Capes On Capes Ep 38 - 2016 Year In Review

Tuesday, December 27th


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What. Well. I race while. How jaundice abdominal neighbor Greg thank you very much and I and I feel mentally I'm still recovering from them all letters telling me she yeah we are Cory who who. I feel immensely and so record covering for a fact that is puzzling and after nine different states and about introvert. Yes and it's like I can get out in life. I'm pretty that he can grab a remembers an out of Hitler and I and deep introvert like I mean I need time away. Like to myself mentally Aggies beat left a lot of media and and so it's too early rough because. You have to be all fine. Is certain said Heidi I'm not speaking who I am with my talent I have to be certain character with my family and we're just as. There and when you've seen and are unclear scenic elements guess public hey how are you I'm exhausted Allison now exactly candy yeah. You can't beat down you have to be yeah see slaps them and that's energy or that. Until. And we traveled we drove T Redlands and Christmas Eve in the moment to Lancaster element now I saw go to snow in the mountains the high desert in Lancaster area and then nagging back. Business day the worst part for us this is this horse Thanksgiving we left behind the rain the dog left behind her back. Net dinner so my mom grab it we got to back my mom a week later here we left my house Christmas Eve rebellion for my backpack. And it was next to her little her little trouble bull ring noble so we got there aren't they. And minutes and Jessica says hey did you grab. Her little ping probable. And I say it is my backpack and she was all cool and you got. Always my brain is like. It's light which turn around she's fine with it it's just a bull. I wish we could just turner mountain saint road we die. Halfway to Lancaster. And I did text my mom. Did you. Lose. That in his generals backpackers and mountaineers took it back that it hasn't had a slightly intently ahead. Like our 'cause we got some fun clothes is on her mind to change our shirts are shirts are there lights. Overnights up like my chart did you get any classic for Christmas. No. Nintendo DS IUD acts out right take me it's a little early you know in the round I can. Entertain myself with with the Oakmont rank them anyway certiorari. Totally triggered me and yet totally might. All. Earned him for getting. Pushed back it's just. Button and it is funny because it was just the stress of holiday. The eyes and of course the next day Eckert whose day. We got to leave her mom's house the fifteen minutes down there and it. And we have forgotten. So it's super important was all it raised stuff and what you with her food and her did you say that we could not leave behind it we ordered back to Redlands. She screamed and pick up my stuff so. The long weekend from a lot around Robin and dolls or dialogues. Apparently how it seemed like you wanted to get that I can chat. The way Christmas had to be Adam really great time bomb. Jessica got me any Amazon. Fire HD it on diet and I'd really wanting a new tablet my own I have an iPad two. And obviously that's what I pants on now they fourth line that all like my iPad. Players he's always just worsened his rusher all lower and slower and it was. I think and used in five months like it's literally sat and it marred. And she knew that she usually about it Meehan. Eyes as she got that and I'm I'm really test that maybe decent lives stuff for us yet Tom and see what it's 111000 miles out mentality and who that's cool. What did you do anything fun. I damaged tools I got way I had a solves all and M Milwaukee saws all and need Nikita. Sander some and a decent demos then I was nice yeah that was written and it wasn't AI here you go it was a Lisa grounding get in the car. You'll pick them out I'm not even going to try and get the right one we really dry tomorrow we joint U. Which really cute trimming dollar mail stream than you think. Now I audio clip I only I'll include my own daughter's nails because I'm I'm too scared of bloom now I'm content it is too frail so now I want to but I do have a travel. Honest no I God's. And another movie what does she was in its. Nina will break down an Internet site that's right it's beginning to check Matilda and and what its army topic. Say. And I'd say you talk about tools. Tools Trammell dogs coming nails around and say I got estrangement TV careers of learning melodies that you know just one yes so weak week. We won this podcast we wouldn't talk about. So recap of the year highlights and whatnot but news broke today. That we lost Carrie Fisher's view I think sometimes talk about that I'm in over the holidays she had a heart attack. NAND. Everybody was worried don't wanna Texas where. The line. I'm not like we're in the clear for a site in one on me it's just his dad and step dad her you and I taught Christmas Day. He's at I don't know I mean he was reading a report that she had been out for twenty minutes yeah an and even that he has an end to come back that can mean no option at the brain that yeah. And even though she's a lot you guys she nightly event log onto maybe broccoli. I'm and just it was like I just want ultimately I'm going to win Yang and and and unfortunately. I mean it was he saying it ceiling she had a really hard like she's dead drug addiction and him exactly yeah stress that's hard. Hart. I trust and he's Carrie Fisher what a fantastically. Now prince a slam now and again. Any types you know some actors you get typecast it and you think of that as a bad thing but. When you wheeled out portray characters that so many people for. I just held to the heart you know princess Leila felons should aliens she hadn't been on this podcast multiple times she posted today space mom. I was never I never thought it that would mean someone lights yeah Andrea who's even younger than me younger than you do. That promise her a slight space ma might I add here that she looked up to like I'm gonna be prince's when bigger companies blaster is not going to be an 808 it's. I'm she is she had more and that could have contributed to the store hours universal father Owen anyway but I am. I'm glad she was around for the re invigorating it she was part of me. Oh she isn't that article well done OK so we're gonna get a little bit but all are believed her fully rapidly becomes out. Metabolism and that's what I think ever that to its alt plus production guest on forwards and they can use the the did you re creation of her which is really upsetting to me you can use Peña in broad line we talked about that was the old the young virgin daughter. Honest I don't know that it. I don't I don't count his floor warned even warned it would be at this point. Because you can just say you lenses lay is. It's retire out and popular. Our universe without Hans solo and princess lab has he asked Oilers he passed away and personally via an actress alive via their supporters and political lab it. Yeah it's just crazy and we. We want you back here feature a segment let's take a quick. So ID tour most George Michael. GAAP as well over the weekends here you don't think of accurate pictures that we cleared both you know most she was fifty he was 53. Yes this is for these are surging sixty years on the issue was gone OJ Simpson she was sixty hue city to meet young really young and and with the book on both both cases these people who live fast lifestyles in the area we took balls are icons yes especially for the LG BT community. And especially right into. And especially for communicate that you deal and free of maintenance and just I know deadly George Michael certainly think that she was like any. I don't know this that Kerry was an icon for gay people wouldn't but purposely. And Kerry are clunkers car and it's the role that she's chosen solution isn't like how she was like I would tell you I would to drag queens actually. I was a drag queens would be like. I'll sister that's ours that the tomorrow night anyway that that's queen right now that's what we'll say before the notes. It'll take prince's layup for a lot of people. Wednesday that that was one in the first just woman loses Japan trade power and even with all of her problems she never wanted to be on a pedestal. Now and an I mean like there's a lot of things you don't I don't watch. Kevin Kevin Smith. Jon Favreau and and and and it's wingers. It's not even funny Tina and give to show on I think it was ANC a couple of years ago I don't know challenge that you can't. He's getting dvds that you can manage YouTube and its like dinner for five OK and really great TV show out it was it was basically he would get another bunch of actors and comedians and that they would sit down and roundtable and they would talk Hollywood if you knock. The business in the top rules of the panel rules they missed out on and there's great episode with Kevin Smith there's a good does that with. I think it's Kevin Smith filled in as host and so it's more camel JJ Abrams. Maybe Carrie Fisher or she's in another there's some really fun episodes. Especially the Mark Campbell JJ Abrams and guys. That predates a force awakens from and then the conversation and ending would be in. Is powered by at least eight years yet but if you're seeing especially with pins with the job and but it's also Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn back in win everything so it's you can see it in some of the conversations that happen on the show us some of that. Friction sometimes from the actors and it is disease funny. But there's there's a little bit of swingers mentality of light. Who's who are you being seen with in Hollywood and how does that reflect. And John I broke free which is very fascinating and we have with capers okay official was on the answer Fisher and this area off a lot of liberal Hollywood holidays and they talked to a lot of other movies that you run up when allergies. The birds react yeah Lotta Lotta Lotta small fund rolls yes observes I mean obviously there's. Fan boys they pulled from a lot of sorrow everywhere and but it was today I love you she says I know who he was just fantastic end. She had a great hilarious Roland giants on bosh. That use and without getting to. And give a little variety and the nuns analogies are miss cancer is very funny. It's greets you is in blues Brothers yet very small part hook you might notice she is the girl being kiss on the bridge when you learn the first story. Well the first Peter or Peter's first love of the first Mary yes the first man a series she was mayor yes TI yes he has. And issues in Manhattan when met Harry met Sally which is not yet that popped up and distract handy. Isiah. Her and he's Bruno Kirby was hanger then there's. Of course Harry and Sally and you know I don't know what. See there are. Actually never watched Harry met Sally lake front to back I did not lie I've seen parts I know it's really funny and I'm. I want to be the in my early thirties election me you know I don't know if he'll have to anyway anyway just you know it's. In her and Mark Hamill actually had similar trajectories career lies. They never had these big break out roles after. Doubling in their match star awards but they had this little ones there are always fun always. You did this if it was like when they would them except on the screen and another role it was like seeing an old friend you haven't seen analog. Yeah and it is always really fun. And you know also team is. She's kind of like old Hollywood royalty away from him and actually not issue well I mean you can bet that. The line and forced to Lincoln's was he says general laugh and says well she'll always be royalty to name a and that's you know any kind of applies to die in battle and. Know it's gonna mention is that you know she's the daughter of Debbie Reynolds yeah I forget her dad's name but I she comes out of an era and Hollywood. You know swinger parties in key parties and holly being a little bit more earth opened in loose and free life. I'm sure growing up in the seventies we look like Carrie Fisher and Mike and not look. The actress is that came out there are a lot of things about male actors as well in light. You think about how light. Port exploding in the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood explode in the San Fernando Valley and okay drugs. In almost. Single and lives you knew she grew up around all she did she grow up Hollywood royalty secret one being the daughter of famous people and that's never easy at least you know we saw with the corps he's somewhat like Corey and accord known in the court Thelma still being alive and we've seen. It's definitely she's. She's probably Ara that light. That mean it's like it's like your Tom cruise's daughter was in movies well yeah say there. Like we are no error we always been ours Carrie Fisher princess Leah yeah but to a lot of people older than not she's someone completely different mile and that's. That's what's fascinating to me is that. She has so much history especially when it's great stuff and happened George Michael's. Michael Michael. Losing him as well you know just on our top U San he passed away. Like painlessly in this area on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. We wondered was he fighting something we just didn't know you know for money would Majoli Carlisle with. Abilities today yet he is he had a longstanding appeal and addiction OK so. It seems like fur George Michael his demons never really went away. They may have been at bay at times but. I think it seems like they were always there you know and got caught up with them we mean it week it was part of this podcast we promoted channel movie include does that fantastic scene well man event. And it's cultural. Which took place George Michael is he black. Let's get in let's get. But he still like all right he's always that you believe these lights in rather he I. Like he talked about the breaking up a way out and how he presented it to these gangsters and you lie and regionally. Never heard from Bud Day and night. Like originally I think it was never run in yeah. Not to be dark and the result funny LA. We are getting reaction from originally of Georgia yeah that's if so my colleagues well I'm why I'm having. A little more catharsis with this one maybe a few days and it had a chance tonight. Just laughter does he help heal things that helps this collaborated so I even wrote an article. Because they've discovered I didn't realize this but George RR Marten the writer dean at Rollins who. Tweet it out in January and this is like after voted I didn't. I directed 116. You know it's crazy in twice they see we started by losing let me bow Lee and I wanna see Don Henley. And ass on GM and that artists are the year of like well what I'm what do you what a lovely this year winning and losing Scott Wylie and in point fifteen that was a big yes and it sort of just sort of started this this wave but yeah yeah and then. Even my gosh he's only slipping a little bit of feel a little bit earlier I. So to finish the charred arm aren't thing I found that week when he even. Quotes waited and wrote I'm sorry ups late you have to think people draw draw attention to the united I really get on our website have a 94 dynasty dot com I. How George. White liberal right when I guess is awful. And we still days left. And how jargon Morgan back. And exactly the news that. Period that's where it might you can't help that. Last week. I don't of the actor for Maryland's Chris is well read about it minorities made it did a rendition of the beatles' Sargent pepper yes it's called people who died and since then. We've lost Carrie Fisher George Michael I think someone else yes. And then there was another thing I went to these impose things. Sunday night and back and I do social media postings are FaceBook and stuff on our rights on science out. I was feeding the time line there's an article from the Hollywood reporter. Unlike actors and actresses in their nineties and call actors in their nineties we're still don't like. The it eludes them any time. Like I'm Don Rickles Betty White eyes and I mean like honestly think I'll see aliens while I don't think that. I don't think we get Stanley and I didn't and beaten her. Just I wish in the well I just yet and he's doing well. I'm from what I've seen this year's site is what's in it anyway. It I was like all right I want to joke about well I'll play unlike. I will be ample authority over. White guy at my side. And I don't you when you don't even post this because it's so don't even draw attention. These greens are alive who used it and also this guy I don't over members of the podcast. Hate when people saying this year. Next year's my year this you so what happens with us here this year I don't know man their career. Really tried to test my faith that. Stuff happens. Somebody else post to mean I saw yesterday as for Carrie Fisher passed away and one of George Michael from rest of development nobody was what if I told you. Everything you love the eighties would be taken from you between sixteen and it was lie. Carol Brady and lying all this other cool stuff from the eighties like all of would one loss this year yeah of course George Michael's on their that was pretty pats yet and I was like I don't want to host this stuff and eat into the yes the bitterness via. Let's let's talk about. All we would would did we like a 26 game so look we want to. Carrie Fisher deal and liberals like we that we wanna we got to cannot talk about I want to talk to write whatever ever remember when I say I got some Amazon gift cards. And I bought Star Wars catalyst and I'll Bolton thug and I paperback and I by. Two volumes of atomic robo comic volume six and going intent. So I wanted to bring to discuss the caves in caves so. The best thing I got for Christmas was gift cards to go vikings and I just let solid back. Now why I prefer it does get Thelma wanted to mention that because I didn't I comic books and I did bio buck and we do re. Okay we don't Monty has yes. It's toys sixteen. I think there was a lot of amazing stuff Kennedys and I just example we gonna hear a lot from you. I won't stop nonstop. I can't stop remembering Super Bowl and seeing the trailer for captain America's civil war and Spiderman. I just I don't care what a and this is why I was watching this stupid game. I wasn't watching for the game no watch and it's cool stuff yet. See Americans or trailer and Spiderman lands after Imus is under ruse he takes can't shield that was probably that was like. Sheen. Asks. Us. It. I've really been a lot this year but a lot of stuff this year has been. Yes I'm seeing that she yes good and bad. Yes I mean. On the bad side it's plug in DC it's banned. Oh cool I'm gonna see the skeptical I'm gonna see this character now I did leave being like well I guess that's what they did with it but yeah. You know we're just going to c.'s efforts and yet. I'm hopeful Wonder Woman. But the good to me it it did you attitude that stuck out among everything worst civil war and wrote one. So I know mark particularly route line I mean in this. The fact that they made an in between summer's movie and now it's may be my fourth favorites dollars a movie like that I like this and that and enforce awakens I thought it. It it it did more to tell a story and it was so refreshing like the fact they killed everyone in. And I looked a little morbid but it's like that takes bravery and storytelling in the did it and. Soka and in civil war obviously does it you talk about this especially in the Warner relied. It's almost like Warner bros couldn't put out a movie like suicide squad actually kill everybody so there yeah as soon as let's watch had been wrote one. One assumes that's what PS that's what it was like school audience but people. And it got nothing also look for and the power structure is like where we're not we're not condone it has we're not helping it will be there. We've used up and gives the will be there's what can sit row one basin of suicide squad it's like we expect you guys die. But isn't wings survive well here's the special forces that are to come healthy and I don't know. It's immediate that's passionate and yelling maybe that is what it if that is being suicide had it at just two weeks shouldn't they should all time. Visas never let it just doesn't they're not there I could not kill Harley Quinn after all that I now Ina but it's the difference being is that Warner Bros. is trying to build the franchise and it's. Disney is light. We have the franchise you know the franchise and we can take gambling do you stand I'm so when it comes to rope line and the the the the option of what are you wanna tell your story is Lily anything just make good. Nolan onto the first trailer you didn't get to that all of that's there can do is grow want. Haven't story about pilots that about a story about anything they just decided as the story that works so this is the premise for one I believe. Had always been when they said. By the way we're not just dealing. More Star Wars movies were doing these ancillary movies and Everett was what could they possibly can't. Maybe above the Fed may be the only console them we are getting acting public that will be and that. I think a lot of the speculation she was another story have. What are. What about who's all the deaths are yet came out early. I think now the question that a lot of people were like we do wanna answer and and so I think that's for O line needs. Who's the best our plans what was that story right and you're told let's think for a lot of votes they wanted more money. I didn't know exactly. But no I'll save deliberate apparent that. Two suicide squad once you release that we're doing suicide sites squad you're locked into that story you have to do the story a bunch of villains cots. They're gonna get there has blown off if they don't do it and in there you give in the mission. When they leaked or make a movie called rogue one. They look at it tweeted as much as they want to make whatever story work oh sure and tell the best store and they assume that they did that is actually too because it's it gets confused with that just outlined many thought. Many bought and die yet to get that's turned that Jett died after. That's the second that's darn good so it reminds us faiths we merge all that together and and so a lot of fans were light. Below the things that they weren't era Obama bop and you didn't start to remember correctly. Or not the complaint you're looking for instance when those folks got this great question bill making a movie if that's what you really want me. Asked that question or not. Allen may take three or four movies down the line could like get to do that again let's followed a planned but I have it'll come you know if not we have talked about in the podcast we'll try to venues they're making a sequel to suicide squad I. The director coming to other Harley Quinn may have doing is that got sirens guns parents which would probably be. Here's my guess there'll probably be an adaptation of birds of prey. Yes and author Osiris because those stories so it is. Comes out of my birth rate exists related gotten tired I didn't and then of course the enemies series hadn't yet as a Ireland and show you that. You know together and by doing a rollicking from. Eyes I think it's going to be another suicide squad tightening its going to be a play a bunch of I think is gonna be positively like sixty poison ivy or like other enemy sexy without banks Alleman poison ivy Harley Quinn and I would saying mainly hunt transportation electric bearing pictures but yeah I think you've got to bring in I think you've got to bring in heroes reciting active. Maybe Rebecca time she's been on as our cat bird you could bring bank. You can also introduce some some sales but this has always been all the females who knows there's she you can ringing she. You can bring it back Earl yet things you can do. Wouldn't that be fun right now there's entered his back over here in DC sirens Deanna and they're all working for oracle. Was urgent macro and oracle month battle to comes oracle. There's a lot of macros that works for oracle yet he has been a lot macro. Does that have that element is that tobacco settlement and that woman being that I think they wanna give her own. Story and I think they can sell right now. I think you would get into really ancillary characters. We've talked about it now quiet. For as much as you and I crap on that movie it has a very successful year yet I want to always acknowledge that you and I we're disappointed that yes it was successful. Just be ourselves Luttig of the of the mean on had a very good it was you know some of the movies we like this year. More on it was good did you Q yes I'm gonna at least that's the music and otter problem and number and it can't go to movies yet she can't see it at some point right she can't CA when she's kicking by in a movie theater yet I can't take theater you know publishers apparently my dollar kinky quietly with government does not easily launch and even though. Parents do both handsomely now on that scenario than necessary. I'm all or listen we're not when I before I'm impact there are certain things like kid at a restaurant in my consumes a decade up now as parent I get it you know it. That parent would show a decade up if they cut but they can't yet and he thinks is bad it's not happening to you it's happening to them yes it's a chill out. But the movie's ridiculous to at restaurants and it's well yet and elegantly and if there's. It's an older kids pick up my chair I would love acted like it apparently. And isn't that this isn't my dinner. But biggest irritants it's on you yeah it's one of the legged beauties raising that movie in a new and wanna get out I know you need this high and low part of me gets but it's apparently and yet. Yes just ran it you know download it has gotten it down. Beyond the go to movies that really stuck out to mean. United do you sense yet it did come out. It's out now it's but it didn't hit out of the Christmas you don't have your you're isn't it. You can just lets you this week when I I only wonder because if all eight video game movie has an off it's almost never worked. I heard it's Lleyton Hewitt suggests. That middle to good people there like. She. You guys. You could do little boy that to their like lighted one yet that green but that's a great one like doesn't. You can take away the video game elements of this screening amazing story and yet bill. Because the story is sad to treat as well share the video elements of the way you jump from ledge light so that you can even historians and this is one of the themes that night. You could do it and like a Prince of Persia and that Williams had terrible and anyway but yeah. Lemon do in word Jihad. But I think some highlights beyond movies and an intelligent this year. I'm television it's huge play them right let's see daddy's been dealing with just. As a comic book fan not have as every episode is you know. Pure gold but just to go it'll go along for this ride has been so fun and so special. And then there was last world. It's strange things and strangest thing and we another season of daredevil. We had yes absolutely cage. On aces of seals brought in the jewels it brought in goes right ghost rider but the first that's by far the biggest scare of their and you know we'll set was on the show you cannot compare set to ghost writer and you're just yet. Air out of a specific item or death clock they had permanent had a long the plug on into an account of its the absorbing man then count. These big deal is not deny it I only you can when you compare like. Then that's latency as the worker went in over you know down the street they have. The flash black canary green arrow super girl like. It was good presidency and get that I don't know if and I don't know what I do quick cross over here I recommend. If you can go watch Spartacus it was on stars a few years ago. Because if you're a fan of the season won two of arrow other Salma crossover there are kids. Came through arrow and who needs Al ghoul is there death stroke was there. It's I think it's. It's even boomerang was there every at the beginning it was like that guy on a diet on Noah I think it was like a creative guy on Spartacus he kind of was like. Thinking this is let people transfer over to there are and that's that's not surprising when it was on his team that went into Bennett in the and why. That's actually why. What is arrow look silly guys that. Has legs cut out look this kind of went on the Spartacus was using the 300 diet. Who needs a light as part of his that's for her column once it's he's got his big start. He's everything. Who were kept number yet. I see what was his name from firms whose squad. What is your name and they start his party gets it yet you know is in sync there's they're. Everything and there was a character inspired it has come under slimy to this guy yes who played captain boomerang in aero. And a lot of trust so that it's don't yet as was but yes you're right yeah are just shell and also the guy. And like director is like the one of the guys also did your double so that's why I want a lot of connections there and that's why he's. So he about wow he's like I think he. He's season wind he couldn't seize two daredevil because you what it is and now he wasn't available but light as an. Whenever we talk about lately lineage we talk about like. You know who goes with JJ Abrams when he goes the new movie like Michael G eighteen to music and that was and that you wrote once again right. He he for a loss to gains from that world so it's interesting to see Eli. You know you see this really great she only gets canceled or in those guys all India were to the other somewhere else. Anyway so are you not gotten. I want to talk about that for a while the guys you would think would be a bigger fan fare well. Yeah and all those actors and actresses in Italy and whatever but just not yet. Split it. Was the big stuff. You don't put those big book among go entirely fair to you but probably go. And I was like you know Stewart's. Gave me. Is game boy advance of the copy of poem blew it clean the original Obama for the first time as they just finished with a one moon yesterday yeah. It's a yeah I've become a post attic in the last seven months of this year. So some people are still planet tip plant the idea that it just came down and she's Susan crown and a and when her favorite thing season like I gotta go to Coronado. Yeah there's just like their spot provoked among us and I have been and I messaging back and forth if she was back in Cleveland for the holidays. And so I was going to some of this issue isn't PB when she's near San Diego yet. Just that I went to peavy like on Friday weird tournaments I put my catching it to me it's green caps and setting of dirt. Cheap that's pretty. No inkling that there's nothing. Here I. Think he was really good via replying to a month ago I moved out of charm hundred nesting ground point. On our. I. And we started this podcast this year yes I have been ideal for us and I want division chief from TD. You're not a fan and you really see just what the Doctor Who personal special. You have never really talked about this yet but I'm not not a fan I just BBC it is really hasn't. Cross my realm and Canada is doing right and I haven't but it does that mean I wouldn't like it I would I can't figure out a way that I got each because I was one of the biggest fans and our show he does the puzzles odds reads comics not feature for us. Is is it another huge Doctor Who fan you'll and it's artists in his room. Artists is dead space should use anyway. It was cool or what are your Christmas special it was super beaten on any other things just aren't like I'll meet me and instructor who in. All fully. Upheld an. Ear. We don't just drop of those that Tuesday at a time or even just one time it's easy infinitely suck at it from Stephen Moffett and he also it is sure luck the next they'll talk about and the in the show. Well he's doing to massive shows the so he puts amount like ten episodes at a time and so he also has to work with the fact that. His lead actor. You and bluntly for example Sherlock is the most sought after and emblematic cover match Doctor Strange himself. It's that was Martin Freeman and I it was all so I'll Watson and when you get to the other side with the doctor. You've got to fit DeLeon. Wish unscheduled meeting in most everybody else and and and is to all the available and then when the doctor giving him moves that you could end. So this is constantly. Machine it moves forward. The show was the ten episodes every year so we had to rate on doctor you know. So low we haven't had any new episodes its full year we had last that we had as the Christmas national which it every year and odd but they are coming soon so we would get. A whole new season probably ten episodes this year with new companion. Excited. And of course your luck which is gonna be. Another episode is debuting on New Year's game which we compete yes around the don't Ricky yes whenever. If you if you don't BBC you can watch Sherlock. On. And or go to channel and dad. Look issue. Children and is now. Here either because they will come back the that a deal when he has time with you mark for his life yet so yeah but those two ratios. That's 116 man I mean when he seventeen what are you looking forward to. Well me and they give me one. Home to detect it took him. To music. I mean within the next hour. They have sedate that's probably number one mile stunning also comes as I'm also excited for her apartment then another I'm excited for another Netflix show for marble. And what is the next one. Defenders. Of this I saw iron this is now want him out of this that we unity so much time. There's another mummy movie which looks on Tom Cruise and and the transformers which looks awful when Alex I'll. Go. You know fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me you know whatever. I'm excited for one or eleven maybe I'm crazy for being at I'm excited you know transport like that movie. If I if I can be cheating goes CBC violence. It has to be the guy. There's bad and then there's transformers movies like. The last one when he finally eaters that Abbas is. Remedies this franchise I do I might stretch Sox. Got it again it. Yeah. Yeah why do idea and it's. All carry it. Well that's your partner is too much Jerry. And I nearly. Is. Guys are listening to all our episodes of keeps and keeps this year 2016. It's been a blast yeah. And so we did you enjoy the ride with that's right on weekdays from comical one. Yeah we did not like we we learn a lot about what we wanted to for the next time and we've had the Walking Dead viewing parties and we did last world viewing party we got a hold feeder to watch Star Wars we talent pool screening rogue line. And and and and I'm telling you. I'm more disappointed things that I hit the tee for rice and certain that the things that should be so we've done looking back it is Google site. It's legal stuff cleaver podcast ever existed. Yes and and nobody wants to you. And you guys live now now I mean you don't like. Well you need a studio for an hour and a happy he wanted. Her out Hulu etc. and he's Steve at least it we are contacts. But it's been a great ride it's been great. All a Twitter. Right throws and I am Indy San Diego of course the radio station at. And nine point nine as deep and of course Bob as the pirates are not about radio the radio as the and seventeen we'll have more from Oz Oz reads comics when we got six more months that marvel subscription at. And I got atomic rubble of the so they can send him as well and maybe we'll even get on the road also wants this new a marijuana Connie in sun hello. We'll see you haven't you know things are listening.