Capes on Capes 44 - Special Guest Oz Reads Comics, Comic Con On Sale, Video Game News and more!

Tuesday, March 14th


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You know it's an end. I guess it's apropos of my entire week that rate is doing this or the podcast I'll apropos of the big where we just had a fire in the could have fired like you fire alarm went off and just she has now what I sometimes that's why. And we're in the studio how would we know these zombie apocalypse starts. But knowledge is Iranians studio and it's lights go out above us all look. I'd like staring at it it's it's it's we did there the fire girl. I. I think of is that what's going on that's OK so early in the week we. We just went outside and Ulster around 530 on a Friday afternoon barely anybody left in the building. And everyone's are coming to me asking her eyes. What should we do next and I. I know went through the memory is that you caused the fire line that's what you can't bring that rice. It's online. It's not possible that that. It. It can be embraced Jordan was special has this week I. It's a little bit and rumor it's was Reid's comments if you are up a fan of the podcast. You you know that we feature cause it's I'm reviewing how would CD and you. You're you're joining us on the show we are super accurate drives and I think you think you're remembered and honored yeah I'm they tell us. Why he told the audience of about yourself you an inference can be yours but talent told how we met when regulate what your I want to do you Wear dragon balls each. Just give them give them money. Thirty seconds of field. Well it can be you stay two years ago when twitch and I think it was mass effect meaning oh hole this character after me because that's my favorite character and mass effect again and I really all they're going to be in Andromeda. But yeah and everything then he got me like really into the hole like twitch atmosphere and playing games and stream meaning you know is trying to get out there and just try to be awesome like he is thank you really inspired me you know and it's pretty much it and. The whole goal. Yeah. I think I think I was fired arose after you. Thought you might not have happened but. Lot. Of random stuff this week. Anyway I really want you to you'll let me just ripped out. If you wanna take its Power Rangers we do have though it takes who these 617 Puerto. And you can catch our interest for service about cinemas at hazards center fantastic. Place to see movie any yard texting messages Darren supply but that looks like it's going to be a fun movie. We didn't stop for that on Monday you and I get a what you say yeah that hasn't done that Spitzer has really and ask them these CNET video. Dunbar to get out of that the I guess Chris decree. Hands down or when all the different power hitters and we got pink ranger doughnuts to the ranger label on. It was Colin I. I haven't had as an on time on Saturday in a Democrat but I would degrade it and that it villages but. I don't I don't I can't do don't put the line and I think they're to do since that's my problem is good for her. And and there's one. Let us help spot downtown. That always has ridiculous I don't something. You know you know we actually get streetcar. Nothing donuts tree yes you emerged as we had chicken timidity and while it was legit right. They're donuts I think are like a joke they're so expensive they're really. They're good but there's like you know has done a surplus treatment was testimony at a million owned ones peaked box the source cross street yet and I swear they're better. And I safeties that I like pink box stores or crispy cream that's my problem is not on itself. I like eight or cake typed on that you get at. Let the mom and pops verse is. Yeah critiquing president relative to that at every ingredient to rest any huge step down well yeah. Let the classic yet again or Akihito was beat you it tonight and talk about done. It was a fun process very it was really cool all of coming years if you admitted UB not resellers and you just heard you do want stuffed with another thing though they did reach it I shared last week sure the article about. Together the others that there's a project yet there we are Ortiz we are secular market. I shared that story. The folks and it sent us the press release that. We sent the link him like hey thanks for the press release this is what we did today. And they called back like today. We don't send your unit or and a bunch of heartening for the Hollywood loves the stuff you're going to show it jacks. Or curly between Morton shows my aunt injured late yeah you'd rather have him be this and even anybody else anyway so. I can't see Dan and Jason Ian donuts. And got it done. We weigh it out yet and that's that's the thing. Actually it's because I ain't him. We did we met don't know why should this week Monday officially. Us and if you're hearing this. Outside of Friday march yeah yesterday it started he had to least appropriate let if they start on Monday here at 94 and I'm excited NAND. I was so thrilled to meet them on Monday I mean wait wait we've been talking through emails up for a couple weeks and just the energy that possibility. Is amazing it's really zona is never positive needs fashioned fun. In millions and I. I was so excited to meet them on Monday and I am so excited for you to meet them August following Monday so needs his words things like I literally I told them on. It'll be you know when it matters took an innings and instantly now I couldn't wait we got sore again this Christmas that night and we've talked weeks ago. So that's show. Sonics strategist. I mean just their good cynical people that. Wedge scene unlike the video production side and like you and you guys did see this but. The studio is Blake custom. Laws are built for them because. You know they put so much into their show well that and I'm I'm I'm really intrigued to see what they do it that. I don't you and I like that like that our company is stepping up a little bit for the equipment instant. You know for better or worse. We've been lacking as far as like stuff that we wanted and you know and and and Oz knows something about the pod cast it. There's things we teasing talk about all the time that we just are always teasing bond because we're always working again is not there and this segment being seen operator channel yes yes yes that's what happens rich that I got guys and that's rich ones come Monday he does zones yet so I'd jump I'll look for him well. From the Johnny Tammy shot cancel it is the bank has gotten. We we did that pragmatic common logic bar. John and I came on out and I was just want to wish us luck and come August out. Like I had lunch and drinks and hang on a link he literally hung out a table we for Regis and you're talking about all this. Might relate John to a weekly podcast yes. That was a while losing refinance or actually if I mean nearly break and school more changes. If you're a fan of my show on Monday through Friday. At 8 o'clock I do what you eat again not without its odd request that you guys. I met with our consultant this week and now redesigned exchanges so what you -- he's being more streamlined. For awhile now we've been introducing you to a new song. Plus on him and it just teach you away from counting down eight cents exactly at 18765. Here's a song for three here's another song to one. So it's great to be streamlined that starts Monday and hours ago eight cents or two. And it's it's gonna go you know I was commercials hit you know so we end 866 commercials let me. We come right back at me down a one going into the next commercial nights ago. It really hate it so. Clean it's it the way we sort of I it took us awhile passion out with a consultant began days. Hi it is is when there's four people talk that is an idea of the Goran so we had to it's where we side. While it's still just this program but let me get so it works better for people and makes it more fun so it makes it was at six. You know. We put him out as a musical or art that it's what happens with the job right things change you'd expect you'd go to Arlington. Things are gonna be for at 8 o'clock Republicans. So. Ran out had to go to public. Yeah it's parties. No and actually well. Yeah I got through the Ritz coming into that prime show that rubio is not. How does that apartment wasn't Bob I know live and on top of our lives at some random act of kindness hollow. And then next week atlases open it I assumed it was my own party car callers call anywhere Alyssa goes in I thought that our party. It's Eagles are wasn't having a taco party. But mr. Yeah look where that's great band. Pretty Taka is yeah I mean it's which is one of those of things I wish we could invite more listeners. This twenties got them it's probably a good looks of it is I'm sure I wanted to pick winners right now authority you almost can't tell what rubio isn't the end of the show. Well that's okay that you just I think they did you show I want to talk Oshawa dog buster to imagine if you've been at the window like open open open the red hair and he's east I think. Tacos. Good that anyone want more people they sure can still the only time that I let my data. That I I'm expecting here by topics. You pick a winner though he and literally just calling him out as it is paying attention what constitutes. The. He's an advocate and another good friend of Asia via good guy he wasn't hello well oddly enough of that over here via Internet suite. We'll set up firearms and everything now. Is this seemed like a weird week I cannot Allah have. And ends up did sell just run down some weird stories and and you wonder when trailer drops tomorrow you as excited. I heard good and they think yeah yeah flow. You know his new one yeah it's I guess I don't know what we'll call at the trailer lets it drop outs and. That's right it. Late late level of these trailers. Brought trailers yes yes but it's like I say a month and it's our celebration we get the official teaser now we'll get another trailer now. I don't trailer they Colin tees unless adieu I want that is down. Yeah he's there's a teaser trailer and it tees are used to just be music and the title. He had a teaser include a 32 trailer and and a minute thirty as the full trailer. So well for me you're in the first trip. I bounce around samurai Jack is back this weekend. Do because I can waiting for this yeah this is one thing anyone knows who watch or my brother watch it. Is that an incredible actors that's very I'm horrible things you could like image and it's I think at all gap there. Does does and a lot of whys and why yes I think that is why semi Jenkins. Would yell at people say it's great why is that he insists. No matter what craziness is going on like you know like he's one of those silverlight uses insanity happens you know you've got a robot. Teddy bears with razor claws coming at him and he treats everything honorable. Now OK and no it doesn't matter what your Kennedys have been what place they put in it like he still. Struggles to keep their honoring him no matter what he's turned you to get out and get that graphic I think I'm gonna live for guy's name the bad guy. But he did everything he can't the omens are honorable hallways and in about our ability and I loved accident you know army ranks. So and there's like a sensible man in and stand up here you know that's what I loved about having a good man and insanity. I I was related to do that Selig doctor drew positive about it and light. Italian condos on the huge doctorate in Doctor Who. If there's like a really scary alien and the doctor is nice to it. From then you're the one thought it was scary in my room and not that it's scary it. It's an alien and you assumed it was scary so I thought I think a lot we're light. That's such an outbreak like for it's like you know just take skin color range only gently asking color really are they. There's this of that sense people's lives here in Canada Italy showed that showed legally you should not make any assumptions anybody anytime right. You should never did make assumptions write him so that I did things possibly matter well no matter what he's facing. It. Mule I like better. Art style that got ours though of course I guess what I'm leaning on not in the through Italy he did the original source clone wars that went way he did all the shorts so I think right act it looks similar yes the you can dip into that angular art style wounds others average and and Collins well I went out this week it's great news is that really I really see how the lowering our marketing and movers on the UCLA and has a problem that's a movie that started putting out its trailer. Way too long ago I've been watching that trailer for over a year you know I. An outlet that comes with a generic amounts now I don't talk about about Williams a little bit hold discussion. Until about how some games just. Habit they get a big a pre conception on them for whatever reason and I feel like Colin. It's absurd little gain before Power Rangers like it nothing about it screening attention to main problem. I think I think we are trying to think the general populous I don't get applied. That people are light I don't need it he called lifting it from he goes he con what's going on Logan act yes but the raiders I would say that act eagle at bats. With me my friends that actually happen for a play man you wanna get to do the west are injured leg were down. So I got a guy that's already playing I think the power engine marketing is just hit me personally more millions. It's come across my desk went on I hope I'm excited to see it I just felt light. She slipped through products. Like this not the people who brand and I will say though which one grams. He's the hype about it too but also because for whom he's gonna regulatory and I don't know it's it's in the world monsters yeah the first million and I don't they have ever us. It's universal nutria so I think universal is doing exactly did that with their. Monster universe in this game you like it. They will be connected I mean if nobody likes it. Then why why put that pressure on ourselves they're just not going to be beyond the fans connect yeah every once they wanted to do includes a program as well. And a hero and I don't know about that and he's so convoluted fairly well also mentions what you think you can do it just forget the first. With particular event. I mean. The movie was okay it was bad really honest in some guys a lot of fiction fiction it gets buried Pacific ring me let me the government duties as an actor guy yeah. And not my deal on the all but out of it for them I think as part blazes tig welding and time. You obviously from the start well this movie has to do well there user and an instant it reviewed it yet I think ninety. Yes and I I can't amendment one. I basically I let this snake only. It could be the best who really does Reynolds of your head right this movie had its problem. Is John C. Reilly who pleaded no I just less sever their day via instant and a difference but it also has. Samuel Jackson played nick fury it has. Brie Larson who plays captain marvel at is I'll pills and who plays hooky to normal. Ask for marvel brightest and best yeah and licensing. I I am looking forward to just because I you know probably shoot just as a lesbian media that's why. For me I don't not gonna see it without water so for me I'm like I don't miss this first window. Yes you could see Logan I got a few you know Morgan's great weekend this week in Oregon is great. Is a great movie tells Ellen Keating I'm sure they'll I Lenny eluded us all keep this one sure I'll have a full review that you can watch on the app on the website. It was great it was it was one is what you want to comment that movie in that it was just a good movie that happened to feature. A man who lives forever with long fly follow up did you actually watch extra hop apocalypse we are talking about after okay cell. Not in Milan related needs to move I don't know related. I was sorry and expect franchise after that populist of me he is thing down so after. Mountain lake and tries been reminded that when I watch some kinda watch movie and is while little more yeah. So expect apocalypse was able to give me that it was more what they're great movie again. No definitely not in a very fun movie. But is it I thought it was not nearly as bad is a lot to describe to me about it was an okay accidentally yeah it was not as bad as like last stand. Yeah I think that either I see here's the IE eight this changing among us let me down and then he is on those like I was like. Here come grow nineteen review of the light I was like no you don't want. I don't fully off the reservation like I've. Try to be I try to be cool pummeling your client and gone and I'm gonna say collins' books girl. Just goes off the rail and I think that is cell on death allegedly didn't hold video just saying. Yeah I watch it why don't you give me better it's like whoa wait attendance in my life I would say wow is that and that's exactly why I was like. So what else to watch Logan first because of active franchise Bert I I don't I get and that's kind of where I'm with. It's kind of format DC he's now out of anyone or looks good and I know I'm gonna see it but. One more and then on display LC someone else told me I'm really what choices as squat again but I don't ultimately unlock all her rent it -- I don't just Weinstein guys here goes in Jordan and Kyra I think at the moment aren't extended I just wanna watch as our Matt Light. I wanna see it again I enjoyed it. That I wanna see it again and a lot of like really pick it apart I I watch BB yes again. And it was worse. This Acco wars and would hire members like I think suicide squads even worse hybrids it's been more Droid. Enjoy long since at least it's mine. It has a fondness island watching guitars and maybe make him out last year it's that accident apocalypse and until that started Saturday it was. Awful yet it is still in star guard or whatever yeah I. I bet he's taught me Tarzan got a good right. There's a lot of fun things like there's things these. So he's back again any is re acclimated in society but like kids. Because they're all super callous move because he's learned to walk on all fours so his bone structure. Check. On his hands looked more eat like he had qualities you look it and and we Alec that they went there. Install and then. And as a whole storyline of trying to get him to come back to the Congo would lure him to track. And light it's doing a whole flashback thing or it's like hey this is why it. It was like kids that are ruby plays Jane. Ed first let's take. Arturo. And it doesn't look in every second going literally just seen her quit yeah. I'm just Hartley could literally that's like seeing. And I actually feels we go to throughout the frequently in the arts and I was seeing a play. I guess he means when he fell apart people didn't really get his towards the end of a great actors and a jacksons and I'm in the toward unity as I personally. He just. He's been choate he called out to crocodiles that are like half a mile away and swam out. Until then got it for Hanley you're not a man like you you were raised with animals you do superpowers would. You can. Talk to crocodiles there animals now that you almost any action movies go. It's it's superpowers. I had a big win that lately you have gravity and fights yeah. Now they're always they're always that way my ego will not do in legends right Ali and I'm kinda. I guess this is this week I flash from I'm actually lives up absolutely but the war it happened to them about which I'm down gently into. One last thing on Logan yeah. To really strong things that stuck out anything. When one is lost. One was hurt and my. I. The way you fight is no different than equities and bullet clause he jobs or you run and I. They'd just choose. To show you what really happens when you do that. What really happens is hats for control like life. This bases gets passed in the house right. And and the violence yes it was there because it was radar they went there but when you think about the way he thought wasn't any differently just. They show up in the till they just fall down on the view that are you accept that agreement waivers. Like you know and planning your parties say I thought. And I am I guess I saw the black and white version of mad Max. And it was like yeah you like and think yeah that's cool but not anything to dream about now and about it like that features times it's cool enough not against it if you can do it in school. It's it's come. I guess that they're whacking me with that movie really. I did. It I don't know that's a very fiber of my guess no way litigant has if you let aspect because you know I'm because as vibrant just like you said I would measure I know I would messed around with the settings. And you just swiftly around you know to overthrow the settings. And I just go black and white like you know it. I'm on the planet earth and I played it and it was pretty epic sensing and sand. And the last thing you'll like. Familiar had a and that's that eat pure so there's things that so you talked about. Excellence Andrea what we'll do that men and excitement on fox this thing now to lottery boot line do this yeah if you're going to reboot. They leave it in the spot. That's like it has a lot of closure. But can you want to go fresh from here I think after seeing that Movielink. You know what I can start of the home and cast him he's out of the dead pool ten teaser that you know it's cool that that we didn't actually a theater. I think put it at the beginning instead of the end wreck because it would have seemed to really it. Later vigil for the movie yeah. I mean I know what it means that marketing they're doing order. That apple ongoing. Is that they'll they'll play with expectations and so that's I thought that at the domino thing or yesterday and I guess I never allow our parents had. They did cast dominant this week and tragic forgotten. Yeah I don't know let's. So that'll be interesting to have her plate on and nobody's. It's usually like a whole teaser for example it is literally just Ryan Reynolds talking around in a lot of what they do for the market leader. That apple is Ryan Reynolds is very happy that and the conflict abuse so. A lot of the humor. Does not play our use of mobile. Why is all part of that. Paul Allen and friend of the show and I doubt they'll be because he's been outside of those teaser it's still not just to be Eli AK. I think I'll forget you don't you don't Ryan Reynolds and end Hugh Jackman an ongoing goof with each other about what and in the end and cool thing about it is low and he wouldn't say it just weren T take yeah. And even as the champions. He did. It you know how sick for a comes again unknown. It's happening do you know. Column. You know how often just talks mean she has. I figured you would your all time what I've never heard about this Stanley's it's time to league club this year is this whole world. Forgot the clinical. It's about now theory that's like you don't like his next twenty cameos admirable moves by the way. Other cancers randomly Japanese can't let the guy tomorrow having and that's what it's like I've heard government and I'm like finally the eyes of but it includes things like. You want you. I hit like him and am now that it goes. Holy Moly yet it unedited anywhere anywhere but only dead pool sharks track and a pretty quiet indoors flat out dollars and the media through. Lack you wanna go to the flash we talk I don't class it is really strong right now. I let you don't got here art where I was yelling. Reality I was yeah I was what did you think about what is happening oh my god our own mineral just okay. Stream of conscious yeah where you in this week's flash. She's out first thing they just want first thing what's cursing it to dude and that Wally you're. Which are when he got sucked into the vortex and there was a team now arsonists and to dispute force that's right and then my mind jumped to. Just everything he was said like you know I mean man I'm critical and take every little word yet and that avatars while we in my mind. I've gotten hurt for him being it's not like I have a mere eight so I've heard for a couple of weeks. People like Wally is avatar bombings have an army that's gonna happen and this week. That changed you know here's why we think HR's it's avatar. And it was also there's only charged that it makes him the only odd yeah. You so anyway so I rolling out that there's like two people call Wally Wallace HR avatar. Yeah things like. I'm on the east of you all or that guy that. It really either and even the writers are doing it on purpose. Or they're doing it on purpose like you're in that car is all our big suburbs and throughout so. I'm an end thing is is that sounds army it very clear that Wally replaced him in the speed force and so Wally. Isn't sick avatar as far as we know in the show set arson ahead. You're the one that inspired me to give Wally powers to make it's an. In a way to Fiorina laden. It was true volleys today it's avatar but in the sense that saboteurs. You're going to ball yeah I might add hours I was inspired by that created back he also says you know how I like submit. Which is another age aren't saying maybe put a lot of things this avatars and he. When senator is talking through Julian. There's a lot of things he was saying I was like the repeating it really tense scene I was like pay attention. They're trying to tell you who units they're trying to tell you. I got I. In that age are SATA hard thing. That theory but they're also right I could see him doing that I have on April that's the only thing. How and it sounds and have either bits that are blurred out ads talking chewing society. Chart your towers were one at. You're like you're not doing what era yet little in his newsletter at each Allard said it's weird like yearly let's not. He's not each our this time that he is. The series is there depth agreed theory and I just heard. You know I never. Think he is I don't know how far how far we can predict some of the stuff yeah sure does to we should turn you. None are there especially. You're not like doctors right. The futures never written in stone it's not fatal plane hits you can change the future narrates and try. You may yet happen and they always always promote violence. Your letter that tomorrow. At a time. I lie enough that they they cut they way it has changed is reality and yet they they they tried Lisa hey. This Little Rock we found living if we don't doubt that he's duty without me. It is different to do it differently yet and yet to let that guy puts out a number of questions lately you've been trying to avoid your future and stormy yeah. You know anyway and it soared one of those things that light. With the story it's very homer right who learns is featured you're gonna kill your dad a mayor mom are so he goes to agree that now has a holder. This Odyssey home Leon I don't condone the move is that public and it has an advantage is that there is either. If they had my there. Yes and I enjoy it bothered me about the debt is now is those parents sent him away yeah he finds out ongoing destined to do this so he runs away from his adopted family. And that knowingly got an idea yeah. Know that on on. I just feel we were inflammatory I get what you guys are saying. Down 8% I just feel that I when he said he replace them speed force I just think he's Maine and speaking of the main issue the tying travel and clicked delete the Afghan. I think is a little more lightly wait wait he said it was. He is giving you specifics holding up the world malice. The world and somebody is not an apology apology. Somebody asked only of the world burned so it's not it's somebody else replaced us and it's almost the president and his George shot. Needs to look the world that's well Jeep and they are yeah analogy there are paternity. That can drive him that they can make heat in this before submitting rights before inside our heels and a Fred volleys are you get there streaming in here talking about this the wrong time on line or Wally was was to get its power to lie where they could be the first right. And now that he just Wednesday giving you an idea to give him the power was insane like you gave me an idea to give. In the power line earlier meeting coming here economy and I get out and this is the loop there are many did say that like I created myself yeah he did kind of like went out of his way to try to get turned body in felt and and portray this to each other and we further time to honor its own sense are talking to pay. Areas and you put me this before us. Eat more flash point what you what you you did this view I. I think enemy if you captured me to be force and why was this before I was able to see that you created flash point. Very flat for an ambulance that all we can. Hours I was inspired me Wally might actually he and be the that it gets me out of this track so it's indicative grand scheme of. At some point in the future Mary since avatar this people and then and then. Senator is important because time goes on. It cherry pick we don't want it reentered Mary's life. And we just weigh it between cartel basically yeah it Ron did as well and has its own just fascinates me like that blows over the entire Clinton on the I haven't put a lot die in this league you guys who knows how I thought when I heard that. Then Mimi think that it was that guy that got obliterated loses named the grandfather of zoom. You know it right because like he kind of disappeared during some kind of magical time anomaly thing which is probably the only time it's ever happened. So whenever when the cop wherever he raises. That guy that could be witching we aren't patty berg when he for the last kill themselves. To patient and not any that's right right. We're I'm an ego completely disappear like nobody else ever had were they tell that he got a so if you're saying that they did there was before flash point that toll could have been him think he's been that's when he wins. And you know and the yeah. And do you is that hate. That's you have mean because of everything your everything but the Israeli the next several months you know am I gonna be a little projection yeah yeah but he is at least the actors and if he didn't even know that. I'm excited to see a very go back and speed force because I thought that was one of the stronger episodes they've ever done we I ended up one re bombing there. You know they don't play that card a bunch times app really talk to mom lunchtime and you look this has becoming absentee and yeah is next week but an. The pictures are coming out about yet it's done upgrades that for that I'm not saying they have scales fall off. And I'm gonna lie I did finally went last season since you can't Nazis I saw the early invasion thousand well yeah I love all of human yeah. I don't think that's that's. I've gone because I think that's an episode. You come up with a story glory and you know probably multiple group in the room will go. Under city I don't know I don't know with our collective we can pull that off bloody with a brilliant in its tactics. Of the whole confidence. Army of guerrillas. Grant that's so oxman has ever and I don't. But he did it in you know the graphics were very aware of that that is great. Yeah I enjoy it or no I'm not kind of one on legends did you moment tomorrow. You know I can mention last week's show it finally happened at the met across our Ivan teasing every year the Chicago won crossover. The nice thing of the crop ever and I have to be done once it is it's well it's. What is it what's the chance NYPD now what's interesting is that NYPD blue is now. Out of margin in the parlor and let's that I want or just keep Vermont order this units that it will show us lawn or launched. Chicago fire in Chicago PD which have now launched Chicago bed and now Chicago and just that it's. They had the four boys took. Over more points when you actually do it like. There's a court case and the court catch the fire. And then around yeah. I'm thinking that he's lying all of these things like the first episode will be usually will be the fire. The fire team response rate move that will eat eat ground work of the mystery what's happening. Yet that he gets passed off to do Chicago. PG. So they investigate. And it hasn't lost Chicago Matt where they're gonna investigators got shot like notes there how they're now healing all the victims of that environment there is that it isn't what are they the closure. Don't think closer to Chicago justice. We've caught the bad guys didn't we probably how it's online order detectives. And lawyers are two different shows yeah. Okay but but so late Antonio. Chicago PD. Was written out to go over to Chicago just isn't so you hit. Your characters are all there you don't need my viewing audience of sodium if you had a lot like him Amazon's. We good runs but yeah so you'll you'll get like these massive crossovers and I've been teasing it I'm like hey it's the most non super across everything in the world but it worse they did it was big hits that was great things. Great I'd say that's great. And I might get it right when trying to I try to elicit talking about vampire diaries oh sure refused I haven't. She's a big fan and and she I was that we talked about. And now my document. Secret did you gotta be a product actor I would like man decent January gentle into her eyes out a big night as that is. Ruined our. Thanks. That's tomorrow night OnStar were travels it's this the rematch of the aren't all we want. Older Obi won so it'll work. I heard packer has always well over yet and he's our am fine so. He could be Beasley rotary. So much heat kept himself alive. I'm home like usually lead in half. Yes he was so he used the dark side to fuel themselves as a lot. So he's in the bottom and yeah. At least droids came weddings are doing is. He goes insane how their personal walk into eighteen. That he was a stable before runner pretty basic spider legs at all these robots that he's throwing on the planet trash dump. He takes it over it becomes like this weird. Hermit thing at night answering that toy away in Toy Story the wrath. Which is the head and it's that's definitely you and then eventually. Eventually someone's light hey you know. Ripples yet knows his distance callers before so then eventually someone like hey we need another we need to make another dark mall NetSuite. So they go to Google they'll age find his brother. Turn him into this beast this hulking beast and was likely to Brown's amazing not an act like Google is. Massive terror outsourced or is it is all he's jetlag when he's Blake literally east. Then he seems small so the Brothers team up all its legs back through dark magic. I'm just say we need right now I mean yeah he's plays back dark magic didn't 208. Jesus is dark side rentals but also magic itself plate is dark side and it magic now there aren't. Actual imagine my sisters they voted to talk but yes do whatever and he's won magic won the dark sense or no I don't know. There's like been my sisters or like. You know it didn't Shimon that you aren't added giveaway that might be as this is considered magic eye where they usually spells. Potions but it's oligarchs are here. So I. All these plays back to them all in your brother. Take over one of the it's crime syndicates and quickly take over home planet and Koreans and so now they're running me and or so on so that. At that point that he actually got the attention of the emperor himself from them and at what the intricacies of Star Wars clone wars emperor goes. To me and art and fox that bowl like Gilles. The brother and like cripple start small and alls like Euro in Miami just certain. And you like what happened in a magical. I so now the rebels they brought all back again. Alan the you know a few years ago I. So he's fully healed and but did not explain what happened after. The emperor was summoned them because that's can't. All the same timeline yet you seem creators different storyline and so. So follows back and he introduced as the older open line. And it's not going to be the guy who's been doing and James Taylor Taylor it's another guy. Playing him so it's it's easing back open ones are back our troubles aren't withdrawn immediately from Dubai. Yet sound you don't usually iron and it has a good fight wars if you. Watched hours followers I can't recommend that fire and cannot recommend at carton and referred to rumors all industries it starts with the movies that Ike is a little bit more differently the one as Lucas young like astute. Seen it since fails badly it does is always a movie that command theaters. It was enters movie theaters and then it this series lodged in it and I see this though. Great great so our staff here really good stuff. Yeah. Earlier reviews for her sister not good you were a week away from the should they be I had read that and I preceded Hillary I. I did what you think fan because like her guard down to the comics. You know this is idiotic I'm still gonna watch via her morals absence. There and nothing's ever said it will be a I was reading some of the history of their view is what I mean I Shiite and actually region of a joke and his review right and so other viewers for six concerns and not a full season. So grant us all here except. I think what you're talking about only if you binge watch that show. You don't notice your answers are answered 78911. You know if you're gonna watch once you sixers he's innocent little I the first success those crawled and have babies pace yeah I asked I have to plot. Now you had it's the third episode we had that whole fight. Yeah. That's when yes. And India exaggerating successes but if you put it like I kept falling asleep falling asleep. But I Howard there that's of the OK now let's get right I I am feeling I'm going to enjoy the show okay I'm not going with. The rose colored blinders on you guys like it's not good I'll tell you yeah it is just fine Netflix has been doing great so I don't know if there's argument yeah does well and the tone is so some and I was reading some of the reviews were tinted. With a halt to any not any danger to her house like he's not if you lose meet immediately noticed that he threw blonde might be literally yeah. He anomaly I I understand what you're trying to say about adversity and this character is able unlike in a college books around. And it's beat his way it's being this way I don't understand. I don't understand. I read something where they were they didn't understand how he was explaining how to properly punched to me. Actual Chinese yeah. It's front and wings can enter off yelling in the first episode I guess I don't know he goes to Colleen wings Dojo and he's trying to tell her. Kids he's mastered congruent the Chinese woman initially OK your. I can't get whenever jettisoned with these are liberal characters and not Louis they are are the things like if she campus through while he's the master. There understand like why I don't know why I hope that it's tees and I just hope that it's not like. People just shooting on a decision on her house I don't know. Willie could be like just awkward it is a thing to feel awkward I can understand that if you feel op and it doesn't open until 730 sevens and who knows we don't know the only New Zealand's all six episodes. And that's a ridiculously hard pediatric team hey here's six hours of content. Give me a review in two days right leg though that Clinton's insulated it's like hey overnight album reviews like that so down yeah. You need to let that mayor nailed it in the right sit if you followed it that whatever you review in the coming back on or reroute you England. Life experiences as I heard this from European play Maria yeah lives she hits its last summer. It's now our army and in is that we will announce Louise in remote that's we left Saturday. Which can help us and I agree that they'll make to all I'll watch it alone. Looks like it's unanimous I still have a bigger and hotter in person terrible cholesterol and Netflix I'll. CC. Another alien covenant here this week I basically just how they create android's they create. Is it Mitchell or whatever that means Wallace they create. But it veteran the Michael that he can create his injury in hand when he might come off the table it's creek brightly yeah this is different robot right it just happens that actor does that look like money and they're saying it's right there what can keep that he's a model of android's audience that he's the newest. Advanced one right. That's how this the Michael that's better for me this is not the Michael fat burner and that's right guy that you robots are different as crazy as well actually it's possible that what you're this is after comedians right yes and I've heard there is eight. Potential tying into pro league is directly where he is. His character is every character from the first week may still be ahead. You may still be subtle. Even the big even in the first and here's of them so the possibility there might as applicable state and Wallace or whenever men who relies. And if the aliens mythology always had problems and injuries. Oh you're yeah Roman never on like the people side only wanted to remember Bentsen bishop right but they always they end. Like eating things mythology they always makes end. Entrance of that yeah I mean that's always running late corporation is back. Edwards back yeah I want to get him everywhere in the represented there on Margaret is right into and the subversive. Light. There than there is kind of a real secure element of corporations always here with the media and help their interest in Russia that you're not give them but like they killed who at our annual hesitate for a second because there robot they don't I don't activities all you college and our course in the eighties and my tablet I was able to get a bunch mom from. Come ecology knowing the free stuff. And there's one volume it's not like 180 pages whatever deals we. Whatever his character wise it has been the second one Michael BM. When I'm scared David and a comic books I know that's not his name. But it is the scene here in there and he makes up and do a little bit with another female don't cared there. So I'm reading it going I'm pretty sure you want to take a leap of faith is concrete effort aliens but it sure you change things up or even. It's an eagle storyline so we're right so. It's when you re like the aliens comics and you re aliens novels and he watched aliens movies there's a lot of themes that repeat themselves humans always think. They can control aliens from the corporations are gonna try to be funny everything you're going to be doing or garlands. The aliens will always get out and kill a human beings that are in control. Not at all systems will fail and there is no control Internet line and you expected. Huge game yet so it's like. Wilkes in this character in this android on the run into this one planet at the world and this sergeant take our he's right he's. Got like holes than that the ambulance on the shoulders and Chris pat Gillick only Euro in the middle of but look Egypt. Of outer space nobody knows where you are that back. Are planning the next two nights you don't mean lying he is the symbol of authority. Like he thinks he's training aliens bite bite. Hitting it with fire until they learn it might have brought Winfrey got. Her opening late and at one point you might turn that light sacrificed all this man because he's just seen the things that he can take that back to earth army. It's gotta conquer the earth. For humans don't let them lower legs and I'm just waiting for you. Like the story keeps it keeps getting worse. He gets off the planet and what that audience. That he's gonna start of the wrote the predators and that always for a Zagreb and I'm not I'm not reading that story when he does get back to earth I'm. And there's all these aliens he's been one of the cities in Atlanta this pile bodies. Any glitch and should. Health care and yeah all the aliens under his low I charged turning tell him and your like course that church. Only loud and I was leaving this room. Well in fifty pages are completely annihilate. Didn't. We hear you know so the knives and blitzer Anderson Barnard soaring sacrificed all your menu. You piece gear reached her. Company. To work things from. The list today. Or rag are. He's real fun short hair that they take away and that for eagle eye and it doesn't have Muller he has two swords. And if and reforms in Entertainment Weekly release photos we get it on the right as though. On government TV weekly is. Key Blanchett as hell. The war and hoosiers play on Arctic and man. Just Arkansas party can swell to consortium. They're relying on the air so the reason why that. In an answer we release of the plot line would you days. Little key. While he's ads while he's. In charge him as hard as and remember es most guys and that's about it the last time so he gives them no good he frees help from prison. And Hala. And send four to this planet to do battle like she's going to be punished in some way so she said scorer to this planet which is and it's a car album and it's planet hole basically. But they're not quite in Atlanta Hawks are an anger and actually this so. Holed into being a gladiator and for a wild. So our problem gets the play all kind of like all at Logan's Lleyton. Featuring. But he's got a hold gets more light. Yes I have called you bonds and a minute I didn't have written him on anybody we were now. All you ladies yeah I want to be the whole I'm enjoying. Being a big dream back passing good is that any kind so org it's grown in and that's when oracle would have biting I think. The court probably and challenge hole like. You can't beat your forever and like you you need to rally I mean we need to win and get out of here so I just it's his it is. The space but what's what's the next. Next movie after this William guarding banks how many how many between this one and infinity ward we have. Is that into the awards what's after this dollars and I haven't known for viewers. Was that quite a few away from anywhere this I think black Panthers before infinity. I think we have guardians before the filming floor and then black panther and I know aliens are filming in analyzed. Yeah it hasn't been any harm or been going for a bit you out. Interest I'm just curious if what could get him to do I hope you need to come home could be. Infinity want to. I guess I think borrowers could challenge. Banner I think I think it's gonna be like two of them fighting on the health care here nagging it's gonna be like hey Beatles and Billy almost he actually. I think you're right seeing fewer pull vs. Hold purses and all purses or man inside and make you go to hell secede banner. It makes it better we need to beat hero we need should come back and take control of the hole and it stopped his Rampage and he goes. Yet now her her any itself because. He's an earlier era rank he's just enjoy Dahmer he's up on a year and here is in hell. Expressing happiness for the first I think it's like computer ironies in this lie I didn't use Livan you know the dream and I'm like yeah you gotta go in beat the hole and it might. Had no I guess feeling that that's kind of I think we're gonna get back I'd respond to the movie is going to be easy were doors like. Friend banner and EG two and we will we will rally the troops we will fight our way out and learning from a forget you the banner getting going yet now and a another keg of beer but that mean you're thinking about trying to hook though is that right. A UN they're not want I know you can banners these behold couldn't ingredients well. Yeah he's angry because they hate bigotry and Atlanta Hawks in our lineup and get that from what I did yours yeah. The political storyline. They put banner into a rocket after the hole and are campaigning for the last time. And it's it's through this matter and he's right he didn't read Richards and it's you know it's like that that means people are leaders may be. Clay is dying send him out Iraq and have a video play for him. This is their friend bragging and you set off course and lands on the disposal at a paradise and live out his life. But it lands and plant security craftsmanship like you always do right becomes he becomes it becomes let it all because. I halt its enslaved and I have a gladiator and fights for freedom and the dominates the entire planet. And comes back. Won't bore hole. Because of remaining bomb or generator there destroyed his people his wife and his unborn kids are supposedly concede that scar there. Yeah. One more thing and I got as well actually four this. Analyst all the characters that are confirmed for injustice to him the DC game coming down. The fighting games. And I don't probably for a few minutes ago. So what do this news during the quickly toss it for a parent. A volatile however China there so confirmed former injustice you. Batman and Superman super girl. Intrusive test which is the red lantern guy he's all raising Aaron. Blue beetle the newer version. Black canary. Swan thing cheat what are woman and me. Guerrilla rotten cat and poison ivy Harley Quinn and I flat screen Internet. Had shot being robbed and rainy and dark side darker free site org. And green there ought to be fun. Though I would report form thing. Yeah yeah big prompting fans see and hear a lot of publicity he I've been watching a lot of four honor. The last we gonna hammer so to least. It can be such as. I thought at 32 years ago and it's literally street fighter by. Take street fighter on the TV side strong element know it and put yourself until late at castle keep. To date night fury inside in that regard. And it's my army vs army. And you're playing samurai and playing a spearmint and Oz is playing so she old and these guys. And it was a it was a 212 battle with an army. But you guys took out my partners to want one so I'm trying to what you want not carrying out nationally. This is really also seen just a sampling of late. Watching that it like people are light. Each character is different has different strengths and weaknesses each character has different strong tax. Tax you have to be blocked there's fates and like this in there's also environmental hills region like rookie obliges. It's not necessarily want to play. I'm really enjoying watching it it's like watching street fighter but with like guns swords and shields and just to really open it's really cool for honor. Really just bring him. You question now. There is fascinated I harper and green beer can it did you enjoy an attribute. You and his enormous threat not only borrowed ready and its strategy. I call strategy because first of all you got a little bought chords right are and you can you know milk goes in there when you got two guys coming at you can. It's like within boxing you know last shoulders you know can you can actually see where they're gonna swing and that's fun trying to predict and because you're not looking at the character player. Energy and humor you kind of what you have to play your plane thinking. And imagine street fighter Wright issue for you don't read about wall you're not worried about what spacing. So you're worried about is my weapon going to hit the walls yet my getting my partner we too close and you generally. And actually have to each and firing into account here I like and in instead of anything not is uncertain days it does go these color my priority yeah and and there's no it's cold for honor there's a lot like there's probably no honor the anywhere. Like if I'm fighting yearly not producing team and he's already finished his fight he can run out standing in the bag Monica I can't you can't. And Iran are the only people like strippers do it like it check even though like they can't call for honor I did say Aaron craft that. Have been nagging isn't really fun. There's another one waiting for another cheers for another Ubisoft game ghost recon while winds. Just came out this one. It's basically claim light you know you put it rental six operatives like you know like hardcore certain special ops but you're in. Bolivia. Going after that drug cartels. And so it's like you're playing at its neighbor I'm playing stout Oz is not like. I had the right but we're all attacking this compound to gather in real time. I can be like are we got three guys on the rich. And I can spot that you know he spotted I outline that she. Three in the countdown 321. Let's put all three as he goes out reined in so there's no we've not been discovered in things that night was about right look at year by year you can do with your friends it's like granted I don't Ramos and some ghost recon while list. I'd like this wind when extranet Camby has had a remakes imagine dragons. With the solace and they're active though. It was like we try to when he or didn't do well organized better. And then of course odds and they're really stoked domestic product that we years exactly. Still had time for it right now. Horizons are done please he's exclusive. I'm gonna play this one kid would play it it's how I'm not gonna play for months I just don't have time and you're intimately future post post post apocalypse. Playing as a female. And all the animals to turn to robots yeah offs so gorgeous. And then. You're talking about this race. You want you to switch. Focus Bruno's. Lips well. Elders. Zelda. Is probably only game like once the operative time testing it I will play once a year. A fun time a year absolutely it is raining in three days in all beaded and I'll put it could turn out everyday. And everything they never again would that that. They make good ones but no well that and people are saying if there ever was one. This is that the reviews and through there this kid is this what seems cool that the portability of it. And I know it isn't and then you know you get certain to gauge and get your Mario Kart in my party as you percent from you know these ones. Are all that those are great that's all calendar. Cal. Well yeah but I need. One that's something I never done before and that is that it gives me that's going all right I haven't by any assistance since my N 64 I didn't aired ads but. And Xbox one late yeah but I played a new game since Resident Evil 5. So what does it really wanna eat a week you Lleyton too here are your goats or sheep that we. And we got like games meeting. The Star Wars are experienced game and we got these taxpayers for this game. So we can't replace it can remember a time. So just forgot that we use that we because point eight days. There's like no Pokemon games available there's no games velvet like you wanna play the legit belongings and cynicism it's not that one is the week. It never ever actual speech is better than we do a I'll bet that W has two working nuclear program games and we you know. You can play on the week. Mom what's called on the eve virtual console her but a lot of the virtual console so nothing ever brought to we I was like well I'm sorry what's profit do we even if that's the re a few that we you played a lot of holes will attend a super Nintendo. Gamecube games but light on the Wii U they just never broke releasing them really upsetting there might happen I would really like to place. We I mean are off they annexed far from being spoiled with the backwards compatible and who is going to be yet. You can get at least he didn't take advantage of that that red rings. Other areas of death can't. That'll show and now. I won't long. If you're Italian told is that it's a forty equal her and America is out. I'm in we were trying to get by different bonds can definitely get the hang out this week and goes Logan next right suppose that review for you guys and I don't know what we're doing actually really doubt it's been freaking crazy man yeah Mickey Mouse to exactly. Are. And you now that these are things anyway. If you make the sport as directly you go to my patriarch in the dot com. Slash everybody's names on Twitter use at rice rose and I am. Any San Diego the show is act keeps on Kate's radio station that 949 STV's that are.