Capes on Capes Ep 67 - Star Wars, Justice League, Stranger Things and New Mutants trailers!

Friday, October 13th

This week was HUGE for trailers.  We got new trailers for Justice League, Star Wars the Last Jedi, New Mutants, and Stranger Things Season 2.  Next week we will check in with our Fall TV shows, but this week is all trailers!


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Are we start out and soon it will meals the sale elects play keeps thinking is I cast but for now we can say I like that. It's a trap take evasive action green group stay close to holding sector and. Professionals that work either can't he really area MI talking over this you know what I'm gonna keep going yeah isn't calling you know. Now talking over this. Some talking over the feels like a fool appears like old Dubya weren't out the door well. Oh no yeah could you imagine if you're late for class and your leg and it will light in my late. Do you walk in it was like all star like quietly trying to that we shared just want to it was like. So why he's under current. There are urges on it. Is well watch wrongdoers yours funny joke I think joy easier I think it's all of yours. So I say John good good yeah and isn't his podcast 67 episodes six sand bar to our baby and you'll get there. Read anywhere re getting to bed to the mean testing number for the pond in the moment you know 669 part one extra parts to deny her three noticed something. Than usual with our our listeners and our fans who are there and I mean this. In a good way okay they are unusual people. They have been very slow to hear the latest podcasts. We are not the only ones who seem to just be a sort of funk and assertive in Iraq. A couple of aren't a something in the water yet a couple of our biggest the listeners are late sometimes. Magic that I was I hang. I'm driving up to this reggae concert and I'm two episodes behind and caves and catching up and Mike. You or two episodes behind like that doesn't make sense to me like let's spend the whole episode has been reading them for that then I mean I. That I'm glad you guys are still here I'm I'm I'm I'm glad you guys you talked to us on twittering me that you keep the conversations going. I'll do it sent MS isn't that I have an opinion that Stewart's. Maria then the really big fan of the podcasts like saws didn't set I have like 25 tweets right. So I I don't I haven't checked it I just does that mean cause all I do not cause she will I tweet the podcast that's lesson and when he gets to sell them. Again he's also someone whose been delayed life gets in the way patent life finds a way but like his way and that. And then all of a sudden your life. Oh my god he's having his shoes aren't so sure that's it's like two weeks old and I'm back in the ad space battery listened to the show. Why haven't I feel like this week was kind of you know. Bit of a like Donald talk about and then leg bands Sunday just the trailer I wasn't sure if we're gonna talk about all the news shows and I do talk about a limited TV show is a little bit just totally hey I'll I watched most of them slug it cook recap on the out about what this is this episode is not going to be. Our Nora were anti about the seat every now it's one and blow to the tsunami and trailers manager editor and others are yet Justice League. And then that Disney promptly cock block them with the Star Wars trailer. We re mention how we called last week. And it that just the trailer released early on Sunday morning like 9 AM yeah I woke up and it was ardea bright and then and then Star Wars couldn't either way evening. Why an hour later on Twitter there I hit by the way. Officially this RR Shiller airtime and I would I would not be shocked this thing has been done for awhile with the moving into the trailer. Out he had problems in the way and might come want to sleep come out on my. A lot of people were saying hey doesn't it seem like it's gone a little while all for the last trailer didn't we did the last trailer sooner I felt like I had years I don't know that we did and heavenly but it feels like. The move is only a couple months away right right. Can't imagine this is our third star or selling three years. Sarah and I are having a conversation on this yesterday I said hey are we NN a Wii and do something for the really I hadn't really pushed toward because. I mean like in the Palin is an annual thing what probably two years ago we like broadcast last year we hosted that the viewer party everyone just came to a lot in La Hoya and we hope and I see that again I was out. And I lied funk knows my boss off four times and we can't yes yes she'd only collectively sought five times in a weekend he's hit but. But it is like one of those things Mercer is like no we didn't go there last year I guess we did we sorrow what he does. Wrote almost two years going Miller wrote what caused her place hours go out every year Kyra this is nutrition and we haven't been and you hope comes out in. December right yet. So crazed glass that bluster and yet. It's it's October. It's her and we're just getting trail are now three weeks for four rag Barack by the way past yes and it's that but kudos. The Star Wars yes I feel like I am overt trailer. And I'm a complete a regret because we're doing a whole episode yeah breaking down trailers but so be it Sony movies by the end and the good marvels one of the worst at this witches Disney. Public you give me so many trailers are already seeing your key UBA's action scenes yet modular complainant to did. Let me let me finish what the other traders work with OK yeah I'm so sorry so. So we just Astaro Star Wars are learning. Then today. All we knew straighten things Friday thirteenth I'm accent I'll but out of nowhere we also got a new mutants trailer looks. Not like I expected it's a horror film did not expect that based on ideas going to be based on the demon bear saga from unions which was more. Horror based down I I got a lot of thoughts on that do you heavily into. A little bit legion territory yeah and then it took touched base on TV I watched in the first episode of the gifted. Any mobile three of these are fox movies or fox properties symington birdies very much involved. I don't think it is key stretch or a coincidence. That you do you have fox want to explore horror in the new and John rat in dealing legion. You now a new mutants and a lot of that they did it is isn't Abu zubaydah was a horrific things happening in the and not science fiction horror like. You know you mutant powers is terrible things cool what it away half of horror movies out there you make a monster yeah. X-Men it isn't it is we get mega monster policy for breakfast monsters are born. What you OnStar. Odd man well it's huge go harder jealous are we just we have a lot of things on Tyrod does the let's let's watch it intensely at a fresh in my mind. To the power radio we're gonna flash and we will have lost because we. Can't use the audience parliament not allowed I did you the watch along unfazed that Monday night with the showers lash at a trailer and that was fun but again I had my headphones on and you know you can't. And we're back. Justly trailer by July. Better did have a better feel for you I am going to the region last episode I said one of my big takeaways gays. How much influence has had Geoff Johns had gotten where have they have they corrected chorus hey if if things were of course he has. I thought it looked brighter I gotta let it. Let literally literally limped around on time jazzed it up. I I think would sup with that due to cover. That's not lead to cover. Zach was that's in other ways we can be heroes of who's covering it pattern I was covering it it's a weird cover your way it is it is I it's. I slowed Barak and them and we can be heroes like that we editing and there's obviously given the real David by one. I I love getting kicked off wins Superman. Yes I could just close or Hendrick tablet it's no secret he's going to be and yeah that's that is there music it's not a promo art everything as I am I was like that at a depth its demands from zen like your normal let's let's start with the non secret I think in they would say that way. Be sure it doesn't give that away. Chose that Henry Campbell's in the movie tried to show him rising. The show mr. ray did not give them all of at least hide from me when he comes back that that's what that yes exactly and so far doing that and hide and fight. Being a part of it yeah I make it's you know make a special when you realize hey they're struggling in like he's he's out PG do you have to sell a movie. To me with these other people not you are not yet her way and why. When you guys are by the sunshine as we talk about the movie audience and yet having to market right and got hit those casuals yet you've got this is why when I lack. But like I commanded a trailer but like he has to have a moment. Because you he had to sell the movies go and mean Ben Vargas on any more detail. We get to that we. Yeah it. Apocalypse and babes that's a big part of the trailer on the Jackson's earth Steppenwolf. Well we don't mean dark side know step all of his these meaning and Ayers stingray here even don't know. Apocalypse. Excellent Dylan. Outside dark side dark side ruler of apocalypse. Invade Syria I get your Verizon Bela brings a populist era. Yes no no no sign of him now so what we've. Well we if we do is he seven although the united step and walked out which. I don't know it's. I want anything you can make an appearance at I would see he has to look at this point right leave your Warner Bros. In and raining and I have offered a movie. You'd villain thing them. You can imagine is that you can't play at ten your name you can't and what we've heard them as they don't want to ravage easily we're gonna just focus movie by movie and it also told this day each movie night. Is going to be in its own. Not necessarily connected not necessarily connect with you really start to go out on a Australia and just make do. At this point he's making good movie with more religious make good that's like nobody can give me. All although this trailer kind of looked that impaired not that different from the other one it just gave us more than in battle footage. That's not a tip from a there's a little bit more extension of the scene that you and I extensively talked about this by cancer the first episode of opera man going yeah that's my favorite is literally my deep down and I a lot of us think is stupid threat correct me if I'm wrong. I don't anyone that's really done this. Style. Of our command now like there's the sixty's really corny line out. And then in the nineties he reinvented him as this big rooting Atlanta's kind of hard ass I really like that until. I wonder if they just elect or we already have that and that man. What else can we had no I don't think they've ever done sort of rock guide I'm not a yet I don't think that he had on the game now is Gaza and Jeanine take because a decent mullah yeah. A man and a yak. Is using any idea like that EC is he covered in tattoos it's almost like his natural. Costume from then cartoonist is tattoos urea and he does Wear armor yet later largely anywhere in our course it would like Lee has tried in today's strident. Music yeah. But I think he's going to be a lot of fun I think Andrew Miller added he's seen the shows you the man and his flashy as the odd is that you know I've been there's been some clay. Complaints say like oh this is teen titans clash. So what I don't understand that BK's. Flash even even go to flashed kind of have this kid attitude around every hour and a let me help they're ready Alfred second RA who are you comparing him to. Buried. Has a very used flash right Berry was never kid flash teen flash. And eat berries flash so anybody else is teen titans flash so did you grow up watching Wally west third. He was always the flash to me he never kid flash unit routine flash use flash but guess what. It was teen titans slash meetings kids flash and it's all these other flashes lit a match around so. Berry. Shot and I coupons you I want the president didn't complaining going what does daycare. And I dig into a class act where the steel helmets sabers is like lose lord is teen titans Blige do you. We're already hooded OK get the (%expletive) out here you know sailing you have. No Alley on planes bills like this shame I feel like they had to make this weird suit and I do think it looks weird. Because. CW has owned the flash with the leather cynical we have to make it different. They did they had me somehow different annulment and I think they're gonna give the Iron Man treatment of Batman made this is what. To I don't know about that but he said Q that this flashes. Speed power is interpreted differently. In this TV shows because it TV shows more of a Linear he's fast and this flash on the big screen is more tiny. As an has or is bending time he's moving. So like his speed is literally he's moving through time. Not through space gotcha and that's a weird way if it's a weird way of interpreting it might get yours if you answer yes. Patty human and that means we're doing anything thing. You're going to thing. Doing a thing. And get that on us. Or do you get that. I mean a thing goes it honestly yeah the only thing I do wanna bring out. Is. Since we did the podcast last week that huge story ever with Harvey Weinstein and then this sexual assault allegations and and the ongoing story that just keeps breaking as we. And all of these victims not just kids but other victims as sexual assault in Hollywood being able to come out mountain. I don't think people understand how powerful. A person he is. His like I've always thought this was common knowledge that he. Now was there. Really you you don't become moms who is. Really abrasive. Yes he's big he he literally like a one way find out about him now as like he literally is a living embodiment of product brick and I watched a return of the dead last night zappa watch and not think like. That's Harvey Weinstein I was reading and I not to get too deep into this sorry I was reading. All the different allegations today Jason all the women and Angelina Jolie you know I mean reading all of them and all of them work. Hotel room bathroom. Massage and I might pass his. But can move flight. Others gross doesn't I look back at it but the revenue and out into plants are you know I think this that I read stories of 23 people who have come out of might. We the people have not come out nuns visits will win hearing these are his whips yeah you'll hear us. I hear about the one the growth in dissent. Ethic and didn't actually apparently director Asia are Jintao and it again. Allegations yep well he racked up enough of these are just trying to app just trying to beat him guilty before proven we're not really journalist but I did find that really gives your students turned producer but. Other director Asia are gentle apparently he raped her. And after the first one she gave and she's you know what to do and had sex with him for years. Creepy weird I don't like. Holy crap these horror poor people and mom but how this affects when Ellis talked about. Ease. It's the fact that I felt like this was the biggest non secret in Hollywood but now it's out and like stories are breaking enlighten this out there. She had to have been in need bold debt people allowed this to happen I mean you know there's covers up as far as like. Chaos right the board is saying Haiti not that well worth the money come from guys you sign off on this yet. But his friends it's starting to bleed over into light stories about Matt Damon and Russell Crowe squashing a story for him in the York post. All the creepiest of the Ben Affleck is dining you're like oh my god lake. How all this is gonna affect so many more people and I wondered. With this story and how creepy sinister Ben Affleck did it on video that broke this week that he's having to apologize for in his reputation. As well his brother's allegations from the early this year of sexual assault. How quickly as Warner Bros. going to abandon him his bat man like I'm just like I'm sorry. That is toxic. I'm not I'm not saying right or wrong but I I just IQ right so it is a gray or okay yeah I'm just curious though late. Will this big difference would just is he's coming on an edge if more garbage comes out of more stuff comes out aren't going to be. Women who are like yell I really wanna see Wonder Woman again but I am not supporting Ben Affleck in a move that is still I don't know. That's what questions that is like where does the public go or does the public as you said. Is the public just yet again. But he's Quebec man on how can you don't I just don't know so I was wondered about it just my brain went as far as I. I how many parallel with an apologist or Mason says humming and I'm just drawing another opinion what we're talking about. But like the stuff party once in his cues. And it's up and athletics accused if they're both terrible things but there's a range. One is rape the other one is he grabbed my ass. Which is inappropriate it's too they'll continue to do that anymore though you shoot yourself out lots of it apart Leahy like he's really gauge stick to top up it's been really do you see and clearly inappropriate. Actual so all celebrate. Its assault. He's proud woman who did not edited. Its results in great year I urge you know there's a big difference in the two I don't understand why is not a doesn't make the other one okay. But I'm wondering how deep how much did he know and how much has he enabled how much easy covered up because that stuff is starting to break out and that's where I'm like. This is good for you guys is is not just a good press you've been covering up for this guy or helping his guy. And it's not eight to stories are getting grosser they're not getting better it's just news tip of the iceberg on some of the stuff carries and literally just wondering. If Warner Bros. wants to go away from bad which we you're I'm Marty speculate they're gonna do anyway. But on Baylor just like a bad man just got to wonder about lazier been an alleyway and has back and leave DC border rose wanted to get that is bizarre want to answer because now we have a lot of evidence it's looking like he's gonna leave anyways Hillary was going to we thought anyway out so if he's not in it Justice League it's hard to say whether that's because of this right and he's no longer he's no longer directing the movie you no longer writing a movie blog like wild island better odds that he will not be Batman in the background some movie that's what I'm saying I don't think it's yet. That was and but I thought that a week ago so I would've sealed. But this that you brought him back above Oz like so who's an event and derail my. In my mind he's no longer he is no longer matter you seem frustrated that when you because of that we had a good genuine conversation about let's do this at the group I know I I was I was generally not one person knew any reason why oppose that it really frustrated me is he guys like you look at that announced big stories that day nine is being alerted ion and there's a lot of stuff on the world but there when you do bring it up and the people like. Well a mile hike picky Bubba there in the OK I just told you. He sexually assaulting alone mentality the post we're talking about you know i.'s son who is an image that they. Who is an experiment later got a comments that I missed I went right over the and is ahead. I pressure because never lie ought Rosie Jason Jack Ruby in my. I and other things yeah we saw it actually moving to Israel like all the dirty well on the way to making an island in that conversation. Open. At I can now that Idaho woods dogma about I am not trying to brow beating now I gotta like she is you guys. Is and tortured you know a senator. That's us our showed okay. Alex grad now my god and I needed fresh for underwear well. Half you're mentioning the music yeah yeah. Any on the about two hours trailer so hours trailer if you miss that as we cut hard to go over to watch it yes I. We the U ready the other Harvey Weinstein and does that now we will now is our mood on OnStar is we just watch it. Why I watched it I live on Monday night and if he's been like video. And a lot of the stuff that I connected with watching it live connected with me against the music and playing soon as they and to add these two and a half minute trailer actually in the first ten seconds the sort of reader do you she initial pilot in the beginning and edited out. And then they flash to the island on that planet that railing to define. Luke and music kicks sand in your sink French warning for hundreds of cello or some because it's so sound that aren't doing just that lump the vibrate bump. Bump bump bump bump that's solo like yes all is so it felt so good. Is this who resists I mean. Unless in the very great memory it's just it. It did when it trailers. Could it do it gave me a lot to think about and it told me almost nothing. Yeah and you call it luck with her there and I'd be director Rian Johnson had hoped people would watch it in right matter. But actor he watches I saw so that is not a bad debt and I think there's a lot of I think there's a lot of throws I think there's a lot of like especially towards the end everyone's like. It may look like it's ray. And Carlos speaking directly to each other but in their backgrounds are completely different and knowing this just does a good friend but yet. Cat I I watched this and I don't think they well. But I would love. A story line so rule. I was a complex because that gets was convoluted but something that gives me a role reversal. Would that's real at the end bush she's reaching out to the dark side and I get Kyle though come the good and she. Gets too powerful and she does that I got that I don't think that's gonna. I watched Kevin Smith the 82 lives. Kim's video from where he was talking about the trailer actually he watched the trailer on his YouTube weird and be able to guess that we can't move them to lives aren't there any huge users lodging in the video. It and I did the did he talk about the the walkers he called them slow lockers that simulate what they're locking on their own risks and the knuckles Eva yeah I am like like our ray tanks blew a record earnings. Up and there was a comment that you had during his he had people commenting that. A lot of people think that. That this can be Kyle was journeying to the light button and raise journey to the dark that drug don't bring balance yeah I had. Welker is that you know they're and only talk but there's the theory that. Ray is somehow related to the emperor. I heard it yet can't and that's why she has the bad guys cause a British accents and good guys American. And then you know go back to wash showers amusing as this thing if everybody says pay attention to some things and then is eager to Scott and end of the sky locker vs and that would I don't. Public in a guest chair. I did hear recently. This week because of the trailer interests our discussions. Somebody in off just off comment just talk about stuff talking about how Star Wars and Disney. I rate now at least eased everything is centralized around the battle of the Avant and I'm like oh my god. Mean I know that but like here AM. Like I I've had problems and like I hate that we keep deal with the death star enlighten you know the deaths are in the deaths are the deaths are being the same time like. I again it's a unifying connection to and it is. And I just. Just now realizing what I everything goes back to the battling Avant it is key what do you get in this trailer nothing but and but it was other things that let you talk about rogue one. He talked about the force awakens you talk about your army like so many Coleman's. To a new hope or the battle of the the entire movie right now and the whole thing it's not. Like you know it but on that point. For what it's worth if you didn't like that and the Sunday that line about at least it wasn't guest star. You and that's our end this movie did not Maurice. Movie does not look like. You know if you think force awakens with a copy of new hope that's ever on top of that opinion it's not wrong. But this one looks like there's nothing academic all this looks just like back. I guess. Now I have a feeling and I don't easily. I don't mean to either an empire strike back that's what we're not like I'm really gets going a little empire I somehow not letting anybody for the important who's with you bock half. And and the only of falcon and that his mother Keating's. We do is seek it snow in re do meet they do yeah it's Nokia's torturing her at one game they're like some type of them back. It Zach some forced stretching for a stretch and you know maybe the card service we do see Tyler ran its new. Scar tattoo thing we we see that you have people like that tape. Bought it but it. I think they want to make him start getting more more robot I mean maybe that's the trend of little oil giant to see this that the scar switch sides just because they're like I would like him better over here. Science and they outfit they have no way they can't really we did that we totally switched his car up you mentioned you I couldn't tell but you said it has light Saber looks like it's Darth Maul type Leadbetter so. These are not Darth Maul that was you and I talking you win there since somebody saw I was honored bleed light Saber or a double. Let media or double hill did maybe so I determine what someone said when I was watching a media this will look like. Well you say double bladed the your dull dark small but it is said double Hilton head to expect he needs. No you know I think other side so. Let somebody had said I thought they'd said double bladed engines of the nicer that you when you're like all like dark balls again like Darth Maul it would be like that kind of a light Saber I don't know I would love for him to just. Get it do you the dot mullet thing ever go for it it's a black has set off camera or off Mike dot Molly isn't it you know right is just sit there. In the meals at your best estimate not the trailers or hours I'm very sad if this thing. I'm very excited and that does that sank by Cameron had a big scene captain has not men. Iraq until we get plenty of those two into the go just Jenna. You know we don't get any erodes the new undercover agent Jake the threat and has its Hawaiian T trend that you run posters she's ready she's got a trailer has uniting avoiding getting ever that is a good point Ali which. So what food so I mentioned last night I was what. The jet I with Lisa. Bryant and it you know in that. The second and there are ever setbacks and to that that I Lisa path and it went something that you don't see in these new movies. It's win Luke is talking to pass then. You know and like a look like a hologram right because Cheney said like how come they don't do that and the New Orleans as that will like well it's really only Luke and he really wasn't in. Force awakens in him that. But this was gonna have a lot of Luke right well think about it there was no forced ghost in a new hope. There is Brett is you know other children dying to area. At cynics wondered could he think we can get that in this month at beaches saying I would love that now and then and that makes you wonder well it could be utter Ben. Yet of these is due to union TGI. But is then I mean after investors. I'm guardedly whose name is terrible. UN. Is alive I'll gonna gonna blow your mind of skip all of us basketball. Quite gone quiet on it and bring ten you don't you you don't know he said this I don't know me. I'm choir about eighty still up but then the yellow light Saber I don't know I think. You don't know me ray. I might I don't think you'd think very. Curry got no word would very succinct that's not quite on generally spoken. A low price and then a lowly Niemi since may and Nissan. Stand him he's the movie the real reasons that last thought I had that once let demand that the blast and I don't know me I am particular set of skills and I have comebacks the go castrate. I'll find you. And I was have you light Saber. I was daddy when they double he'll do the double bladed it I stole it from Darth Maul you imagine a double Eagles double bladed double hill did. Periods that yourself say there's no way and you sit out the next. Well good podcast silence you guys later that's it remained. Alma we gotta come where things dug it we're done so hours. Right now while she was Thomas good new means we're all Star Wars and nubians it was exciting to drag actually teased yesterday. He's a friend thirteenth I got a big surprise for you so I knew it was coming in and I was excited let's let's just again while us. I'd. Eat this one just. Too mean to guys and I let us right in not just like that hey came that further drop better know where you and you sedated there there was a little warning does that. I had an odd guests the move was to look like that's. Yeah the out it'll play a horror movie I guess if they didn't say the word mutant and didn't have that marvel marvel logo in the beginning. I have no idea this was an X-Men movie so. OK so I'm guessing the blonde we seem to share there is magic. Against Ileana rescued and is Kanye Taylor joy. But she's a Brunette in this photo and daisy millions every game throws she plays rains declare war Spain. Charlie Heaton he's from changing things he plays Sam got three or cannonball who will be the team leader. Alice Braga is doctor Cecilia Reyes. We think he's argues is it is is not a bad person in the it's been war suddenly curious com. Henry's daughter played sunspot or Robert or report of the cost blue hunt was due annual moon star in garage. Or mirage so they SE ad barrage sunspot. I cannibal magic and walls may be the core. Five member team of the original any means eight I believe it's really taking off bill saying to wits art. Mean Alonso would now immediately with a hello Tom Stanford would know I mean we announced on them. But. It's that Chris Claremont. I think the artist is still single it's very dark aria on on the new mutants Ryan. On I believe it's a deal would bear Cyrus says the issue saying I'm very supply it surprised we didn't see any of the kids from Logan slipped into there. Good point under his presidency we powers. Yeah unless he unless this these demonic things they're saying. Our powers maybe there are some things here like the green being put into someone's. Italy this otherworldly weird things yeah but nothing different from our Morton I think that makes it look like it isn't just a horror movie this is an X-Men. Greg email this this this looks like it. That Leo DiCaprio movie always Staten Island yes in the in the Shutter Island that are. So our island this comes April 13 I'm interested to see I don't think there's a Klein. Really there's only to big comic or you would get a lot yeah I'm really happy you know Buick I don't know if you spend money to put this line Super Bowl. So I don't know when we'll see another trailer for this I'm just looking at timing. But I am curious to see will the trailers in future mean because today's Friday the eighteenth it is a very specific goal. In Halloween 2017. And see that you're. Anytime. And maybe another trailer will give us powers in a more traditional view. I'd like an X-Men tag movie do you know that's what I'm curious well I don't know I had announced. Odd man out and trade this is IA. Superhero movies that are carrying dangerous territory where they can be keep doing the whole. I have this and I punch you and I'll punch you harder for live in the night you end with a final battle and he sticks that pharma too much he gets stale. Well did he talk about that with the superhero genre and the thing that I love with teams like our games show and movies like blade and it's it. It was an action movie but it was a horror action movie you know and again I mean. A little something different and that's Connell was. You know legion gives you a little something different. A big gifted unlocks. A little something different and it is. A little something different legion isn't very didn't lead and was I mean. If by knowing that characteristic I thought I should have now. But I didn't know how you can how you visualize how he contextualize that and they did. So for this it's I mean I know I I know I never got into Anemia inside a very little about it. I have stretches. I am fond of the character is I'm I'm in mean. When I was reading off the names I know they are you know Amy I I have. I've scenes that I love each character and my name specific parts of new means so much I loved what I mean am I getting moves are pulled off this you know late. Mom is the same time I also don't recognize this either and I'm like Arnold loses. Yeah that though I'm surprised you know as you go into summing superhero movies especially if you know. What it's based off as you can take you say you it's it's still enjoyable but it's a different watcher I wanna see what this looks like when you did it. Fred is the TV or is weird in away if you read it. The books for game three months and the only other thing that people talk to you about. Is Michelle and there's no comic books and other like that yeah there's such as it exists but like love about it throws to these people interact with the book. Or shall. Look at Asia and so there's only one version when you're watching the show for you to base all that's a rat. We use saying Xoom coming out called old man Logan and Mike are I I've read old man Logan. United and like I know what to expect from that and I watched the movie and I'm like oh you guys took this. Yeah from Chris Clark let's run in the ninety's are in the eighties on an the death and expand in the dreamers (%expletive) up like I. I did it this easy. You know it's not out old man loading it's not the 100% in that story that I read IE. Because I've read so much like I recognize Sam raining Spiderman was like that really won't heavily with the animated series yes I got to watch parts like. I've seen the scene before they hurt you just cool and is not a bad thing is is different. Now right this has always funny to me is I like to compare. Superheroes in general to the Greek heroes. Which where like degree here listen and if you go backing you read a story about Hercules that can be re interpreted it. It's got a park a million times Alia I ever say is that in the legend of Hercules. There's a TV show there's been books there's been Conning us like Hercules you know share. So my thing is let's not be snowed ingrained like Wolverine is now becoming Greek hero that there'll be a million versions. Of that guy I feel like in recently we've really. Some really get upset we really eased up with the whole. That's not perfect continuity could make it's it's a lot of like pay you like Gotham new but the this Batman wasn't family of assassins are right that is their version of that rank and this is there Evers and a couple articles that posted as we know I really ignoring me anyway is. Marbles finally gonna give us the timeline after their Spiderman homecoming fiasco. Als I like those like reading that greeted entitling finally you who owes you that and who cares as executive what what fiasco. Because I guess there was some continuing heavyweights Letterman homecoming dealing with the vendors were resembling. You're trying. Way too hard man like anybody you'd. I don't know why people wanna put it marvel movies on a rarity. High pedestal and have a magnifying glass on on and and also saying. Oh yeah Mark O'Meara razor cares what you did you can't put a magnifying glass on it and then you also should not signed it anyway just a week. To marvel makes mood has time travel. Then everything's out the window on the windows then I am who's famous just go and order. For the most part most part there's little things really had to make adjustments on the fly and it's something score. Errors that you care your articles about breast or talk about the fact that. I'm having a motivation problem lately rom like I can do another blog about stuff we like. Or did you just not because I'm not getting paid one way or the other idea if I really wanna do is I know what to do it not to like understand I. This relates throw around others costs can't arson. What else we got we had nubians UN and pres at thirteenth strange things to change things and yeah less error quake. Aren't the long we'll be right back. Who you are you voting how I hurricane season was over wow. You know and they don't know because they were with a stake we actually lodged the comic country there and the latest trip trip them up and he's unmoved. And out of that. And our allies and I met were very caught up on what is available. Yes for savings savings these Syracuse there's so many things today just from that so my job I didn't really shot Aston was in the other feathered pleased. Can't hide handy yeah okay. It is very much. On and I made a comment to Jason who's a huge stranger things man I say hey. John announced in this is a big Sunnis crossover. Anyways I'm harassing you look at that the Rudy crossover do you have a catalyst Sunnis on it we like you got like doing the right. Number you know where you really don't you. You need to lie to gimme me a better appreciation. Push things or things a throwback to the eighties movies and about his dad kids you know being the main characters. I want to start so. Well this is only what to select. Yeah yeah it comes out Colleen the weekend Halloween looks like the monsters not Dan and he's bigger. They wave layered looks like war of the worlds yes that's you know Amy godsey giant sectoral Haydn and things we've moved them across a holds three it's the size a building and every tenth goal. It's is it typical thing. We saw on eleven with curly hair yes. Targeting egg goes yeah junior I think he's having a rough time and let let down eleven like I know this so spoiler. Sometimes I think that's yet another. I am so excited this yeah. Greatly for trailers man I mean. We Sunday morning you wake up just slay an hour later hey star and down our hours in an instant money maybe it's hours and an. Fred thirteen weeks droplets strange things choose final trailer the trailer for what do we do much. There really it's how good stuff man. No more stuff to talk about this week there's something else like irons writing things down that at the board shows it coming out like that is. That's efficient TV. None at times op let's didn't exit when you actually as you watched I watched all of all of Devi says I guess I'll give it the first episode I wanna watch that. And I recommend it's got to again move bite into the box that Juli give it to the lead he is it's on Hulu. And but that your mom and a money man flew down and Netflix ladies got that counts no but I did watch and I I watch public deserves of the new seasonable trauma scoring. And I I didn't watch slash ID intellectual origins I'd like snoopy I and we went up so I'll talk shows next week so that's good I would either it's got to bond. All your favorite shows legend tomorrow arrows is no girl. Gotham. What else man what walking down as we well so. Alonso oh our good friend yes made a post talking about I know I'm he's he's. An apple box. At some shot onus for its I is congress they should sell it start out with me saying like funny my column was shot just called me gave me that hey. Come pick up your (%expletive) comics like come as well as like 45 bucks in comics come get them. UConn. The deals are coming you commented hey thanks for supporting more a brick and mortars I downs. I have made it nice and sales are my life thank you for being alliance's support brick and mortar. Was it like I you know Taylor Taylor right it's really important would you guys do you have that I would do it but it's really brilliant at. Oh. I don't I. Where. He had given who counts is. But down and then an excellent down. Is Dave from glad to comics you must be friends with Alonso are a lot of match you know everybody so yeah he comments yep Bryce. Come get your car. Later got to like hey can you come grab your green aero comics. Felt. I just also back and I want to be part of that conversation I love the pull Bach it's congress a certain. It's just not my world and like. I don't ever want that in paper anymore I love and usually sell my satellite. I can put a moment it was ice last week in an initial women's. Putting back together my Amazon wishlists because November's coming up near the Black Friday sales are not just Black Friday slightly digital sales are. All the month of November so I was like what gained zero on what comics I want leg. Any and I just built this huge list and it all throughout November and will go through it is sounds Elton cool that's going in the box you mean like. I was in Christmas shopping over the weekend light bulb album. Life fat. Yeah I shopping now. And take care of the discounts next month now I dismayed piece of that for me yeah. Life I am it's I am a collector I need physical things and now that's what have vinyl records it's an I don't know I don't know Spotify now. You know had a ridiculous sale Abilene I don't know I don't actually goodness I got the sense that the contact the entire civil war too graphic novel. For I think five dollar can set up I got it up. By this is that and we'll be back next week with fun things. You mean.