Capes on Capes - Game of Thrones Viewing Parties

Wednesday, July 12th


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Before that though. We are bringing back V viewing parties are out we we're. Sort of infamous for doing this of the Walking Dead. I'm so we're bringing back game of the growing problems in Diana now we've for this senior legal unfurling a lot list. We'll have texture and give drones I can maybe make something worse like. Come the station for an hour much good returns industries vote either for solders free flu that have hopes to you know speaking some game throws comes back. Sunday July 16. And we have a lined up to back to back viewing parties are parallel to kill myself mom so Sunday's sixteen to you wanna join us. Honestly go to the website I don't know and I have been a long day go to F nine point nine ST dot com and look for. The Washington viewing party and we have another one don't next week on Sunday July 23 the sunny during comic con apparently I'm just glad her punishment. So we will have two awesome viewing parties back to back where you guys get to come here to the radio station and now and as. We talk about the shows as we watch them we have rodeos than a fish tacos is looking this up for the first one the second line. Wings and things. And then he added they got me back yet and lets me guess is our friend ordered his said. I know it's during comic con. Would you be willing to do us a second wind and back to back. And look at that it is Edmonds written for the release are now is like oh my god what is trying to kill me. 'cause I got Weems and things involved and they said yes except this pilot if we include things involved absolutely yes. Love wigs and wings and things is there. And he's there rubio is there I am there wings and absolutely cell go to our web site F a 949. Botswana who was also regrets are Japanese get get get rare secret. This isn't she is Adam. Like the first couple they work. And it is a group the group that really facts like people around on line and I got they and they I was negotiate out of the negative chair. I think it's humbling to you is when people are like now I wanna come because I like watching with ambient writes yeah highlights watching stuff with those guys it's like. I don't touch on a cellular Russia say you can come watch you with us we're not eats his school that way now but it's humbling when someone else like I wanted to come. 'cause I wanted to watch. If you guys when you break it it's cool and it. I can't on exactly trouble we got some numbers this week of like say how are you listened last month. And it was real I was I had to distill the wording and I was very humble it was like wow that's. That's a good chunk of people likes listening to our show live maybe a listening right now and that's you know you do that come join us it's great it's really cool to meet you and put a face to those wondering when. What our numbers might look like 4 am GD BC June glimmers or maize that was used in June June's numbers. And you see if in new eyeballs are looking at a scroll all the different. Random social media stuff we've been doing lately late may be Selig doesn't feel like our lives lately. So of you know we've been really all over the place to maybe that's that means we a lot of footprints I don't know sometimes they feel as a bad thing. Like when it granted they were once more yeah what's the final product line. Now the other those times in my but this special what are we gonna talk hold up so yeah ads as I guess I don't let our lives might. I strap myself to the bombing on more than on Purdue airlines like Doctor Strange and one what's happening here. And ominous and the stares at us for a pat ourselves on the back too much to lose all those that listeners how can I tell you. That you should follow its repeats. Yes. At the start of its. It's not up at all.