Capes on Capes - Lauren Gallaway Writer for Comic Book Resources

Thursday, November 16th

Finally had a chance to connect with Lauren Gallaway, freelance writer for Comic Book Resources and other outlets.  We talk CW shows, freelance writing, and the ongoing Sexual Harassment claims in Hollywood.


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Hey guys it's can be very special episode. Became psyches podcast this week Bryce is on vacation. But it's I mean to have this conversation with Lauren Galloway. And I were finally join Laura and potty. How are you. For me it's about time I let me apologize rail of the battle we've been talking for months maybe almost a year. An under wanted to have you in and between Bryson my schedule in the studio time that we did some things we he's never know like when we'll be here so it's hard to be like hey metres of five and. Yeah now it I'll get it I totally understand. Now Lorena we learned how do you line BK is you are a writer for a bunch of different outlets get phantom. Comic book resource is the moral port clever girls and a bunch of stuff why do you tell our audience who you are in kind of what your thing dance. Yeah well he was born well I you border while the Gordon hit the eagle putt I got a big ego they grapple in 98 or nine. So the punk scene I would monitored a high school anchor happens during rallying. I'm in the upper upper. College city business and when I got to college there wasn't a lot of job. Haven't you know your typical millennial conundrum. And so actually started working for a couple local author and pig a year ago. Helping them you know wipe their book editor Richard L you know run social media campaign. And during that time I started Arab kind of all that your writing for energy the weekly bad actually opened that I'm beating at contributor program. They have all these shows you know that they. Hey everyone covered their interest in that actually start recovering after shout we believe that might know caught in of all you want is infection that children need it should. But recovering nutshell you know cherry Gideon director Louis cap in television show you're viewing television show. I mean not that I'm would be Asia and the marshals are really coming on line aero glass. Neuberger at all let Jane's agent and she old in all of the things that interest at me. Park I'm looking good and going out and anarchy legally can about covering what Billick network shows true that I wanted it and then some more comic book. So colorful greens were there is at an opening act quiet bike apart I didn't get a good look at I ship. You know for any need that would break and I and I got are reviewing arm Apatow the option that the arrow. And that opened up my shirt and web site called the marble report I can cover more marble. And now I'm looked like at random which you know cover a lot of the same kind of Anna Mae Collins kind of genre. That is the stuff. I love the people that we interact with especially you and others I'm in the comic world because I feel like. Were very much that we wanna be more inclusive and I'm we're common bug nerds that are on our radio station trying to podcast in. We don't treat it like where outsiders lightly knowing anything that were insiders we dislike talking about stuff so I like reaching out in hearing other voices and we talk about this CW shows all the time. You know flashing arrow alleges tomorrow that was one of the main things miles like. Lauren on a nationally because we showed almost exclusively in you right the weekly reviews photos so like what's that like for you. That's you off air but light you just wrapped up your day as I start my day. Tom what's your daylight as a as a freelance prior lake. You know what is your week look like you do you schedule yourself around shows you say like Wednesday's going to be busy can I got all these shows on Tuesday night what's what's your vibe. Well two years ago I started reviewing watching Oprah come quicker. And not you know a bit but the balance between the you know getting excited and look. But all that coming up for many global corporate work I have to record at all. You know I have beyond with everything so when I was covering those shows you know my share. To quote unquote ship. Would turn out five and I would you know start prepping my article you know a lot of which usually means we have to do our own editing our image. In all like Alec had to live PDF and by you know. Look at that individually episode crop you know make sure they're very excited and basics like pat. You know on the epic quoted awning you eating deer alike. Eight note while you're watching it you know occupying go back to watch it again. You know make sure you had all the major corny went urged her to do. I would not giving these guidelines. It would just. Recap the episode and you can get every one and spell check out my style. It and you think all in chronological in this happened you know first what happened second acting kind of bored. Britney kinda hurt her Maryland hello Aaron wearing it like Craig episode of the fox. You know I would do well a little scary you know what it was a lot and he learned the couple wrote in a woman's emotional and exciting to learn how our. You know media there was like a sub plot ire at her about channel and a and I was kind of hit a major point blank. And that the value that we look at how they are down. Yeah actually it archer are being threatened got more Christian when it covered in jet. No I talk about it on the podcast on time that I can we you're gonna corporate structure but. Everything that we enjoy it is part of a corporate charger as well so I think you have to understand that night. A lot of people get let go from Star Wars movies because they might not understand how to be a part of like a machine. And yeah it's so funny that like I championed the folks like. Tackle would TT with gore because he I he's like hey I'll voice just let me have. Let me do what you guys want it's great I just I can add my own flair and here you are you have no guidelines just hey right about the flash or let us get some quick Saturday. And you're like me are precious to him now gonna make it my phone in on the matter right about the mergers and senators eighty CDC that's great it's. I love that creativity my dad I love that you. Through your work you found that that's awesome. Yeah so I'm really open the door to you greater pain and so treatment or Greek Burton. Operate on but really a model where people content rightly wonder cherry street article the week. You know the entertainment industry I'm sure you've noticed that there aren't sure what are the you know noted that at the whole idea. Go to. Score better journalism degree get hired at a new paper. You know how could be. Really. I'm really how we can commute anymore. And well you know for me I mean not my right at once I I might break record I think you know depending on me you know I didn't kind of cover the basics of the show whether marvel shore he he show or network show lake. The weight person and they. You'd need colored tiger's look like you're saying and how to beat this French. You can start page saying new ideas and you know pitching war hi how you know. PW and now that the characters coming collection okay orchard who I think should playback character. Yeah. And it got out I did get. I think revue box. And kind of sat until we call feature and I really enjoy. I got. Had a couple that article block your work about the black canary. You know and he has keeping up on arrow you know moral and that killed impugn the core of our that you really controversial move an annual rate about why but actually it and then I can't change their mind a little bit. This new black canary now. You know it's great to talk about her stuff he did not I period of the real world ghastly. But kind of pulling let you know we like it you don't like and it and. So I I have to ask this question because we are such big fans of like a flash and air alleges tomorrow. I Bryce loves super girl Subaru has been hard for me to pick up on. But this year especially. Everything's been hard for me like I think I got through this second episode of flash. And my girlfriend put it out in the we she's saying hey are you gonna. Are gonna watch these episodes of legends atomic allies as you have five and I'm like oh my god like. I got like fish on that also what it's like Paul Light I'm so behind and I feel like. Easy mean. Or is it shows or is it a combination like where we're using gasoline who writes about these shows and had you're probably kind of on all what do you think. They disclaimer I am caught up on everything. It is my job to be cut up on things and include I am you know my and we are my credible. You know invite me out and wearable quantity and they're like OK I can hang out all the but I really have to go home and watch and it did last year. You know because that is part of my job to know about these things like Clinton in outpatient keep actually. It's not you will I know a lot of people who are having a hard time with the DC shows and it's interesting content you know and you hadn't cut a lot should know that he's in Perry was pretty dark yeah. You know very dad died he was pretty broken from what happened you know look all of a sudden sound harsh and and essentially prop and I are gonna die at mile heavy. I. And pat Gillick. But to Twitter. Hive mind. Kept saying we want equity to come back the clock yes well now they're on the let me back with a long hated man in Sydney Miller like a bachelorette party at the Dutch. But now people are feeling like there's too much levity. And there's not enough period as our stakes I think may be one reason people are having art with a plaque. Wedge and one consistent fact that these I like that they go to different period. But they are recycling and bella and you know they've got peavy are back which. I'm not super girl about we we act arrow and coaches. I've been with the balance between the keeping the same because your viewers you know it's all night Asian. Yeah I haven't they expect certain things. But at the same time Heidi keep. Are you're not doing the same thing and I think all the children struggling without that either except for many people girl should I think it will girl has really committed to be morbid trauma. Because you know Alex. Karbala one out there like a lot of relational greeting like deflection in under the we're that. I think they had to meet broker has become the most like heart I'll show on the debut oral what it's about why. Okay yeah yeah what do you think about. And I I talk about the solid time and I I always wonder. I'm not kind of predicting a downfall it's not what I'm looking for but. And being fans of pop culture wiest everything goes in cycles we fees we see things coming down low and I do wonder like. There's only so many voice is that we trust. To do these shows or do these stories and and do them well and I do wonder with more and more of these shows. Do you think we're at a point maybe not the bubbles bursting but maybe there's just not enough great creative people to go around. To sustain all of this content rain now. It's really interesting question I don't know if I would say. That is a lack. He told I feel like there's always mean I think people order. It sure are hiring correctly yeah they're hiring people who aren't very good writers and know how to buy television but also people who have a chart you see whether it. Oh you know you're applying for problem again did do you know anything about the X-Men are you got in about civil rights. You know the thing virtually all looking for people girl and her Riverdale. Another com production of the outback. Of the bubble popping a huge change. What the word your like act compact being. Yeah it's those are two and you add capacity implies that were almost there I got as I'm like I don't what the term is but. And I wanted to pitted just a little bit on this conversation BK is as we grabbed our show last Friday night. And the last few weeks I make a play unit to bring these stories up B case. No we don't like to talk about really hard topics but I feel to not talk about these sexual assault allegations that have just been. We used elevating throughout all the different industries and I feel especially in our entertainment industry if we don't not a matter and are sliced. We're not doing justice I think is a story every single one of these is a story. And and as soon as we wrap of the show last week. Story came out of my injured Chris Byrd with the flash and all those shows. And I almost wonder. I was a big champion is in now hearing about. Alleged toxicity. I wonder is leaving the right voice was he brought hiring all right people was are a lot of luck involved and that's socks to recoup the money. I want to believing you. I almost worry about the future of the shows can they stay together if they don't. Al one elevate someone who's an abuser. But. You know. Again I go back today the voices we trust and I'm like out of Sony management doesn't so wanting good where we with these things you know. Yeah I thought I did it while I was actually up and LA. I have abandoning their friend and I actually I would it would be building houses Warner Bros. and he he comical like a very bad day. I've read it I was about to strike call and you know I have tech alert public island or certain you know news. And I did look at life on camera like you have children and it. And king kidding me. Not injure cracked part. I think I knew the other issue is gonna saw her Weinstein. I knew that certain. You know pun intended how the cards you're gonna keep calling you need really. Yes you know that's good fight it we think we I leading ET dogmatic as. I think every one of those is a news story as you say the house occurs you (%expletive) what. And it got close in Italy Serbia got us into Iraq when he came out of can they be. He kept the lead at Anthony Rapp decided it kind of how that story. And his character had an incredibly power arc on dirt track discovery. About being the only person on the ship who knew what was really going on that kind of Groundhog Day at the and it. And hit Carriker was the only one aware of garlic. I worry that. And rally here and reading about how immediately on my I'm watching him on our track discovery. They're yelling and crew. Something is wrong no wonder what they it airline ticket to rule. And typical and then to find out back into your credit card and what I meant when I interviewed you know my expedition at the pertinent cracked. You know a wooden who have loved his shows in aero aired 2012. It is. They can make sure I heard saying those. No plot against him. I you know I want I keep saying that and a champion for. More voices and then the double must work in the corporate world and I get a that they just wanna make profit you know and I ads. I was wondering you know. I hate to say wait a video games has not either one of Mars world in this podcast by. You know EA is going through big thing this week and a lot of video games this year because they've they've over stress the paid a win type model. With a micro transactions and it's just becomes such today every single conversation becomes that an and I feel that way with this you know where every single conversation becomes about. We were doing things right what's going on like why can't you know anyway it losses now. So. Without you know as Tunisia and kind of actually share I think line in Berlin you productions who is the parent over. Last year out people girl ledges river you know blind spot and now black lightning which is kind of community in January. You know gradually and over he's the shadows and there tractors and caught it there you know they're have a parent. Over the show. I feel like they should one patient had been to many more seriously. And if they do you know yeah they really really really really clean out and turn the puck that they Aaron. You know I had friends come forward over the weekend partly work on any shows that couldn't get out. I experience to injure or I have you know I remember feeling uncomfortable in his right here colonel when I was on air power when I was up flat. Of course the follow up story being this week with one tree hill cast coming out going out so. Everyone of these stories triggers another story amazingly. Which is important because. Now people who want an island are valuable but come forward. And apparently all the way that you're in court about wintry shall venture partners currently running you worry oh yeah she's a made her. And because of the luncheon eleven about the women on oil analyst at that early but Blake. His behavior has not changed and one tree hill and it I don't know they're iron hammer if they're gonna put I don't precautions that the play of weird being late. What do you do it like for Hartford current spent a lot of people are really tired and out of there. You know he helped you read the show her how many years. Should he be allowed as an hands. Policy error an ad that's where I'm like I don't even think when I haven't hop I don't think he should be involved and more I think talks toxic behavior should be. Button on a certain terms and a death sentence Torre I think. You're done there like maybe you can come back and redeem yourself some of the time in life but with this cast with this crew with this job we you're dynamite in my mind. And did bother him because someone Walden who will they get it. To manage he shouted can I do feel like you've got to move on you've had this toxic environment if it I think it. Angers me more that when I think about these things that like these are shows and you and I love. And we do put in my a little bit of a pedestal and I look at someone like Katie lots and I'm like man. You know captain Lance is a bad that she's not bad acts and that I have to think it late. Yeah but on her job. Where she actually has to be a woman and an actress and go to her job and light where. Tight outfits and stuff there's some creep that's her boss it's like you know albeit root rot. I mean that put Katie lots other there's no example where I just first name department and she's a bad she did me in light. That is bothers me like yeah. We seem. Obviously you know and you know I feel like in a way. The show who can err on the side would be hypocritical. Because. Or a look like our expert. You know in his dated day whether she's making jokes about an inner city we're hitting on women or like learning equipment I don't know that the city peak now should we help. There are reports of that we that we're comfortable around and she walked into the room they would leave and I know what that's like of the woman you know I know it I. Whether it from Iraq and you're not just among critics and army. Where. You didn't panic attacks thinking about going to work. And then it has to know that he brought to life mom liked to procure all. How can you write about as strong woman and if you don't believe women should be strong. Leg and he. You know I've out of work for hand you know there isn't big put anywhere like. You know part the part of the matter healthier like now women are great the creek with no matter how ear like a little slightly different frequent Hartley. I think the worst switching is easy and then not to give any excuse Dini behavior by the worst part about it is there's some sort of pain that that person is fighting and they don't know it they've never dealt with it. And so. These ugly behaviors because you know as you and I are fans of fiction we both know. The villain in never sees themselves as the bad guy. And if you apply that to realize no one ever thinks of themselves the bad person they all everyone thinks. Arrogantly that we're doing the right thing and I think it I think that we lied to ourselves. Especially when we're fighting pain. And I don't excuse any of these people because when the first thing I bottom with Anthony Rapp. In my mind away his. Sorry. The best friend from adventures in babysitting was sexually assaulted by a toy year old man Kevin Spacey like that's disturbing to me late. It's literally Anthony Rapp what's right leg. That's around that time and adventures in babysitting comes out he gets assaulted by. Kevin Spacey Hollywood right in the camera's razor like well you touched him as other stories Monday. Well oh how. Now look at that we heard what you're. You're due now. But that unfortunately this utters you're there are links straight up pattern or review there's that aspect and it's. They are accused of any kind of conduct they make it about themselves well. If someone I thought about that I'll lose my job or I'll lose my career or. It L I'm not think anywhere because of that finger of accusation could you clear that the any yeah it's like yeah it. Blake you know I hit the Arctic is it's hard to see that kind of behavior in our alliance puncture. We all ran into people who are like back. But then to come pile of and the fact that now. Do you let him power whoever they are whether any people aren't skater BB York an expert. In at all. They basing that they champion limited that beat RBY if you don't need it unlikely that Hillary Clinton's campaign. You know it's easy and the circuit a whole look at how liberal hopper car and how wonderful people are but you know like at the end of the day. They're inviting women at their hotel room and their conditioning man and they are beating their power for actual game and it's like. But not okay are one and and hill you know I think that the more we talk about the click the Hollywood has a problem. This. It could not just Hollywood yes it definitely let us. Eight and you know if they want to be at some sort of like liberal white. You know this action and see Ebert a little da doesn't ever seeing all the other stuff but you know. Look at the big note board accidental about and beating good programs in place. You know for people group are the kind of behavior or consequences happen you know somebody is out of line as opposed to just. Just letting it happen and not you know knowing pocket nada and no actually went they can't. One. A Screen Actors Guild and get on board with and whether or Writers Guild wouldn't it all in unions and Hollywood diet. Each somehow not protecting our people I don't know there's something wrong and I hope that the dress the border lake. It can absolutely. You'd geno more about our age I only saw like headline in a photo what was it's a lot of the gals from the CW shows were champions today. Merit all in authority that says she's already a what do you know what that's about. That while a lot of these women on the team that deal I don't know they knew. This investigation. Going on and took expert and they were like getting ready for a or it's just that meeting but can you lot need he Richardson's Allard. He packed city EE and leader required multiple knowing a lot of the women show. I did I administered group I would like nonprofit I don't know what it is like incorporated which but you know will reporter Eleanor if the page and have called she authority one or. And it doesn't support women and support each other and I think a perfect time for it as. A ligament in her life. She could protect them you know I'm so I guess they're finding a way to kind of get together which. You know I think is important and I hope that you know men aren't offended that they're kind of thing that I think they need it right. I'm not offended. I'm deadly that I don't I think it's also a big key lots fan so like I see her doing stuff like that like that you know I see the marching in the women's march Melissa and waste and oh what's her iris I'd and Candace and end and then Daniel and a banker they were all marching earlier this year and I. I love to see you know in in grant grant was plot a margin as well flash himself he was supporting them and I respect that. It's hard to. Two this is going to be a weird thing it's hard to be a man in this conversation because. Your point of view has been heard from. At this point it's not unite nobody wants to hear from you could you had your way Yuba. I do feel like we do need to speak out. We do any responsible for our sisters and our mothers and our daughters and Eric. Ons and you know I mean IE we need to be responsible for the women our lives as much as they're responsible for us so I'd love that. I don't know what grant may or may not have seen I don't know it Stephen may or may not seem but I like they put out notices this and we've got to do better and I think. I think the problem is we always wanna tear things down and senators saying we've got to do better in doing better but I like you said we. We have to take a moment to choose to do better and I think it is a great time to do and that's why I was like I love what they're doing the she authority thing. Anything that just helps China likes that this doesn't happen to someone else you don't. Yeah I loved them all but if you analyze I think Tuesday morning on it he I think you know about that great its platform. And he'd say you know there are people on this set up in Vancouver and something is wrong you don't feel comfortable addressing it Q do you agree short I will go we he'll. And I Alex wrote it in colleague and an incredibly practical ways. Shouldn't be supportive cut a line that should do is feeling marginalized Serbian leader has. You know going alone and you know being afraid of getting tired of being experience you know being told oh obviously you ignored yeah yeah. Order or it was your fault her you know leading you're coming on to hammer her you know took over this big sibling in Munich to leave feedback. I think first even the day you know oh lead actor on the show I have while pregnant. I want to go with you and support you need I think that the passing and then to do right now it's not the lead in the conversation and not like you're back and not to think light up the place that people. You know because I hate to log of those people know a lot about at all. And it's you know that they had been written and I I it. I remember when and that can lead to acts act was trending. And then I would have a lot of if you've ever. You know it terribly cute story gets hurt needs jail and a court all of these took it to. Andrea after chapter intrigue me to an all trigger would like I like the man in my life worse so shocked. About yeah. And I remember tweeting like hey if you're ending your reading lists beginning paper. Your mom or your wife for your corporate your sister. If she doesn't need his or chilling clarity and asked her because I think it I think women are pretty open about talking about it. I don't think that's barely know Atlanta Shia. And now I think like the greatest thing mentioned you're an Allen who want to. Act click hey I don't believe you and comfortable. And women might lie because there are any cure. But at least you acting let so many elect only chain. I want to be checked on my behavior and you know. And then asking Haley in the workplace. You ever thought later in this church are and the rest are you know whatever your community are. Alex they hand you were uncomfortable about it address that but talk about. She I that code just saying it on the back out of the congregation kind of man and I can't expect. Well I don't pushers are real quick you know what I mean is that not that. The back had a conversation he's a man he can't fix it now attending a sales mean that lake. Because men are in such a place of entitled power and in our. Lives not just this country but everything in our name of the patriarchy that exist. That sometimes Mihm mentioned quiet hit eighty. Maybe you add your voice heard the last forty years doesn't ever as a resident in about like you don't need always buddy just do your manual disease and thing. But right. I will share a very original source for me and in the last five years. I had an employee of mine had a previous job. Who. We have got done and a job very gregarious person a very physical. And I high fives you know and we got on the back of a golf cart it was a bad man and a girl or for real boy and a girl. And I squeezed Bolden their shoulders and I told them how great of a job they've been doing they were taken en us. And two weeks later. I was called into office and told that it had made her uncomfortable and that she'd felt I had sexually harassed her or her rash here. And I got to take a real hard look and think. I'm 66. Inches taller than car I'm twice turned wait Blake. I was scary individual. Not just kind of a nice guy but I am OY eight she was. She was Spanish I like guy. There's a lot of entitled power there there's a lot of light. Maybe she didn't know what my intentions were and immediately she felt creeped out and I took it upon myself to take their responsibility there and saying. IE I got to figure out some ails you better unfortunately for Maine and that position that job. Nature Rosie really inappropriately they chose not to actually go to HR they chose not to actually address anything they chose not to let us actually discuss anything I was just. Perhaps offers treated like I sexually harass somebody and the other have gotten cooler why history here like that. And yeah. So it's what else is a blight. I took it upon myself to be light there's nothing I consider her to make her feel better I have to understand. That. Even if I didn't see myself as a threat and I still don't and I entered but I do understand how she saw me as a threat. And just what I wanna a lot of people don't understand is that. Even in the even in the most innocent of situation is. It's not asked for it's not just for you know her legacy is not warranted so those early for me and. It's never really applied quite to this conversation but I it's me saying I'm like I don't always be answering it's like I myself. Have been accused of sexually harassing somebody and I own that I feel so I've never had a conversation that girl ever again. You know assailing him for a couple more resort there it was really awkward situation and I tried to be. I was like I want her real cultural possible I don't want someone to be uncomfortable around I don't want someone to feel like. I'm trying to. Get in her pants and just made me and I you know took my responsibility for so I want I want lamenting that responsibility as well just understand. If you're you're not in. Any way. Yeah I would say you think about I would they wanna do is that. L experiment you are going oh you know weird lie. And I don't wanna crop it into remembered that the women we get to capitalize. So like what's her what this is exactly electric somebody who is to protect you he really covertly articulate person. My life might be really different. And I'm an eighty's some of his but it Butte you know look who doesn't like any answer hugger anything. Oh what I will it help people you know it actually did it come back fully the most basic kind of mail even out ugly. Is it pure guys and you don't know where the line is whip your friends your girlfriend. You know your box your coworker who ever. Because women will always Julio that your guy in Al and you're not sure what kind of has an appropriate nearly straight McCain I. You know give you hide when I cut you off or you know is it okay if idyllic shake your candor hike idea when you do look at top. And you have the woman told you. Wow re like I look back kind of affirmation. Or she could say you know Larry I really not a triple a pack and then you'd shall convey it like it here. You leave your heart you know have been cropping up more often than not yes did you get picked like two minutes. It is Felix Hayward the working relationship or that volunteer relationship whatever it may be I know where your packet back and luck I guarantee you. Like the women in your life will be so thankful that you just took that I'm app. Mattingly don't believe that crop in maligned in the big Macs they ignored alignment and it means that the duke. Didn't hear it really pay more in order you to. And I can be like you know it we can't let the that there were my life it now but Munich couple learned some. And you are doing so what I like morals that. Right yeah yeah these people are on while whenever you got now you asked if he's not out when. I like it. And it hit it particularly. Doesn't mean you are actually any lack Indonesia like you any luck but I mean about Rasheed. Comparable on a good man get offended you like a woman doesn't high five back doesn't hunt back and the current U. There are you feeling the burn out and Anthony got you played well whenever we seek out here I would like well a change it didn't hit it. The police. And then Hewitt hit offended like all what are you brought out there aren't might. A little space here that literally and anything you do if you look at it Myanmar uncomfortable. My. Lawrence. Let me let me let you go because I'm actually running at time and Ryan ideally we talk ever again and again and again am I deadly wanna have you back especially now that it's easier to call. When prices that are out. But big is so much I want to end with I've got like two minutes what are you excited for. To in between seventeen and what's coming up fast in 2018 that you're excited for like Asians she'll Wear US. So if he shield is going tattered state and I really bad integrated direction they can go play a lot of kind of hurt they're very well and I'm super stoked to see children. And then the movie you eyes at me and powers allow. In Vietnam. And create outlook that the repeated commandeer all liable saying Jumanji welcome to the double layer. I'm excited for a my girlfriend is like I wanna vomit the fact that you think that we feel constituents the. We are very. Well. We'll Lauren did you so much I don't wanna have you back on again it's keeps on keeps you guys think you so much for listening.