Capes on Capes Ep 71 - Thor Thoughts, Will Justice League Be Good

Friday, November 10th


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So I rolled into work today he's OK okay he's right I'm all of these sites Leslie back this morning. I just have not been able to focus like all day. Through the pain and yet so I'm I'm I'm everywhere that we're gonna we're route you're gonna real me and really do this relish children night. Are yes sure I know she overly likely leaks we need to get going can't caddie here. It's a memo was not the way are you going on vacation was going on vacation vcast I've found out that. Paternity leave has three years. Before might turn aliens before the end of a year or so I was like I was telling Kevin like when should I got a volume used it. You get six weeks or broken up all this right yeah I should easily as I should just more in the beginning but me here we are here we are and it was like question like well. This when this move you know this whatever the hell's going line. It's like don't expect a lot that happened right now to round relations you do have some meat filling free not on our show. Yeah I know you have so easily Charlie yeah Charlie yeah making the jump from Roche as the programming and I lately I just wish it were your classic blue collar put in his time not that that's heathen either hang on for an I was glad to help map. You know all I. I just I was really excited for because I'm a big advocate of change your dreams come and you know. He's having to leave promotions which financially is a little bit more cushy for him the cushy really but. It may stores could see it relative range radio listener right he's making the big leap. To chilling prelude to become an enemy coming down yeah. Yeah a lot of security to do he wants so I'm all over the place themselves are yet what numbers are episode I this is 69 part of the early 71 knows that's not part of the brain actually. Yeah hey this was a quiet this week I Billick because of this (%expletive) storm of news. But quietly in comic books we have some really big stories Brecht. Yeah Blake. Yeah yeah seismic story yes I could you couldn't grass so big they are this is that one will this happen notes about this title of this so. All I want about a bunch everything's regular start with one story. To kick off the week. Eight eats not really news story well and before we get that. We've been teasing us through our reviews so you will get that every it with Thorman and resold or lastly you know the island DUI debt we'll talk about why would these spoilers and the inevitable talk about sort. But I do we kick off the news of the week which. Up marvels CEO of the that it runs and because there are some ahead. But he came out I was like hey all of this marvel vs DC's stopping its gross we don't like gay nobody cares. What why. Why are you want lying and so ugly and negative James Gunn was very recently this way to use like. Why do you care so much why he's so angry. An interesting enough. That story prefaced. I hate. Shelled eggs Nate. Which is that. Brian Michael Bender it's a long time. Marvel pretty exclusive I mean he writes indie stuff but exclusively tomorrow. Right here he is the guy that wrote ultimate Spider-Man all of us that you lower despite a revenue last. Twenty years that is Brian Michael band is he's written the X-Men exco extensively. And he's written the avengers. Like adventures disassembled those huge stories like. Part of you mangers movie he's part of the brain trust that brought all these things through the movies and so I'm not saying that it's it's over for marvel but late. This is awesome for DC comics he's now signed to DC I think it's a school it's. But I don't call frogs aren't sound like he didn't have more to give in that universe. But just like you can get to CME and the possibility do over that but we get to see him just. The other outlets we weathered the top economic creative aspect of a lot of things we talk about where I talk about this hours reason a few minutes and we talk about things like the Star Wars movies everything's a formula these days right these corporate there it's right Jeanne illegal but this is one of those guys. Who grinds my gears in there room in just is he wants to play with the toys right. Curt Wendell relieved because he's like hey I can play with spider mania or sand box or I can go right invincible and and play in my own sandbox. Right Michael this is like. I hit a bright spot. Also. Why don't do is accept an appearance anyone else while it might. Can I write the avengers all my god thank you can write extreme all my god thank you he's that guy that works in the machine. You literally are the things he wants you so going to DC. Can I write that man can do can I Wright's world arena we know about his deal is he can do. What ever he wants and it that's what you get a guy like that it's at where do you think your creative juices and take you we wanna beat. In that bend this bill is universe creator. Not the sense of like a Stanley or Jack Kirby and I don't think that I don't think Aventis is like. Terribly original really I love this stuff. Say recently got that he's just consistently good he is at it in these they say how do you break in the comics and net and daily silently to artist right. They and they talk about how you've got to meet deadlines you have been insisting it well that is Brian Michael Mann as he and 85 titles a month. And they will be on time and you'll get artists and guess why that is why he makes a difference speak guys. He can start writing and they can start having people doing yard and that I can start cranking out five titles the month. Sixty titles a year and that is what I mean when I say he writes new universe is for you yeah put out six issues a year. That's so good at things that just isn't saint. Are you running it isn't that like the next two behind me have it turned the mound but he's this prolific he can right. Mr. yeah yeah and he in this deal you can you can. He gets our own universe being go to vertigo and you are such those characters he indeed DC traditional. There it's a sad to see what comes you know it's good it's as good. I think you'll be doing. Maybe a new mania. Is super boy. Taken he did he did Spider-Man well yeah now. He did get there well he did guarding to god you know given that the well itself. Speaking about what he can do enjoy what he writes character drama he writes dialogue well nom decent plot pacing I mean you know. It's did you see what you can do we. You belongs to deal with long time hasn't yet you write you you mean he right you got really supply contract in 02 or three. Five years Jack up those people up some fascinating and and it's great for ECB stockpiling talent. The F bomb. And it's interesting here Kevin fighting other cameras name and saying. It is all the easy route tomorrow holdings garbage. Especially when a guy like that jumps ships. Bennis is still involved with marvel. It's exclusive to right for DC comics but yes so involved when he still owns part of a lot of those characters now pray just to Jones arena. He gives you residuals he's not gonna (%expletive) all this stuff he makes money from yes and end up like this is also just a really big. If these two companies were gonna emerge. This would be a really big domino to fall. PM would you would you want I don't I'm just saying I mean nine dollar and and yes you people going through a business murdering down and knowing. How long list of takes part I mean late. It just feels like in all the times I've been in business and we have been in cutthroat battles and the moment. That management an upper management that moment the money certain saying stop fighting. It's better to stop fighting. It's probably better of you guys don't fight with these people yet we know that's it's always been accused me of my alma got. You're either we're there are talks he bought out or were in talks to buy that mountain or something and so when I hear that light. Well all of those DC moral and guard actually stop this nonsense and easy things like as you're mentioning offline. I was mentioning a big deal and you really knows that AT&T Comcast deal might note that not everyone has nothing to do with it yet. Everything you do with it has to do with content has everything to do with platforms and how you get money out of the consumer. As we sent into yet another story. We're shocking figuring out and big story big rumor broke this week. That Disney navy in talks to body. The fox properties not Fox News will it not the Fox News wire will look not like your channel lavender channel right rent crap. You legally can't Cynthia yeah drama and many engagement that other movies all of amid all the movies all that's I am. Most of their TV shows right you know dead pool and expand our only Synnex may be get dean and legion. All that stuff would be under the Disney marvel property and be able to be on a Disney marble platform. And so that's what you think about and that's why that ETT Comcast deal as W with this actually dies because it's all about. Well it would set a precedent in again in approval AT&T Comcast one emerged than they are a bigger provider. To be be able to bring you content platforms like Netflix right yet. Disney wants to be able to own. More of their content outright eaten so that they can put rolled out one form. They wanna build a poll shows all their movies all this though they don't on one platform hearings Joerg. You don't like your Netflix account but it's cheaper than Netflix but you get all the Disney stuff. Yeah it's crazy and that there's so many facets to go through this portable Colin talk about what Maher who can do to help us get to speculate that went. But it's instinct to note. What's come out about this deal and this deal may not happen may may not happen but what they really want in this deal. It's not what you think they don't know it they're not buying these so that moral universe can be hole that just like a cherry on top they're buying these because they want. Always sunny in Philadelphia they want How I Met Your Mother Ichiro on. Future Rama they want this oh my god the Simpsons that's almost a billion rent there from. They want these shows for streaming so you can just can't turn on and leave it on. Because those are what crunch the grew by far biggest numbers when it reflects a much more of yes entitled. Yes or blue papers on the right now that's what they do that. Yes the loss until I have lost. On Netflix cost them a hundred million a year. 100 million dollars because it's so many episodes and you know people turn on and just got in and his logic noticeably are now. The fun part we can have talking about this. Is he feared Disney. You get fox. You just took your moral universe and had it X-Men fantastic four. I would you do attend school. How do you just to roam all together do you keep X-Men separate for a bit. I think you take fantastic four and there's your phase. Whatever their on network the next one as it's like bump. You know I don't know. What I'd do that story when they wanna a related diving to that. But I wanna I wanna sidebar real fast doesn't lose my train of thought gosh darn it just saints on the tail. Oh man oh. It was interesting to see. Guys like Ryan Reynolds immediately reacting to say nobody is mean for Dan boom. But I think Andrew. I really ever would have had a really on the sidebar all know I don't know what it was out the extent of marvel. OK so let's go clear we know he's Dusan baseline here. Up Marmol on the xmas they don't own the rights to make them on TV movies and but they only expand they make extreme comics. Don't they play apart in the TV says yes they're a very boy got producers they're like an executive producer. They validate all final play well yes yeah the point is is that. They become more of a production company is that if god hasn't yet gotten to the point is that. I saw the worst case of nerd man explaining this week on Twitter and I saw somebody telling a writer Gail Simone. His prolific for reading birds of prey man a lot of us that she's amazing writer. He was telling Gail Simone. That she was dumb. For whatever reason because. You know adamant TM. Is an accident thing. Not a marvel thing she and my response realize it's all hooked look at my response. With Enrique. Tom probably would aids you from the rock show video or reasonable seventies and he's going what does not mean he's doing the down. GM and my it was night. Marvel is the X ray initially our marble and that I responded back with no. Talk spot they may 1982 ever since the TV show million now where my brain. Snapped I was like I don't care if you're from a different generation in your exposures and X-Men has been that animated TV show. Being completely ignorant is not an excuse and males blaming. 21 of the biggest writers the comics. She doesn't know that add an Ngo is an excellent things from the Marley like. Me. I haven't Mosul like this is why would you reckon dumbed. It was so late. And my response back to back right telling me that I brought with Al allow OK okay and you're never gonna bring you're never gonna figure Ron and it's fine. Armed. But yeah this whole merger thing at its wits about congress and you know that the buying and contents and then you're making me laugh blight. Like how anybody know anything at all like yeah. I thought he was so rightly Q is so right if you go to Barry is himself on Twitter. There's only on the Internet that is really like eat it for people I think it lights up here into our friends. In a reboot is usually really negative way to like get someone prove them wrong rhetoric. We can't books take that times about 40 my god people really. Really liked and you know that's wrong this character came from this I distance from this. Funny enough though it when it comes comics there's always a million versions of every story you're talking about that's I was trying to preach on our show that light bright tonight our ten years apart we come to this stuff from different angles from different times. And sometimes. Bryce is tell me about stuff that I didn't know about I'm telling him ask him and I know about. The cleaning is like I want more voices I wanna know more about stuff and you have to accept that light. I may be willing to go any Bryce what's your check this out to be willing to check out and he house doing to your for me that like was really into it. And and be nice about it like be pro QB proclaimed like hey I really appreciate you reaching out to meet. I think this was a really my thing banks did and being able to accept that and move on I he like I used to love having those. In around the Kevin Smith is great about you grated like. He was grade like really putting this out on the big extreme those arguments about light lie out Alcan Superman. Gay. How does he not just kill Lois Lane and they have sash at the super cop here her hand he's a Superman. How does he not just destroy her when you see it. Don't arguments like that okay early who would win bad manner cavs in America and around dynamic has and Captain America because that. But like just not. Again there's no baseline basis of fact from my arms and storms I'm angry but yeah. Really semi public as all the way of like to prove him wrong but it does Laura whaling. God you're so you believe this so much cash and you know that mullah and he hit answer don't like it. Am telling you Marleau is the experience like no not since 1980 GO in the England in my account and now they don't own yeah Hugh Jackman. Ahead yet you know I really overall to actually understand they don't. Have now actually dogs and understands them. But anyway. It's so funny that. This and this conversation kept coming up the whole week BK's. It came back it just this week I think it was like CNBC and Bloomberg News. Did your articles about why this is probably actually going to happen in Disney will be probably acquiring you think you will I don't. Business guys is this is seen that is they win and there. And they're seeing these platforms and they're seeing the narrowing of medium pace that would be so much content that's how many times can that be like. I'm worried about that mean he's yeah that would be like how small things I can think of churches keep the following in there. And I don't want I don't want. Let me just like when I love it here I love marble ranked I don't want a moral Star Wars big massive cross oblique he nothing separate right it's in the back yet would you want marvel and DC in the same universe so. Well down separates you know it's fine alone but also what DC good. I want to be great. I think people misunderstand a lot of times when. They ask us about stuff like Haley or SATA ports or rag rocker just is like a more excitement around the disagree with a better movie that you don't knives that this team is trying out like I want justly to be great just what it doesn't look good I engine and if you're exciting your. That is absolutely fine and to be able to accept the fact that like I am a fan and I'm not excited about it like. There they go out speaking of so that earlier mr. justly shops there is one week before it comes out. Does that change your mind about going to see in theaters now guiding dictate. It looks. They say don't basically sending good not great right. But like at first all these reviews are ten people tweet it. You know they had and now they have 280 characters but stepped right. I didn't take a lot from it you know if you if it was as bad as the other DC movies I think. And party tickets also glad that would have been what they said like off. I'm here a lot of I'm hearing a lot of things people saying a lot of the humor is very weeding askew because now Sweden was Friday and but they may very go but it's very much Snyder movie and I'm late I am so it sickened tired. So Zack Snyder was the original director and Zack Snyder made me Anderson steal and he made. Whatever it is so whatever so Zacks are they very much involved we none evolving war. I understand that he had a tragedy in his life bananas and I don't understand is everybody going back and talking about how glowing his stuff is indebted edited out. Late even the actors like Ezra Miller though I don't like they're defending to report is. No it's is it's Zack Snyder movie just we just came in late finish Diddy ended admitted that only guys. Always been very obviously changed since Zack Snyder left yeah but I mean what do they and it's sad I know I just I don't mean. And lying to you that I necessarily because it feeds into this other one. Which I've also hinted at on the show. Glad to have opposed justice Lee DC films won't have to all fit in the same universe. With next year when he team being described. As a reset. Yeah believe none that. That's been out there is even bigger incentive from their own voices that I saw the story islands are likewise the story again as soon as we get Ben Affleck might not be that man and a leg got. Bad again. I'm really touched on this but I'll just say again like if they're just if they want if what they're saying is their focus is just to be a good movie. And not necessarily. Make sure this sets up this in this in this in this actors the same they're going forward is a good just make the movies got. You look at him or rag in Iraq which is aired. Part of that is the avengers disassembled urged Florida symbol storyline which isn't I think it was pandas maybe it wasn't no matter. And measures is symbol was Dennis Dixon but he if he was very much involved ultimate Spider-Man so the Spiderman we saw on the big screen very much involved he's not. He'll going to DC creates a great. Platform for these news stories he told he Geoff Johns in brain trust. They can decide hey. Here's what these Justice League movie is gonna look like in three years. How do we how we get the comics to go towards that how do we get our entire. Our entire line. To do what marbles died which is in in what a lot of growing audience marbles a lot of growing pains they've they've actually been punished at. The comic bookstore. Mark miner commons is much I have but people aren't even. With all these changes and try to push forward. I'm curious to see how that's gonna help DC you know they're they're going to be able to you. But you know you look at marble and the black widow he read the comics is very much like. The Scarlett Johansson Blackwood lacy on the big screen same with hot guy in those characters have been a levee because of these movies. And vice Versa. Some curious how this Edward Kelly DC especially in yet and you usage Lincoln with with them so marvel is seen Dave take a more deliberate approach to. Follow the movies now he's with cern of their story lines well it really gauge cherry picked things that are working right so. You have. The movie version of black widow and when dealing with a bunch of new young avenger kids that have never been in a movie yet right so it's totally that's where you're getting. If you've seen this movie. Here's the character with these new characters and you can understand. You can look at you two meet these new characters that's the trend. Ryan neither side DC's they've been much more selective about who. Which I mean they haven't they've they've obviously had less to pull from church and have a twenty movie series they write 31. But they have seen separate digital from a from aero right became a character right Jeff let me grabbed him and now he has the character in that universe so that's of does tend to work itself or via. Anybody goes both ways it's rarer to go backwards to the comics in terms of money right but that happens in any we need to write that good you know. I'm really excited. Display by what he did with ultimate Spiderman I wanna see him really light up a bad man beyond. On that would be great you know seven and beyond pretty much is his latest Peter Parker was that man you know. On that occur how would be great as he Brian recommend is do and Ben and beyond yet Harry. I am so. I'll give you guys ahead an update on a long running story and and I hate to keep talking about this area some fun Burton hit nine. All of these. This is being a an amazing time. For justice really I believe BK's draining that swamp yet but late Kevin Spacey is now a disgraced. Person who is under investigation in both London and LA and is got to the point where. He's been removed as the star of the new movie going to be released next month. And replaced with Christopher Plummer. And the director what's his name of ivory is there Obama had is. Completely re shooting the movie replacing Kevin Spacey is that some of the you know and and like it's gonna cost them millions of dollars to do that. And any suitor release the movie because he wants to house of cards completely. As removed Kevin Spacey yeah I was Sonia if you look at that time on that let's go look at player found will not only is facing you know now. He is it completely ostracized. The Bryan Singer stuff you know I had mentioned on the podcast sounds like it's weird that Bryan Singer doesn't come back up when guys like Brett Ratner are getting accused right. Well give the USC. They have inserting a position this week to hit Brian singer Ruth from their school of film of them because they're like all these allegations that him going after kids we just got to have a problem they. We don't wanna go to the Bryan Singer school of film. So I didn't story coming back out. And then today. Talking about. Changes in DC comics and and and stuff like that night. Also how this stuff is so systemic. Buzz speed drops an article that at DC comics and editor rose through the ranks even after being accused of sexual harassment. That story is really gross. And to hear all of the women who have been affected by that and him. Wow that story is morally I need to check that out our FaceBook FaceBook dot com. Slash Keizai caves and I'm. And not only that Louie CK. We see this week was it the New York Times a bombshell story about him and then today he came out and said yeah that's all true. And I was abandoned power and I use it to my advantage. And his movie is canceled his company had everything drop and everything he's dialing. Think this is the storage or not her or not ever. But I feel it every week the Lucy came literally had homes ago that. The Lucy anything I just I know a lot of people been struggling Missouri Baylor of his and only you can still be a fan of his. And he would also make fun of him would you learn mainly I know. Since any you know do we even his apology came off like. That is a good policy hasn't known my until it. He did have agreed apology because he only owned it and now we didn't do the Spacey like oh by the way I'm gay and right. Rent or that. Sex addict and I'm gonna get my so yeah I'll tell you like. I did this I'm an awful human being I have to me and shame for this I Campbell I didn't even realize how much of my actions affected some of these people so. In the last story about that. That came up to there was again today it was time. We got the actress' name. She played her now. Yet she played time. He pride in the third Batman movie X-Men the last stand here they're pretty six star and I was right Ratner are out there and he he doubted her escape before she won in a really gross Atlantic and rose deserving always emulate and it may and your why we keep bringing this stuff up get that was on the set of X-Men the last stand in this art podcast. We cover. He he stuff this stuff is all in our lives so I just I feel like we're going to keep talking about this stuff as long as these big stories keep bringing and they feel like. To ignore it. Is a crime. That's it we're just gonna bet that remind them. I am who is a world tour. We do is blasted through a lot of stuff I don't we finally got things I think we covered. Everything we wired up until far. Whatever is left of the president but that's our message are. All right obviously. We loved it. I really did I and we side nymex. That is I like that that was dealt. Where did you see it aside at Laverne Simoneau cinema it visiting with his parents one of those nice for wasn't I'm actually it was as nice reclining seats. Which they called does that for all its time us home yeah I I I love this movie it was fun. If it's almost like. You wished you what did you just start doing their star always like this before Wang tells makes the first 21 and a waste. In facts I loved that someone pulled out Buehrle did the marvel put the Internet that three year plan other movies now they showed the logo what store was before. It was still our little red riding that drag around dark kind of scary. And they showed when it ended up being this like. Superiors eighty sign five the controller like a rock star Iraq in Iraq and like the this is saying this logo. Fervently explains how bad movie. Good movie. I had may be strong but I'm I'm paraphrasing I. Also this you've heard the director. Tiger likely eaten. This shows. That if you can work within the Disney mold me that the moral Disney Star Wars. They we have a big giant blockbuster yet you need to steer the ship. It shows that I have to steer the ship can't change what the ship looks like Buick and now I do what you posters. I knew they look like I wanted to look like yeah I can make you re issued a second book all the favorite reggae band they want. But boy that. If you haven't had a vision and an idea. You couldn't work within the corporate structure and do the movie they want in big movie you want as well as he obviously made the movie you want yeah yes yeah. It. He had had a good villain it had a good enough story. I loved and I'm drawn a blank character he plays himself freely. And it doesn't know now. Wrong. Wrong. Guys it is great content that there's just freezing I got David. The name dated the BB gem go Jeff go out who played the chatter now be played Jeff Goldblatt. In this movie he just kick showdown did him. He was so good I thought the meat in the music has brought my favorite part music is fantastic mark mother's love Devo he did a lot of it mark Lullabot is. He's knee you'll never be a big name like the Danielle spins or the John Williams may be key should be. I think he's. I don't think he's ever made to. A heated rug rats music and growing up he did all sorts of stuff you have no idea yells did was department of diva right. So all those like. You know that's cool North Sea and sounds eerie ring never unlike them he's a yes I'm supposed leak. He he said he was inspired. Because he wants to YouTube video that gone viral. I don't know what went on to find it. But it is talking about like hey marvel all ears you'll have any like quality theme song for everything. Is just whatever they showed this movie in this for the in the all the same. So I these events fighter like all want to think outside the box he clearly did threat it was greatly added so much flavor that's moving. I'm IE I wanna comment on some of the elements that made the movie when it wise. You have to. Maybe three storyline smashing together and you have planet Hulk Brett. Which it's the coal is sent into space from the illuminati moon which is like reed Richards and Tony Stark amicable other it means heroes that they're light years or eight. And it determined. We don't have an answer for the whole problem NAND Bruce Banner is great yellow banner. That whole sucks so. Read every issue organist makes. So they could banner rocket Dietrich him sediment to space but fortunately he gets coddle worm hole. Any of sucked through my planning where always worm holes dump out. Eyes Kennelly it's like a trash finally get his movie but it is a good plan all the tragedy that's yet. I get hold becomes a gladiator hole lands there becomes gladiator. But he does get a control ship put his neck yeah he has the battle silver surfer which in a twit season in a really fun twist is also being controlled. And use these tees it's. She board his surfboard. As a shield. And it's got all these gladiator motifs and basically the writer Greg pock. Took hold but Motorola planning and made romantic idea yet what you yeah and in the political storyline. A concludes with Hulk. Really and learning you have empathy for his fellow prisoners and gladiators one of them being Corbett. The Iraq guy and meek the bug guy meek looks up the whole 'cause he's strong and there's a lot of stuff that happens when those who characters they have a lot of Medicare does that mean. They do take back over the planet there's a revolution and so did little pieces of that story. Come out in Q did you see the area is it for the very and I am there's like his. Debit your little hairy he murdered after the revolution as happened he lost yeah this says you know I. It around. We tied. You guys got a great credibility gap you can never solution without you know. And throughout so the top guy on the topic re okay. And then of course the second big story that they pull from is the floor disassembled as part of the managers disassembled storyline. That is literally for rag Iraq. There is a different version of it in the books but floor decides. You know we are God's peace and and we are part of a cycle and rag Iraq is part of that cycle and so rag Barack happens in everybody dies. And there were reborn convert gods and we have to go through that whole cycle again what I'm done with that. A what a break it changed and I wanna break the cycle that is the war rag Iraq's borders is embolden and door basically. Becomes a loading Eagles on a journey of discovery and experience is Bragg in Iraq and everything gets wiped out. But as part of it everything does come back is exposed to him so. Different it's different in the movie obviously rag Iraq's search or comes and I think this is the third storyline and a mentioning. I'm I think this is more of a Jack Kirby asking 1970s storyline. You know that landed on seventies and right you know in search are coming and blows a lot of opening hug chaplain. Man. It's is win. It so he didn't I delegate eight as a fan and knowing those comics as a really great to see this stuff that I love. Being done an overweight and his story is going to be that story for these for people now right if you watch this movie. You're gonna go read planet hole digger don't see a lot like thorn in Iraq it is yet visited since it's a 100%. On any if you watch the plan to hold animated movie. The difference being no silver surfer they entered red Gatorade bill which I love not see any you do get a beater rebuilt or character. And that whole enemy Mary anyway so here's the B three main story what did you think what was your favorite part. Favorite parts. You know I loved the you've door loses hammer. I loved there's a little president so I loved owed in you know talking with stars like what are you do not the god of hammers that. Who is left and right why why do I get frank got of Bunning got to see like. It was cool thing like. This I think this was doors moment like. When we love forever saying when Superman. And me it's an in at just who the enemy is series. Fights dark side straight out oh sure it goes fools who rent we got seat door adult. Full floor lightning everywhere yet doesn't throw we actually don't see a lot of lightning now it's a lot of just throw my hammer fly around what year. I felt when you look at the when you look at the character's journey now this what's great about moral yeah every time Chris Hemsworth shows up to store. The characters grow. Yeah pretty about it right so you look they weren't gonna take smears Shakespeare in the park. Right you wanna the first storm and being like OK I think you mean what you avengers movie look at the second normally and then EC Thorpe popping up and now this week he's. I hilly Chris bill he was in the role at the US is a role in. He's very cocky and arrogant as the order should be many if you think about it before they were we are lashing out. Not only was prisoner and the role. Floor was new to the role late. Well the thing about Oregon. We first it's not the arm is sound right and this is kind of meeting authorities at a place on earth that's funny move out of water he's a real and actually it was just this constant fish out of water joke that was was funny. But that's what do what's right then you got. Thorn in avengers was a little more of that Alice belt. Store works best playing off of people because he's is so different and it's funny. You know the next door I I just thought it was OK you know Barry Arrington what save. That's a great line especially go back a look at the military's need yeah any time Chris Hemsworth. Is standing next to like Tony Stark like Robert Downey junior who can bear physically different yes indeed it has ever say you're right it is being played as. Fish out of water he doesn't hint that he's a god yeah I agree I agree. So in this that we we got seat the largest being for. Any stood on his own we have seem broken down rise back up. You know he still had that comedy. You know popular saying this movie had it was just trying to trash that age you'll front it wasn't doing that Natalie was at all not drop it did have some good jokes that. They can't tell you real yeah. That's funny that was planning to yeah Zain. Love Eden you know am I know it it was just a moment to make good job by the way. You know the twist of those words. You have it backwards guimaraes come from the sun son's getting your allow he's our I can't repeat. I know like Richard area. Larry's men's body that is gonna. Let it get. I did think a little of the win there's a party where Thor is inside there are shipped and he's just wrecking and of the guy erector ship. In what calms him down back into bruise when he hasn't for two years. Was seen. The Tosh or for the Natasha good doing that that are little moments ago at a very reminiscent of Lord of the Rings what aired on it would like. Just destroy the scene it was then. To have his moment what is fairy girl Steven Tyler's daughter yeah I thought we wrap this. I did love the man. It. The emotion they put on hawks face because he had shame when he sonic -- because you run away. And he did hold for two years what was the read a whole yes you know I hope he didn't hold for two years banners being gone right but hold did love it posh yet there's a reason why he is allowing himself to go back to being banner right and part there isn't lying Holcomb banner ran away was because he but he didn't think he'd be the right person for Ernie was trying to viewer favorite. But there's Shay dead fish seemed easy zero in on its phases so. That is our main thing that's the great acting in the special effects you did that purpose you wanna meet appeal and I didn't like. Home run I could think sue yeah I mean anything. I liked it a lot I don't wanna go but if we're gonna say something you feel like he's on the sizzling. I I've felt like mid they may be could move. It may be too much comedy in the actual battle scene that like Mimi actually lose that sense of urgency it's pretty important guy. That was really it as well and shift I sing I loaded this is that we were all the earth. Bomb the whole time right and the battles didn't seem. The battles seemed epic in amazing but they were allowing me to stay with in the moment of the battle and it seemed instead of worrying. How many people escaped from the building. B Gary got dropped yet and I and I am not making him cracking me and a steal I am not. No cause a lot of movement that then that that's a big example of these duties avengers you know that they just destroy New York City island there is certain become number Aaliyah I wonder if maybe I had a less sense of urgency. Because the money earth telling bias. And I'm watching this other planet blog where you get out and I thought my plan you know I don't as guarded that'll that'll and I have a planet you know the way it's take so. Hit it as a lands on air play against does that lead yeah. It is. You know I think I'll give the movie you don't see marvel movies blog consequences. You know they love it's Disney you know happy ending. Plant blew up. US and with that awesome. And you Austin and I bet that those changes are permanent going forward yes and it and lined the rag rock in the comics where they everyone dies usually everyone dies but they do come back reset yet it's their release there. The Brothers and other runners but the worst three were annihilated. Oh yeah hello I. It very nonchalantly yeah. Stores boy didn't kill the girl but now. Well like hey you're you you're dead you're dead I did like they introduced the executioner but they didn't introduce into interest and I'm manual how much can he do you have hello. I mean how many characters in your of now reintroduced. So how the searchers can introduce but yet exist and like many guys so I was really hoping when you see I wanna see executioner in trailers and stuff. Do was fantastic had his own character are you. Well must answer act Karl urban car would love color love Kyra that's that means. Bet he was fantastic judge dread he was on the villain in the movie you. Years ago and he is here in the du Louvre in the up that you're for his broccoli villain. Did you think well dressed. There's always reported is that really. I don't know remind me of the way speaking of fifteen years old. Do you know that tomorrow veterans day is the fifteenth birthday in this radio station. We have Terri and her family now I want. Reasons. I think sometimes may. Warmer question I wanted to following get off or. Oh you think that a so I think tone you concur how is not dead. There in in the at least the who's the big bill has come and barrels. Then house then house is in love with her Reich she's the goddess of death now. There is a story line that yet it's not it's yeah you're right in your wheel wrong. I mean common boutique you ready he is he is in love with the goddess of death but. Help. From hell HEL. Is the goddess of death. In and it different goddess of death like like. There's a Roman goddess of death is agreed got us in that does that make sense okay so he's she's not his goddess of death plus eight. That's not a big stretch you're not wrong. Got his dad hello. You know your your I think he's going to be I think she's gonna play a part big twist though she's not our sister. I mean the movies they mayors or sister that was a big twist right I mean here's where it gets a little one key. These are gods and we're talking about eternity ease him how ease low keys daughter. Not this one I'm Donald so you're dead so okay so of these changes for the comics and movies. Hello is little keys daughter mom and again these are gods were talking about they'd been alive for so long I loved he's not a guy that as I don't think. But gold blue monster car he drops the easy BA's very very different here. By and in your oral here Sonia million years old on year at I am. Moves on now says I think I am glad to tell you how. I am Jeff goal was hinting is so good there was an interesting twist hello being floor and lo he's sister half sister from the heat I'm. Because his successor well I really loved reading earlier this year I think it was late winter early spring. I got the trade paperback for. Angela. Assassin and narcotic trade paperback how many Iran is not a comic comic computer it's on the I got additional copy. But it it. I highly recommend as I recommend this folks online by in July assassin about dart and and that is tonic fairly character from image comics and he brought over marvel even if she's introduced. As the long lost sister of floor low key. So she is now. It's part of her story part of Canon quotas over the Marley universe Angela is stores sister and she's an assassin for as a guard. So it's interesting in this movie Allah is porous sister in she was the assassin for as guard. Easy as saying there's just a parallels that person twists their first error especially with how long it's been he's been in the making and wind that changed made. With marble and Angela coming over and teaching to me it's that's an agency little alone could. Big thing before we go. We're talking about how it works. I would blow for us to start hating on and one of the brick and mortar stores. Yes and start title that would in the early days that would have happened is is standing on the extra week what I mean is that maybe we can set something up down the line media it's bringing in the guys from little Fisher something. You talk about new releases talk about go brick and mortar don't do these things right and all that being sent. Is nothing but frat. And you should right now whatever your doing stop Angeles and in this podcast go on Amazon. And just. Phillip your wish list of comic books that you like because they are already starting to be on sale for you don't sales this last week so if you like Thor comics you can go and get. But trove of Thor comics. Last week they had a one day's sale on Amazon. It was like 80% off I got atomic easy because his entire run of blankets or three trade paperback isn't that a more even out for seven dollars. I got all three resemblance. And I'd read through that this week fantastic. That running so good I loved it right. So I recommend anybody. Go through your wish this on Amazon rain now and then every day or once a week. See what's on sale because stops and go on sale is gonna be really dirt cheap bus secret empire. The big story we're cap wind Hydro this year than everybody talked about I gotta for four dollars I. Thought our dollars. I do say and here's a favorite. Shop the sales this recruits power he didn't go out and support your brick and mortar that's out there and I'm. Hobbs and they're gonna go away if we down you can go get bungalows at your incredible brick and mortar stores and she would. Don't go to a hot topic in did you lose this gutter. Your spirit your story and why trigger back it up until it's worth it carried out this morning it was on it by all the rest stop you can look at. No comments can remember it.