Capes on Capes - Little Fish Comic Book Studio

Friday, January 6th

This week Bryce and Hamby are joined by Alonzo with Little Fish Comic Book Studio here in San Diego to talk about the comic book industry in general, but also about the great programs they have teaching kids and adults how to make and draw comics.  Hamby and Alonzo get real NERDY and deep about old school comics, but Bryce keeps things flowing.  No new episode next week, Hamby will be out of town.


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Intern she never my site is this stage are you talking is that it. Yeah. Feel like I've. 500 things talked. It that we had a faint sense and you just cut off but that is nevertheless here we are special episode of caves on case. We are joined not only by handy. Casino is actively. And I'm here's price that we have along though from a little fish comics studio hello hello welcome one of thank you guys Raddatz. Things I've. I knew it had to exist but. This here in OB nine inches from the commission valiantly Ito let him tell you that we and other guests that are off yeah we're cultural joined by Sophie I think. That gets people out there she's like ten to ignite that we. And so I didn't have good good I mean you're by the way thank you Henry you. Merry Christmas happy holidays. Happy Chanukah. Behind me behind hi I don't wanna go party last weekend it was another fun we didn't spend a brittle but I got to see the Chanukah song for the first time ever you like the whole life group that I don't know. And I. I know something about that I was just with making him managed him it's cocktail which I think turned out pretty good and you can hit it and I guess it just it's discussed Iraq it increased its. I hadn't thought it was a nice respectful of the main issue of its cocktail and then I just kept on pouring in more you know god when they. My apparently now I have they have multiple Serbs are now they got strawberry there. All right that's I think would manage habits is totally except and with alcohol in it it's thick it's sugary. You do not. The whole class that but he gets served a whole lot that I ever at us now you have I don't know how much you're not you know there's the anomaly that you have lived as an ally. Is kind of like that Blackberry. Alcohol. You don't I don't know. I don't know I'll call him and him but you know I'm an a plus business world where you cut out the east or you cut out the and then you can't do that. But didn't make it better manage policies a lot of things out of the Oaxaca and like it was their sleeves and he stays this way you only can do. And I hear talk about that cigarettes are. We could we'd and we could fill out that no president that I want to explain exactly what. Little this comes studious and under the not so little fish troubled studio is a nonprofit. Comic book. Art studio and advocacy group which means basically we teach. A modestly speaking awesome classes all year long focus seeing. On comic books anything from writing scripts. To drawing while figure drawing classes with cause players for the community college and it's just awful you know. To be you know collaborative projects. And two outside partnerships with different companies we going to be partnership with. And yes you know trolleys and buses what it. We did the. You know the compass cards little special isn't it okay got on we designed those this past year for coming in no way off today. An honor there were four or so clearly is the I would be I'm. Yeah. Yeah I couldn't get them out like and all the different OK I'm just boots they were like really well. I don't know why am I believe. I did daddy. I had a stash again that's okay sir Harry go you know you say it's yeah but you are sure. Villaraigosa and push this on the hush hush right. We it was really cool it was in the studio so we had him. All of our students about thirty to forty in total. All design. Something around the idea of transportation and super your rooms. MTS you're consumer Daria something that resonated. My kind of helped direct them but I want to be fairly hands off. Had to be color. And then from there I aid some the mall to. And TS who then. You know it's for comic con and so comic cons logos going on it's a comic con sat in on the process helped judging them which made mr. and two more nervous and excited. Comment and they selected for winners one for each for dale and comic con the four of four passes. Two and we split it. To make Kubel more equitable to. Under eighteen students and 2032 students so you know I would awesome and really quite stock your FaceBook page a little bit. Oh has one guys moved and I noticed you guys. It's an account comic you got to go to a panel was that involved do you have an Arizona every year we have intensive. That we do the studio and one step above camp right so it's not. During the camps right we're gonna watch cartoons and have fun which you can take breaks go to the park. The intensive like we sit down. And we hammer out the (%expletive) comics over three days like. Three days. Always with kind of his team to kind of help drive getting into Syria into an album exactly got three act right that write the studios clicking Ranariddh as the times gone. And this year we did a public domain superheroes the ones that we could. We published report in America. Can poke the irony of older random it totally random old golden age superheroes upon. And it was amazing to watch for students do the research and find these characters I'd have to timers like. There's no (%expletive) way that character actually exist like let me see your phone that's always used to it someplace they are having here shortly here and there's no way that actually ever existed and how. Literally there was one guy who was kind of like me. Was to super nerdy kind of phantom stranger DC a COLT kind of looking guy like a trench coat treasure he had roller skates on. That had flashlights attached to them Eden and because he had shuttle powers. In the flashlight feel like. Activate and obviously we know he's likely to golden Saddam it was crazy ER is. No. Assistance now Michael can purchase yes that's yeah let's stick that. I had it says the British call a flashing on and merchants are gonna crap delightful but with regard. I was not a doctor. It's it. Yeah so we we finish those two page comics. And get them printed. And nice high quality prints. A little fish has a Booth at comic con of course and the students all take turns being out the Booth and getting that professional experience you know so it's not like. You know I am I made a com economic come come I'm just wander around so here they are at the Booth they're like hey I'm serious about their. I don't Arizona yeah yeah yeah I guess that part of it had to be responsible that are you know threatens a Billick comic con even as a spectator. It's so big an overwhelming that you don't owe it to properly do your time especially due to English and you have some new wanna accomplish like that. Defeating given out like that that's. We we I was eyes on little guys again. Let me finish here but we do things where did you armament and I thought we did things where we did beat up like its previous night none and Michael writes I was like I'm you know eight DNC was the only thing I don't mind I'm mark a bank. You know things are going to be crazy whatever whoever the next daylight and go to this panel. When Rouse I did not like him not to be announced as an as I guess you could do that because we cover it over for five days. You do that but in one day be it. Be a nightmare. Yeah I've been giving out food name there yeah and so then a group of them gets elected to be on a panel to talk about. The process and has made it's it's awesome and so we get the whole kind of professional experience to come upon you my friend my Chad canonize artists and content are right or guarantee an Enron and Yves is singer songwriter where I am on at some point and we are talking forever he was this Corey. Rags to riches story this year for comic Bonnie was on the waiting list and they literally called up like seven is at a time I was like hey you got a bit looks like for like an artist Alley and I. Now he's now hot like you know like all the local news stations came out covered their really big about it now. His critics at the CNN miles I'm so proud you know like I know I know what it's 2 o'clock totally you know to me like a lot of people walk by artist Alley and I'm a guy like. Oh an artist Alley because I'll meet you know Neal Adams aren't making really hurt us or you're right. A huge failure work late I don't know what you're doing or how. You do you think you'll want to using hot out there and you're awesome and yet to stand and accept my and Julie yeah. It comes and I and I asked. I look. An artist I think people really. Really interests me are so he could you don't. The space race lighten write an artist values every football player in the NFL you all have on a helmet. You own job in the book on I love football I'm so excited well. I'll take a helmet WR on the life and your receiver I don't know. That's regular artists like I sometimes feel like it's so great that he knew these people are walking up and say hi. Write a note working. This says about that though it it takes a real fan do that let alone some don't try and actually get in that yes right on his little little dedication and how. How far louder you guys in the process when your rights are you talking to comment on now yeah this year I mean yeah we are right now it's so early bouncing ideas back and forth. And you know it's starting to organize like the summer camp structure what it's gonna look like. You know comic con are comic con intensive obviously is of the tent pole for aren't aren't our summer season. But then that starts driving all the summer cans just finalized plans for spring camp because I was I mean. Lucia when you can use them against you work with. The crock you're with a Nelson would you the studio is they ever a summer and it well yeah comics yeah I think it now know all worlds tour. Yeah no it's all in studio and guys don't go so awesome BI now the school has really cool so let me go back we'll. How how did all start how how does one start a comma looks at it would give you the idea and then how did you make it happen right so I got mine I went to the school visual arts in New York City which is one of the only schools in the country for. Has a major in comic books. Sort got two classes weird it really weird and only headquarters used yeah I had a weird. We are debating right now. History by the way they began it don't pay attention that marvel at these either big everything was New York based everything. Yeah I doubt any it was all there are all the you don't come to stores that are because of it you know. Huge Mecca for comics. You know I got to classes with Claus Jensen. So Gimenez and even now to Kelly you know like these amazing guys. Lots of other great guys as well and you know then I finish I aide who backs India go warm front from originally start freelancing. And then I was contacted by a guy add to hi to Qaeda in Chula Vista he ten help mentor and after school program that they were doing around comics. Went down there we started. Talking we elect this would be cool new to do this full time. Chasing dreams steady after her dreams you know running a studio using that space and create we're not teaching. And we found space we started little fish together. He left after year. But since since been growing you know exponentially do you. Do you ever do suffer occasional gem at our party you know I have I've talked often on with a lot of people to work. With them and I wanna get something going we we actually just started partnership with. The San Diego Italian film council I sat as a kind of and it can be really cool I think can be easily runs on the lets you know felt a stay right here you don't have to match trying to share. That is absolutely got a wheel spinning like the comics movie kind of sinister in the evening you print it Taylor do you think you see is print. Earth yet I mean in in terms of the collaborative aspect you know so. Italian film vessel reached out to us. Last year in August I was actually on vacation in Mexico like at a beach where I had no cellphone reception. But I got up and health regularly and I I don't play great no interest in three and now. That's a lot. I tell myself I'm Michael and I complaining that it can encryption are in panic attack us. And what's happening right. And it you know a running a nonprofit you'll would you know and a smaller studios do you get these kind of form emails a lot of words like. You know. It. I found your studio Hughes why it's awesome we're this company here's why were awesome we're doing this thing it's gonna be on some. To unload have a Booth here or give us money you know like a measure ready for up for her yeah and I'm reading. And I get to the fourth paragraph. And this woman. Diana I casino who's the assistant. She is she viewed assistant executive director for the retiring from fossil. And she's fourth clear path she's like I walked by your studio all the time on the way to yoga this remorseful nobody you know. It would be awesome to do some kind of partnership. Let me know in the moment always the second has to be really cool with the certain because they. They were doing that when the films are screening if was a that Italian superhero movie for one of the if on the little on Shia it's called they call me she'd. Which is based on the old enemy called G robot from a from the eighties which. Randomly was huge in Italy he's super beginning with. So this was like a movie integrating some of the ideas from that enemy. Com and so they sent us trailers promo materials you know just stuff we need to get started. And aide asked IE media com to the cost is a little fish to basically posters for Obama for the movie. And that they knock them out through the remains and you know I got back from vacation and we had like one month I was like you know that we are we gonna Google it. And by the last you the last day. I'm like waiting for these to come in you know via email I was like guys c'mon. And I got like I think twelve to fifteen of them and they'd all for killer they're fantastic guy and but executive director. Victor found me at the we went to the screening of that of that. That movie or T robot and we had. The posters all displayed in the lobby isn't on the Oakland on bubble park is as cool neat and she came up to me was like this was amazing. We got to do something together enough. Thanks for four yards off the remote remote mountain local area. And I was like let's do it so we've been talking shooting ideas back and forth and I think we're reaching for something. Bigger than just a one off project you know that'll kind of on school throughout the year and yet. I think you know I come from me a world event planning and and and we are talking out there that might might be starting. Radio came from being battle on air but also being in promotions on the back and act and I don't think. Back and hoping anybody even knew that I was doing you know IBM penciled it is not. The gonorrhea and I don't know I'm think I'm the grunts and I can you don't you don't know. But it for me if you've gotten into the he got into the yearly schedule but when she once you're there for a little while you were your first pride parade you work your first comment on you were your first. Street scene you know I mean I don't work those things also like street seems every year in September with not mark's data are gone yet not give it your list if you're wondering you know not. You know comic cons every July gay pride every July you can. You know these things in the town here you know there is every June so it happens is certain gearing up here I unless it's it's February. You know we know that are being content Canadian banks we got to do this right after that we got comic we had this affair itself. That's it's usually use how do you fill your calendar. With projects that's the issue you're looking to do you mean like concrete ingenuity and. Ideally what is it going yeah you know the first year it was like. Basically like how we keep the lights on ready you know Richard nice nice you know nice and easy to like struggling right out of college round like. I just need to like. Not die and I'll just keep when he rom and analyze whatever Brett is this a million dollars let's just hit that dollar and you know the first month we had one student names like well I guess we're pumping more money into the company ourselves and yet you know that's not gonna pay rent or it. Mama but and then you know. You know so with that you like looking ahead to comic con. In October could you like that's the gas they said yeah yeah and can't get those things so it drives you. It does yeah. GI a gives you. Lincoln beach you don't like we got it is not totally yeah it's it's like off in the Verizon right. It's the guest be green light it has to do Israelis like let's look at this like I wanted to they've got I was holing out I just couldn't make it iced. Guess what I'm I'm I'm I am an intermediate pass like a competitor like LL be out. Knocking on the door yet right and that the first year our costumes and was gracious enough to come out and co teach our summer intensive with me which was. It was surreal to have mine any. Men's or no friend come out and coach teacher I was like this is hassle it's surreal it's still like I see photos from that time period is unlike doing promo stuff. You know like I don't remember it happening it was like surreal it was just like share who I am a fan question for you out about art yes okay. So if you're reading your conflict and it's. Generally not generally an all this and originally thought and blankets anybody else needs not just you like. And artistically it's sound it's our right. So it's always like different case. But we know there are artists you take short cuts and are just kind of the bags like on the radio how what it how do you feel about that do you just take positive look at it like I'm not here to disparage anybody but I. Your opponent off the air another passenger. Healing the incumbent community candidates. You know artists are just people were all right all right don't want anybody on a pedestal or all people. If you have a bad day you're in you can see some really shady things you're dot that you want people the trees and anybody. I. So you are exactly right in the limelight a deal that I wonder why do you deal would like. Those prima Donna I mean it's like dealing that you helped propel it forward I. And the like I had a couple interactions luckily not a lot but a couple interactions with some pros generally not a dominant. Not a free that I don't I'm not mount known to these are our own anything nice guy got money and growing up in the ninety and obviously if it gently as the icon of the re. Not right don't get it done just a hundred and average is quick to Alter our guys a story about when my students being on a panel with Jim we come come that your cousin has not shooting because I know friend and publicist for an artist and you never know the name Obama it's very she'd be human being as this. Eight that are out there you know you're eating you down and patently. Crappy people it's. Here. I did it give it to name being applied its heart you are tired. I could feel with if you're from Georgia there you know. With a rock girl happy hours is next door about an hour I love hearing the brewers talked about a numbers on. Well. And giant beards catty bitch yeah. Maybe you you look there. There is a little I'd like telling your feelings once yeah it is called an idea hey I. And I spoke with a massage Pittsburgh got the you know beer and it doesn't agree there ally on his own family yeah. So don't go up I don't cut him off it you know just. You know it I think in part. This recently up Paul limits of former and editor in chief of a DC comics. It's amazing writer I just run great human being I haven't editor oh a phenomenal right I feel like I'm. And he stopped. Before watchman from happening you know to now as we just you know yes it's room. And you know the story it was keep on going intention to do you know that's Jim I got so sick kids. Subject good you know meanwhile. At attractive. So did you guys know about the super powers to always think you know like in the mid eighties actually and I did you member likely changed like Hawaii looked like crazy different kid like a wife in the red and blue costume I don't remember there being a different kind of collect speaks Meehan won't and we are dark I had to keep. A job out there and it's aids yeah well the paddles loaded big case like this cave slows it it was all of their. Late seventies early eighties zionists and luckily all the Jack Kirby characters yet so okay what happened so this is right as DC is kicking in a new royalty. World TT year and policy and artists are trying to get paid more money. Jack's coming on the end of his court you know loses it on the super power lines mid eighties sewing jackets had a couple strokes you know he's he's older you know he's. Paul being Paul Levitt's. Is like. We're gonna do some thing. Good for and realizes that. There's a lot of money in the super power toy line specifically for those people. Designing the toys have to hunt and most these people worked for the toy company because they're like school in the toys rescues like I'm to have Jack Kirby. Redesign his characters. Also he got that are just a credit for that reason I ask fantastic for the toy line you know as anti a lot of Twitter like you know the redesigned but like. Let's ignore the need it and now you're in it you know a great deal yeah it's okay. Actually wasn't outline a response to marbles secret works to his seat Aurora attack that was a great line and out I was if you happen if you marvel toy or TC toys and and then early eighties you know everything was under secret wars really blessed is he or is. Partner with my house broke right yeah and every character had to play and it was. Great does not things like bulls look like bulls here and it looks like you're on so easy you let employees it was the beginning of it whether it's a developmental zealously you have to have the good two hours ago with arousal almost no I don't know. As a slight chance today you can backers on the honesty of it like it's always diet in the late eighties and early ninety's like a big push people my age I'm tangled on the ground I was Barney sentence on Myers my memory of the eighties and limited appeal mind when you hit. You're teens. You were allowed to enjoy stuffing and you're allowed to like step one do you get it for ten years guess what you're not belliard adult or a teenager. They're not sponsoring you're does that took a bit like backlash were not with spots. And and the younger audiences were starting tonight. For lack of a better rappers rock of modern life and aggressors here and immediately got early nineties became Gary Karr to the fallen men and all the stuff that we enjoyed sort of had. I'm dying until the late nineties and huge Renaissance is so very. It's not in India yeah bit like. What was the twin Brenda I don't marvel the Internet out. My town wasn't now he's now playing toying tweeted the opposite to what is going to be happening on how horrible in the nineties because they thought. Any product we know how should be here and actually it's not. And after he saw in the margin burst in an incident you had you know anyway monstrous shark. No it doesn't always that way into gear in it's it's big things like secure ports work. And and a lot of things you be looking as you exit it was worse this horse race yet there was comes out there's a lot of toys. Everyone's like oh my god I have to cherish your things he had Jolie toys have toys. Transformers is brings up from Japan. The gold watch it you know let's call and you gotta have toys and and and of course that market. Well personally he's an early thanks so it. Crazy can't always you know and since when January comes in waves and it's not just in the meaning you have to play that rate to what you look at you know did mention digital note do you guys look at that. Slightly sick and tired yeah yeah we look at you mean like digital production and distribution you ever LA he got. It's on his thought that there are a lot of action lots and doing this fire for Christmas I've had an iPad for years but it it just. And I. Apple's notorious for and it's like oh is that for five years all of the work they've done a lot of guys out guys Allegra for God's army is like eighty bucks and it's everything my iPad two dozen or Illinois ridiculous like like he'd he'll do that I'm and I hired I like my floppies now behind us now you know like. Apple what you and I Islamic radicals Christmas clinical nevertheless. My question is too. Do you are you teaching now don't just on print you have to. Like learn digital T I mean I'd will teach bowl you know and I've got an amazing instructor Serena shout out to streaming. Former student is now she's struggling FaceBook forgot she's on FaceBook she's on our web page you can find out and Serena. She's our straight superhero amazing. And she teaches a digital drawing and coloring class Monday and Saturday. At the studio. We're a big firm believer in in those and any assignment that we do with the studio with a certain exceptions. Will be geared towards traditional board digital production might I don't care how we make it I don't care if you. One do the pencils. On the computer printed out Egypt and skated back in and color I don't care like that a few minutes play your finger on there are like it's cool I'm not one student Angela. Who only works I think literally like I've probably seen her. Draw on paper once only digital only ever digital he's phenomenal and a lot of that. Art blossomed for that yeah we wouldn't visuals you'll see ya got it just never dependent neighbor could never it opens things up where he's usually you have other artists who. And not just older students younger students as well who were like. I don't want portage where we just went traditional and action yet hello my scenes exactly area and know how to ScanSoft and of course you know they're not like. Walking up to the yes and the like scanning my work right you know finish you know email please. They're like you know they know how to he would use a computer but they just wanna create art you know and these are computer kids have got a student who. Like wants to do nothing more than the gym like that's that's as artistic goal re huge funeral is and he runs these products and I think it's great and it's. And Dave Wright. And like keys so he's learning the way that Jim Wheeler drew he's learning on paper he's learning to want to use those seem tools. He eyed you know I need to feel fit a real affinity for him because like that's how I was petty like I want to know what my favorites like I want to know what. Pencil they drew within how hard that pencil was I want no pens they used all they used for you play its first issue number one semifinals Captain America and owned. They clearly that British. Yeah. I've been great at art and I'm very creative and have a great imagination but as far as like translating it. I've always struggled with its it's a real frustration for me buying a home I literally tears me apart frustrated at Nara. And it's one of those things like ID appreciate art is so much because. In my underwear I do a lot of work with the designers is well made it to be able to speak art to speak design or to them like people Zale life. You know I want you to Sheikh radiance and here and it's I can't do it and know how to make money vision look and an honest and you might you're going to work. It's never going to be exactly what I think it's gonna because I'm. You're interpreting what I'm telling you so we're always wanted to be your work I always wanted to and I told everyone I commission to work or anybody Ingram error when I salad. Sure where I was surprised it. This is just the guy and giving it to do what I want to look like in an however comes out of an excise when I look I just it's really it's a struggle for me. You know like trying to tie. I'm going to be playing here on May thirtieth vote kids I'm going to you know. Yeah in any strength right yeah I've got other things that I am all. Car. You really want to trust because I haven't played it once every three years back out there YouTube link like he's O yeah thanks once. It our hook up. Yeah I mean I. Those conversations. With myself so this summer I got to do and a dream gig. Code until he does attack on titan. Was doing an anthology of American creators doing stories. And I got to work with a Gilles Simone and Phil Jimenez are all (%expletive) amazing of course I got it like right before comic con sides like talkies or you or not winning yeah view this is gonna happen right yeah I'm literally leaving I'm leaving my assistance in charge. Like three hours and take the trolley for quite I would go to little Italy working cop shop for like three hours. Take Detroit back close out the boots. Gold like whatever I had to do that night go home be exhausted fall out I mean body was it it will lift things it's like. Exhausting and horrible and great you know was an awesome right you know I've hired I love it you know when I look back in my. Talking to decorate like I sat down and fill was doing just breakdowns and I was doing finishes you know meaning she's doing. Loose pencils he's not doing and likely his full finished pencils ready and so I look at it in my first thought is like I want this to look like Phil Jimenez. Had all the time the work. Okay yeah and I start working and I go. No Yahoo! like all the others note you know lucky you're your own artist then you have. Out all the time or the issue Taliban don't have all the time the world tonight fantasy yes I'd like oh that. And I was like a hole I wanna see ink. So he knows and that actually that he might inroad for like how would I. Get over some the pressure of yeah how I do demonstrate how to lighten up folks this Humphrey is always do and yeah yeah yeah yeah and I'd I would sit down if you like Italy and make it he had this panels can be Kevin Nolan you know okay where you're gonna Camilla the stakes odds of generals going to be Scott Williams who would go you know it was was hailed in the writings on my god do the writing Yahoo! Hotmail are exploiting the dog. Some fun story. Side note anybody who's listening if you if your fantasy besides god or birds of prey or iron. You need pretty much kick as awesome female in DC universe read anything from Gail Simone. Including of course prison break early nineties into the 2000. That's the new. If this would be right into us quite a person that we didn't it's that they don't go out and siren that Bennett yeah Auburn hired an outside its Internet and I own a lot of stock and we'll get a look that's who she is a general surrounding contributions are and yet and she also wrote what was the the villain centric series so that was my god. With secret six secrets secret fists and not in those days or six marvel that's our secrets and tactics and think hey I guess we Kathmandu. And that is actually that is the that is the heart and soul SuSE so again if you like it seems like it's like the old school 80s90s who invite Reid deals moans. Six dollars and now to me from the original miniseries. Obstacles on or off in the outside world all the bills it was not Yale degree yeah I know you out narrative the magic was gone yeah it does take a moment. We have a lot of guests on this outlets that are ha all very sweet people. Let's not look right things like you know they you know decades long conflict. They'll look at his leg. Oh they don't they let you know Chris they now Nancy Lou alone time is very refreshing. Good talk with someone that knows that you're here content out first they are talking college degree income and a positive. Grounded into a I saw today as I returned a piece together studios like I need to not break that glass yet is it. That's clubs of absolutely absolutely let's what to. You I'm guessing you read comics are a little kid that's we now you know not just talking with fans talk with with a friend. While recently went on. It's my first comic was amusing not my first comic comic but the one alike. Delightful was on and yet a member flipping to the subscription page in the back can be like. I would need these gentlemen he ran you know anything about the book he enjoys what you're almost not all. You showed up my doorstep every month off. I could. My mom or tricked her into like. Fumbling my allowance in to those that she forgot what got my wants and the comet like you're going to add jihadist subscription now and an enemy thought it was a day a lot of times they got bent in the mail and I just don't have the names like. Awesome it's gotten Newman condition anymore oh well so it's going to I at least there's some common sign that bird she doesn't. She tries she doesn't is my life behind and that she she takes the comic is immediately take the classic at art and throws away at odds with. Lol you can't throw away the key in there keeps fresh you know she's definitely did he just doesn't get it. Jostled through as the always leaves on miles I don't know who aren't out why and how did that either you can't really ruin. I have to I have to maybe deleting I don't know what. He's smudged here so why am not stuck at Gonzaga had gone at all in his own yeah that's actually take a lie about stuff. That's a holes to propose a trick and destroy and vinyl yeah. By my first comic was a meeting fireman number 350. David Mikell knee on writing Eric Larsen and art are loners are charges abstract if you don't know I'm just so good Spiderman fighting doctor doom of the end of a two partner. What was the plan he would have a lot of our -- write a letter basically it's the second part of the one with that old cat burglar black fox you know black box flight yeah. Very old man here I am your heart attack replaced black. Yeah in for available yeah EI LRs like you wanna put her on the shelf for out our special BF for the get to mix like black cat with an art may cause he's like all his cameraman and a host finally going on them yeah yeah. And doctor doom like I'm here to collectively like Atlanta he beats up Spiderman and you know it's 350s so it's an anniversary so spite he has. Hallucinations about uncle banned these like Danielle is only natural doctor doom pummeling on him to get like a one in Muster in the first Imus on Georgian print you know eat it like a nice one page recap of his origin. Courtesy of air portions. And the back they had a series of pin ups. Thought Eric Larson on pencils I think this is why I Gandhi inking from ducks it was in like my DNA from that moment. Yet Eric Larson pencil and always pin ups and then to inking him like him like almost total recall we spent the pin on four all being by different. Famous or notable anchors like power I wanna spy eighty endured a will eat by Al Williamson who's RJR's incur on durable. The fantastic four and spivey was of course in my jokes and it. There was one of spivey swinging through sky with Mary Jane even BI John mussina like that you know and then in the had a split one that was awesome. Of spite he can swing through the air very ninety's. How off penciled and inked by Eric Larson the other half. In black costume being down and penciled by Tom McFarland. You know and I was like that's as (%expletive) this is can be in my life as it did not slow. Despite the comic sites that spot often ninety's Eric Larson was Spiderman Spiderman just additive deep down my Alley go to the comic shop and I was like where he's because he had a huge our wits and six rebounds in the citizenry brightening condition and all. Now it's amazing yeah we don't halt and that it was it was in a hole. I'm sorry. Hold veto doc not in a hole kind of hole that has great hall behind in Vegas now as of this is the revenge fight in a very. If you need it seems real awesome and is now without being like a direct you know really cool like he was just like. It's now or you're going on in GAAP as. Awesome it's funny I just picked up the trade of return and sinister six which was the storyline that Al Larson and done with Mick whiny. With the sister six. And I was reading that. And a lot of the beats and moments that I remembered from that story or thought I remembered actually revenge of the sister six puts you what was her job M Larsson. And I was like Woods Hole coming in and Zach Arnold the south the story placed. Like Egypt is like doc rockets those at a man team tentacles were. Aiding and not beatable and I am beautiful melody and really harm you had a lot harder you and I. Don't like I it. That was great yeah it's just fantastic he wasn't on stuff and yeah you know I never kept up with savage dragon I was a big. You know Jim Lee Eric you know rob like Phil and now Thomas are all the all the broke from our united Yahoo! image guys you know. I didn't like either in this. It was so funny like if everyone left. 949 tomorrow and what's another radio station I would follow some of those folks need and it might not come back tonight for an ad literally doing really well some of the folks on the certain but this those things I was late. We'll keep an expert comics that everything goes up to John it was and I don't and then eventually. Because they couldn't keep with scheduling why couldn't you couldn't if you can't keep coming out of its Xbox I can't pay attention South Africa that was that was what did you ever image in the darker quality see on the big. For lack of a better term big lights like ha I want the heroin you know you don't want to be an uplifting story and I always jewelry my Apocalypse Now as I do but now it's a particularly if I want you to digest it it's got to be light. It's got to be fine record yeah they cut out there for a little Obama Reynolds I feel like it has a lot of. It would have been reading lately. The old are fairly well and career were led back to that wouldn't. You know win Batman you know after you won everything was just dark dark dark you out there are again and again and DC editor's RTC writers please daily meetings. Yeah because everything's so dark Freddie Mac are naive and they're trying to re critique my luggage and run again and again I'm you know M blitzer nice name now I like it's because every year like me where does this yeah. When do we stop doing this guy out there every didn't watch it. Right exactly exactly kind of sweet I feel like they did in rebirth now. I think those clever rebirth holiday you feel I've got to clarify why didn't highlight the the Reid that after you lose an election. Dirt and you are old dog with me if I'm. I'll come back so all. The other but it wasn't a reboot it was the green berg is no question that might say. One of the chapters have beautiful art by Phil Jimenez I felt good. At what what you look. Well you recommend it now. They think is our guy done so well it's hard seven mining like. The past at the moment dreamliner like old styles read about comics do the yellow we are still I don't Elizabeth's golden age of like reprinting the dark horse just did a reprint of mobius. I'll whole idea is so you know mobius had been out of print in the states at least you know if you wanna read in English. Mama the sense marveled at the album reprints through there a decline in its 85 I think if ivories six crash on and it's you know mobius known knows the details. But mobius is a state mobius and then after he passed away between twelve is a state had been kind of like fighting you don't people were like. Oh mobius has like and penny pinching wife who's trying to like get everything will help him do yeah. All the added 85 like whenever there's no reprint market yeah right. And so they worked out something with dark horse and they're doing all of his stuff. And the the first collection is all the Dana stuff. And it's phenomenal I think to 400 pages the collection. We came out I think about a month ago and it's a beautiful. Beautiful as the head. Thumb I usually I get stuff in. A show students pulled it this is why excrete that I put it like on bookcase and I'm like you know if you want your you don't know. On this I was like this and white great here's why it's amazing here's why you don't get it for at least two months so yeah right into my office not yet know when you look at the apple corps. Yeah I don't think I've told this story to Bryce on there by. My first time localized definitely justly comic. Corporate conduct an error by the one that light gala our box and I couldn't afford a certain. Exactly my mom's single mom and I didn't know I could afford things did not know because. I didn't go to the store all the time and know that I can have access you know. Right so I would like rob in southern Luxembourg the government can't shop our point being I'm government for Andrews house and I learned don't need to be wrapped. Aren't easy comics and Marvel Comics I've heard. All that stuff and I had a conflict. My mom we are like satellite and as on the news rack she grabbed for music some sort of Justice League there's like justice leaguers teen titans. Always colorful characters and as well isn't it sucked me and isn't weirdly enough and I don't judge anybody else to this day because this. It was it was a weird connection to just friends. That's what I recognized might recognize justly to remember the justice friends are in reference to threatens our friends in the court. Bombed and there are some sort of for the guards. So connected with me because her card that wasn't broke him. That's me and Rouse like calorie martyr I never know in an area my buddy John. He small medium and like I would go to his house in 1980s and light. He got real big into Captain America and light and Captain America and an accident it. We can't tell the rich kid when he should be hidden and light peak like literally hundreds of cops probably off. More than that like hundred right when he thought Alex yet a lot and objects like. We could read. Old old old old runs you mean like I. Well one story arc but this story are compiled and historians don't mean it was great just might chest. Comics that way and I knew can encoded his dad loved coding comics not even now that's amazing. From the comics not abilities and we go to Columbus house Tony had only accident and all the Coen comedies he had been injures night and we would sit up in his attic during the summer melting in the heat. Reading comic tonight you know it's like it's beautiful out. I'm centered pure spirit it's just you lost this or is that I can tell people that does that and runny. I remember. Sleepovers at friends' houses and it was eleven. And Q&A box. One in hindsight is just a bunch of she. One it's great to marvelous armies and good ideas of our eyes on them I just collect what it punish your became venom I think the ladies and visit later but the thing you know. But it was sort of storm had stated vampire there I thought if what is shocker not who led the X-Men or analyst professor X had died and have a job and utter and I was like. This is (%expletive) amazing and then I open it up and it's not Jim we have always an argument that I was lax. This block ready you know and I still read it there's like our John Howard good capable of my yeah. Brett I won I don't want to judge the art too much of that though I wouldn't you know. And an academic capacity Wimbledon are yeah do I need and can I will critique any idea what my question earlier like to talk she had. Sorry I I will talk about. Aren't you know and critique it. Easily in in in in. The capacity and instructing little issues interesting. All of him for the big fish. No pun intended. 80 I would re reading. You wonder recently. With Malcolm Kelly and aren't the American League bum who obviously like an MBA is Alex toth. We you know Al so with legendary creator of space coast funny though as it's always people's entry point. Dodd had an amazing run on Zorro did all these amazing comics it's one of the true masters of the craft and aged just been reading Alex toth. Throughout. Two years ago and like I'd been like. I cannot be a true comic artist until I have absorbed Alex toth into my body my until like I have devoured his soul right. He's long dead but I need to devouring I don't know I think and I can't see it and if we don't kill everything right yeah yeah yeah. And so I did all the tell a joke and I knew I was like which at all that you won stuff you know like there's there's there's this amazing Alex still story. That he did in a detective comics. From the probably at present late seventies maybe early eighties cold death flies the haunted skies and it's just one of the purest. Twelve page a string of school tied it old school Archie Goodwin wrote it you know did it and that the splash page alone is just a thing of beauty it's perfect. And I I read that NASDAQ which at this is Mazur Kelly so I went back and read your wind. And I was like I could see. Pitches in the storytelling you know not the art and the arts impeccable but like in the storytelling where I was like oh that. I to a tool for Donald to filling me rule better you know select a lot of what all folks on with the students. And for myself is the story telling like what is this working great is this not working in part two on my students radar like. You know thirteen 1415 even up through like twenty right you're still developing that technical sides you don't wanna be like. The your cross hatching is often you clearly don't know over the radio recchi Ellison touches and the before army you know like sorry go back middle school ready and up to play certainly leaves single tears coming down from there. You know so you focus on like locate that and jumping through the window moving in the lower right yeah. Yeah. Breach in the book you borrow it get out. Your pencil and in your bundles. And you know so like I'll be like okay Batman jumping through the window and artworks moving like left to right action booming laughter. And then in the next panel we see that many stalking someone the betterment on the right side and the other characters on the left side like you flipped like the action like why did you do that. Trying to get them to see like the flow of storytelling you know. Focusing on that stuff because that then I feel like. Our problems follow naturally after then you can be like to know. An English teacher and I think it'll prices are an English German pressuring her college. Two to classmate freshman Taj I am I. Literally this August everybody was like all gonna go in rural classes I was like oh. I guess that we should pay attention that in areas like I was never that kid and I never thought I was gonna go to that excellently. So I took an English class and it took. Like like a movie appreciation class or something like some movie hot right. MI English teacher. Who would like give us an odd piece or read. And then she would say what is the writer telling it from somebody was like. Well the writers and in this in this in this article now now. Never give me outside sources what do credit to he wanted page name in so in any event and are you gonna get. Did it turn where I was home. What artists and engage in really created his weird I'm a woman and yeah. But to me and I went home. A bit early today in Iowa and new movie class in the movie class that was like all hippies in light. School and they let the severance the only life you've got a lot as he never are. And it's all these guys they selected is going to watch in the seventh seal you like. Once it's pretty. Or. Yeah I am I. Think each interview is absolutely. It's huge is she like. You could immediately clear totally you know it's real I take those two teachers like. He really she talent or my pin about he's not and we like you know Bryce viable will talk about suicide watch that movie. And how much we didn't like never would be like let re shoots it like this is going to be cynical adult not matter right on the. What happened yeah yeah tell me not want to have in what should I am so we'd like stuck with me. And I played now 18190. Whatever lies and and and I knew everything and they bull brought me and I you know like our. It's amazing the stuff that's like formative like yeah right like I like any time I'm reading something. And I think like that means right like it's my movie like. Just like unqualified and we just brilliant right. Like all here Klaus cancer and in my head. It's who you're close to some pressure. And act Scott fairway all right yeah a year later after like Aaron Aaron always McCluster and some resolution I'm blog into a sort of you know it's like I hear clout going in. In my head like I would I would be talking with them. New be something like. I'll just three was to re read the doctor Manhattan Georgian chapter watchman. There is brilliant just like as as an aside and he go down. And I go what a 'cause that it is like if you want to answer one jealous and broad and I don't let you know in and not even like it's not even challenging which was like. The hard part of the liked the most like like stressful part is like he'll like once like I'll just always want to vigorous like. Intellectual conversation about art like he'd like. Like than my favorite people industry like live and breathe the medium so he's like even something like watch and he's like. He wants to know why you look like a lowly art student. Think it's brilliant what are you getting from that because a lot and then he'll get something from that you know which is. You know speed of light in and we just realized my girlfriend Jessica over at New Year's. We watched all the president's plan. Move which is the story that they're real life story. The Washington Post all ya want to pose breaking the story. The only people that broke the story of the knicks in Britain where Bernard Bernstein would remember yeah homer there and it's. Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman has Woodward and Bernstein. They aren't asking why are key investigate that breaking the wishes. You don't mixing hired his own team. Spooks that likes people cast Alley right Pete's finally you not like I was very kernel it and it was all right. It was relevant because they turned up a girlfriend like almost at the end of the movie I think you know watchman based it's based on the fact Ed Nixon never left the White House like. He Stevie and she's out I. Yeah it takes place late in that mythological 1985 he's on his like fourth term and we live in a police state. Analyzed it and not get political but we aren't it's complete trump you were all its people who are here and now it seems like. You look at watch me and if you want if you want to know how to resist. Or let's be Civil Disobedience or big graveyard. Yet you'll look at times of strife not just as. Pricey automation Oberstar according to react. I celebrates this year like author heiress and you know the only thing I don't see any positives. From a truck presidency and taxpayers apparently Oregon and I'm real man hunt. It is my my only thing is is that these will create. From the moment it was announced on Election Day he was the winner in this will create a counterculture. Of art is creates counterculture. What habits no matter what happens going forward he is so polarizing. That this creates a culture that people are going to write because of people who leads you to come and it's Hussein and we're going to move into the sordid and create a. Our culture yeah the greatest music is riding knowledge comes in the dark times you look at one thing to the dollar tip yes. Great art hanging right so let me ask me pitted this time please get I get witness. We. To social clubs you preschool it obviously one ticket comic book knowledge scales to the next level. Is there any pressure to like me to you outside of the marvel DC world an leaves or do you take them yeah I mean it's it's it depends on the student a lot of students come to me. And they are like Allred who well versed in light European comics like all have students who. I was answers on the Egyptian consulate and got an inept our students who have read nothing but monger. Right which is fine you know if it's toll like and I don't know if monger that I can like keep up and might help them you know and we. We'd help. Then get to like their artistic breast self which sounds awful but. Had to flee. You know but like there are sometimes were like you know I I feel like you need. Western aiming the superhero artist can always do well studying mobius. You know or. I think that if you come on come on in the tires I would ask for the tunnel B is if my hurt like. I've thought like you know what and (%expletive) originality and just to sit down and and he literally just be movie I'm gonna do that is why would you recommend. Akira. I'm Acura floor of the reasons affirming its its a free mind storytelling. And clarity of action will be clarity about the idea. Because the Japanese actually better and oh yeah because a lot must've come to me and they've got like you know it's motion line so it's mostly lined it to mention it's it's it's something dynamic enough to elect. Since that immediately leads you into the Mexican it was hug slanderous GI Joseph Garcia and Robert Eckert go totally on hunger for solid again right and missile at a one man it's going to be a right yeah I. I can't think about that area up by different stuff for that right got it up com. You know and the and what will try to do is point artists. Point young artist at the studio in the direction. Who I know aren't your artistic forbearance. They're forever or so yeah. The student mentioned earlier who's really into Jim weak right. I've pointed him to art Adams rental brand new fantastic four. The as guardian war stuff he did. With Chris Claremont. And I were ignorance yeah it's like yeah so glad that it storm and Tom and you're gonna you're allowed me. The original name means artists is it Simon's. No the original. These toy generally made him famous boat that I think savage who's gonna catch it says are. Really it's great. The sketchy kind of like ray it's gonna stop its timing lines start it's great wolverines stuff off he's really I can't they can't stand alone there are no rain obviously ideally it's lying and forget this audience I love the whole process. Of a lot of our I can't it's intense so gorgeous that hearkens moody. It's not it's not for me I can see that I give its nightly you mentioned it like being in the lighter stuff where his is like. Darken there's inks blocked his in key heating cost tunes in on daredevil and of these non bank. Greed that kind of like Hindus and move to you know. End of the run kind of become a series like looking at the death appear and won't that mean to you respecting Brian Nichols and his Ruder. Beautiful stuff and it was cool to see him. Like deconstructing Klaus has artwork can do about it yeah it's it's enough credit. I don't the weeks and I feel like every fifteen years ago he's a punch toilet buddies go. Prolific within twenty years ago he was like best thing ever when it looked like even asking do we do an alternate. Rhetoric you he's the middle of that in his life. I'll spend it spend its rights flops he's he's arrogant and I'm like god it's already established he didn't act marble and he's. Everything normally you're reading right now is not right Meg Whitman is on Arizona I'm sorry I'm sorry. Everything you're reading everything you see on the movies he's got a piece of it light. He helped. It's easily if you when you watch Letterman and company guys' schedules with Spiderman it is yeah totally it's gonna be ultimate Spiderman that's Bryan Michael minutes is Ronnie you really wanna read and mark patiently. Huge family kids he's not so simple so simple so we're just looks like. I don't yeah I definitely did want piece of land and got out with vendors that you lasted that long. That's her reason to go beyond party into the galaxy like I think I want and you didn't know about him lawyers trying to broker. Pro computers on ultimate Spiderman for like you tell yet again with seniors yeah it might have been on me with Google is not. And the less you like to hear that so extremes of my likely as. Yeah writes he writes all the time in Iowa. So funny I'm pulling amounts operas like I should be easy Campbell I surely not usually and I'm a huge John Stanton. You think you would think I'd hate. And spit fits the bulls. Coach them unfortunately in June in general we're off on a level I am not. He's done the best place at the moment that I that it is that I wrote dreamer until I mean I didn't think about it and credit and are relentless you're on moral and everything to me is denying it's fantastic and here's gentler Jeff leaders. And moments on Jeff ignoring this comic yet has an eight week. I made some good you know your dog that I read read it and it will get nice welcome. Yeah. I'd be I got him because of the green and around and would also sent him you know I sort of you know when you get ours I want everything he does and of course you got him his you know his pinnacle is. Emblem and yes I do right yet. And yeah I'd like. That you and is easy shots and yeah. I'd like you to your advantage. Here but the I. Wouldn't let me I know I have a big accident that polite young and it's because I had access to the college and 1000 middle school that I already had access to Conan and his excellent comments. And come with a common code into time and I think I was seventh or eighth grade probably seventh and it was released. From. Point study period or study hall ArcelorMittal mom oh yeah one minute period early look figuring out what it was like you with third period. And you at home period in that room moved ending US and sewing teacher would bringing. His own comics he brought a bunch of old accident. Like from the right from the original run what you and I. On thirteen years brought the split. A few obscure for you re not only care. Another time. I was. When your hand in sixth grade are you going to king. Know you're here and seeing you don't think I'll ours not more. But not anymore not anymore and I it's a hell aren't we and Harman are you also worries it happens in light you know you're in for a whole week you're you're eagle here in Denver you're in whatever we're not. In the cabin I was in one of I am one of the what you call it and counselors. Brian touched huge grip comics had one night we all just an hour. Through the comics and that's Loma combos is those stories of life. Fewer imports in when there's this huge step hacking your dislike or nobody's bothered me. This is to music on humps means or heats up. It will give will get a lot of donations of stuff at the studio and what it patent suits it's guys Kamerion. With Trader Joe's bags full of comics and I can tell. The wife has sent them out into the wilderness like I wanted to be my pal who blogs about and what might trying to. And I don't I don't regard until someone has these rate for the org. Please don't want particularly someone will read that require all three long boxes in my mom's house that she won't let me get rid of that and I'm and I. And I don't think of risk like that because I never collected I did things very long boxes are all exports now and then right you don't want to pass. Everything's sense since never Internet actor or if it's on digital even better. And it slows things like I actually donated five or six years ago I went through my bookshelf. That was in my. Adult house unit anyway no this doesn't amount of money to all house and it's rack novels that you want largest. Lose comics actually tell the full box and I donated to Boys and Girls Club knew I was like I want it. It's not me personally doing this but I want some kid. Boys and Girls Club it's called are you kidding me there's five executions in Iran and I wish I could and Holliday opened the time. To let it been ambivalent on you know and undermine her ruling on union you know it's like totally contracts were talking about saw very difficult time because this is comic books is that. Purely about it and for buying college books it's one of those kind of things in the whole year you can. Take technology and apparently with a stacked this high totally it's my hands are this far apart yet that I will say correctly anyways. But when you can find four or five in a row that's just life. Yeah and say I'm any leads I've got I got this for Christmas we talk about these are comments last week and I was I felt so bad it's. I'm Bryce and Brody of the whole spiel you own shop I'll play a little odd I'll. Let. America went about it. Since then analyze. That he brought that back on the court and a lot of comments on this it's a formula there and we'll print yeah money's been for Christmas. A couple hours ago we actually talked about this on the show he's I EW. Merged older brings together and he finally gotten together their right GA Joseph transformers mask mean rom. And micro nots they're all the same universe and here's the story and rarely sounds super cool night it's probably getting garbage. But it sounds super cool what is what they are on sale over the holidays I bought all five. Present facts so. That some lake. This star is not the Matt with a Mastny. And that's. Part of Google oh it's. Like I think the new money this is all of them. Laker otherwise you're out. Know how tough is great online yeah Iraq. There is at the point of pride the bill to cabbage over costumes in a journal story that ended days. There's an early scene word Ben Urich is speaking to his son. Over the dinner table. The body. Model for Ben Urich is me I got to be really I. I heard house's apartment to get help on some work. And he goes are on the popular second argument I put a short often just sit there. It's like red button shirt and roll the sleeves and I go to class. Mean that you let one of his friends and I. Division is such an closeted to a get real food on my plate we don't know that out is it okay if I. Very little error and I am hearing about them makes them better mcdannold what's the story about Stanley how old was he. When he made his break is that sort of race a lot where. People like cheesy trainers and you know Eleanor app and it and then like stands at 96 and here you are 96 I you know again. I don't mean be reluctant to make double I don't. I don't must understand any secrets that right yet he pulled back multi conventions and our relatives and I remember it can jump on. Speaking positively ridiculous than this for very long time who you know we're. It's people like Stanley didn't even like have Spiderman that was like 35 or forty I mean it's not like he'd been these characters in his teens right it was an immediate and you know the story you look back and read about it's really a product of the times and product. He was trying to create a hole you're trying to create. What is it that. Avatar for anger pregnant radeon. It was how they told their stories of resistance in the sixties and not yeah until an our. You're alone accident is Malcolm X and how birds of rights and exactly and not beyond you know I want it. The switch to get back to create current law. We do you guys I apologize I better enjoy the right time. We're just hang out what have you guys and I really don't know what you teach a lot about. I'm insults and threats and a lot of the shell out three days after and driven economy. Not if it ever want it there and paid for right right and that's what kick starter and Petrie non. Am all these things are four and my buddy Chad. Because a comic not a singer songwriter he's white kids not light. It's not like this is a job but it's also he's choosing its passionate dreams and I. He was doing its comic and he got I think bonds in the third issue doing okay almost self so enemies on through. I had seat for a little while you know. And as I sat down talked to glance you I use he prints at the sides don't work there and don't do anything I'm too busy. I and he wanted to know about my excellent teachers now as night and as I could give your own prices and teachers it's Fineman. It's not right we've beating a white tees brings that what's he's for how little this is that. It's it's all on demand if you have fifteen people don't want you can sell tell my mom and fifteen people Bynum being sold your great and you could sell that not really. And light it low and behold before he didn't know he can self fund obvious he had made one cool thing I was like hey by the way what's that. Log on what you usually issue finally master teacher and I really like that that you're out there ratepayers not. Well in it where you are the comic stop. And go back. Strategic things like okay. And he's I don't know its financial bite. He's been able to obviously keep doing. When he doesn't he he got attention like this one name musicians. Higher degree it was really weird cult. Like musician. But it was instantly making can't tell but it is Brad you were like he's really heavy metal and awful it's probably. Again how you can talk to an upcoming learn how do you tell them. It's whatever you think it is not his however you couldn't make it work for you is how it works right mean yeah I. I every you know it's inching with the with the younger students that I have. They are already even like their 1415 there active on like Tumblr Theron at sea there on deviant art. So like. I these 1415 year old they're doing commission already networking the other every networking doing commissions I mean they're like 510 dollar commissions are like they have that saying it's they have like. Other kids that are like Yale ID card I want. You'd draw like my original character well I want you draw thing I don't informal role of light streaming that's hiking back to radio content. I was in radio for like nine years fell out. He just you know. Not a jobs right mongers are doing and marketing promotions that I got to that he was doing concert marketing it really brings me out and all the sudden I was like. I beating James talked to. I live streaming and you're like he wanted to mega millionaire and it was like OK now's I think delay. Most days I wasn't making any money let's just say every day was a net zero considering I was a broke so I was a net negative mojo. But there are days where you live streaming in and somebody would donate to his seat by about seven dollars almost cinema because she. Complex and. And Hillary and I don't beyond that you would you ditch your absolute lowest when you know there's nothing else for you when you're just working hard. Really are living the drink the days when I don't mind and blocks was. Yeah could big league just checked my black people by every you know it's like I'm not let him tonight. There really pure right you're nothing urinate and one and one and it's all storytelling and it's all it's all the audiences and are actually won an excellent. Prices one made around. The holidays couple years ago to regretting it was. My mom was really pushing me you investigate. My dad's well at tests and he was an eighty we are strange problem in when he died. I never fallen out there was never ceremony there was never any hate Jeff you need to come to his funeral. There was nothing right. Here we are ten years later Reynolds still didn't need should know that some should doesn't like dug into an aegis open every wounded. I'd ever I guess it was eight just. Port be open to the things I could even go to the movie that dvd try to investigate this stuff and I was doing it. But I was also lives through full time. So tee time of the day to go do this that I think try to do the show and it came in one day I was just I was at my apps lowest. Alex broke down in the middle extreme amount why am I talked about it and talked about like the holidays to help or otherwise I just. I don't normally like expose the nerve that often wrong but they they did and I got. I don't mean this is. Is a financial things as a reward my listeners alike. One person she's sweet and she donated dollars each I am always shocked I was sitting there of light. That means nothing to do you have no idea that needs to be another night a 150. And the truth of the matter bidding war they started going back abort it took right at 800 dollars and people now earthly difference in ensuring its. Every. I was like. Cool man this would be mean making it under any other day and slim just give me back to normal ring and it was so like. And that's why states and driven economy if you pay a bigger that that presents its authenticity that. He died. As much so it's also let you know people want to experience things that you they want to be a party last night it's hard. It's hard when you're an unnamed artist harder and yet unnamed writer you are just your name and page autopsy Mario. But it's a bit easier convey is that you have to be really strong your networking. And you're young in your own FaceBook in your life. If it's any aspiring artist or anybody it's unique. You have to break and your network totally I have an intern yet advocates in a comedian and he said I mean he's and it's got the best he's muscles when that night. He's literally I should look for economic shows and more that like that it's. Because I don't need you know tone of my child I need to economists are sure my family my friends you love what I do like I need your mom. Who has never hurt you knowing me to come to my show because she heard that Bryce likes. And who's Bryce I don't know how. But rice likes Neiman on learned that your mom heard about it now she's about and I was like. That that I wanna make family and friends is important hit. And it's it's or not you. Have complete strangers support tool you can reach it. You know and and and again not a whole pedestal and Brantley you know you'll only the Braves are small time. You know these are the guys. I mean problems. So what I students. Adrian lynch does name if I say two more times you'll be in the studio with fielders. Played or not I can't. I so Adrian. Twice. During comic con it's easier for me generally that. Check up on what my students are doing via FaceBook right there. What did you learn in RD can collect all there yet if I text them they're like I'm entering teacher mean improvements you've got enough students like hey. Sign up for comic con is now. Did you take it so I totally can lie is no way you could organize that front them the I don't know I I'll be like the intensive opens like on this day yes like. A week later it's opened the public so yeah if you wanna come to comical with little fishy it is no now I had a student. Two days ago asked me if it was open yet names like. I have not even thought about it yet so yeah weird weird. I don't think comic contest that from media into one reconnaissance I'm not going to whom at least once a month panic attacks deficits yet and it happens happens really fast they're out there that all of you to get yeah station it's. When where every decision in San Diego. You want to be there but it'll just don't do it in called you for our promotion director weak outlook hey we think it's like yeah so does everyone else in the building yet the night a lot yeah I guess what about a should what do you do what you already have. And Entercom email address that's sketchy in right ya know yeah I mean and so it so let's get Adrian McDermott I log into FaceBook I just finished goes. We're sitting on a panel who's doing panel. I left and it was a plan to check FaceBook for an a hole our compound I get out I checked my FaceBook is the Internet comic con so you don't. Just thought is Nigeria. Free Wi-Fi that they did have freeway at the relevant like California it's hailed a little more virulent opponent I don't know if that is how. How well for a Ed. Everyone has blown my feet spoke with. You got a few even to. OJ did it proud Adrian Adrian like they say in comics rate that you need. It's like it's like a pie chart matters talent. On work ethic and person ability right yes he's gonna have like two out of those three wired and all three your golden. On Adrian is the first student I've ever had who. Like clearly. His like personality is like offshore professionals who love him he's liked. Gregarious. And liked precocious. Like this fifteen year old mom. Two guys at his favorite DC superhero no lie is born a beast and emotional wow beasts that. He has heart caught my high. I would say is they are I'd tell him that bull wanna be who they believe Greece character looks really hardest in as a wannabe yeah. I. I was wannabes in the late sixties he appeared in Shaun away and brew what Bruce and I think that Hamburg Wimbledon thing on appearance in a justice examining doctor he. Episode where they got switched to kids and I was talking to a pig you're stuck in them like yeah. The way you'll be okay yeah organic. Or whatever Jane I don't know I think that says I don't sit well at least he was picked the elderly into the evidently is our chance. I'm here on that you follow that the fact that may. Return and it takes whatever yet so this is victory creating goes deep DC comics. Stand. It turns out there as they gathered a panel with Jim Lee and identity. Wreck on their feet it's like the DC panel right now and you know so Friday and likely by the EZ their internship rate you know 500 people probably in this room. They do question and answer segment of course he'd earned runs out this is first person line. Asked this question. Some like incredibly deep question did the deal goes to request and you should be up your kid it's an invitation that's out there sits up there for the next hour. With these two guys you know stop bleeding cool is an article about it that's Maine about the headline was Jim Lee did to deal meet their future boss yeah. So it also I guy Adrian Adrian is just like. Is like I don't know how he knows to do the stuff it's like when you see. Like a fifteen year old who like just somehow knows anatomy just intuitively featuring just knows how to network and connect the dots and like. Connect with people like he'll like it. In his final in his final question right on the panel he like he was shot out a little fish not as easy it was he talked about. How he improves his knowledge of the DC universe every morning. And he talked about his dream project he wants to follow Greg Moore send who's his big artistic hero on more diversity this big project that. And grains working on the 2% to right now. And he was like I wanna write multi person B three and he turned to Jim and Dan and he goes you know because they know you know width rebirth now. The idea is back on the idea. Of infinite not just 52. Verse one thinking you know. Infinite possibilities. And I think. Slow clap like there's no new tagline these seal on the heels of Gypsies are like outdoor ideally I got you know I. In now on I'm picturing like 85 foot tall jackal Lincoln's you know yeah. In an. Yeah her life not only him again Amazon I am definitely in our life I'm I'm acted like I'm Adrian right I don't know I don't know rice experience someone from anywhere. Sometimes that is I don't have a nervous my body like if someone would simulate. Really hey you don't don't don't onstage saying though that you don't mind if there's time. Well at the moment but in this amount that was good from Britain we'll do it blew. Out a little more about nothing I shouldn't be doing does not think your being sarcastic I'm like. Well where's my home I going to do. All right ask couldn't it until late. So where it's like this sometimes Rama I mean does it right now I ask my question Donovin Darius. And hard times around like I see you open seat you sense than a goal and my. For a lot of people here not we're not all wired that way. We're not totally you know what sometimes if you can just grab yourself be like just say yes. Let me embarrassed they lighten up until this. What is there to root of the let's face it you make eight. Exactly and it's I tell my students and all the time you know I commend like I don't know anatomy and only just fake it and make nearly as. Tonight the front page again it's like keep doing that you just roster until it makes sense then the you know and then. Blame the thinker when doesn't look for good. So Amezaga Clinton has been mum are fun pottercast we have it's been a blast. We've been hang out in the deep end which for summer listeners. Saying we may have a lot of guys who got. So our guys. And I think that our goal to get the lowest views for this not. So no. Better that let me enjoy the corporate ally in the fan just cute so I Ohio Atlantis that they don't matter but. Let's let's dip their toes back to this challenge prevent it. A lot of will we talk about sometimes as much we'd like to stick confidence we know we got on the shows in the movies and he'll what are the ones you may be obscenely anything or do a really good job let's say I just. I just saw captain America's civil war in two children for an eight so targeted to movies. I loved about the degree jobs I had to put it on the comics I love you know like there's like. Forty hero Tony got contact you can you can and that's different yeah I mean Spiderman was Leila Pitt throws it right now I obviously that's not that old guy and Ohio are out tonight. That was (%expletive) brilliant that yet dead pool still for me is like a little behind just an amazing and I and went in knowing all the hype surrounding it. Share from from that slow Mo in truce equinox means the car it is (%expletive) brilliant that was great look great on this or that. The whole movie because came because that intro got really hot right now fans like they'll (%expletive) you give me that everything and I guess it. And we give me that movie yet you know I I loved all the marbles TV shows you know I guess the most recent one being new page. Look he loves from our love the excellence yup and which ones yeah we're running out of. Number I just I'm super strong interest and we get them out fraction iron fist round I we. We have a contributor to the show what our fans odds we've concluded it into the show Reid's comments is it. I had you read or is blown away our freedom I'm Matt fraction on Iraq and the united the first six episodes and issues and he actually with the first well he was so lucky reflect on end and I was like I want you to go back and watch the trailer biographies tell me I think. This will probably be that story a lot of times I see that sort. You know marvel does a lot of times and it's unfortunate that they put out a story and no perfect. Repackage reproduce put out at all. You know that this could be animated movies and that I believe it's going to be this it's a little bit different one. But it it is you know it's a comes from light. Avengers diesel emits no results and its Iranian ventures he's seen the movie for the first Time Warner so it's a and that's what you earned it gives. Samuel Jackson as nick fury. Book. It he may get the area so it's suggestive. Let me let art is going yes that's gonna bit great that's the words it's nice having brain hit you can be like you Brian. I can't similar Jackson and there's no confusion you're reading a book it was for consumers to get him into an accident in electing that if ice queen no sign it right when you read once and you're like I'm reading and and it's right yeah and and as the main hazard line yeah you know they got in trouble for not like they're Eminem's camp was like we're not cool with. I could I didn't adapt and they wanted. Oh god what's and his god Ali Zardari imminently the fox and he couldn't say they got it oh did you yeah yeah yeah. And it and it is how it area fox behind it and I think the idea of regal wanna comic and I went dark stuff now it's fun downloads fund that was good fun comic I enjoyment McCullough my hitched. Albright hitches from all he is he writes likely yeah totally yeah he teams up with. Whose artists. And I'm certain the Ryder. As the art prices are artists off the with Mark Miller. Marmol our enemies to. The only guy in on him up on me there America's Got Talent and America's got powers that treatments and that wasn't that was Mark Miller by the news is. And have America is far and there's no it was never on. I don't talk about because in the series coming up on American gods not try to be done based on mark Lars. Comic that you are all thinking originally out reissues it was like coal and solid right. Guys good package right now. Talk is the best stretch since I mean I hit to right the both phones are ringing. Until he walks outside he's like. I need a million dollars or like executive to start walking up to his door he agrees arena managers want to X is moniker yet kickass wanting to do you have. Have wanted what else is. Mark. I got there I think there and they're working on nemesis placed on the when he did Lou witness who demands a few you're right yeah. Or is that. And with inference that you were sent. You know that's another artist I'm not a big fan of either he's he's yeah I like lineal he's he's sounds great where he gave not civil war he DA in the Asian invasion that's my dream marvels invasion storyline with the sprawls in my right. Yeah what's up ya ya I knew it was the civil war art to artist what's his name. Oh my gosh. It's to lead to a roster that. Can we talk all we can you hear all that you know so if you believe. Like an aspiring. Just artist IE. It anyways apparently wants to create stuff on like maybe you wanna create comics mediocrity podcast any concrete do you think it is there any suggestion he and his like as a creator and to build her own confidence like to keep yourself going on what what are some things you could suggest if I. Always suggest because I'll get people to come in right now like I don't have time you know to like take classes all the time we're learning time for I don't have money or like you know reasons you know or it's like I live up in Oceanside McNamee you down here Ruiz a reason I heard excuses render that shook up. You might be too harsh through little fish yeah a harsh and Aramis stuff. Well also I you know like. If nothing else the bare minimum you need to do is produce like make whatever it is you wanna make and then you show people like. Maybe your friends but your friends are like this current thumbs up right not your family and your mom's like an idea right now the outbreak if you could if you want drastically as you could literally because your mom is an artist and can have a night courtroom right. If your modesty also vote by. An amazing. You know you could. Like and I've had students do this where. I have high school senior who wants to watch where can comics. Has a very kind. It's kind of soft kind of style kind of scifi like thin lead delineated. Bomb and was doing a study of a lot of Eric Powell stuff from the bright really cool and a lot of like is a pro tour scheduled for 2000 stuff. And he was showing it to to friends. He's totally incredulous when news telling new stories you like. I'm sure it's my friends there like this best work you've ever done and you like the BI involved. I'm afraid. My family are just like that's amazing could child didn't like that's cool Cleveland aren't strangers you know and yes I'm all right unbiased opinion guerrilla edit correct the back a little fish plug but every once we have a free. Open to the human public all the comic savvy hosted at the studio. Succeed to to be welcome board. Collar sixty. January 20 tolerate college are OK listen to state. People just drop in sometimes professional drop by sometimes media draws filers to from people drop by and people brain works there working on. Even if they're not little piece suits right there like friends of studio frowns and students were donated time that I can broadcast with a Steve doesn't offer as a fantastic and they'll be like taking you to come and work and just. Like the flip through it and like they'll come to mean do like you can officially my right hand like that twice and I'd like to go all yeah. If you're them pointers you know break up the tracing paper be like who do this differently and then like like and then you fix that and then you keep on moving right it's not like. Nothing you do now doesn't have to be perfect and in fact like the that you like gold that the twin you don't like student will be like I need like the perfect punch as a no you don't you need like that and punching a dude because I guarantee this will not be the last time you drop them in punch you know you need to rent. Well yeah I asked if you (%expletive) it up like congratulations you have tomorrow to draw another Federer shot you know like just cannot close for a long time that backed us clothing but like. We have some of our coworkers ask us all the time of like. Hey I really you know I think disrespect your podcast thing he has to do her year and you every week in your consisting so obviously you know. And on some sort coworkers think that podcast bigger than it is because we do every week. Need and so we've actually had co workers coming doesn't mean I. You know I had this idea that this is they and I I don't just view it gently. You know what happens is is like we are it is all times that nobody does nobody doesn't Aaron cannot ever one thinks it's not going to be good enough and a light. Don't want it back and look at solar not look at I reckon I remember there was. Like two months of our shows. Present were run not to happen but might queries every show like Reagan and we're so you can completely in the late. He was in the middle of the patients and twitch Connie and it odd code blue and like we had everything you're going. Not just all cylinders also are taught every vehicle fleet now and we are exhausted and my and I was like I was to get back tonight. Our our stuff over the I. Now Mike hadn't voted again and I know you're not having fun but we do we retired we know knew it you know and we saw yesterday and now they're just gotta you gotta do it. I'm because then you'd still take stuff from that you're like yes you know there's there's Stuckey did write in your like we're bring that with us and like me with stuff where you're like OK so let me be like. You find a way to like have more energy whenever whenever that means drugs if she doesn't panic until it's. And a zeroes and a bottle now actually. Actually we actually started the podcast drinking Beers every every week and we had to stop we haven't stopped his live Avery obviously bring about you and the runner up I don't I still on this type I is well. All Israel on the extreme right yeah I have pictures of it and I remember when we stopped drinking during the podcaster was Julia a self preservation and can't. As the game and think content or lack I don't know that they've my negative and then let me out there. Yeah I get tired it's. It back and I didn't come back and bring those Kirby cocktails retirement alone might get any we never talked about passed through and get a break down. Of and we got to wrap that that we can't and I thought okay. Obviously crooked Tarantino this yeah I'm going to look after it parity cocktail I was born in Chicago though. So positive comic fest has commissioned me to do on a huge puddles and you know yes I did he announce our presence that we Consumers Union began February January. Third weekend of February and his. They commissioned me to its curvy 100 birthday this year so the commissioned me to design forward Kirby themed cocktails I mean the curry crackle. Which is the Greek through June sugar. Champagne cocktail with a lot various heartache to blueberries approximating the Kirby crackle crystal globe are little right of sitting on the bottom I made a fantastic four which it's a task force so it's got to be equal parts right so equal parts Berman. Orange juice or overall. And months negro a moral. That all just about what is bad. Then I think is the urban and suburban these allegations concern is that if I. Stretch like mr. rich history of Natalie. Ran well. Get the vibe and nothing I look for the media bar Wahlberg Danny Pearl Jam riady. Now what I'm Chris. And brilliant well thank you Larry good to be negative butter and then. Again the Salmonella last month. And then also I'd been incredible hole could Adori vodka. Grapefruit bidders and soda water and yeah that's a better run and as for me for the law it would have been like. It's very nice apple caught occurred after he even drain. It is yeah. Yeah it's a good idea and then the dark side which is a high proof rye with people's Europe pork Maureen. And urban voters that's good houses. That's it for you within I think arguing in dark purple wouldn't you go. What's it was alcohol that's. Like based on raspberry assault fantasies like the kid sees what's the other one didn't current and you are talking about it to document there's another one you know I was a better earlier today could be in the game and I'm right here again like you hear anything yeah yeah you know it's just picked up it's pretty subtle very immature yeah. Not any mixed with and it may yet I can reiterate if you me into the dark side. Each and with your faith in the toilet should be doing what explains different would happen they'll let you had a bunch the dark side news in the well wouldn't get what you think well. Great entry called dark side what do you let's throw quick what is important points and a team. 20:17 I am crossing our forward to let's see. Wolfpack the pressure I'm looking for two American gods. Iron on TV. I am looking forward to. They continued discussion about note. Rogue one and why it's better than. Force awakened the royal. And we talk yeah all. I. And I it's always more story as a moratorium right a new hope twice but he these guys address is we can go on right on the and I'm looking forward to I feel like there's really good signs. Coming in no matter what you thought of the actual book rebirth I feel like DCE. In a lot of respects I trust guys you better play yeah it is not a. Yeah I think she couldn't even when I'm down on the stuff they make you're still making it and I can come back in the meantime you know that's the point. And just keep making it wasn't time. Let me make my day yeah definitely I might be evaluating regularly local and Christina got the job that's at the new understanding comics on you salesman bring Amy Bagram halves let's put Google to find love or. You know lactic comes great job I. Or for three bucks an exciting and I kind of ran mounting on the environment that point. His aunt some wants to. Is intrigued by little this Cummings was the First Lady on the on the akin email us that little fish comic books at they can reach -- was on FaceBook or -- what he's doing a basement we are acts -- if they just original -- our -- and unhealthy that obviously he's basically -- parties or -- studio are ours oppose it amounts -- -- as well I'll I'll Anderson as well that our yard I had doubted our doors are open you know more years are they're welcome any time any time really love I think we both love the comment speaks to the students and everyone -- -- -- and ya -- IV or radio guys over -- in countless and ready for good outlook. Is that with -- and and if you've been in Kenya and open invite any time. You're in will be their annual he took Spurrier behind it and yeah. I like to joke Ager in that little fish more than I am and I think that is true that is and other litigants ten securities Yahoo! now. So going to be it's a good danger and if fact it's similar to the good leader bleeding cool article isn't he. If I need a little that a true story if you Google. Great Morse and super brand it's a bleeding cool article from the previous year about Peter and you know there's athletics in my ten year old cousin on Thanksgiving. Says she was thankful for her musically fallen. It was all part of his point easily impressed yeah Miami's oh yeah yeah. Well again. And as I thought they. Doing you know again. And farther whenever they're on board he's doing really well and that's that's a swirl of emotions really and you've. I put. All along that you are doing the lord's work and I mean that. We'll have you back soon I think Mercer. Has been deprived you know a lot of really unless I'm. NBC news on Twitter prices at breakthroughs there is nation is at 949 ST the plot gets it keeps and keeps me good luck creditors. Get anywhere you want to find its alliance and nine point nine as the back I judgment airlines I am we are at little fish CBS San Jose's all of that now. Lamar putter.