Capes on Capes - Hamby w/ Cosplayer/Gamer Lindsay Elyse at E3

Wednesday, June 14th

Hamby attended E3 again this year up in Los Angeles on Tuesday.  Caught up with some streaming and cosplay personalities as well as fans like you in attendance at the show!


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We are about once again and I am joined by A another of my favorite cause players all silly huge video gamer but tell us we will learn. I can't let the alias and I pray at Phoenix Arizona Phoenix Arizona's you came all the way from Phoenix and it's isn't it bad guys it's our night. So the BR YE three. It is always been my favorite connection and it. I think it's this everybody here's a passionate about it everyone is so excited for the announcement that it's. It's just happy it go at the cup it it's so exciting and fun I love it. Now you I miss you caused maybe you also live streaming tweet what you twitch show it's just let the alias of marital. And in butcher it like how can they find you on social media. Now I hit a winner and gigs of ram and you do by its side speeds healing feelings. Now good game now. I was there are certain games were really excited when this year yeah I. Lot like it didn't want actually I was excited aren't. Was it might be and it's called on us. And it's that Britney should be iron and I should not be our fan on it kind of makes me sick. But and it doesn't count on and I guess that's on how to play this game and is running out a little house docking I wasn't here last Jenkins here is gone I did that. At this soccer one I was and letting soccer balls and ER. Video and it's it's losing its overnight because it's you and your having a really lousy I'm Evan. If you're Clinton like kind of watching your iCloud yeah. And everything back. Now you've had a huge community from your gods lake yeah you started live streaming people apology he brought any new audience that he had just are running for anybody here actually. I guess I picked up at an event that did that might risk and handed and it immediately summoned us Snyder at my screen name. It's it's so yeah. You know that everybody that I talk to you. Rare here is online and it's. I know so much about that and be able to actually meet face to face and putt and it makes them rally support. There's nothing like that the world Lincoln's greatest doing and then two last questions because the game ever giving you an emotional reaction of course. I every game every game. It's made me laugh baby crying or in the league and no I think RX is my favorite game of all night long and honestly if you explain it it's not right now I adversity to us it's just. It's that powerful city at least the first game I ever really thought love land and I don't know I just I grew up with it you know it it came out when. With highways still trying to find my place in the world and Seles Laura and being able to grow up where it's our I had seen him now. It's like yeah. I didn't play out Alex I bury it all time. And I anchor six to ask questions he's Alessio what would you say if somebody says this is a very easy thing. Yeah I agree with the let's just can't let them be it he gets this nothing out on the satellite. These. Video games are huge stamp and they're only getting bigger and we'll aren't aren't people are getting into the game and he's sports news and I don't know I think I dig deep. And it's something different a long time ago and now likes them it's more. Your crowd your crowds being yeah you know you're out of sleep rounds and then we of course had Citigroup common kind it's one month now are you coming back. Syria didn't. San Diego but does little much I mean there's a lot of people look at the line alliances. I ever since Atlanta is the greatest who ever. I didn't claims. And I slept in the grass that's when he hours that nicely and I can be had like Brothers and everything and I feel like every experience that nothing's what's. What did maybe never again. I mean I'm not snack is at an act I. Maybe I get hired. To work out there and otherwise it's just so much and I'd kind of rather say open yeah. Let me put any peace of mind.