won one of the basically pan am the other good under the code of ethics spend that code includes. You know the basic premise of not revealing the secret and if you do you know the affiliate here you'll be do we kicked out magic organizations. The one you're talking about the Mac and amassed magician who was doing the it was on fox I believe and it was a can mean just about 078 years ago or something. That he was on any was revealing all these tracks throughout the night. And and hit and I know one of those things where as here at state mask because if not his life was in jeopardy forever you know for showing how these church were done. But it's sealed packages I could see all these magician showing up in his house and throwing those cards you know they throw those cards like weapons from the you know and discuss yeah I could see that. I guess right now especially liked that movie now you Simi Emulex it was cut and everything and I have and it was amazing. They didn't directly gently because we actually wrote a book of that title cards as weapons. That do like radio shows but you're playing cards. Yeah. Yeah I mean the secrets are very big important an important part of a magical percent of the main thing is the presentation. As I obviously don't agree with in. Guys like Matt magician I think that you know part of the fun of magic is not only the you know admittedly it's funny that's one thing that magician also have to be amazing you amazed people entertain the man I completely disagree with magicians. One of realist secret. Now that sometimes is a question. Commission to keep a secret how people learn magic. And album and then went and you know that that's an exception because magic. If you if you think someone who's really interest in magic and they want a reform that if someone comes up and says Ahmed with the problem culture. Could actually could teach me that so I can show my financed. In that case reveal the true. And teach it to them and teach them a different confrontational aspect as well. Because they're not simply curiosity seekers. So the differences. Someone who's sincere who is traditional learning. And then a person just wants to learn because they're curious and you get a lot of people asking how things are done. And generally in the standard answer is enough space that I didn't. The standard answer is very well thank you but I'm Tom is good it's gotta get that situation. No but I do agree with you the presentation means everything come. As a guy I I get up on stage just couldn't legislate you the only differences when I get a postage I'm usually in front of an audience and anywhere from ten to two 6000 people and I'm out there talking about the paranormal and because we you reinvest gave bleeding over 80% of all claims immediate bond. And we get up there and we do this two hour long presentation. And is solely been the most important is keeping everybody interest and don't wait. And I've seen so many presentations health they're wearing. It really I'll be honest they don't have people skills are boring cell and and people just getting up and leaving. During our presentation we're getting people laugh for interacting where we're showing them combines scenes of funny footage and and everything and people love him and I think that's the most important is. When you can really interact with the people and just the way you put the presentation together is is going to make people keep coming to your show or just really learned and wanna bowl wanna be there because they enjoy. Exactly they come to see you are not necessary that we are talking about this subject matter is very important that. They come to see US rather be entertained and in particular profession must become a difficult. Good and I'm sure you get your show of hecklers well they you know they they tell you certain things are being asked to ever seen problem. Usually don't know it Thomas usually I mean yeah. I could we've been we've been lucky enough where we don't we haven't had I've probably had two hecklers Terrelle. You know the 1012 years that I've been out on state and law and the for the fact of the matter is is because it when you're tackling me for I'm going into most cases leaving eighty personal claims can be disproved so woody and tackle Leon in a Marty saying that I believe or 80% of claims can be pretty curious and the fact of the matter is. So you know it in this one of those things Holler all argue with anybody about it but I'm. If the most to most people tend to tends. Leave us alone and and and often do the wrong thing Bada. So are we do we lucked out with that it's not like we're going in saying everything's paranormal this is a dose everything's ago it was everything I assure you here is going to be proof of a ghost. That's not the winners so then we we play as Smart toilet. So Tom tyrants and I'm gonna ask you about something because we've had a lot of stuff other guests on the program and there are a lot of people out and about who claimed to be able to do some pretty incredible things. You know and these mental lists who say they can bend spoons and they can move objects with the mines have you encountered and these folks. And what's your take on the Missouri to legitimate amount any of that. Or is that America will reveal something you should deal with. Now and then and that's what sort of you know I'm in my head like I'm. A guy by the name of fury Geller I'm sure you've heard them absolutely in the make. In the 1970s. You know he he is a magician and of course James Randi magician you know shown that he was you know he's. Deceiving the public. Then there's a very fine line because when your mental rest mentally if they don't work because. And I'm not that I want painting that's what I'm biased. Toward met tourism but in many aspects mentors and it's more amazing. Then a straight magic act and the reason for that was it once fundamentalists. Like well maybe maybe when he did you know. Came out of real powers most medalist to really get what they do like them a check out of the entire match up. Can blossom and you know. Guys like him and others you know they indignant Democrats and they ringling. They're not using bright boxes and I'm not using their assistance in bikinis and you know usually there's no music in the act you don't want to entertaining and funny. Based I think in many ways more amazing than a lot of magicians because. They focus more. On some psychological aspects so but when they crossed the line and they know they are doing magic. And then they claim. That their powers are real you know that obviously I have a problem when it. You know regardless of anyone's belief system I just don't think it's ethical. So we're doing mental magic to present. What they're doing as well when in fact they know that it's not. Now has it's awfully good point and all year he's been shot down so many different times or whether it's. You know I don't know manipulating the spoon or manually Chris sells phones that have you know weaker medal at that point just the heat from your hand to make it band so. Yeah exactly. So when you hum and we're gonna change the topic do Houdini in just a minute here but when you're done talking to somebody you're teaching somebody urgency earlier that you you do instruction Tom. Do you look it did somebody and say. These of the Scotia need to head start with you gotta be at this point for your reaction and we'll do any of this stuff. And if so what types of skills you look for a person to be able to pull off some of the stuff. Armed well put more yes I think there are certain types is going to have to have. When they come to me in the in this day and age when you have YouTube you can learn a lot of magic tricks on YouTube. And I always recommend that they don't do that because people who are. But I can medical YouTube sometimes they're twelve years old men themselves don't even outperform and so all they care about as a method and they're showing you know people all the stuff on YouTube so out. Students coming and who's sometimes. You know they're trying to learn the art of magic and I I wanna establish a solid foundations and yes there's there are certain classic. Can you wanna learn. Problem before you destroy dive into it. I would assuming a people person is is very important. And it's been you know what even if they're not I can't let confirmed I haven't got most of my students are adults actually that I can have some shortened some some younger students. And you know that generally you know they're not about so they haven't really developed. A lot of other social skills may be quite as well also. I can't teach them how to stand in front of people I teach in the importance of eye contact. Have been plenty accuse them everything literally it has nothing to do. Which you know the magic trick themselves the first black and you know dilute my my presentation is all about. Literally a presentation on the television. You know it is all about giving them kind of an overview crash course of a magic. You know given the classifications. But what did it for matches should start but the most important thing I stressed to them during that first question and going actually the first few lessons. Is that presentation at the most important personalities the most important. Yes psychological mr. action is important. You know mr. I think someone manipulating the mind instead of manipulating you know an object. To more important than anything so. The I'm looking pretty skilled in particular. Because not everyone has the same skills that some people catch on to the tricks faster than others some people amaze me that you look at some of the slight of hand. But they have kind of out nearby nature drive personalities. So I try to work with the personalities. To inject what they already have into their magic. And and I won't let them in terms of you know having them may raise the volume of their voice many you know. Don't talk like this while you're doing the trick and really boring and I try to get them do you know fluctuate through porcelain like teach them the skills children or adults. And that keeps people interested I also teach them. It's not about the tricks about the audience he wanted to interact with the audience and so let the audience is. Is implicit in what you're doing they like you do so even if the magic trick is you know I was that now that the risk is that you have a response that you wanted to get. This still like you as a performer. And so I noticed from this kind of redundant basins we talked about but you know I can't emphasize that enough. So OK let's let's let's move the conversation and Houdini because rear of the show goes so fast and then there's actually you know before we do that I'm sorry Tom. We do have a caller that wanted to comment on some of the things have been talking about. This is Marianne from buffalo Mary and welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show. Being here. If I just want to say many years ago in one out in the early twenties. I was acetylene trigger on a carnival sideshow. And Alice Sabrina has their regular women did the glee backs. It was me. And actually it was those sorts. Swallow or. Kenya stairways are now I remember right had to take it all they would never reveal or any of the secrets to any of the performances. However I would hope you but sort try our rules definitely were real but it. We're. That's impressive night you know Marion thanks for sharing that story would this and you know there are some things just can't sacred time. Yeah yeah I think what's wrong thing I mean I'd I'd never try that myself. I didn't shrink to try it but I you know could I have you know I have such an incredibly bad literally put the cart. Recent yankees yeah reflect. In but you can illustration of how that's done and that's just simply incredible it is a lot of danger involved but it's amazing that this physically possible to do without trickery. Now I think Marianne said she was the rubber woman is that what she sent I could have on river woman. Okay well the funny thing is is issues the rubber organized Gotti a guitar that I bought very recently talked. It's a rock and roll spook show and it's got only sideshow characters on one of them as bandy Wendy announces cracked me up I thought maybe that dandy when he was a real person somewhere around if there's a rubber on the same I had a prosecutor. Is. I guess an embryonic Scott said Israel wanted to come on it so let's talk about Houdini in the first question I have for you Tom is. We are all any of us who followed. The life of Houdini in particular the death of Houdini and his his curiosity with the afterlife know about the annual seance is and I think officially say they and or whatever but people still hold the same ounces. On Halloween. Do you Purcell are you involved in any of those and secondly are you aware of any that have had any legitimate claims of being able to. Receive a message from Harry Houdini your contact him and someone. First no not directly involved in any of those announces I just I was invited wants to be around the circle. A couple years ago and I couldn't make it unfortunately. The official Houdini announced that they have once a year but. I'm not officially involved like it's pissing out recently at the and at a recent conference in Las Vegas. Kind of like an you know just another casual one. But there's so much directly involved but I didn't get interest we just because. I am you know because of the tradition and history behind it and you don't have to the second part of your question. That are basically asking if I I believe. Are in any of that if there is a very minimum mature realization news or contact. I know people claim to have done it and I know that most of those claims have been proven to beef hoaxes or you know. Whatever have you ever heard of any or talk to anybody that claims to have had an experienced. Where you felt like there might be something to it. I have no idea I've had I've had people talk experiences like residents in 1936. That was ten years after Houdini died could his wife best. I guess you got that probably aware by now she had a compact with Houdini. That she would that they'll secret code so whoever died first would contact the other if it was possible. Arm and bat and helmet down once per year for ten years and look at the end of that time. Immediately did not make contact at the Pentagon. Then she basically give up and that's exactly how it went on the ballot count on the rooftop and provocative hotel in Los Angeles. And so more viewpoint. I guess he obviously there was there were no material vision nothing happened. But you know you give people say but mysteriously enough. You know Los Angeles which is you know sunny 99% of the time and there are snowstorms in the in the weather records there was. Our lack of hunger. It's and I can remember at a certain time like I don't remember the exact story that. I've heard it related several times that you know the automated I was greedy or you know and yeah it's it's it's dead in them and humorous way. But I've talked to a few people who genuinely believe. That that's what happened. Was that indeed that was pretty neat way of contacting them and and of course you know. You know you can say anything and hope someone believes you but really all comes down to one thing and who can't emphasize this is well. You know it all comes down to evidence. That so far there's no evidence that any manifestation site. Quite an interesting that people will claim that may be a clap of thunder somehow indicated he was responding you know and here we are. Trying to contact somebody who doesn't have the energy to whisper or send a message but could dream he took like a starter anyway. It's. Sad. You know it's all part of card for me it's not part of confirmation bias. You know because a lot of people those balances. They start from the vehicle and believing they have didn't believe so they tend to ignore. Information that doesn't really conform to their beliefs but they and it can more information that does conform to it and you're looking for stuff. You know I've heard that that I'm noticing on like Obama and her best. But it won the one who didn't announce. So instead they blocked off the shelf maybe that was in the 19361 I'm not sure. But inevitably fell off the shelf and you must must be assigned from Harry in Ireland. And as they look for things to confirm their own beliefs. And you know we wouldn't attribute it really clearly hear from Rudy Galindo wanna hear from WikiLeaks amid new and if that actually happened and they could somehow. Come up with scientific evidence to prove that Houdini many shouting. I mean that brings. Wonderful and special editions including geeks around the world well just before by that but so far there's not a shred of evidence and I've never personally. You know of anything happening that I actually believe is is real. Well I think that's that that's the tough part is so many people. I'll want to it is fair especially if they wanna believe they're willing to take anything that happens. As evidence. Of more communication. And that they have got into and helping it only hurts you know book falling or any anything like that because they're not willing to actually look can try to disprove there are truly cigarette and yes exactly and and it doesn't help it hurts I mean if if he's able to knock a book off. Off the shelf I mean why wouldn't he do something more obvious move something on the table in front of the people let them know. Given everything needed in life was huge income you know if you if there is some sort of the supernatural ability for him to come back to. 22 to communicate with the living you think you reduce them an amazing them you know make out by the book optional. If I would fire him and I can do it. I'd run the table you know that would match this noise in the whole table chatter before normal get hurt but it I would do something dramatic has gone Houdini on the Sheldon. And you know absolutely we have these little things happen that's really not. It's really not that convincing. We have about a minute before we have to go to break Buchanan just said it right there I mean. Harry Houdini Phares skilled and amazing as he was as say it as it escape artist a magician. He was really the ultimate showman was an. Absolutely. Yeah in fact. I am. In his he had a quote the great quote about showmanship. And he wrote it in the unmasking of rebel Sudan rebel Sudan was the father of modern magic. And I can letting you know with a child and you're good at least according to the book against them. And we don't have time to talk about why about the quote is that. This secret and showmanship consists not a what you really do but welcome mr. reliably public think you do. And that's my favorite quote of all time and that ended repudiating and maybe after the break we can talk a little more about that a much or how much time we now out. Know let's let's go to break and we will pick up the conversation when we come back reminder our telephone number. Is 8446877669. And don't forget coming up in just a little bit we're gonna cut open the phone minds. For people to call and offer Christmas greetings to each other little mean no more messages of Christmas Christmas Fuzzy in his house that's on. You substrate materials and Jason TV be right back after this. Thanks Derrick Todd might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com nets' Derrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with silicon because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. It's really really Jason Wu's team to. Jane is it you know this is our Friday basically you know leftist of after the show and senators try to organize a movement is aaron's good point on. We know we were off for the weekend this is going to be a long weekend because of the holiday and is it in appropriated 2 AM to 22 after the show's over to grab a drink and sit down relaxes and actually. In operation it's a non pool rom in there so I look at this hour per Prius actually promoted. And I supported. You do customer and forget the eggnog sports and his course of Roman candle shopping go right elected I'm glad you said that I disagree just tanker in fruit drink and I don't know Leonard and maybe it's because you sealed bottles of alcohol that are on the wall linemen what you've got to really high end bottles of vodka behind you know a lot closer bottles were first Dan decorated does via the whole crystal supposed to spend rest and Dan actually sent media. One of the crystal skulls in the first came out which you know autograph and everything else just you know we've been French wrong time. And then another buddy of mine sent me another crystal skull Thea. Paul shock classes and then how we and our good friend sent me alien head vodka and as I really know edit which is a big alien head full of vodka green yup and yeah and I get all these other guys right there over your shoulder server to my look at Chua six. There and asserts momma so I have an open in my Federer for years and do it because Pincus try to open a marriage show that I had to turn to issue at this troops are those go back to. Our guess trying to bring our guest for tonight and it's time interval Tom we've been talking about who. Of Houdini impact not just Stein. Magicians percentage. But really and I and anybody who is a performer for from the point when he was doing his thing and and more importantly a promoter. From when he was doing his thing too now because is the impact is pretty significant. May I elaborate a little bit on that court said that the beginning of the break out because it's such an important point in this kind of goes into what you're asking me to. So. Destroying equipment can kind of showmanship consists not what you really do. The welcome mr. Levin public safety you know I teach my students that is doing the first person I read them that Corbett couldn't applies to magic community most. People have heard talk about Houdini I have never brought up that quote an comedic actor Heath. I particularly trying to understand who these banking and his secret community that's one of the greens biggest secret and that's revealed. Right there in that book written in 1908. NN. He lived his life according to data assertion. Where whenever the mr. Levin public things you do as the more is more important to you live by the assertion he was an expert at creating the illusion. Of the great Houdini basically you know the person. He wanted people to see he was you know rock and call himself the chemical handcuffs. In early in his career you know he call himself the king of cards and even use the Clinton of creating his own images policy is our own fear you know everything from. They didn't in place that is barred from which she didn't tell the truth about. Could he wanted to make certain impression you know to the person getting into an impossibility. Of defeat that he did as an escape artist and you know. To respect he wanted to receive this as an author and scholar and you know he wanted to be perceived as number one at everything he'd dead if he even said this himself in at least one and are really talking about. You know the that you really know who wanted to be first. And you know if he couldn't there would be no joy in life and over towards notre in the life certainly at least drive the number one so I got my point is that. You know after all these years is studying magic and studying magic history and magicians. The one thing I've learned about Harry Houdini his desk. It's really hard to separate fact from fiction mr. Picard and they'll refer to him or referred to Libya. Quote of a little Houdini I believe it was a chapter title in one of those books. And you know that's true to this day who do detainees name lives to this state and that's quite incredible thing. Collapse solely to mixes still be going on now and especially so long after you pass Torrey is it's not a match I deny it. Music and I think it's pretty no workable on we were talking about this before we brought you on. You know it's hard for us to. Envision in today's day and age for social media and 24 hour news channels and ends 300 channels on television and and bill and satellite radio on regular radio and you know you name it there's media coming NS from all directions but in Houdini today. He didn't have any electronic media to rely on mean radio is in its infancy. You know he was he was involved in some silent films and some things along though those lines are really his promotional efforts. Were basically him going out and creating headlines in newspapers in one way or another. And I'm from making crowds formed around him on a street corner because understanding things and that's how we did it. That's like precisely and that they're really really important point because. He could drop out of a 100000. People. If you look online you can easily find some photographs of that does that mental score out just a full out as we look back. And mostly men. You know. Out of that you opens sidewalks they're picking up the window watching him escape. As he's hanging upside down. A hundred feet above street level from a strong little jackets you re going out of this thing like he's I heard someone describe his straitjacket escape like you did it. Without the guy contracting Marcelino. And you can see a video of this on YouTube as well it's incredible seed yes. But you know two point about his public that he was a genius. Into the genius market earned and and and publicity guy. You know he did those stunts because those outdoor stunned to attract she people to the shows if he was doing in those cities. And you know amazingly enough most of the time there were more people. In the street watch him do that than there actually weren't finger so he went to very very good point and very important one as well. So what do we do take from. Pretty knees quote unquote death defying escapes in fact work. You know we often hear about the fact that he was he was the change in the strait jacket chain got thrown in a chest that was blocks thrown into a river. He basically had what 34 minutes to to escape and and people would be beat the clock will be ticking and people would be you know boon to fearful that he was drowning because he hadn't emerged yet. How much of that was theater and how much it was it just really took on that amount of time to get out of those those set traps. Well without doing too much it is like 90% theater. And and that's it's all about showmanship was in this that's what I love to read that quote because it's all about showmanship Houdini play and everything he did. Now that's not there hasn't been under involved and you know for instance is milked him escaped. You know it's this it's milkman or he's submerged underwater so obviously there's going to be some danger. Am I won't get. I wanted to live particularly candidates people still use it today. But you know it's it's not escape. Trick aren't always as dangerous as they appear to be there's definitely elements of danger. But Putin who escaped. Were so well thought out so well planned. That they wanted skaters as they could have been because there have been escape artists who have died you can go to lose them and search and you'll see. You know there have been escape artists you weren't as good at planning things something has committed to public city he would escape from strait jacket outside. He would escape. Route from from jail cells in the local cities where it was performing to a draw is immense crowds. And you know. He did it all based on. Danger on the and I think that's one of the main reasons why his name is so well known today. You know it's not that people went to his performances and wanted to see him die. You know but they went. Kissing a man who possibly might die and know the difference you know we're this day and age you know. As you were saying look rather the media people into people's attention span is not the same as used to be. But they used to go to the theater and you know sometimes they waited an hour as treaties the thing. You know sometimes it didn't take that long sometimes can result in five minutes sometimes Nadal in 45 falcons. And not win it and took to build suspense as the clock clicked and I don't you know you couldn't really get away with that in certain respects. Because you know people might be a little more sophisticated these days mayor used to seeing all kinds of stuff funny YouTube they're desensitized to this stuff that happened today. Make no mistake about it people thought he was going to die that each one of his performances where he did something. That people perceive is dangerous to other commentators but you notice your question 9%. Theatre I'd say. Well and most people of course show and we're showing up two in expectations of failure. To cram this 68 which of course would lead to two to death. Death resulted SOA and and it's morbid to think about but instill a lot of times that's still light people go to some of these things is because. Now while he's probably a screwed up and a New England Moscow check it out. Yeah and that's when your dog bit himself to do and then by the way you're probably aware of the student he had a lot of imitators. You know I am not too long after he introduces water torture itself that's where he's hanging upside down in this huge vertical tank. That you can see him from the front because it hasn't collapsed fraud. You know they rockets see the stock they can come up. Date immerse him in this tank of water. And they do you know they close the lid locket and out you know many obviously escaped which is an incredible. But you know. The point is that a lot of imitators and there was this woman I don't know what pronounce her name is routine or you do the I would you do sounded like his name and see me doing it. I tend within a month or two from the government Erica remembering that correctly so you automatically imitators. Who really took a lot of chances and in the water torture itself. Charlie is dangerous you know in fact he proved it is. You know 1926 not too long before he died actually good news and he broke his ankle because. And I guess that the that the the course that were pulling them out and I look they are turned or twisted bit you know the stuff we did there was definitely a dangerous elements to it. In this imitators were I think we'll hold up for trying some of the stuff. I think at least one person died by. Trying to replicate that bridge jump in which Rudy was handcuffed and I would jump into the water and I'm pretty sure it I guess I have to check my records your bit. I think that at least one person one imitator died doing it. How we have about a minute before we have to live to go here wanted to give you an opportunity to let people know what your website is where they can get more information about the work you do maybe some of your appearances and we've got going on. I thank you so much on well I might commence phase I perform magic. And I teach magic. And my web site is. Interval magic dot com is like the word is horrible and that's my magic web site to wanna contact me you know asking questions about magical reluctant grouping like that. I'd love to hear from you encouraged to do that in my Houdini web site just. My opinion not budging it is not I'm still updating it I don't have more time these days but you can go to my blog on what practice Houdini museum dot org press dot com. And you can call me on FaceBook and Twitter you can come I'm one of the easiest magicians to find the. Well they so much for coming on any and all of this report from the holidays and you guys just from talking to you William Gray holidays Merry Christmas and just the best look forward talk to you again. Thank you so much. Thank you Tom interval appreciate him being on the show we're gonna take a break when we come back the telephone numbers 8446877669. A Morgan do we're going to it treats you to a little bit of our our Christmas stuff Sosa Jane I have also put together. To hopefully left and entertain of folks here defense that's not put together a self professional color together and so far so that's exactly what it Larry Ellison Jason JVB on around here. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right duress and when you need to subscribe taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. Every launch to serve you better. That's right go to the website is taps aromatic dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's that's a paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tabs Tara Mac dot com. That's happens paramedic dot com use promo code beyond December. Always tell Christmas and I know that not just so jolly holly holly jolly it's this kind of all the kinds of Christmas is that's the best one must go right to the phone lines are bring Vincent. Good friend of the show Vince welcome to the show could have hinged on the on reality radio. Let's face slug. No doubt some no questions are polygamous out to you guys is say Merry Christmas happy holidays. And there are so many people have a chat room. I found this chatter about two months ago about both gonna ever sent. I was wire but I have a safe happy Merry Christmas and a happy new year and I'm probably a part of family. How much loved man thank you very much for calling in and happy holidays and Merry Christmas she was mollen we're happy to have his pardon him yes thank you Vince he's absolutely right the when you discover that they chat room you realize what a great group of people in the chat. And they all care about each other NL help each other out they have little fun while they do it so Hoover Merry Christmas sunscreen to your communal love the phone call thank you very much. A solid over the telephone numbers 8446877669. Let's see how much time do we have we've got about seven minutes only seven and sooner. Horrible what we do this February once again and get on you know give us a call we do have some open lines here and let's let's go ahead replay come our little Christmas. Greeting for the night and let folks here that again before the show n.'s Brian Austin. Toy Story. Let's let's hold on before we do that and I skipped. Gonna stop one thing and start the other live radio so much fun anyway OK so right now already let's roll this baby. Twice three nights before Christmas when all through the show the mood was quite strange why we don't know. The guest was on target without any Pratt and people were listening from Boston to Seattle the talk was all light. But we did have some fear what would we flying under the tree this year did you behave I ask jeeves and was lead as much as you did my good friend Jesus. But first we were chatting with how much concern. To we have the first mission of many more we learn. This was clad in a fancy robe and hat and some might see. It's a tiny bit that he said he was here to offer some needs and with great lines some mornings he needs he says hold on tight this might give rocky and many. Offered his name he says it clean fun to. Can't treat patients that they need to share. The first is that Jason. The second is more serious and maybe send them. Achieving the police had he studies them. Students in this age of great import. Snapped pictures you can feel they should be taller. My visions and told me as soon you'll find. Q what is used as a spiritual community. And we separate announcement this funky did leave in Jason and I we're grateful for the reprieve. But just when it seemed things would be quiet another visitor appear in creative writing. This man was crude. Had a notre blues and in between works he often gets. My name doctrine and I've been charged with a river task. I just need to make sure I still have my plot to blast. The words I will say it may seem of their Roth. Obama open and that they yearbook and can be tough. Well they greatest gift you can find this isn't. Israel proview. Would this be your your reason. And out of his mouth as out the door he strode he said they'll light a match their date for surely explored. That left us wondering both scratching our head went once this gift referenced in the words he would say it. And before we could blink another vision we saw this when was friendly and not very tall you know means Eddie. Like to be precise. And my name is Alex you both have been nice. You gift isn't easy and and glistening. It's the gift of the loves of everyone who is listening. Those words we both shorted realize. That we were indeed receiving a prize for its all of you Alter who tune in each night. That make it all worthwhile rewarding and right. City each and every one of our listeners directly from us we wish the most happy seasons and Mary Mary. Christmas. I. Been. She's doing her. Two months. A two month. Myself. News you'll soon. Guns and easily sell. It's careful. Careful not to hear the river and it changes you your shooting. Change your your fine note down. Run he's going to. And do this. TV. They're so open. Soon. I would say it's. So my message is clear it is it's here. Ready to try. Team or coach. Yeah. Wish all of our listeners and our friends and really are beyond reality radio family of great big giant merry Merry Christmas and then happy new year and we'll have a chance happening here again next week but Merry Christmas everybody I'm. Solely and ami on a stage he's without you and Michelle wouldn't be here and its its because you all and your support. And he's standing with the essentially made it a success and we greatly appreciate it we'll look forward to airing on tons more stations starting next year. That we wanna give a big shout out to Tom interval coming on tonight talking to us. But seriously season's greetings happy holidays and Merry Christmas to every single person out there. You enjoy you weekend and we'll catch you will catch the next week station JGB unreality rated. And media is to discuss its. It seems each. Doctor Conrad now I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what bunt or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.