Capes on Capes - SDCC Off Site Events

Wednesday, July 12th


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What loss and things that he ordered the out just start blasting me in the face look. Season so if you another quick preview of some comic con staff yet that is a big folks we're now less than two weeks away which means you're really close to having a baby I am weak same countdown. So here are some off site events that have confirmed since our last show. Doctor Who is coming back and they're going to have an event after an event at the omni. Mean so if you like Genentech and it's because like the show's coming back. Kind of made me realize that I was there you that the last time they are here with Doctor Who was the fiftieth anniversary you're switching over doctor Allison Petit first half. Creative I think the 53 year Ollie equitably here and healthiest so doctor who's not been at the conference like one or two years and it's. Kind of a big deal for a minute comebacks of that'll be fine. The movie atomic blonde is having a screening off site. C led America down. Now red Beaulieu let's closer reopened for this year's comic con is guessing a theater one rivers there. It could be. Another big thing in the Pepsi phantom phantom from Pepsi that's back the Mac. Not back Beck back tech's gonna be their last. You know all possibly I'm not saying tonight we know I I don't know that he's not going to know that turn of tong but. With comic con parties you don't know now lake Cold War kids playing on the deck of the aircraft carrier Lincoln Park showing up. For some like Motorola or somebody's party think you know you can you know you have no idea I know this was kind of cool boom studios is teaming up which 1 eastern century fox and doing what they're calling a drink op Reid can go and get a drink and Antonin sentry publisher of the new movies. I'd an artist and he can sentries. Com of all he's not a big fan have come all of the woman goes inside the ballpark that is moving photo it's just outside in the park and we're not really a no no no doubt that. That's a separate thing that's a separate area there. Comparable yes wasn't heck they had lake laser tag and he they had all the British shows and stuff yet and it just could Cho bought an herb garden. Cohosts from. Altered states that they had again you know we are music anyway that is moving from Pepco this year it now be. Behind the convention center so that is another free thing you can do downtown. Don't need a pass yet hurdle pakistanis caught a ball last year they get like a big scavenger hunt with camp counselors knowing everything was designers can't count. They have a burrito stands isn't here in Kurdistan. You know your burritos. Does the big one and TVs tandem fest is coming back to echo park. The same thing as the Pepsi one man anyway and in this big one blade runner 2049 they have a virtual reality experience. That will be off site at comic con as well with opulence BR. It's convincing every year you're gonna see more. DR DR. Now gap every big the big things are incorporating what can we do what you know I it's I text you my phone was not receiving text message of the league is I know he responded. But you're going to a radiation on I say you bring. The snapshot snap Jack boggles for the railroad any idea I. I don't know he not that literally went photos not you know I'd send someone to do it I didn't on the methods like he's it's the living through he's pretty exciting yeah it's a great fit Nam. Yes that's that's a more off sites that.