Capes on Capes Ep 68 - Weinstein Story Continues, Thor Ragnarok Early Reviews, Punisher Release Date

Friday, October 20th

We kick off the show touching on the blossoming story in Hollywood and throughout many industries of exposing Sexual Abuse, Assualt, and more. The Weinstein story is just the touch off for so much more ugliness. We don't want to discuss individual stories and allegations but we do talk about it. We discuss how much of Fall TV we are caught up with shows like The Gifted, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and more.


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And so he's you know I did you know that we have some sort of defense contractor in this polling you know nowadays low heat its on the net up the building Brett. Let me on the planet are right we visited his contract in the spilling sometimes odd things happen. And a weird one and I've had this happened twice mountain is we only elevator. And there's somebody in uniform and you say what floor. And they say oh no thank you. Because for security tree six. They can't still floating on you can't know it for a that are going to be literally can you do see you a blend their pleasure being away for usually not they wait for ever won the off the elevator I had this happened twice. And the first time. She was in uniform very spot that we both came in the cargo elevator way. And I was like what floor and she's like a nothing to. And that was literally that's it that was the there was no other conversation about it. And I got off the elevator and I watching ET here it is studios and Arab both on the Jerry's O'Neal's music. Oh yeah. They worded that if that's contract here and sometimes that you can't see which they get off on these guys. Yes we know it's advanced counters in the top learned what may be they have another floor that we right on the thirteenth floor militants in Lubbock yes so I had that again this evening and she was in pulling clubs there. So secure rescue go away. No really what more do you mean why are you what is. So weird. I I figured I need trick and it worked that isn't as loud as it normally it's. Normally at theme song comes in and Powell came in looked. But I haven't given Perriello now did it. Well figure out. And anyway. It really comes to super loud so I figured out how to adjust that now. A shade is from now on not sound. Would you blow out your speech on narrative that's too low but hey we'll fix that I'm. We'll fix it Bryce Taylor and I radioed air. You're doing well Mara I doubt it. So Lisa when mantown last week that the kids with there. She went to Seattle none others and also I have data wasn't filmed while she went out I had to take hasn't and so that you say al-Qaeda. Had a great time last week and now it was spread Moline is a little in reading and I have another week and to myself in a row and I'm. Lonely while I was supposed to be in Seattle this weekend and I saw only suppose that she's on her way to Seattle valid evidence trip that's what you were there is I doubted that. Caves like his podcast episode 68. I'm can be your brace embrace we are Marleau had almost that Hitler's. We are ridiculous. Image ridiculously immature but we are almost the I didn't. They are female listeners have really spite lately and and you entirely so excited for and image you're joking. And I can say you're not gonna say you know we're excited for. This episode sixty we owe you one yeah yeah. Com. Yeah excited talk this week but I have a lot that is and I did yeah I have no main focus I'm. Shot getting everywhere okay the one guy is I'm not a whistle. Yes and whenever you go crazy on a plane I didn't wanna bring up one massive story yet and I start I just want to touch on it. Not and that's it's the Weinstein story balcony not bombed in eight key it's O wing and ot it's now be com. Systemic it's it's. It's it's not and I don't think Weinstein story because it's not just my own lines in. Or now his brother Bob bomb who also accusations this week. It's it's it's just destroying Miramax is the company that companies pretty much gone yeah it affects. Disney Disney zags who have worked with them for you wanted to Weinstein Co. is Miramax frank day and it what do they acquire a Disney bought Miramax now was the Weinsteins and in the Weinsteins finally. Created the Weinstein Co. Later which is counting new version and it makes that's going to be sold for parts produce and I it's it's up to anything about all the movies you know Kevin Smith touches on it now and he's donating all of these future residuals from the Miramax Films you. Women's abuse programs that means is certainly. Well. It's spread beyond Hollywood and you've got you know one of the things that I want to talk about two. So men came out early on not Terry crews from Brooklyn 99 big. Strong. Very strong black I didn't and just you're like the fragility alas when you become a victim of something. And in talking about it my first public mindless so let me. Did Corey Feldman on the phone right now that I've been waiting and he's been trying to tell this story for. Thirty years he's wanting someone to listen like there's a true it was on this stuff right mentality. I mean it's just so pervasive. I'm glad to see this that getting exposed as as gross. And a shocking so much of it is and these stories keep rolling out. I'm detecting autism as a stressing it's gone has Hollywood. It's stunning to you I'm. Video games a lot of video game companies. Well a lot of the tech companies is starting to Google is none of the other outings lot of sexual harassment is gross. Boy. Jargon but these companies of all started to grow up peninsula he got to stop that stuff I'm not supposed to be doing that your shattering people's lives. And Emily the female animators writings Nickelodeon. Like 300 few millimeters. Outwards I was sexual harassment if you don't do something about it where is that we're anxious. Late is what I'm talking Malaga it's affecting the entire industry of everything which is moving. It's moving things a good place you have to talk about this that Deanna I think this is how you'd get better I mean yes we knew when these happen when it is time it's it's I get it right -- don't say something it's scary that I'll lose my job I'm gonna outcast myself he's as powerful forces and uses human you don't wanna be outside the group writes that you do that you're there but. Sometimes it takes a job like Harvey Weinstein to get toppled over. Never speak up for me I guess for me it's who have passed him. But yes this story is still moving it still I know they're letting her stuff yeah but I don't wanna get too in the weeds with that or any of it. But the fact that like it the Pitney onkyo just came out yesterday from Star Wars and is that she is Q yesterday and said. She revealed Harvey Weinstein head or is so clearly this is happening like daily these stories are coming out. So this story is not going away I want to say we are not ignoring it mean but is so much as there's. Something we can add to the conversation we will often but if it's just. More he says she's at our. An army to trivializing it and just more gossip stuff we're gonna move on we'll be aware of it is ignored it because. Literally these are the producers of the movies were talking about that actors and actresses in these shows and whatnot we're talking that it everything I keep saying. We've all been talking how Ben Affleck. Is probably done as Batman before higher all of this yeah like this doesn't help. You know he's a Weinstein guy and he came up and I'm not. We're not individuals but then again this could affect justice Lee somebody somewhere to be like you know like. We're gonna get someone else to be that. I'm a nice as somebody was hit me up this week Michael was at peace and hey. And we're gonna move on grooving on this topic this is the disabling Michaels and what are your reviews for the war that's where I'm going to sell. I sentencing that we all get to that but immediately congress usually too. Justly vs still are you know which one do you think's gonna be better which you know I hate public policy balls and you know and if you look just asleep I don't wanna tell you you're wrong. But at the same time got to Manhattan problem to our Jim Kelly zinc or pointing out how it's dark and there's no real story in what is going on anyway. And ended pointing stuff like. How much is bad and getting pushed down in these trailers how much are they pushing more of Wonder Woman or iron. How leaking aren't aren't looking aren't aren't there reeking of Atlantis and hence you are man not woman unless. Let me hit utterly through the help we feel like yeah so it's like. It's so funny that like there and even like that other teaser teasing Superman and to me I'm like you guys are writing bad out of the story if you could he wouldn't be in his movies a did you really get the impression I have been. I you know marketing to push Wonder Woman hired well I think it. I think maybe Ed did this they brought him down in the sense that they have. Made it maybe a little more equal between him Wonder Woman and. In those trailers so you Wonder Woman I don't think she's like says a word. This shows are alive right but I'm not that did the movie was filmed so it would go back right at let a trailer you should be able to pick out not sure hot. Any partially is that one aroma so successful they want to give her son and our push yes I'm I I honestly believe I honestly in my heart believe that they have tried to assistant and that systematically. Removed and as much as they can't like not sabotage their own movie now but that day and ice edit my theory is. That. The flash movie is gonna be flash point you're gonna Anders Thomas Wayne has about me and his dad and that way it gives the audience a clean break. And then you can bitterness and about and we come back to a new timeline or a new moon whatever you can introduce another actor never would've really well can I get a and Everett batted used to be elected James Bond type of role we just got anyone all the time. You know Chris O'Donnell stayed the same. He fights since its share. I thought. Yeah Ali Ben should out of said the same then should be bat and his member there's a Batman movie on the way to him. Would Allen he's our he was Hewitt likes directing and writing writer director star. Now he's just star and even that has the question that's what I'm saying and that's what I'm saying is that all this that is affecting all that. Moving us you know Michael was asked about the war. So or not. Great reviews are coming out for torrent I'm so excited and various what is that wanted to come out lied to members that are Jessica's birthday roster we have that in two weeks later. We just as the members going to be a month yeah. Hand drawings and there I wrote hours and throw it on the catch it. They're updating starter is at Disneyland which the new flash stuff that debuts November 17. Uh oh what do we know this league that could be a spoiler. For the stars really down. Could it yeah starts you're really with the last gen I staff is that it is that gonna spoil part of the movie before I went I wouldn't I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it I won't do it because anything new has too long line. But that I got an unreal lead repeated Wright issue with items you know militias Dominican and you guys are humans on Monday it has been days certain but we went to these elements in Alyssa is first trip to Disneyland. We had a blast. Nice synergy got. A couple of rides broke down on the air yes our thought about that but I will say I'm disappointed in myself and you guys can be as well I didn't hut trying to guardians and see your idea what could kitco. It hit one Iraq election that polls are right now floods below us the way. Two hours. Airing this. So right now guardians of the galaxy has two versions. Because it's Halloween. They need a day and night version. So if you go during the day you get one merging goodnight yet another matter and so it just goes like we've got to do both versions of the problem is as we. Realize it would take up. Too many chunks of our day and so we just started doing stuff and then you're like oh my god. It's 7 o'clock we missed and then gave version. We finally got line at nine at 9 PM at night it was two hours long. And as just and I were waiting in the girls were not to get drinks. They were letting in fast pass people. And just letting a man and igniting a man and letting a man and letting a man. And I was standing there exhausted and I was like dude. I know we're pulling in all my early we're going to mean 90 and 9 o'clock I can't stand in the line the next two hours can't do and and and and note that. The tally goes that it two hours and fifteen minutes and I bet that Gavin get to the clock goes back grass yeah. So we had to get Allen for guardians by. Is so many other things in the value you mentioned. We were on Indiana Jones and it broke down. Yeah that was done. That's what the cooler experiences. I've ever experience it and because. We are towards the other ride. And we are going to the black tunnel where it's just all black you can't see. And Jeep is just. Right it's just this whole notion. Om and all of us in the right broke down and it would have a prize is in pitch black we stopped. Forward momentum. But the move the movement was still go. So her heart out about it nauseating afford a half minutes we're just being jerked around in his Jeep and you think yourself. I'm held down in place if I'm gonna throw up I can't good there's nowhere to go oh yeah luckily nobody got sick it stop the rise stopped. The lights came on. Eventually. One of the Disney ambassadors came out. Stephen ambassadors what are you holding as Stephen came out and he says hey folks we're gonna get the right go to gaining going to be fine. I really great is we sather for you know 1015 minutes the ride starts up we get about 700 feet and right stops again and and and you know. It's not like were war in any of the cents late we're threw a pitch black Tulsa when there's lights on. It's the grease kit it's. Think he's a stain or whatever here's the the mop up kid here's the broom closet here's the dumb monies from well. They finally had to come out with a step ladder. And on how all of us from our seats and let us out. And then walk us. Off the ride and now the political experience you know signal bloodier day that we haven't it was like we wanna think of it that way we is having a blast in com we. My phone works so we get a couple face would live videos nights as you do. And so the part we walked out we walked out through the blow darts. And that is so much dust Blake figured you'd like how they do not clean the ride like it's not mean. And then well part of the side it's those mean old temple then note that an anti. It's things greasy sort of thinks. Right aliens yum and ended and we got to see Indiana Jones hanging from the robe as the boulder passes under. And the boulder wasn't working obviously so the boulder was pinned up. And we got to walk under the we got to walked out tunnel that the jeetz now in super cool nights so we did that. We were line Toy Story. In the Toy Story ride toys are viewing news. We got on that later and that's one of the drives. You might take a look at video game Allen well but never had a little carts and so we we were doing not and the whole ride was. Marquis who's on the Fritz Lang. Play it would delay. Her only lasts. But you it was play you'll like this is on the Fritz or whatever we got to the last bend. And it shut down and all this relate. It's. That one sucked because days. What Rodham Clinton that was hot muggy weirdest sort of sitting there in the heat and it's the second time it. One day in com and of course you get off that ride they're like hey you get a fast that's for any other ride except for guardians newly on the line. But no we had a blast and yet this is always. Sugar Halloween not I did the hunting mansion. Nightmare for Christmas for the first and that it has had never actually done. I never got to limit of workers are they really change they really do yeah. We had a blast. And we went 9:30. AM. To 12:15. AM. I couldn't on what could not would not do it. Yeah yeah Alyssa and I were in. That one of the shops had their hands haven't you help one our stations that. I'm and then watch out it's diminishing image and you realize our clothes. Missed all of I went there once for that earn of the deflect those stay all night are open all night Dan is a Disney yet and that's when I learned the first time while it was fun could this Disneyland. There is such thing as enough Disney yeah it's. No more phone calls up and who are both of you guys don't realize this but the phone line is ringing from people trying to find people at the bar. That jammies act. You this this is actually worse. Then people walking in the studio yet these are obligated Kansas soon. Not because I'm happy I have to be professional unlike folks who want in our studio and I asked him that look of the give a look like. Is as important use the microphone yeah I area yet if you're confused you should be I wanna go to frustrate her rant I'm. Actually OK mentally calming myself as I say that and I mean Q we just gave a chance you are podcast for one's notes was a little pill mill near oceans may. As Jeremy has I can't wait you're not on the road broadcasting live is and why might. 'cause a lot of things that you're Friday night and that takes a lot of bucks just. Unlike I got if your bones and do stuff. And there are no more all. Out delegate. We had cuts and Starr has been on my off time talk. That would blood type and it shows again he wanted a break down the puncher and I would him put this but on slip that in mind is backdoor. Black Panthers trainer went on about ten. We can probably had a you know on our smartest voted trailer wrong didn't podcast Allen came out the next day comes I'll be quiet issue we do and and then them do it ET that came out last Saturday and you marital fly. So many trailers to check your Sunday Sunday does not because there's Iran and yet recovered. All gathered behind the trailer I write. Do we have time to watch it again time it takes two minutes I'll let. All of let's talk about TV real quick as I pull it up. OK I'll do I'll give you attend second recap of each out a whole are a great. Stranger things here did you see that count down on Netflix. And then today if you like got to Netflix it's like there is seven days and 59 minutes in sixty seconds left until she. It. I came by the way we understand this is. Our ratings did on Halloween weekend. Are you set of strange things to pretty set I read recently you real logic is Lisa never watched it which trailer all of the first. The proceeds of all yes ally I want to jungles of that it's fresh in all I'm good to go out. Tom. I'm excited we've been talking about doing. Like a viewing party and I guess we have some friends coming over to the house on next weekend and so we will be doing. A little mini stranger who needs me Serena thinks you marathon at our place and then. What else the gifts and I'm still only behind I caught up another episode and I got about that. I did watch the first episode of the flash we had talked about after a quick men had nothing else. Is so there's. I've seen a lot of things those are the flash yes flash episode was OK the best. But what threw it off as a cliff was. Yet I charismatic and bury some drama between them nothing new there weird but. They dropped a line which I'm sure when they wrote it seemed poetic. But when it came out they should realize hey this just looks silly OK it fires is mad at Barry Behr says I'm sorry you know sometimes you know on the flash global block. And and that iris throws out this garbage when she says. Very weird year marrying me. We're. The flash. And I is that likely to minute. The Irish up to speed forced now know and he doesn't so no. I'm not saying not important and especially in this climate I'm not lowering what a woman can do well. I get it I guess I get when they're trying to say but it that would do are going there because they're a team. That there are yeah they are a team that when he's out there she's with him because if he dies. Part of her dies in an means she's saying you're not alone. Because I have to carry the burden as well I think as we she's trying to say. But it came off as I'm also I don't I really can't Canas Patton and he's hate her IRS and so done. And snarled guidance she reporter anymore and Ankiel. To bring people want to do that I think they always do giant no problem her nineteenth last. I had a problem with Dottie not even cocky but like biker Caitlin like what the hell is that you're not working LeBron are and then now I want. Borrow as a bartender Lisa creepy dude don't have a license go blank not get a look I don't have time for your creepy yeah we got in late. What. Your wearing with the jeans. And a wife beater take at all. All of the only way to know like osu gets show she's in a bad place our. Good the wardrobe get a leather Jack gates and prepped the bar CED I don't mean to and I again. I'm not judging in any way but Daniel had a backer. As he wouldn't prosecute an ice AmeriCares has eight. Pull off that outfit yeah I mean it was. Yeah. Into the room late in the episodic is as an out pattern. The reason they're like mom jeans. They weren't what they were riding high and I'll play this is not you'll look like a rebel you look like CW is trying to tell me that you're having issues like well yeah. That is with gone on that candidates back and can still a pretty good well and I'm not coming to us from about Danielle who plays. Killer frost. Hurt him okay. Perhaps others you unleash a real fast Riverdale did you see what happened when Herbert Hill Millen that if their ratings width 400%. Up. It was on Netflix that and as Buffy thing or not but the answer is Sabrina the teenage witch spin off is gonna come from them okay that's gotten great press. Otherwise Riverdale I've always been hesitant to jump into a CD CW show that chair on treasure DC. I hear of the good things I just didn't like hit our boss Kevin his teenage daughter. Loves the Riverdale high gave her my Riverdale back from comic con in she'd if she could add kittens. She would have had kitten. I don't do it with information like that doubt in my tummy. A fourteen year old girl or girl. Loved it may DW I like it don't doesn't it bad that he's done me. Hey if you don't know Riverdale is based on Archie comics it is yeah RG and John hadn't been we hear the hazard I just found out that I Betty. I don't know that it was supposed to be a murder mysteries so is the rare it was Archie comics characters in a murder mystery that was what river nails. Premise wise I'm not Devin did not know that facet I watched part of the first episode just got nothing really hooked meals like you're watching this as your journey. I think she barely meets your past the second it was it was like I am mine I did don't just point that out. You know like how elicit the huge camp hired are standing I'm sure durst of our show. Listen and love. Riverdale and no one. Okay my exam and shut outs of that because. This gives you should I wonder what it is that the number one show or is it still flash and super flash is super girl but for her CW yeah I mean in in the showing the power of Netflix showing the power of I'm I mean we just put it out there and who sort of talked about stuff like this like what about shows like lost. If they if Netflix had been I know Netflix is available we rented from Netflix to get long dvds lying down. But what if the digital version had been available so when the first season of lost was available in August do you. They likely would even bigger Kazaa a shows BA I know and I'm I'm just wondering where is that. It's that climbing scale I feel digital is so much more of a market. It's just a whole op Ike I couldn't tell you related to map it out. But it has to be a part of your game plan these shows and hit those repeat markets man. I mean you look at a lot of shows have pulled their stuff from Netflix and say. Are we want to do our own. And they give it back because they figure out like well no we need easier for you is part of the ecosystem around we don't wanna cut people out so it's kind of like. It's probably when we put on that video game tournament recently eaten. And we did a lot of the work for that and we are realizing. We've met the people we need now in the future to can run these events for us and like we can take ourselves away from the the putting it together and just go back to being host in promoting unity Maine has. Let let the mechanics fix the cars down Madeline we had to get we had to have that journeys are needed to do that an end and also we'd be able to network and meet you folks through the process and we're real lucky. He's in great partners. But it's one of those as of late. That was so exhausting you we know we don't wanna do that anymore so yeah that is the same principle like we could do our own so better have somebody else do yet. I watched another episode of the gift didn't I'm liking it I'm I'm I'm now an episode behind. It was a three is available out there yet to see too hot he wanted to you and I see the first episode of flash. Give give give me a 32 what is the gifted about. The Gibbs is basically at mutants in the world an accident. Where the accident and the brotherhood of aliens and the liberation force all three of those have been named them and are currently missing. And so it's what if it's kind of a what if that. The government is reacting to mutants and it's the sentinel program. And taking away people's rights there's a lot of civil liberties built into the show attracts men young and there's a lot of talking about. First amendment rights in. Your legal rights and and taking that away because of terrorist threats because mutants could be a terrorist they can't Giuliani light. So a lot of deep accident themes it's it's a very awesome excellent show but it's not an expert shows the gifted it is it is the accident Lorna Deans and she's great. Com warpath anyway yeah doing his thing down. Jamie Chung is playing blink you can't even colder Clarice so it's not like she is a code name she's going all the data on. But cool it's it's cool show Hyundai and I'm definitely going to check back you know I got some time this week and that's something under the terms and watch nice. I'm urgently and caught up on all my Chicago PD. That show just hates me this I am shocked every time to time you watch it. Not edit that it seems well outside the round and what we talk about what I you know as a shared unit we talked about on the show how that he shared universe I'd exploded. It catalytic contraction in the bed the Lotto line or had to do that we do it and but that doesn't belong showed they launched Chicago law or challenge. That would failed. So that that the different pieces are now coming back to their shows Jackson which is making the shows stronger again out of me and seeing if that half. And it's it's like a legend and gets canceled. A valuable it if one of the CF viewers to get canceled it would be that one. I I just laying I don't think nor any Cassidy I don't think it is I think the bar. It's been is on the bar is low enough what they need to achieve and ratings when you factor op on demand of the big part of CW likes. That out of these and cats but if it were to. One word to it would be out I guess the lowest ratings in it looks fairly expensive they see it has much more special flex your cast definitely on par harbors leaving. Is he really that's the rumor that was they said he is leaving only get at my episode three and I'm not washes your season I'll watch the first one I nothing representative that. That everyone's looking so I asked then what even firestorm Marino Terry replaced. The first fires arms that. It nicely done and that was a really good Iron Man comic books. Yeah present Victor Garber you're having people yeah of as a staged. Thespian on your shower yeah in good shape that's like. Joe's character on the flash and yet you please show signs and he's always been an Academy Award winning movies and gas as the Mexicans Carly was fantastic like. He's probably the biggest movie star. Yeah easily yeah I mean he's yeah why you know that show him Brandon Ralph design and was Superman answer yet. All your brain is probably as a cucumber while. He anti Islamic Iraqi was in on what the good Superman he was in but I know it that movie it's not as vegetable side I mean benefits of this great man known. He played we played an actor who played daisy Hernandez here Rick. And the like Dolly. I think so Hollywood murderer and a it looked Ali. Maryland Rome. No murders no nine as the the black timers and in the there was a Hollywood that is different murders in the Tony's just yet like public authorities but never to call got. She this year oh yeah she present you one less so we is on this. Pamphlet information I have here but. I am watched the first two episodes. Mister robot this morning and your and he's three moved back is still proving that that so it's a little longer not not so you know with a really good sounds okay see your product yes okay. And that twists. Yeah that guy if I think I know he reference think that it's still cut open there. Well I chose not to read reviews articles about it when he should lodging in July it I'm behind me just go or just talk a little less easy to do we have we. One episode as he's do you meaty scene and see you had a season two starts slow and T figure out twist is we surround episode four or five is that so many shows we decide we're gonna watch together. And I don't mean as a lamenting it I'm just like yeah but then let a little bit. Because it would did we don't watch that you're paralyzed by a otherwise presidential like I watched its misery I'm not saying a match at a keep them. Then I'm not advocating for this but. I watched the entire first season by myself no you didn't we watch together no. I re watched T I watched it by myself hey soldier want it ended watched begin 'cause I was like. There are some minded beliefs I wanna be album this. And and she's like oh that's right and I'm again Ali yeah don't tie him. I got what bold front season for things. As in relationships and you do things and it takes a little white lie. Are not mentioning something to make those things where he led put this well every episode game with rounds I watched twice. I wanna watch this and as it comes out and then on Monday or Tuesday night when Lisa glass after work that's when we can. Watch it together these guys can't see this but my hands are doing their place since their dinner close. We do that too. There are some shows that she lets me cheat chino area. We also have an agreement Selig and sometimes his communication like com. Jess I have to watch is for the podcast price arron talk about Iranians as she gets at and sometimes she knows I have to do is watch movies because. What makes me who I am yeah you can't. I can't be you know a lot to begin with you just keep my mouth you ER I mean my. I'll close out there mr. about is the show that it is really beneficial to watch an episode twice it's a really complicated sound. Like you miss things went oh is he dreaming that the whole time more like oh that party happened and he is even realize that things like that. Position looks a little personality show. You know does podcasts for the first season he's a what's the term he is a hacker under reliable marriage narrator yes yes then. It's like it's like a show that's even more convoluted of fight club. He had without the without the actual fact I guess I'm just not saying at the sexy way in my brain but it's easier on reliable narrator yeah you don't you can't reliably as he lives here on out because he's giving you his point of yield right and he doesn't know the full snow fossilized to a self yes conceded that he kidnapped. I'll attempt that's in a bunch of stuff like that when you don't realize you're experiencing through the point of view of one person and on and you're not realizing that that person is capable of lying to you it's not. That the third person narrator Italy's. It's like yeah. Careful what you trust. That you know you don't sometimes it's the end of an episode like the Walking Dead in you guys are always like our. This sure everything I don't know it doesn't mean he'll the next episode hits and we see. What actually happened you know I mean because there's always that. Illegals work year that's flat that's wow is really appreciated the jokes. At the end of brits development episodes and canned when they say next week on Arrested Development. And it would put together a little segment to joke that don't happen now did have anything to do it and say that right about that that was that was good. Second on that hole shows and on sack do you get around. I would like five more minutes. Punish or gets in his trip a new trailer and a release date filing a number seven. Eat that seed now that we can go on the trailer would bloom nine mind the most is at the end when it said. Premiering November 17. And see. Now why. I do need most is I mean they have they have plant whatever it throws or punish or push back you guys it was supposed to air like now. That the Las Vegas attack happened and they were like eight jurors produced for a push. Three weeks have to be it's still happens every time and every time every time yeah I mean every time are we should seventeenth that's just a sleek Imus is saying yeah. Apparently shared this preacher and I mean bad members demand drug had a lot of members evidence in my day to and I just hours things of Burma seventeen that a lot of rumors of but I want that his bag as he begins with us and on the are you excited for the new season I am now am excited to that level I'd better believe my watch at the it is now my football so I was so disappointed Moses and now I. Real like you gave me that battle they gave me no conclusion in no resolution English is the big battle actually is just the starting battle. Slink. Well this must be all out war civil see where things now. A big and deliver on the promise I'm good I just I don't know I don't know. I don't wanna sound native I wanted to walk in his get into that season six plus territory when like. And I know with but I mean I've got most shows. I think six seasons is the sweet spot. Walking Dead is now my football. Idol and it's I was gonna throw he's glad it's on spyglass early Sunday for the next thirteen weeks are well it is for you though now there's a time argument rounds. Walking Dead same playing field. Yeah game joins us pulled away by a mine I'll leave you looked as clean and leaps and bounds but. Is because intending. And we're getting resolution troop and we like all of the setup here is payoff moment a lot in London in the millennium wheel the body that being a comic book that there has indeed it has and then it yeah. Yeah how do you set up. Yeah there's a lot of credit they've been teasing us for years about this hey this show could totally go on without wreck. Yeah they do it and prove it. I shout out if you are looking broadening their comics. It's and to show his games and his. I am a big advocate of digital don't watch them in the stores by the trade I have the first five or six trades. Art hobby. They're regular sale right now in comets Knology from the weekend very sad watching and we so you just wanna read it. Like their early volumes of Walking Dead on digital the Kindle store that day. Delegate blast in the early survived by featuring now so really the first twelve issues five bucks next 125 bucks. This is saint move you know what about it brick and martyr would you get by but. News volume one of the Mears Ryan. On Animal Man Jeff let me air yes. An animal Manny is seeing the San Diego yeah society bigger is girlfriends running SE ST shirts great comic but luckily my now the apple from you know. Well I I am a big fan Jeff let me I love his run on green arrow. And then. He's more his most famous recent thing he's done was an Animal Man run loop and that you actually dress meanwhile got a million dollars from isn't San Diego definitely guys personally adds it as good as they are out. And to close the show again I was. Just think about that when this thing. I asked something about law so idea. I wanna take it to her review your brick and mortar. I'll funny we should do a video review going through your pulled I'm really wanna do funny so funny you say that OK so I. Yet the phone number and saying hey Bryce come pick up some cash come get your inch. So I got them there I get it and I mentioned hey listen I understand what is our present nine for nine have been well I cohosts the gets his podcast got a c'mon man. And the total so like I give museum now and it's like probably next week we can. And thinks that's funny that you said that what we should. But it did go there do video. He gets got glad to comics they sort of like an arcade on the site to announce a really cool spot. Hot men like BK's if you don't have McConnell were shot and there's not many as in Vietnam there's an idea you are and I'm a big advocate vigil but I think her weapon brick and mortar Lleyton if I can afford special places yeah I could afford it I would go there every week way you know I videos I say even if you can afford to go to cannot talk and you play there. May be of like hey you relays around Christmas I'm gonna do Christmas shopping anyways. Why not get gifts for people is like how long as you go by you and I thought this little stuff and my kids caves episode 68 and next week 68 we know you want. Pay ridiculous I get girls have. That's investor everyone's an impression right sure. About and.