Capes on Capes Ep 66 - Justice League Trailer, NYCC, and more

Friday, October 6th


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So I've been in a better of of a funk lately and it's still got him in that it is evident. But and I have two things shake me out of it a little bit this week Wednesday. And we TU high school went to steal game high school for their career fair way to win you get older may stay the same name now now know these communities might they they the kids had a chance to come up to me for an hour at their career fair and asking questions. And one of the mass why I why am radio DJ why do this. And I said could question I'm very honest response came out really weird leak directly answering questions for a solid. It was written very popular boot apparently a lot of kids wanted condoning. Emissions came out I was light bulb because I can't stand mediocrity. Or people not doing it well. Can she was like I'm sorry I might what are my drives is because I can't stand seeing other people do things badly could look up. The answer it reminds me of like yeah that's why do some of the stuff we do BK this. I don't think any of us doing and I wanna do well and this paying with somebody tagged me today on Twitter. And it was new in them but they thought oh this is so funny him we would love this house like we talked about all the time it hits the anemic. Of the church sign that says don't give up on your dreams. Somebody pitched the idea. I'm sorry sorry how could start up its credit to the. Anybody panic. Was going nine. And did what what number to me is that isn't. The key thing Lisa. Exists vis. Execute order 66. Or however since we're. A movie. That like are pretty much like century mark is it is just six well it's. But we got to hits you I think four earned one emphasize I think that's a solid. Round number it's an even number and I liked it and let it would've going discretion it'll be like apps of Ford plant at senate ports only part one. And by that we'll go they'll forever and all the ads that episode sports when he before Tony strikes baton. Nap now rent to fort funny how do you remember we knew they did the empire fort point that was I felt the best of the series I really fell. The writing and acting just everything else sometimes is a money grab national instruments are just. On my friend. And he's done is this week nothing huge but this Oprah's talk about. I don't think we're not good. Obviously as you know it's been a rough week. Started out at carted off. Do terrible tragedy and didn't play places rulings talk about that it's so they were indicted too much but there are some stories. That word directly related to that we'll idea like that you bring up the Las Vegas. Shooting in the tragedy. We have friends there are our coworkers Rihanna workers at. Did you hear the story and neck. What is part one part two of that side I actually I told you this check and our buddy nick was there a working for the country station he's okay. And are all okay all market are corridors are okay and I I think. I think they're they're probably gonna need. Probably some counseling I mean man thinks oh yeah and at what at what a crazy thing really you like two of them were still there on the grounds to them guarding me back to their hotel but still here they couldn't leave Vegas for whatever hours. I am anyway to find out today. His he didn't know how to say it when he got back. Because everyone's so concerned aren't on that thing got married are. He. Then. Wait a very don't eat absolutely like a really know how to say anything once we got back everybody was so can. And yeah that's predicament. Paula. He stole all the photos oplink camera when he got back at home sent out. But it offered him yeah we used by camp are adjust his camera at the we think we had a gay gaming event last week in which was amazing. The Wii's Mike Carrick added my car and we were down on a a memory stick and so it was like take us again of the camera or why don't we just use the camera on. And I got the camera back in none of the photos are on there just all my vacation photos and Hermione and really these leaders that was very professional but I wanted to see complaint. Of I. A few days we we did last week we mentioned. Jerry and I hosted the the I mean I know we are working on more video game stuff I just don't know when it's out there is no yeah on May have thanks on. Well. Coming up Vegas style. Does that affect a lot of things. Yeah Jason I'll dean who is that the country show. The SP here today was supposed to be yeah I don't know diminishment here tonight bad he was fuzzier tomorrow night playing in San Diego national right canceled. And some other stuff. Has gone down to what what else was canceled this weekend. Yeah I don't. I don't know kicks things here canceled but marbles publisher. New York comic cons and that's what I was alluding to yes so there. Rightfully so they they put they pulled there panel. A little bit. May I understand what we're saying is we view in our brushes director of marriages and I understand. Cancel Jason Lyle dean. The same time. Kinda like how do you make. Like we got to move on we gotta live you know that's the whole point. So. On the one hand that's on the one hand. On the other hand I understand uranium lake on my opinion is that I would like just keep going. And on the other hand I understand and everybody grieves differently. I'm one of our co workers hasn't been made it back to work this week and that's a real reality you know mom so I. I would not want to be someone who was just. Not considerate of others. Issues or problems or emotions are in and apparently. Josh we yield from IG and he saw the footage. And he treated eyes like good call solid footage. Would not have been in good taste like would've been really ports is lancer and put it I mean every superhero summing that required you to suspend disbelief right that's why bright is not real world thing. Pleasure the way of doing things as I'm to shoot a million bullets and that will take care of the problem right. My grand avenue right. And but. It's it's done and it's not gonna happen you know it's just it just doesn't Jimmy showing off again would've noticed. That shows going on. And then. I don't know was this something that happened or is this a to sum it relates you have your son Robert Kirk men. Want started comic book about tragedies in how we go back to normal. Alois I got so they can. I forgot this is going to be baking and subsidiaries talk about this unfair yeah a lot of the conversations of ours Hayward I was on there and about how I woke up Monday morning. Our for our friends who were there were okay and I'm timing Don. I that was how I process that was how. I was like I don't I have I have heard it. I've heard the phrase. The record for the most tragic are the most deaths in US history yet a further broke like seven times in my lifetime. Yeah and we've been starting to talk about this a lot the last ten years where we're getting numb. Where these things have been like an oil once limited debate or another you guys this is literally what I'm saying is that. Somebody opened up fire. On a school of kids a few years ago and we don't talk about it anymore. We days don't we moved on we call it Newtown but we don't say when it lies and you know we assail the Newtown. Yeah I sincere town since Newtown and since a guy opened up fire on children you know and I mean. And we move on and it's it's weird area Republicans in the big it's a little too big for the conversation but like even in the there's a brand out there called white wolf it's vampire the masquerade Wear wolves. Tom it's all of that stuff that goes bump denying they have their own role playing system and games and all that sort of stuff. They have something called. It's not called the glimmer of the dreaming it's public defeat are selling it's about the tendency for human beings. Did just gloss over really bad stocks late week he Ole. How we heal as humans emotionally. Is that sometimes we just sort of scar over that stuff and move forward we'll but the big awful things keep happening. And you go to the play really like ash. This happened six months ago because something else happened and an end aids becoming. Not sane is bad or good I'm just saying it is in our nature to heal all we. Move forward we doubt it out we definitely humans are better things BC's that like we adapt to you know whatever it is we just if that's what takes we change we do it. Unfortunately. You know right now adapting means is is do nothing in common daughter thank you as much. Well that's. Very money politics and this is that's a very kids that is a very concerted effort related policies as a Bryce is on a tip. Very concerted effort that's a choice that Rick Perry is not doing inaction of the choices saying. The political calculus here lateral hazard election it's socks on but it's also why I get a little bit. Arm. Are you a little fired up Earl Simon opening you know little fired up because. If I see somebody doing a podcast like ours and I think it's dot awful and I don't go in terror that person down. And as code dude better able find a way I wanna do it right and I feel like I wanna create things in this rollout or tear things down and I'm Scott Lawson around died I just the last very honest better. I guess it is sort of like is maybe his knees sort of processing Greece to Newsweek but like I mean I just want to be able to view. Have constructive positive conversations in not just paring things down all the time I I really try and do that unfazed about a week like this. You know until you know I think you know when you know and the Canon I eat I eat. I filter a lot of folks out but just do it just felt like if people just eight people give one ounce of negativity in my that's your could have dollar I've already filled now it is like. I filled blocked Caroline thinks it's brings bad content it just. You it was every one this week it was you know even like even people I agree with who you know are trying to close like these quotes from. Than the one that 99% sure let her know little quote and then you see people could it just. Is it like you posted this and it's good it's your career but would it what's gonna happen from this it's it is a threat of fifty comments are gonna start fighting the yeah yeah and his final out of the knee jerks a loving it's a lot of major actions and will only say a blanket statement like government agrees differ Ellington. This is the face of it too you know I mean an I'll even. I don't wanna call anybody who directly as this this show but. One of the guys that directly losers show was not helping was just out there. With sort of passive aggressive FaceBook pulse of light. The long and be talking about this anymore like it don't say anything that are slop do you notice they'll. Understand I finished. From social media standpoint I don't mean this is a maturity aspect and because. Addressing a more reassure I get it I've been there were you just wanna say something I understand and at the same time. I've moved past doing and councils immediate just saying Salinas say some things and nowadays I see it all I I I I knew what that is your saying something. Just to say something I mean you're not even saying anything constructive he seems you are needed your help paying. You know on and it's the the sword cuts both ways we do talk about this we have had a whole theme on a show about that. But to be right choosing your anger. You'll still do bad things you know it was some people say. It's in all of fiction it's an all comics I love talking about seems like that's right and like. On the ends don't justify the means like if you're playing mass effect any start playing as a villain. You end up being a villain like you you're playing hills Star Wars games and you eat you know good side dark side. You go towards the Karzai your and you're better you're living the life. Because your not making decisions of late trying to talk things out. Or helping this guy a senator just running them over and into what you need men so I should matter of slowing down making better decisions and having empathy for other things are always gonna be right. Imperfect. And things haven't. Let's zoom out of that let's go to a can we move or can we talk about blade runner. Yet. But have seen let's get serious long long time ago Julius is it me up on. Twitter he said they were showing blade runner somewhere like day extending Catan anyways I do and I was like are okay yeah my yet. I don't mean to be little that night I didn't it's never connect with main play Decker in Republicans and try again you know and well I'll take lead on this week I'll size what I'm hearing the reviews are raising. Yes overview to come now and they're saying. I mean I said that is the one when a movies he wasn't like a couple weeks outsell. If this weekend is they say thanks today every asset that down on him actually that. Bomb murder her I don't look what is so makes an all out artists is really. But like how often can you have a movie that how old's first went 3540 years now 1984 I believe before. Not do the math a long time ago. You tell me of a movie from 84 is making a sequel now the quote the odds that's going to be good. Slim to none especially with a lot of the sequels we can't yes and and then I'm definitely factoring that so if you tell me this is good. I'm EE tell me it's amicable. I am ecstatic you tell me it's good to great. Some great vocabularies and you know I am you haystack that big. I wanna get run dawned on Joseph Torre you know albeit rather die now and Ed I mean I I I don't I'm with you on net. A critical of trailers the dynamic that's silent subs is to talk about you other than to. A late night excitement. You're dabbling in your seat heaters Evans it okay. I have no idea when I started debate just Iowa CA and she loves Ryan Gosling the cast of Ryan Gosling is perfect and that went. What me and it was this what you thought of the of the original one but wet I could see someone not liking. Is a lot of scenes of blade runner is I'm not talking is kind of staring. Very cinematic and beautiful but. Not blog going on it right part of what they want to fill in a part of kind of films were a little more than films nowadays are so cut cut cut cut. But a lot of it was Ryan Gosling has made me leading drive. It was like almost bold enough to do that again. Now bowl depending on your perspective. But no if you wanna if you want to do that you know casting him I thought that was so perfect. On the interviews. With Harrison Ford in him have you caught any of those I've types it's like as solid the wine. Like wise but Mike article from buzz Peter everything whole areas I don't know there's a bit are legit like Harris apologist for his religious kind of get an almost. Does doesn't care but he is forgiveness and Ryan Gosling is name is it up her press bladed a bit and say it is beautifully crafted also look at this and not very Dicey article in my hot today and you watch it ego. Particularly did you really forget who got flicks the he's the adult man of Harrison Ford stature. Really didn't give his lawyer right all the stuff coming out because NASA saw the article this week that Harrison Ford actually punish Ryan Gosling in the subpoena. Saying in the movie. He actually understand so the biggest worry on there are OK the real thing I found out I. Let it doesn't think two's I I mean sort of stay away from it in this league especially has been me. The just vomit inducing media blitz you know so it's me. Brian and Harris and there's so I'm out there are I'm banged up but. Today does over in Al. I've a couple of weird movies Allentown general cracked up Magnificent Seven just became available I got Netflix the western with rendered in Allen. No not men and now there lesson with a number in it yes the other western wit and like seven dealer it's got in Hong grades yes Chris Pratt yet Chris Pratt Ethan Hawke with a good. And oh shoot. How Denzel Washington elite right now and not horrible. I know it does have a it does have a scar borrow HBO go right now. They don't something's on Amazon I was on Netflix sorry if they're popping up benevolent Jack that's why I watched it. Not bad I mean he seemed. You know decent cowboy ain't movie are you shouldn't those whatever whatever. But that reminded me of just gonna be on vacation a year ago. And overdo it they were doing the media blitz. And it's Denzel Washington and and it's Denzel not caring if I think he isn't the isn't black and Blackley a blazer black slab of ice the entire benefit that man. Like your Selig Harrison Ford for his throwing up his name but Denzel Washington be like I don't normally do this kind of press. And especially would like Chris Pratt. And he's very like Chris Pratt from guardians and galaxy. And so they're doing all this press they're doing Tom. Odd Kelly rip mother and tell her about. Mom and I'm sure going to abuse and I'm wrong lastly I only watch is on vacation you mean like I only see this because I'm on vacation. And so watching the movie I'm like all right I'm remembering. This stupid press Steward and how Denzel just. Did anyone ever ran like I'll go to a movie show that clip I'm gonna growl my way through this get out of there. The other one I just saw the sat the screen. How that came well that's Christmas. And I that's one that's tonight's BO got really mean it just can't count on any kind of guy that I've. Island. A bit heavy movie and I will say. Really though they didn't. You've been asked this she met with an actress I'm going to bad movie but I think the story. Real. It's really what is what is happening right yes. I get it is he's very reminiscent of the game but in big team and I'm playing a game for like forty or fifty hours. And I have time to live in a world and then they're like here's what happens outside the animus. And this is the real world and then pay your back into the spotlight montage in the movie no cut him as a in the movie the actors agree Michael Fassbinder. But there's a lot of stuff going on in internally in his head it has a lot of stuff going on. Like on the page but not on the screen. And quite how to explain. But if you love assassin's creed wanting to. And the spin offs of assassin's creed two I think you'll really like this movie I think it really touches on the key highlights. Of assassin's creed and you know the assassins vs temple ours. The toddlers are all about control assassins are all about freedom. And and also. That there's I mean assassin and and that they easily have not henchmen by and not an onside kicks night followers right. And by the by the time that the assassin yeah but called hit man. That hit man Michael fast Internet had a bodyguard. Now did you watch him every now now I just got logged in particular she loved him as my cardiac tired you know you know a leg in this could be good stupid movie. Well I think you got a sense screen is I'm watching it house thinking about my friends who are diehard assassin's creed Franzen and I was wondering like like Arctic is who loses this chalet and I was gonna what is Arctic like. I think this looks like big day night at a base. This I this is legit. Did the same time of this story had a way more time maybe it could've accomplished and maybe it's editing Selig. I just and I want Chanel maybe two and a half times I you know I've caught like half minute. I've watched another you know I mean millions of dollars in the US targets I watch when these habits and and after I've seen him I go back and just watching clips and stuff and yet he's really I was watching this time and going oh okay. Our statement on my second time through I have to get you mean lane and I made I don't know anyway so yeah I want you to get a little rectory on us onto your head. Assassin's creed or more combat. Moral comment on this because my card on that still remains. The greatest snow video game was the greatest. If you say Resident Evil you're wrong. Now I don't know it's the greatest challenge we on this right now because you sit there is a street fighters better the moral comment here out of your mind you. Street fighter we aligned with John convent Dan what's up yeah I think on how does that. In and what's your name please Cammie. Look holing his surname. The singer the British singer doesn't matter. Doesn't Paula Abdul does not you know she's she's a movie and she's she not only that it became Alec. Sticks around after Mortal Kombat. Sure you forget that it's yeah I have little thing we definitely old Julie Guy as embodies sickness abuse. In that movie with that c'mon c'mon you're trying to be trying to get behind that's valued at any time and trying to bite me. The article that you will say on off yes. It just leaked trailer drops Sunday. Well well look subtle drop today was snuck in with TARP today Ingram again I am Pacific rim would think. The new trailer I liked it. I like dead. I like it because I was like how this is what transfers could look like. You know I mean like it could look clean the acting could look awesome could look cool late. It looks very. Some it'll look like Kathy Louis post and it looks very much light. Giant Max. In a disposable Japanese city from the eighties that is bulls won green niceties and has bull's eye does mean that interchangeable they do the scene yeah interchangeable I you know I mean they just need look light. It looks like Power Rangers done right it looks like H. Hold shrine in W green night client how crap a lot of light them the Bob's working together they include budget kids. Arnold is gonna be a great move we can look school. Looks cool after Pacific rim happened there was also it like a Japanese version of that movie rights that people like much better. And I I. There's a Japanese version ever of the movie first round presented at one is very adored the Pacific rim one happened in below the no one hated that movie there and that was a cup okay and then moved on like that last week we mentioned it the Lan program which is being knocked off Maria talk right. That there is that's. Ours is again on another line doesn't matter gone on but yeah I side eye on the I saw the movie the trailer and the tag mean it's slow it's that it. It would just OK I I'd really up to us the idle idle it looks amazing and you're slowed things school. Initial thought on India's in my head as I was even lower than that but I like I like where you're coming from I. You described as a way that tickled the back of my neck and now assists like yeah you know what maybe there was a certain point in the trailer late. But I was like yeah sure I feel that's it's it's a little cartoon any better my brain was going and it was like something snaps and only. All man this is now much different than what Power Rangers gave us this year. Kind of that was okay Harry says in John bully in bully jump way to boy. Even though he is rich this is how he talks it's weird thing you know the British accent. I was laissez like he had to do a very good British accent this guy. He's injured and homeless sign in the movie is it here's a look passed away in the last when they're doing my idea. Will Smith and it in 92 pretty much that I'll just don't have a picture of him that's gonna say that Russian avengers movie is available. On Netflix I don't you like brand on Amelie Amazon yeah I did is finally popped out Saturday I believe Stewart has watched it Syria I think believe this you're watching it. And fired off like a one. One let me let came and I watched that Russian commanders are real dramatic really surprised me doubt be a fine like. Do you screening and that. You know. All this media little apparent. Real problems right now would like Russian culture in general dude just what our government owned and now what in the world. You have problems you need to watch the documentary it Chris bmg C a pop up on Netflix is that there's a coup in this isn't a terrorist okay. And it's about. I I knew he was on the Rogan podcast or the podcast of the four hours and talking about it that Los apps that documentary. One it talks what is athletes nowadays and like forget about it. Everybody on Sarah write every one game away with anybody you record broken but to the lengths that Russia goes. Are it's no one's even club seat they like worked together they the state or does it. The way they did the Olympics had that after the Olympics we'd they want everything depth. The Olympics by the way are like can RA at. It's it's such a war tool that it's not about athletes. And then he immediately invaded Crimea because yet again 96% approval rating right. We get into politics but I highly recommended the. The politics hinges so much of the pop culture it does we consume. That I almost chilly it's. Irresponsible. To not discuss about it and I don't think we see ignored right but it. It's positives are I think it does. Throw you intended sometimes well I don't wanna to dominant podcast this is where I am with the Russian vendors remain especially. After our election and what has happened this year and in the celtics' keeps trickling out special. It's FaceBook I'm sorry but these thoughts peaking in time bomber now like they might not exist late what. What did they let the real paranoid to throw another late. Zuckerberg is really trying hard to be like is he said Vermont's. Russians did not buy add them faced organized like they bought as a FaceBook but hey Facebook's really hey guys hey guys scholar saved. Read certain this is like our members of the stretch you don't like the way why we're very. Are you why and for playing eight months and that you're still plays anyway but it is I have a little bit of paranoia right if I watched this movie. There'll always be something in the back in my mind waiting. For the propaganda. Which which I will save. I was watching American movie would not even. Bet jingoistic stuff well yeah. I don't America's ugly little bit like a movie called Captain America I know I know I know and it it. But sometimes it's really bad and sometimes is not which might rank climbing the Empire State Building to write the American flag pin sometimes that sounds like Aurelio I. Why now why does sometimes like awesome east high she's not as nice Superman right of the flag on the moon that's nice that's a nice little. Anyway I am saying idea and everything I had I wanna shoot Russia vendors we're gonna have a little looks a little I mean yeah as a bird and two is definitely yeah. Or what is the fingers and then move up a but they have and the where mayor is my favorite because that's. I don't know I don't know it may be the typical. The story for Russia there's always aware bear because guys. Is that is that eaten. Nigeria advocates we got to where Baird. We got a guy with a sickle and I that senior editor action. I eat this this puts us in Russian I don't know this guy kind of looks like. Was in police seize just rocky has been the first one. CMO. He had. And then and drove around looks like Karl cauldron in this kind of looks like Molina from. Look up on the little guy who looked marvels Soviet superheroes or at feel the team the team was called. Area are also so it's official has been. That he Greg Baird that's the team that I thought of when they made this movie. And I was like what what am what is still an idea there's the where mayor. Yeah and there's the Iron Man guys crimson dynamo there captain. Captain rush hour captain Soviet sentiment Ursula Ursula this other like Baghdad and titanium handy now greens in this group known Barry Zito that's a huge group but then it's normal like four of them yet it's only the right guy with a shield the bear. But the red armored guy and then to the chick with the blonde hair I don't with these guys villains with a good guys know they are they were the Soviet superheroes that you're late late. Defenders of the union yeah they were the avengers that for the Soviets and it ain't even really avengers for late or worse for all of Earth's air base out of they're based out of New York based out of America they're very American. It displays for a Marvel Comics and then in the eighties in the seventies says they like. Excellent comics. Yet the FB guys the Soviet super soldiers. Good times and these guys really well so the are gonna watch who you're not gonna watch it watch it okay right. I'm just very paranoid about it and paranoid time I'll report back I'll watch and report. Must we got a talk about the property. Soaps have been dropped today in the scene another just league in dropped Sunday the justice was true that the every egg Justice League once you know their trailer drops on Sunday Bain. There are posters there's a camera down there there's daily updates the marketing is everywhere they're like. Just betrayal on Sunday just the trailer Sunday and I'm lying. I really don't shoot and you guys and again I am excited I want to see what it looks like a wanna see the changes you've made it. If you look at the marketing wonderment is front and center now he we went to the spirit Halloween store. And Jessica and I were at party city. The week wonder roaming came out and there was nothing. Nothing at party city with Wonder Woman except for one Justice League I can't tell you that has changed that is because I really changed classic lady. Look at Constance and is live wanna cup yes and more highly cleansed out. I wanna I wanna talk a lot on the hornets out of that are likely causes it or call it let's talk about how he quit and what DN AJ's in an era this he had her daughter wanted to get a joy how her eight year old wants to be Hartley. But it's the Harley from the DC the superhero girls that new high school in cartoon and they have they have all the U. Line of toys in and closes that she wants to be that Hartley which looks like like adjuster again harlequin. And it's within. Dina put her out on face Utley hit my daughter wants to be. Harley Quinn what what's what should I look hook. Yeah. And everybody like. Your daughter daughter we all learned that well why are you. She's jokers slut she just takes his eating big toe back from our best you wanna raise your daughter might army. And they talked about on the air and everything I love that and then this is a very. They ended the conversation where Jesus they are your husband mistakes and he wants you address and hot outfit per. Halloween this year and it was like all right that's our. Oh. Yeah. I probably shouldn't I got in trouble last time I dressed up and hot outfit and Jason means in his does. You mean you got pregnant after you dressed up as a slightly care bear hatch tag share. It. Take a quick out. And I hot costume for Halloween during calving got pregnant with their late this. Happened. That'll happen Larry. Barry. And well we talked a little. Somewhat justly and triples coming on Sunday recited a wanna see the changes again won a Roman. I'm Geoff Johns very much involved right now right in China saying. This is how the movies always going to be and it's and as are Miller's other saying it was always going to be a fun movie is never going to be dark OK everybody we saw the first track. But. In the back in my head. Through all that. I was like really. Mark hill leaked like two weeks ago. That the NeuStar horse trailer and it dropped on Monday. On October what do I say I think October. 9 9 October 9 he leaked he said it expects coming October 9 in every was like. Oh and he battery track that you wouldn't pleaded Tweeter whatever. Might. So everybody's made the assumption Monday Night Football Disney ABC synergy. The truth to drop on Monday Night Football team probably in a re air on Jimmy Kimmel that ninety. So that all makes its right. But there is no official word then the last jet I trailers gonna drop on Monday so I'm excited for the justice the trailer. And I'm excited for anything coming at a near comic on this weekend. And Saratoga my dude marvel and Disney does one argue again because again and. It just we had that if was the last time we need this us terrorist thriller came out I do remember came out. And money at football. Andrea noted officially drops that had their celebration. Back in paper the putt they have Elvira your weather on the website you noticed you'll there yet. So this one normally I mean we've talked about the strain many times how you use its marveled at Disney owns marvel day low. Top box justice for it species tension. But they should have known about this one for awhile. And Kelly this is scheduled this is just how it works some you know we know we know very well sometimes is worse that this is where is everybody but but when I when I see all this stuff for just the trip dropping on Sunday. Again you iPhone. Check 123123. Check check check it. Jerry checking in from that's. The magic radeon. Nobody. I was just saying no in the back of my head I was like dude. Big Star Wars is gonna come out of a marriage I have my belief showers drops on Monday. And I think it's just gonna just squash any heat Justice League gets going on thing is that happened maybe in them. Now justly wants 24 hours give us 24 hours of the news cycle. I guess so but the last time that we had a we had like real confirmation like you'd get enough Star Wars trailer like deli at I think even like. ESP and was true like purposely putting out there don't miss Monday Night Football not just to the football. Because the star we're right there is hero figure hey I've I don't know would be happening. I don't know maybe market analyst part of an elaborate plot it only takes a day or two to get the word out constantly that's what possible restart seen any second now it may be it is for the the Sunday Promos on football maybe people sort of a ball on Sunday and it's like. Much laughable in yeah. I don't know I'm excited though it's happening again is happening again because that does. Whatever the intense in things against the other is how it could be happening again it's happening again. Yeah. What is the we got that's all the guns got all the Robert curtain thing. Blu-ray pass that on an unofficial best what was Robert Robert heard inserting a new book. And it's about a really tragic thing happen and an American city like. Like a portal open to another dimension and demons attacked nanny kidnapped a bunch people. Now here we are. Six months later. Left goes on and literally everybody else is moving on literally ignoring in this city. Like gimmicks it's right next to them because they either life festival on any process and moved on but there's one guy. Who keeps making trips to the other dimension to try to save people but you don't know why I assume being beaten somebody he loves is earning under mentions he's gonna keep trying to save them. But it's it's curbing wanna do you talk to and addressed you very specifically this. Phenomenon. Tragedy striking. And we don't ignore it. But we just move on and having a whole comic con dedicated to that. Kinda idea in principle I think most fascinating especially this week yet because I was brilliant moment of like the moment my friends were he has been working on for awhile. Yeah apparently you Abbott's so this I'm excited I'm excited on the set of his new book. We are where look good at me you know he is great creators and viewers with an he had a of a closed door meeting interview private interview at York comic con we got one of those. Any government. And yes so that's exciting Zocor is gonna comic coming up this specifically about this about. So really bad happens and everyone just move on but like some people still have to keep fighting to have make relevant like you know acknowledged. A hundred people got disappeared we got to find them you know so it's using Terry Johnson did this stuff. I live spent this is the Sherlund. Forty minutes or so they usually so agents had Negroponte. The little kids in June ditto and the next week.