Capes on Capes review - Logan

Tuesday, March 14th

Bryce reviews the bloody emothional rollercaster and Hugh Jackman Wolverine Finale(?) that was Logan


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And Alan LLO is Bryce you are listening to keep song capes and I'm John always by. No one actually right now Camby is not here. Because he had yet again like Jon Lech. It did not see the movie that I'm going to Rio and this one he's very stubborn if you listen in the podcast you know. He is. Ridiculous position on X and I cannot say that he's not here. So he hadn't seen Australia he says he will. But on that dvd or whatever format people are watching these days but I side it's being the fantastic. Movie Logan and I'm gonna talk about it. By the game going to keep the spoiler free in the sense that. I'm going to not give Alec plot Beatles on talk about stuff that happened. And things and so. If you don't know anything. Tune out or you know as I prefer just from the wind down this place we get credit for it. Or enjoy what I have to say. First reported evidence the movie. We got eightieth. Well debt pool teaser. In the beginning. Not the end out that was very European because the way this movie and it is kind of a solemn. Good amount of closure way you would want to go into a funny little bit and and the death was pretty hilarious you get. Riles let that pool outside of constant he's the guy getting mugged in an Alley. He says that low not on my watch he goes to fund there's to change in the save him. But as the joke is. It's not that easy to change clothes and a fond NC get. You get Reynolds but look at that you him changing by the time he gets out the guy's dead. And they use the Superman music which was hilarious. I'd. Yes I spoil the whole thing that there but it it's I'm sure you've seen on Ayman that's pretty hilarious. But. To the movie this movie was fan that tasks that it was a little on its two hours forty or fifty minutes. You could trended down but overall that that's that's not a real complain because even at the parts it thought it was slow he brought me back. By the time I thought about it and but I'm ended it was great. Man who was it violent. But with inching about that I found. Is that you know when Wolverine fight too he's always he's going forward he slash and he stabbing and do anything he didn't do that any different. They just chose to show you the real repercussions of what that would be. Heads are. Rolling. He kills probably a hundred people. Hiding keep count but answer someone did if you look that up online. It would it was good though it it. In this movie had a lot of ambiguity about it. To civil set up the millions almost all gone. Had a little bit of the children of men feel when he discovers. Spoiler X 2.3. Who is you know pretty much made in the lap it was like oh my god another mutant. She was cool she was very violent to. Into seeing cuts that they base that quitting kept her Spanish. Assistant she didn't talk that much until the end and there was some things with her along English came along. You can tell lightweight Beulah couple words be you know there's that that that's a little things that I just happens noticed. So the world of zombies there's absolutely elude that it seems like striker sign. Use professor acts to kill everyone and if you call on the earlier movies. He talked about what he's lost focus to find someone in like cerebral. Evokes is too hard to kill people maybe even kill all the means it doesn't say it but I'm gay it it looks like that's what they did. Because Patrick Stewart. It very senile. Patrick Stewart. You lose that I did something in this movie. They order they sure weren't afraid to kill real characters in this one when I've gone background part. A lot of our failed people are gone. Allah I realize Taliban in this movie. There was only a couple mutants really and there's. Wolverine. Patrick Stewart. There was X 23 is actually a group of kids that are explain three. And interpreting summoned but there with a with the many there was X 24 which is our version Wolverine and the young one. Wolverine in this movie he sick from day one and another thing they do not tell you why. He'd he'd talk keeps argument this at a man Jim bullet. And want what he says there might be one in me so I think it's he got shot. And he could maybe could've pulled the pulled out but he chose not to. And don't know this because again you're guessing a lot of these things. But you know as if a good a good movie can do that in this one data and it just kept moving forward. This this is what I would you really want in a comic book movie it's it's just a good movie. It happens to be it I happens to be about a guy who feels himself and has closet come out but it was just a good movie. Patrick Stewart ED level. Seem now with him was really inching that they went there. To quote. The great Robert De Niro in tropic thunder he never go full retard. At the same time you never. Go full scene panel come talk to work of that character and they would bounce it out but. He is pretty crazy. He was not the wise Patrick Stewart now the mother was some wisdom in moments. He he he was pretty out there and the running around with him in his wheelchair was it was. Pretty funny at times. On the ovals that at times and definitely grounded. And dead. Tom. Normally what else I can tell you without spoiling too much and it was great. I really liked it. You know weight when it so by the time it wraps. You know hold it's this is all the tragic thing with comic books because movies. Especially X-Men there's if you really want to look at it timeline of what's going on there's a lot of different ways to interpret it. Sevilla broke it down and maybe there's three or four I think. On days if you actually switched a lot up. But. There's been things said about possibly just reboot Nadal or maybe moving forward with the new mutants. Balancing the interest in the new means existing because yeah you can do that there's new characters to be said but do you really want to let. The household names go I don't know about that. But the latest movie fans. If they were on engine two just rebooting doll which they talked about doing. The closure was pretty good you really could I mean if you wanted to just make a movie now and gold backed the classic. Storm cyclops will learning and mean now you could put cam it right in there. You may be lead with him so doesn't feel like you're going with. Wolverine heavy movies always and I know that's a plan it. For a lot of reasons it has not worked out yet but. You gotta excuse it. This is this is would be a good jumping off point. Saying what happens but you see it. You'll know what I'm talking about. But a you know discount as we can if you've seen in two. Tweet at us act gives and gives nominal you guys dot. Because there's a lot of room for interpretation as one and a lot of good conversation to be had. But again overall I loved it I thought I was in just a great movie great Lou if I happen to be. About eight wolverines. Not the animal that. Colin become you need on tuchman. I will have another one on serving him you have some PM Friday it's it gives us having enjoyed it great you did let me be that.