Alyssa Explains It All: Zodiac Signs

Friday, January 12th


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Sometimes life means a little explain. I'll listen explain itself. Fun of them nine point. History just because zodiac signs if it does not mean if you give you an excuse to be a bad out of her sad now I don't lie I. In hostile logical side I'm myself and the answer no I don't cry myself to sleep every night. Just like half of the night. But seriously I can't stand when people use their zodiac sign an excuse for either being terrible I don't ask Larry appreciate it the last week and common areas like no break you just have. Or my personal favorite I can't hope that I cheated on militant vegetarians and I have commitment issues like Stephen. Sad to hear it. You have commitment issues but what you don't have anymore is it felt threatened because north PD sad scary itself could keep hitting you can't. Zodiac signs. Do not keep you free pass to be a terrible human being.