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Thursday, December 22nd


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Welcome Andy I see very special. At this time. Tammy and I have collectively seen rogue 104 times a tragedy really rates four times and I saw it three times last week and yet no big deal collectively four of the put it that way. Its own wounds. That I met with a yield a lot of the third time and that was I was impressed elect wow man that's a lot IE in a weekend. I actually did the third one for the kids that is and get do for the Q well you know god give for the kids. You know I said at the theater but Siro and dying and not mainly Siro bite. You know the present time he's got to be good cheerleader for an idea we try to use for the forcibly ins and panel exactly what you need get a. And and and and we you know we we if we roll with that you don't never light it's this little special clinic doesn't work out plan BCD I don't. I don't care as long as we do you selling in his mind but yeah this is exactly planned day ending well in case you don't know we're talking about here. We we brought out a whole political theater full listeners yes. Screening we all did a private screaming we watch it together at Sunday super political ally in a Toyota is a wrap play solid hitters they have in the seats that. They recline on their super Kush any late. I under the seat being bigger the last time I was there can be some unforced wake of their you're general. Op but they are sick of the seats are gas it's is a very. Very comfortable in fact it's so company that it's one of those leaders sit down you put the recliner kick your feet up. And my first thought of my head is like this that this movie better be good. Or on the falsely. Like ball's in your court I entertain me or I'm going out I was so preoccupied with getting there and hosting and and and and and and having financing thank you like involving you and Gretel so. Preoccupied mean. That I I forgot so late enjoy my job he did seem a little wound up when I sat down. I was hot and I literally housing it's it's got that I have had to drop honest I sat down palace I. You know if it. Five degrees outside into all it was light Tenet plan and say note we're talking a San Diego 35 so is about 61 but it was used cold and an eagle and I think when we're outside at the fire and it's literally keeping warm before Lindsay guide and I we go outside and sit down. And I totally forgot he can recline the seats more I forgot like everything about enjoying yourself. To nearly half the movie before the person next me reclined seat I was like. Diana. I think yeah I found the button in the dark I did it and then. Shout out resides at I did this for the kids. My plus one Jessica didn't wanna go at last minute policy or so early the next morning. And she'd forgotten all my guide agony or euphoria why my duty to clutch readings and a so I brought our friend from Twitter jedi master stupid. So he was my plus one Andrew my plus one gap. That was my family couldn't soft so I am I would either remembers something special there Twitter. Landry if you're listening man ally ally today give you five and he won key to SL he won the Droid. Local became rank anywhere I sell them. So yeah man now that's going to be a lot of unsolicited Heidi of the movie Alan let me share of that like I think the listeners because it was kind of a thank you India. It was like we had a great year to legalize downs in late winner coming in at that we do we literally I don't know it was great to light have some of the core audience be there my from caves and cave so what you way. To more generic FM 949 you can't Torre was in and out Elizabeth there. Siro and Jack where there was who's never seen this hour's news Elisa was the first movie Boehner ally to us. I'll we talked about it a little bit it's a fairly complete story but there's a lot of things I think they expected just. So badly that people haven't really that you and I are gonna address meant that. Actually is directly what her thing was that it was a lot going on and we'll talk about that you actually talk about it we'll talk about it let's talk about we liked about the movie let's let's get seven this finish I'd just be. Experience of seeing it how what how did you feel loved it loved it loved it was a world waiting to make your name is well having. When you have a child yet where we get two days is really not that I waited a lot longer from who has ever really wanted to say yeah this wasn't one of them it absolutely was. On the 22 days in the well and I don't finish in my part of the story wrote quake you know I'd be just today and is huge our Stan. Her friends went Thursday night at 10 o'clock there's no way her and I can't see it on Friday. And like the plan was that you and I and her were negotiating a man if you could we're gonna be your schedule of getting some stuff done here. And that we we go to the hockey and that was our Friday which unit of having his Bryant couldn't make it just gonna go see showers we actually went to Alter star. And our good friend nick who is the and the manager over there. By the way is now the general manager nick and grab and acting Resnick. I don't. I don't like Kate freebies and stuff like I've. Pay for things we go places like literally bought our tickets and got there and he was like you saw. What did you know learning as he broke and he does he did yeah Eagles. Did it do you buy your fingers and eating those bullies let me give you popcorn and I'm like let's really sway you but like obviously net. It was so awesome and I do that for us and why does he sweep that light that's how we have great relations gets tallied up yet in these things but shout out and he's. Now general manager and. We we re committed to him coming in for the rock girl happy hour Alia in January in bringing you giant bag of pot cormorant. So. I'm expecting a trash bag but he got asked about union issue that not enough and Wear it and I said Eads has been resilient they could make an example that. Sided stone expects you to just do that breaks your announcement made it seems to be the trend. It is. So we witness on a Friday Saturday I had to go to you. Just because best friend. I got engaged in their engagement party that is cited holdings diagnoses are obviously title in the week before Christmas and in Lancaster. So hurt I had to go out and stay at her mom's in Lancaster before Christmas which reminded you again missing him day double weekend move. And so I got to the party and I didn't know anybody and it was there about an hour and a half two hours and her brother was there and housing did you 01 yet he's like no house night. You wanna drive this movie theater. So that was like a safety valve was it. And the second time I saw it was like casual I went our coffee halfway through I was like yeah Starbucks or lobby again and I'll be back his Lleyton what do you miss anything like that she asked. So it's solid yes. Yeah three times that it was a struggle. Oreo the party apart hammy everybody that he India finally. Let let Saddam is as by the way happy holidays yet he's listening to the centrum and will to win talk about would like but the minute and then look at talk about. So it's been so that we didn't see in the movie big discrepancy in Britain in the trailer is what came out the first. You're overall reactions like that gap I loved it and that and that seeing a three time and and willow lowered the thing that stood out fuel was. I was gonna pull up my non reviewer reviews and erode and Evan nine point nine ST dot com last Friday afterwards but it was basically I said it's a Star Wars movie and it's not a Star Wars I mean it's like it's builder did a World War II movie. That happened to be status Star Wars characters I felt like well and I felt like it was awesome that it was in the force awake ends and it was in a new hope but it was seeing. And I can story and it wasn't Luke's story in new ways are just so story it was this story and and I it was a lot of character stories and I side. One of the things that I was reflecting line is that as many people identified Jan is being like the hero of the story moved. I kind of identified with Cassie and endorse character named Diego Luna scared him because. For whatever reason he felt more regal too late he was really committing more. I'll get to it later I tell you this the stakes were higher for him whenever he needed decision and an A if fascinated see it for me to see his journey out every step of the way. All the way to the very enemy and and by the way of full spoilers mean yeah it is again toyotas. Yet. I get we're saying with Sheehan and not keep did a fantastic not keep giving back but right there is some inconsistencies. In her motives. And there's reason for that yes but. She is still great. On to your point he was he was fantastic at putting and then it wasn't for Donnie Yen. I just love Donnie Yen beast mode Donnie he had he would have been right there character in it I don't know million medallions boy. But viewers are on sale I love a nice pair of breasts like that and I don't know the actor's name that was paired up Madani and right now but he does grade you know had a really cool. Some a lot of talk about them as well I want a broad strokes right now and at that meeting Allah but it's not my my favorite thing and it was all's it was. But the strike he was like he was brave and storytelling in that nowadays you make a movie you make a move because you want sequels forever. And in that sense Star Wars is getting that but with these characters. They killed every one. They literally annihilated. Every single character you just last suing get a rogue detail except for the didn't. They blew up that city in named later. Still alive now yes office they'll live what I'm saying is obviously in the of the court characters reduced it in the movie yes yes is entering its face our worst story. This is a story within the south it's just yes or Italians aren't obviously saw hours coupons help comic book you wise. Think this is this six part mini series is there star Lorie is rope lines the story of how. That's our plans got stolen and it moved its 1990 Lawrence and he's on his writing it's. Miniseries for MI which is all about like that's on TV ever read. Shows the empire yeah. Reminding me I saw a lot of elements of that money that I I never really connected with is it dash friend are desperate now and it's article character to character but the story and I'm not I'm not going to hurt your inner German I mean that XP I mean now immediately connected for me. Dash friend are was also was almost like AM. Odds on solo because puzzles are that you and he knew he was able freighter in Zain I think he. 800 and it it's an honor is his cockpit could flip side there's really cold but. Nobody is just that whole expanding universe that all that shadows the yak. It never really connected with me was in the late ninety's and it was an impetus it was and is it. It wherever they did start were stories that just never connected me that I ran well there's hundreds. And I run among ad campaign like this stuff with like the use on long later on in the heat EU until she bachus boilers. But that's not like I'm Reynolds has some almighty we care so. Go further it is offensive empire was the one budget one of the few that George Lucas said this is can and yeah and that is on the I know he's on Amazon was the bad guy size print sized guards as he is in. So hours of the easiest statues not him exactly but you see a statute intend now I think again returning guys I think adding him. Is he had to return the jet I would not partying that apple is Saatchi had seen him yeah. But down just Dario it's kerik is these aren't jet I'd either store people of circumstances who kind of fell into it and when it's one of the reasons why I love bowl. Star Wars the clone wars and Star Wars rebels the TV shows and there is huge connections between rogue one answer our rebels were gathered at the ship in and that not only that there is I mean you think about it. Rebels six plays before this even and so it's entirely possible. Like I had some notes and as a want to get that. It's time. It's entirely possible that. But he let me let's just put those out and so here's the rebels appearances in. Thus our throw line captains and do not to mention on the overhead which is they've now said is spoiler. Because she's not currently not active. She like lieutenants into low near and so everyone's like is this referencing her father and I don't know if you heard referencing her. And spoilers is gonna come cap adapt and by the time of rope line yet so that's the spoiler as well we know that at least singularly and it's to rub one chopper is and has seen Wendy. Paige runs outside the mob mob not a letter now. There's reports of fighting a scare off. I chopper goes by he's one of the droids. And then of course their ship the ghost it appears. Well the ships come in for the Alabama and then it's on it's off to the side like the first time they come the caveat or it's off to the side. A lot of times in that big space battle at the and it just appears like outside a cockpits and Staten. And and because. The guys who do showers rebels got to work with these guys and they also writers back and forth so Gary way to. But the code writer on row one I've been talking to on Twitter and shot here wanna. And he is now writing episodes and has been writing stuff forest our troubles have so there's a really nice. Mesh of of the entire Canon and it's almost like everything we used to love it's like shadows of the empire taking place. Wayne actual movies coming out like this is all out connects this Oak Hill. It's it's yeah it's it's it's that same slot except it's now we're on between three and four and set up five and six. Now they sit at sobbed Guerrero was introduced in clone wars and I don't remember him I have to actually go back and find invite. The cyber era. He will be in sort troubles and Forest Whitaker will be voicing himself oh cool. The super cool that character a little odd that mean release his story we're gonna find out more about it. And one of the questions I have. For now for storage troubles will be maybe see the production of HUS so. Of winning actually got him and reprogram them. I'm not like isn't there there's the stories now I'm more of the stuff with Galen and sol from when they were younger. One of the scenes it's cut at the movie. I think is is seen of wind. Gene leaves Salton. Because they mentioned in the yeah yeah yeah I have to which is like sixteen or yeah that's her behind threat because he was like I mean you need BC eaten. I wanna know is there more story of two of them together so I mean we still get origin story of her eyes a rebel. Maybe more about navies aren't just like an extended this and we may get but I mean in rebels yeah rebels can go back any time and tele star title I. If you look at a lot of effort into connecting that yet. And a I would assume they want that payoff. So you'll see more on the other side of rebels the lineup for them and that's wanna say anyone that likes stars wrote one check out rebels is there for yap and it's waiting for units. It wants to lose it wants to love you as much heat on all of it as well saying and that and that's true life special in general really. And now on the subject of connecting let's talk about and I would Cassie in which opens shows you know because it only makes sense really and I'll say minivan. What's cool that this is Sowers is casting as they almost always have. These are big name actors now so they may be willing more willing to do some like that well enough that in the movie Dana Lewis says I've been in this fight since I was six years all this for the we started sounding board Jan which makes you laugh or had seen Matt Light. Late. In easy pro buck to a passenger things he doesn't want to enlighten I'd really the second. Time I saw it when he. When he gets knocked down. In the tower yet win. Credit she Ted Kennedy balls sheriff there weren't a group of girls in the back of the theater that audibly gasped my. Oh. I'm like not the hot guy. It is right I I really is they got. Who's invested remittances weird moment like oh god I was like and he's going to be fine my mic cook. Anyway yeah I really wish he was shown on Reynolds what what you say more bullet or talking connections. Going the other directions we saw a lot of really creative things done to connect this to a new help literally like. Right butting up against the jets where this sums of dinner or some months people thought you know we're not might get like some people had issues I aide don't agree spends but some actually some people thought it was distracting. Haven't completely computer grandma after Harkin. But I I did and I thought it was done well I. The first time I saw him. I almost an honorable gas and oh god like oh god is because it's called it's really called it's called the untallied. The uncanny value fatten which is your brain is registering. I understand trying to make it look real that looks but walking computer graphics to me. And literally hearing that's it there's no gap I mean there's there's that you're not wrong with the dog and is now a strong but. Any any QB it's me feel free to say it. I thought he grew on me he knew it was really in any real believe enough way. I just made peace and moved on and then he just was that character to me yet Tom heat and it's like this in the first scene was sewed your are. McGee turn and aisles like oh god. It's just because it reminded me trot. You find any of different. This seem company doing the same technology and there's not there yet where I mean it don't take down away from that not being mean nothing else tell it's getting better at a really fast rate. Does go back and watch episode three that same grandma tart in is at the very end and he looks back there. Miller and I share Atlanta sure it's an actor who'd they'd put it would they did they didn't take us that's always say it didn't look guide. Well so they got so the actual trying to make an actor fit the role did work. I would say he looks that maybe it's because I've seen the force weakens so many times mountain I'm just gonna put that movie and falsely to. So like I seen that movie so so many times. On Graham are talking and it looks like. It. The big sick or died is chaired in May hold Graf. The wind is played by it's no you look like grand masters know Taylor yeah. Focus now what ever asked that he looked like simulate his face like I think that this for I guess I there's things to be signed niners fan but when I was looking and the character in my home again is remind you that. Ally it is reminds me an idea says those that from the first I'm gone in or second third time decide seat a little smaller cell per announced the first time I side bet that stuck with me like every time he would turn around that two other times his size. You don't think part of that is a subconscious I know he's dead it. Part of like I'm Marty waiting to see it could we knew he was going to be NN don't know might my brain kept pulling myself out of the scene I kept thinking that. I was watching a scene where this time. What's his face with the the red lights is now now that Citigroup. Read let's ever got there allows. And solo that cholera and neck I think it was calorie and talking in every time I was like. Whoever grandma targets talking to him and my brings cholera because. That looks like it is not mastered in it it was it pulled it pulled me out every freaking time and end. He wrote Hamid target growth coming by into the movie I totally onboard and it looks great he's been acting green lines are great. They give me lay animal out of its right eye problem lay. Leila the stretch did you play. It it bites humans that's because I know this last ten seconds and then we're done. I know but it's a long time that ended the inning and it hasn't had to the other thing too right so a lot of people were saying. Maybe you could have shown her back. Now they know you can and they get you the whole thing because. For the he'll listen to the world who don't know at all and no. Have to give them the bonds should be enough that I can. Somebody said what if you got like a side shot of my outside shot I you can got away with because you get the sideshow you need those hair buns. I got yet but but the way they did it was a good turn. Full frontal revealed her face it was tearing you know what they could've done now that doesn't effects that was it affects heart on and they were like this is how good we've gotten we're showing off and I was like. On your day united way your big affects heart on weight one IA Eagles. I think a better one would have been penis away. You just do from the behind. And maybe get the front in the playback but just give me lay loading it into our tip. Because you know even put that united yet there complained arguing and seat repeal being in the movie being at the hangar you have and of course they would be an airman the way they were shown was a little too. On the now as I hate by the way they're in this and as well and your I'm I was just with you if I didn't find you have been at the end. Yeah I think we should it seemed out of Myanmar sense because well she goes aren't human and you hope after that shipped its economic Beck should doesn't it's ignorance on you know. Now we have is the beginning of the year you are right itself and I. Everyone is trying to distract debater she's loading and our team and none of that Summers fans are not forgiving when you mess of continuity. They want her. Let and we would be Louis who in all fairness we would be complaining about it right now. So that's a side they'd be on how does one more connection I really liked and it was the using of the seventies footage. For the pilots Shia pilots do in their Collins. Other that was so cool so clever I don't Wear red leader read that I can almost see that in the meeting some guy just going you know it just is healed footage. What does matter it's like as well as things like the guys that do so our war is. Clone wars and and hours of rebels which is. Deep baloney. They're so there's such Star Wars fan boys when they get it to the point where they're lying. The essence of Star Wars was XY and Z and you like your right and has had its arms and and they're the ones that they're the ones that go back to the archives and pulled the original artwork. And they're like look at these cool ships manned the US demand nights in real republic yet lets you up. We never know and that's that was there a ship that was a must still Republican hammerhead ship is originally introduced denies or public originally. They then. You know because all that Canada has gone this is not a lot of that is the ship they were using bank in the movie in a row one. Big pivotal scene that ship crashed into the side of start destroy hero though you the court that. Within a cult that was hammerhead Corvette. And knows specifically. Is another tie and made programming was notices another Italian do you these any universe is very inner Clinton knights of the Republican game. Never used in official stuff except in the game and and a all metal stuff is gone officially but it does exist. So these guys pull from stuff Brighton so it is it's an original frank Macquarie design and that they used for knives or public. That these guys that wing got from the archives pulled it up and introduced it and start our troubles. Where they actually found these ships and then those ships got used in row one. That's DA gap in day out if you watch our troubles that's how deep this movie was were. Quick side bar yeah. If you are gonna let one story say are about one still can and nice build republic is the one to do it it's so far in the back it's not an effect anything you're doing now. And I get they probably wanna say the Yankees they wanna do their version now we get how they wanted but that one that had that game had a fantastic story. Game outrage now that is nice tiller public it's it is Star Wars the old real republic takes place like a 5000 years ahead of nice tiller public but it still. 5000 years in the past them. Solidly and it that was sister lives there right now and all that stuff is there is though is that aren't related to my go to public a public it's not related in the sense that it's Canon does know it has sent I don't but if it is all the old EU with all the old sorrow or step they created site. A lot of chats what level we're talking about it don't sabres and like the jet I ninths image and I counselors and you know I mean it that's a great game by the way if you look at your PC games Star Wars still Republicans actually free to play and and you can buy stuff but like. Oregon game Laura I stand by knights of the Old Republic fantastic and you reach UP IPC that yes I think it buys them actually I do want to mention another game right now tying in a row wine and Star Wars battlefront it's a year old they just came out where it. Scare a deal see I mean which I think came out on this Tuesday and I've not actually seen many playing and I have Greg's borrowing my copy of the game. So I don't have to be is. Salt. But. 88 takes place on the planet and you get to play engine so if you're a Star Wars geek. In yearly look at that there's Nigel republic historical republic and then currently. Does that DOC four are charged battle front which is the a big first person shooter knew him and it's awesome it's like thirty to 32 rebels verses the empire. You can play as a kind of an ad fatigue plays like Darth Vader he can play as. Luke you play as Jan. You get to like use at that you need to use the X wings antivirus and this is the one thing I want VR four is they have the X wing death our mission. Who are battlefront in VR. Are on a PlayStation that's the all. Want more wow that's the one you want you left right you know they're the worst fan that is a 100% the stuff you look for that's why they we either not because. We want to do that deaths are right. So that a top speed of the let's let's preventive back to moving air is back talk about the deaths are run it back I have always found it's something a little unbelievable. That it's an in the world space and space ships in the force this is what bothers me. On do you build a planet sized ship and you give it a flaw that you can shoot this one spot and the whole thing blows up. Now with rolled one of eight people complain that they took that flaw. And literally made it a focal point in the story and when explained it. To talk about killing two birds with one stone that was is a mug up and really that was just the impetus to move the story for like telling someone who's like whale it in which is I felt writing a movie your if your writing a movie nobody start. We'll start with a story. That isn't part of everything else right we want a story it's. Outside of their it will look I told the story about how the stole the death star plans. Yes that's right you ask yourself the question yeah. So well I wanna hear about how they still that's our plan to. Yeah there are pleased that it's always bothered me the doors and that law yet we all make holiday. I damning I had a good idea exile and that's when he bits about yeah I can't even the movie out and boys have a whole big outing and it really. Not fatal mauling yeah Star Wars nerd who hates the owners nerds like that's the big things like. Hey nerds yet now there are reasons they don't love it when you're six years old. You crack your pants now it's government and listen it's Qaeda that ruin the movie justly dollars in loans and you got let ago now you don't Politico you can stick right on its. Up close folks there's you're dead and today you're welcome and for the record for people I've seen brought up in forums. Computer or why would they do it again through turn in the jet I know they didn't do it again now that's part of that's known on talk about why would put Jeff Flock there again right. No not necessarily that's why they had to hit it before it was completed would not only an ethics and. Not only that right they answer that question as well because eyes. The empire and so you're saying in a review that the empire you know about this law. Voted no they did not know I did not know he did not friend was actually on solving that mystery yes it was going to get now that he got blown up he got on an annual dealer rationing catatonic not tricks or not other Apple's there's so much poetic justice. More important to the empire to know that law. Did they can't fit. And as far as we know to this day they never figured it out now they don't know it now so both series stand up. Let's talk about that nice that's a nice answer for those people that that it was I didn't housing and your view. I it didn't I hadn't thought about it a long time but once he mentioned he did this the father talking about his speech thing. I guide this was my this is why did it all I made this flaw and then you can as far as like he did that. Not great and I mean Seattle's he's a great actor talk about. There's so many great roles there's evenings as it let's talk about I'd sure in days and not about the force was it a little bit religious presented and we. What did you think about these two characters and I and I want to preface this by saying. I've read a lot of articles this week about this is everyone's favorite gay couple. That is blue your mind and has had a and you know I get a new you don't read some does that idea a lot of folks identify with these. Enters it being okay. Because it's such a close relationship drama Donnie Yen and boy. That the guys that worthy the what are they called protectors of the will now let's listen stop before we dig into what I think about where our colony here by the as and supporting this. Outside of they're two men and their clothes I don't there's an evidence that he is complete protection okay. This is what else Emma and I I'm not that there's anything wrong with that I have no problem not a. Halo that no problem that's being there be another layer I'd be fun I guess it might give that's would you read into it awesome I'm not seeing personally. And I kind of delegates the Bert and Ernie in fact it's like I don't need Burton earning a B day for media enjoy now they get sleep in the bed together and also the same time it's it's the odd couple. And another comparison I saw me to chaired a maze is Don Quixote and Assange upon that. And I've never really read Don Quixote by. That line sought out they are way more donkey audience onto upon yeah I see more of that fact. Any you know you say I didn't really see oracle of the person making the projection of this being their favorite gay couple. And how often is that Star Wars including yeah a couple they are also saying. The Don Quixote sergeant on dynamite while I'm there with you about I don't seem physically intimate relation. Album time. You got to kind of be reaching a little girls the way you want to see for them if you wanna make this as that didn't see it as like intimate relationship I sighed as. Like why can't Verizon I'd just be really good guy friends and I would go to bat for you. Yeah I don't know if I'd necessarily walk across a beach with links are firing at me that's a deeper sense of love. But I am there for your money. I'm like why do you guys that really adds this but I just drop the glass that he would walk across lasers on me like in Manhattan that just platonic. What you are anyway what when where and how that relationship and a movie I've ever leave that we re going as the best. Gay couples see you know other in the buddy cops who get a patsy write it something that people speculate alive. It is going on you what bill is are there if that's which are looking for. I was looking for and see anybody incidentally said he just now I do like people want that Wear them. If that was a big no before you slowly and you know if you're gay man who or someone who identify isn't just like politics I I don't mean to step on eggshells here let me just on the Montgomery UN if you get too far I'm curious trial. And I'll tell connect with the Donald Trump Donald and I'll talk is about the dump Star Wars thing. That was nothing has done everything I don't know what the whole thing about light the writer of the movie came out and sand. That some and anti term Ramon no he says. He's the umpire and firewire is white Nationalists that yeah empire as and and then and Gary widow when the other writers. Came out and said who's opposed by strong women leading a multi national coalition. As well on the one hand. With that still sort of filtering into the social media I comments here because people want to be angry about stuff yet it. It's it's like fast this would your angry about you wanna downs are is because. People think these guys are gay and and a woman someday and that. At the time was there I don't remember hearing anything about games just like your forcing not totally out on us after the fact and it got a plane because. The writers tweeted that yeah but. There was never anything to them. Never many hints about it sometimes is somebody down like it's it made a billion dollars lately you guys are so outraged this is so you'd be outraged if this is your this is it does we're gonna whether they're obviously they're idle dumps hours and still dom by. I don't know man if you're into something that's fine just beaten I don't know your four announced yeah. Let's don't you know lions on for what's out. We're talking about what we've done. We get all. Easy to. You iconic character and just show up. It won't affect. Yes yeah he was the bad ass character when you made it that she did oh my god god he was like at. At terror went on here than when I read the reviews for her watch some of the videos like these guys and I GN am I. Think of it this way of course that I come out bring on some boos after the third time and again. But everyone's I cannot dim its own horror movie for my name yeah ice tonight there are even would you like. You think Jason was walking up that bad yeah you it's Jason it's ready it's Jason X yeah. Yeah that's yeah a 100% I was like why all that's. A great analogy is it. You know let's. And I don't want to and it's only three back on the for equals but they didn't do a good enough job talking about how scary and powerful Darth Vader McCain. And this was that when the proposals that story. My generation and you could do gave us that in the some of the last one yeah they did it and I and again like as I don't into that. But we'd gotten that moment. No this isn't just some due to lighten the Darth Vader you have high tail and you run because you're not gonna win that battle so. I they introduced his castle. Yes we did big deal because that was in the extended cannon whom so again while the extent universe stuff. Doesn't exist. They still using what they lack. It dies in certain parts reduce its got its kind of now Lucas films have their cake and eat in detail yes yeah it doesn't exist unless we like it then it's gonna exit off and I I it what about the big scene in his castle which was on most of far yeah way back to Muster bar area ironic he and Henry became Darth Vader yet. So well he became Boehner when he killed all the young ones. What do you feel about. Did the dad joke federal and called it. I loved it don't choke on your own aspirations love dead. I'm. Can I love that I. Because at this point in the movie what movie you thought you're gonna see the movie that we were being should own. Chronic is being shown to inflate himself as being desperate for attention yes desperate. For light that. Actually and light in and and so funny that Vader and Turkey and what can mean to a yes he blows that Janet yeah he and he's like. It's obviously works well when I don't think all by the way you should have blown out abbey with a target goat again doing it was his face when you he concede a lot in the deaths are lighting up he does about to happen and it is like. I'm getting killed Amanda Starr yeah. But tobacco and other there's another as someone pointed out and I don't know if this connects but this is a weird things someone pointed out a they took that screen cap a prom and you hope Mickelson on Twitter last night and it says oh my god. The empty seat next target at the roundtable was for chronic. Because and you hope happens great actor. And so there's the scene went all of yeah I this the beginning that would go on and around. There's an empty seat at that sad devotion to your old religion. While I mean also could be invaders who chose not sit down but they are to them see I'm. CNET that now anyway because they admiral tea. They're a Bayer does not sit in a simple rowly office chair but if you're gonna quit debater and its shares used to be a big for Rome and the floating there. I gotta put him. You now. I want to pull up from behind my desk is shares iRobot that trance oh yes. Us. It's also draining and refilling its fluids so I talking about the religion that I wanna tie yes exactly you sure it may is. Since your days are forced users. Right they're not gentlemen. But they're like the keepers. Of the Jenna and I was very fast and to see that introduced because. Which I'm a Forest Whitaker is spot now is not about bear done in any Darien and and I haven't clicked with all these new names and in fact the main guy cal Perry seen. I Cassie and art cash in. And I look wanting to say cal resilient everytime I think captain and nor are catching and or everyone looks with a blank face and Leo deal Erik Derrick I'll go it. You know and in this some bad by saying Diego's like a local he's the only Latin person in the galaxy I know exactly cut about. And it I'm not saying I either good or bad thing evidence Creighton you know getting all sorts of new characters. But he is the only one so far that I now I will say from a lot of friends out of Jimmy Smits Jimmy sits again classic from a lot of friends who like. Guy like they're like they're the ones that are like yellow did you know that. Harry 103 was film from a Spanish record reassign our did you know that. That was based on his manager yes both Spanish and Mexican Drexler haven't quite a revival right now it's for my friends who like big red eye and that's not. They're gonna be like you know Diego Luna is that. Captain and our men like they take it that's your buddy always think what she does but Bruntlett go by the action figure. His ship was so cool tip he was that was the first time like it took me back when I was kid I had the meaning of solace what collections until I mean I had. An X wing a type fighter I had. Couple of that ship I would let them all out to be my days. I want that ship I want that toy that toy is gonna sell bomb. I want you back to the the fourth part down to ensure it remains stuck protector. The force. I was upset about that because. It introduced a whole new religious society to use the sergeant burst of light. There's. And like just good the religion of the force being for good need as much as the sit. Are out to sea before being used for evil army have earned their own terms but like not just jet I'd like ball. They believe in the forest and that's ultimately what Jim is about millions. She has. The timer crystal around her neck engine rubs it for lock in mid big scenes. And and there's a lot of it's just faith in this movie you know cheer it has faith yet he's always be there bays has faith Cherie. Some know what he's viewing Jin has faith that they're gonna find an answer I mean she says she says. I'm Morgan go down there and we're gonna we're gonna go outside the ship and Aurilia hit an elevator I really take our chances to our chances are generally have a plan on. She and it was like she just had faith. That this is what we need to do we're gonna figured out yet is. We got eleven deals now we can screw it there's a lot of hard yet she's confident in her in confidence and she says. So about finding the plans and that she realizes we don't know equal and where they're going to be in the midst. We're going to find the plane and its confidence at the peak in the forests. Of light. Of aunts was in should allegory to other religions and and then one of the things she was Jeddah city. I was reading an old Temple City tonight what an ancient that I did that it was warm and allegory to Israel and Jerusalem. Yeah. And like somebody was saying if you go to Israel president in audio slide right well Jerusalem Driscoll well Israel is not about history. Not exactly. It's not exactly a very developed and yet despite the what do they mean is that in this that the in this movie. The seat that we get there in the city zoo is about to go down like N Korea as we got to go something's happening via and. But you can imagine that plays on any normal day but looks relatively normal yes again troopers around and I mean people are going about their business there's a conference room vein or congress and business India it is deeply contested. That was a very interesting thing to me and and and going back to the Darth Vader thing. At the end where he's just mowing people down that is a 100%. They. And that I had the hand doesn't know that the next time I couldn't make it. He's slight. I'm not gonna Comcast in the javelin and that was at that in seem like it in like what what what we don't realize is that as every character dies in the in certain. All the heroes as everyone of them is dying in the end and literally passing the baton yet. This is as far as I got it. But I think we're gonna get them and that's what it like that big message of the movie is a big. Think for me I really like how the force was used in this you know they they. They did some damage I think in that these well that a lot of things wrong in phantom menace but one thing that really didn't lying in a lot to have this issue is they introduced the whole. Old Jenna has a medical Koreans so it may come has made this in more scifi. Yeah it did that it also made it like you either have the force or you don't but it is not your blood. It doesn't affect you and before that I Ellis out of the forces is this level of concentration that anyone can achieve if you you're it's it's like them but buddhism dom coming to. Which in Iran similar to that. In this for the content of back to their like we're not Chad guys Donny Osmond Donny and Jenny was critical Canada dot might be agenda but never got training. You don't know or more that or I'm wrong and he's just a guy who believes Jessica's brother thought he might have been a what about like one of the kids he may have been one of the young rulings that escaped escaped evidence possible and now that's kind of a stretch but you can there's people. It's just what to do throughout the universe and how the force rank and if they were never undiscovered fourth sense and and share. I got that from him but slowly gadgets little bits and people I know it's like we're saying just believing. You know it's a funny is that's part of the sergeant numbers that I issues not to follow my thing I don't see guys there's parts of your favorites you can choose not yet they you know I. That's fine I guess choose never to talk about an americorps is ever. And I think I think even people are making SARS now agree that they were what we're trying to do what he was trying to do was trying to show an image and with special yet there was concentration on him but it is just to show like how powerful he is but yet there's other powerful force users and it's interesting that lake view that when you watch likes our war is at Madison the rebels does not that there's not a jibe at the Janet clown around on Mars via. The fall of the John why is it's a lot of like it's greed it's it's apathy it's. You know becoming something they're not they get so caught up in the war he had all those asked how did you guys fight a war. The whole point down or was that that's killing him. That's actually was old it's that they are not supposed to I monopoly soldiers on an end to become general can Obi and and general Ryan you know locker and. Night that meant they had to make decisions. How against the foot that up play yeah play. By the emperor they fell into that trap big dip his it was ego and it was pride and areas there's a lot of. You know a lot of people like not the jet I've been like it just shows like how in the universe were all the same and we all have the same weaknesses and. You have to constantly battled back yet you each day what does he say. For evil the wind good has to do nothing and that you know death if you decided taken off yet still helped backwards step up yet anyway but it to crazy like that. That's fascinated me in his movie I've just and it was. You know bullet could bump was was this was a movie of horse. What do you call it disciple you know yeah I believe in the forests. And other than invaders and there were no get us in this movie now. Now which is crazy yeah ultimately the emperor was gonna make him parents metallic OK you're gone for the whole new hope for a connection to our so makes sense that he wouldn't. I really liked that Jimmy Smits was that it could be the first primarily had a movie that literally I can nexus to the pre close. And the original trilogy and his his pilot was captain Antilles. I was agreeing to allow yet they act. They all sell him because the actual wants nothing to do with the movie that's unfortunate the app not a bomber I don't know the guy's name but they really want and played wedge yet they want him to force awakens but he's not proud of these movies on why it's. A what I I don't know how he is everybody loved it that way he was just like that dependable boy who's always there carriages that I when I first ran into with these on not in he had wedge yep. I was like on different why. Can't let one of my face favorite games grown up was rogue squadron and it's it's really the story or yet it's the story of wedge and his group. Of the ropes yet. You don't read becomes rose by the way. We need a rogue squadron reds. The red squadron which by the way red five gets killed and real riot they loot replaces red five and yet though. Red squadron Lou takes it over in wedge to overcome drugs like Pembroke won there ago yes so. When you see reds watching that is what becomes. And will end at the pace of one year when we inevitably. Get a roast clustered movie hall at that. That was supposedly was gonna be this movie like this is gonna be like a big. Like how warm movie with like I mean it is admitting it's so funny when it was people thought it was going to be using a big war really but life. Thought it was like with but with all with Sar fighters got you link that was it was gonna be like a big Star Wars star fighter movie was so funny is like. Some people said this in joyous hours and and I said it feels like a stars and it doesn't yeah L a 100% like rich heritage and I. Towards the end yes based Bally got a ground battling aliens despaired elements happening you feeling. Oh my god all of our favorites dying or going Omnia anyway. So all acknowledge that I. And then there was so many great things like. You don't. Let's get to you toll switching your money. So most of these of the cut out of the movie a lot a lot of sun and I don't really have a problem with that here's an interesting take on it. For all those people that say the trailers ruin a movie. Clearly this Monday and early today in Augusta and and if you found this we always say it went in at nine point dynasty Docomo Honolulu posted them. A link today but yummy happened on iTunes go watch him because you'll notice like. Well all I especially the first one almost none of the stuff you're watching made in the movie now is a lot of the gets cut out. And for me. It was interesting take because on the one hand people complain like that guy's suing. Warner Bros. in England because. That's stupid. A breather but this season like you so blame you could claim the saint. You could almost the same thing like you didn't give me that type fighter let yeah level I was. That was a couple things Cassie in engine storming the beach with the hat that overhead and he has the plans. Two scenes one sure hand she's coming out the big scene with rappers trailers. The sands keeping up lasers there's an ad in the distance all running and it was like. League should not Marie not a not a 100% not yet another scene isn't that where they're running on the beach and the plans are linked to her back and which she makes a big point in the movie when G. Looks she dropped. But she's drops the Clinton initiative calling them on the back up that tale and a silent and I cycling like she hooked yeah. And so that like it's weird because weenie you. The way I know there's reissued this have been more about it at three she'd still mattered mean it's not the movie they sold us the yes it did in the deal but it is interesting because like. Get out there. Good to see a movie in doesn't match up. And there's lot of story you can speculate don't wanna highlight America's love versions while I said that it was probably an original story of they get the plans in make they make it back to their ship. After that would make sense there on the beach she's RD got it what they're saying is that the that all there ending of the movie was happier version yes which I might I don't. Now I version on the flip side. The other movie it looks like we would have got a much darker Jin. Because there's footage of her at the rebel base and she's in handcuffed he's almost being interrogated and its neighbors kids there yes and she's really on combative with all our answer I think not the version we got in the eyes I think that whole scene is the opening she's been freed from. That prison track yet on the planet may keep during cops becomes. He does see we don't have a lot of time will throw you back there yet so it's in you know its critics of the movie but it. But it would get battle scene a lot longer in our version of the final overs movie wasn't yes they where. Carefully. Taught endure yet from tempered expertise and but it wasn't like a why you convince me why should we trust you it was eight we need your help right will you help but which is a different movie as well yes not because it's interesting because and that's what I love about casting his character is that. He's given the order by the general. Mean that because the general says dealers so as a traitor just in a while developers kit we're better off with him dead as the truth. Mean because if if you can't get him out and he's gonna stay as the empires and make them weapons would rather he be debt. Does that but that went into one a bit farther it was. Don't even try to get him back just kill yeah I nine. Yet that's what is the big drama of the media that is it's one of the things in my view it's what makes his character in choosing a life yet to make that decision all of it this is a war rattled guy. The the scene of gin in front of the lighting and lot of people had this one because she's thirty in the imperial uniform yet obviously on scare if it means. If she turns of the yelling at that and the lights come up around here like you guys hits in my hands are priced in eaten yet. The I rebel line my favorite part of the trip oh no focal part of its rather under rebel. I rebel this this rebellion isn't this I rebel ya wanna be too which comes out of the movie. She repeats calcium slot yet. Because she's like how do you know that your guys gonna be there in this my attic is doing well there. Rebel rebel rebellions are built on hope that rebelling debate an an an answer she's like what the hell possibly eight new. I hope you look at I thought that line as a kind of distress you are right he did it is that back she's it is the rebellion rebellion is about and how even. And then of course the one you mentioned Jin at the top of the tower with Thai fighter. A Thai fighter fighters on him but this scene when she's walking out to the the complaint yet. And it comes to certainly I you know. Out of all of things that that was one I really wish they could have made work. Because boy did that look. Cool in the trailer. If you could feel. Like that you never seen a person level like how the Thai fighter well except for in. The games and stuff yet gag games. You don't quite get that Christmas now. Chris Chris in this. Of both you know fully featured dealing event you'd seen us create interest what I said after I saw Donnie especially in a theater would have felt the volume in your chat the reason violent Donny and character I Donna and will open ads on storm troopers do not. Jewels or yeah. Bill on yes which theater and I saw that shuttle or is that so little by little yes and. So I get it again I haven't seen changes it for a lot of those a lot of voters have to a lot of like. Seen in Jeddah with her and Kate to ask so where he's big I big they're basically doing interaction you spin that. That the of the following up between him and Jan is by seeing this IR. I think so to look this this speech in the trailer is like what are you gonna do on the torch you what are you gonna do when this happens what are and that makes sense that could be like. This is why need to leave you be up behind that can have a fifteen year old getting captured I thought it a couple ways one he mentioned like these are behind because she's the daughter Galen. Yeah and they find that out yet and but that speech matches perfectly right when they find that out they're gonna torture you like grange you know. There's the other part of it too of that she's becoming a freedom fighter and so he's challenging her of light. You're kind of my daughter not don't want this for you Iowa stalling that was another part of that in my head and hand me projecting illustrative him. At him trying to like be dealer and say arrogant and money. Listen I'm. The bad uncle okay yeah. I'm not your dad yes I don't want the best book you know it's probably best you're not around how about the we'll get a budget isn't the star ships are blows up (%expletive) up and ally. As ours and a let's I felt that's how that he plays out and I am wondering like how that changed the movie in a way because we really don't you see her. We don't get to see her in her element until it's introduced that she's in her ultimately we don't see her back story how she need not only what you guys. You just got bit and I. Okay you add that I NT ninety I think when the biggest flaws in movies these days. Is they feel like they have to show me everything sometimes just focus on what's the great whats the better part of the story. And get it to ninety minutes to two hours and that's it there's another I seen cut with cherry Davis and act. Your view. Edu. The dad and it was yanking and that a tank and it kills all the guys well and he's he's he's due back on so so. There's a scene that's very quickly cut where him and bit haven't shared it are up in the hills and they're covering him but he's on his can't. And if he's like god is on the scope he's pulling back and he says. He's the guy who destroyed our home. So I'm wondering if there's more tension that he's trying to kill chronic. His critics got it blew up Jana margins that orgy steady leads in choosing take that whole scene of light is the was there are more into that. It's interesting because we've introduced these carriages in different ways and pretty nice that is my tech now did it get there given subject and and lastly big shout to my friend Jan she. Is the publicist for the pilot the actor who plays the pilot. And the movie the imperial pilot and the pilot moment yet and I I saw her Earnest Graham he she was with him at Lucas film yet ranch. And and it was Sokol they were sitting on a fountain now and then use the movie's great again for a little love and somebody mentioned also the comments like that so great the bad Mandelson is in the background. Do you think photo bombing. Talking always talking about Mickelson back medals and and models of the match. I see this on his foot and a fine Torre that's great it's great I have friends that are somewhat related to share pay I'll take anything I com. It just it was just. Refreshing I remember when the first story came out that they were re shooting like a lot of the a story broke at their re shooting like 40% of this movie. And at the time we're just coming off the heels of suicide squad citizens who also did about that. So you couldn't help your first you know interpretation what that is going to mean is not good. Because the last thing we do this did not do very well boy liked about this movie is they didn't do a suicide squad did is appreciated Todd and they and then. Mix them together it seemed more like they just shows one to go it. Yeah I yeah I'm definitely because you could emerge the story lines that was obviously the obviously changed yet now gone. I'm probably three shoots when the movie comes out the movies ready Iraq. Ready to look crowd you know and I mean that is I V I mean yeah 40% that's a lot ballot that thing about this stuff. That could be special effects like every retooled could be home but that's not really labeled re shoot that I did yeah I hit you dust up is like some of the stuff is like instead how does that run came out great. Yeah let's stumbling inside baseball late yet guys don't think too much about it or mean like. If there's a story there there's a story there and sometimes there's no story where there is now Rory. I don't know I mean the source that's why I think just the moving him a bad ad that was bad. And it makes all want to meet. Now how frustrating is that that was one of the biggest movies of the year Justin Bieber sells a lot of concert on this and I guess hey we're gonna come back next week do something someday if there's something to talk about it I wanna do it into the year with Hollywood than yes was he today we India well you Iran wants a big subject so local 200 podcast we'll just do our into the years in light. Do like a top anything. Well what were the highlights for the low light I saw you guys. It does get commerce eat what you guys hit us back you know talk to us on FaceBook or Twitter and whatever it is acting like he's on Twitter FaceBook dot com keeps like he'd sign. Odd FaceBook. But it's the send us your responses for your favorites of the yearly your favorite. Book you read your favorite conscience every TV shows. You favorite movies and late may be price and I can discover some stuff that we've not checked out from yeah the year has suggestions and will be the same that would be our next show will be sharing. Your feedback and hours. I'll an ally in the last now because I talked to David black to comment this week it's my he's my comic book high. On December is when all your column this is but Friday it applies to them too this is. Just our worst single iconic college well let me get that let me say this is when our local comic book shops and make all their money for there if you got to pull boxing haven't picked up in awhile. Go get if you wanna get some if you if you want to some last minute Christmas gifts. You know would be perfect goodie a comic shop in getting used two whole days or some comments there that's fun they they all need ire. Our help because it's a critical part of what we'd love hate him in and we have to support them they really need it. And yet you get fungus out there no I wish I don't get no doubt I'd hate to say that late. The star or a sale on comics all of your analogy now that's an Amazon Georgetown goes come up until congress. You guys have yeah you don't this hour so you comics on he's 80% Q do just go look at it go get it. Down down in mind. I guess that's a big story I wanna ask him about his season. 2017. What it how do you compete. Yet with Amazon are very cool it's not my income that you need loyal beat out people who care you know there's another way of CDs sort of we don't you know support up. And there are some special about a comic book you can hold your hand it's our version of the vinyl record it's it's really cool like take advantage of it. I'm so I am solely because I love a good common in Manhattan but I don't mind having usually and I know there and there's a place for that now. But Downey's either because the because of that. Every time I spend my money on an online store and then takes away from yes sort like Dave's which Irish other days he's outside my area had to come job in the end north park has come has comics and stuff are on the ground I think and common ground hanging. But in end. I always want to have our French have on who actually writes. And draws his own comics yet so we wanna have him on planes and with his well that's it that's a big let's make that our New Year's goal road and do more to support whom we dearly wanna support more of the local stuff TV is that actually we're building ourselves and slash here. Yes yeah and and a little fiscal exe as well beyond. Early January that'll be fun that's cool yeah. What else that we yet we're going to be doing more of the monthly self from cable. We wanna watch Star Wars and the listen that's big thing yes that's going to be coming out of us took lessons ago we get that tomorrow it next week assets are getting passed the house. Frowned at the I don't this weekend for us yeah. Bamako sop we ramble a leg goes he wrote one if you haven't. And I hope you did this boy did we talk a lot about. And oh catch you next week by guys.