Casual Gamers Ep 12 - Playstation Experience, News and More

Tuesday, December 12th


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It or not often do I see him be bound. Into a room at some bounding to going on today's case it is the casual gamers again. Supported by Kobe university get in the game and learn how you can become a game developers through the game development grief home. Programming Coleman university San Diego the komen dot edu for more information. It's Jeremy yes Whitney hand being a little excited getting in here today for this podcast. I mean we got a lot of other things it's about the definitely have been a busy busy boy over the last week and I mean you were hanging out at that PSA to talk to doctor Luke. Moon on there and the and I'll soon. CD in the third or AKA sees. I was hanging out with him as well did not get audio for the podcast but I'm. We talked we changed inflow and I was like and I love your positive to be and I talked about it in Iraq. We're gonna try to get imprisoned and other out but we did get. Audio without from the bow which are going here now if you miss that you can actually find it in the act casual gamer stream. We're divided on line it up from 949 ST dot com so PS sexson and how with the PlayStation experience this year it was a lot of fun com. So PSX PlayStation experience ease if BN. It's a fans show fan expo. Whereas electronic entertainment expo. Going into leasing is more industry it's light. You know he died at GameStop here's why you should bide here's what you should stop this game minerals and wanna buy it used to having start. Whereas placing Asian experience is PlayStation and his teams so. It was all PlayStation fans it was all just like. And everything this year was VR light I would say even 45%. Of the show was. Here's our VR version of this game here's this BR here's this new VR experience. Here is this VR game. BR BR BR and even wound walked in the door. I was with a publicist friend of mine and we had gotten special access to got to take quick and I cut through a big line it was really nines. And he'd turn to the PR gal from PlayStation and said. What is that you wanna see people look out for and I'll bring my my clients calls this clients my clients the real issue eight BR. Like just deadpanned DR. I mean did they know at this point VR is a new medium so if they're gonna sell and they need to support their crap out of it in the yeah that's ever look at it. This is where you wanna go play this this is the next evolution in gaming because you all the VR. Wannabes there have been out there I mean dating all the way back to the nineties I was just say it's gonna save the the game away VR right then heads that you stuck your face into with feet. Read monochrome on the greens and no I didn't I didn't hands on with anything at PlayStation experience I really just. As your mentioning I've been super busy so it was really a data dump and meet as many people as I can and then get. But it was great that you could you know people located in a destiny to do was great because it was there in games there may. For fans they can go in take a photo with a hunter. And I think it may have even maintain either I don't know I didn't he get a good look at the hunter itself. But then that lets them legendary rocket launcher that shoots out. And salt. You're Amador of course oil is that it's called who's got the big ball on the you know it's called. Ward of ward if coil ward of court also they had a real life ward if coil that you did you gutsy grabbed. And then take over to hunter that was your photo lobby had here. Word of coil. I try to get a good shot there and I just sort of stumbled into the area I'm surprised they didn't have a gallon horn is a known McFarlin toys actually made a life sized Gallup warned they may have been just nine leg where I was like I didn't really like take a good look in the reason lies. I wish assert escalating into their Booth and not paying attention and some Dowell. Grabbed my arm as a tragic photos like excuse me that you can go to wait in line over there and I had that moment of my. I don't know the way Ryan late. Brood about Arabic okay thank you. But it's soured me like I don't care to explore their lessons but it I don't care to take photos and can't tell you this are emulating union and may. A I should've had a bag Obama is give borrowers of Disney junior Greg bureau you cool though not titled the really cool stuff like they had. A warlock statues he could go I we took a photo the war army is another Heiser I don't know does cool stuff. Am. The god of war of the new cradles name. I've never play when he's got a war games but people album and they had a huge display obviously wasn't as if I'm right they had two guys. A line as Credo is in pause play and then one as the sun. So they have a younger actor playing as they are playing to the storyline of the new game at school and it was a photo want you to go take a photo with them. And the problem bear was pre doses. And it has like glowing blue room's on an. So like you got to hold on to the glowing blue route and acts can take a photo of trade goes and his sons so bad ass that was super cool. There's a new zombie survival horror game coming out called days. Two days gone. And he is Conti is gone the main motif is that the main character looks like a biker earnings on a bike. And yank you know I may be used parliament by greetings and I think that an endless some kernel source and anger from terminator to wrap motorcycle around shotgun and sunglasses I don't that's actually divide that's why they're going for the day in that sort of channel and a anyway. They had a huge huge display. Like zombies hanging like just carcasses of meat hanging. That makes swinging on chains off and then like they had like he was a fenced off area and they have zombies behind the fences like actors stress of the zombies like. And and they had a cool photo op. This giant chopper more recycle. And behind you quote unquote chasing you is this massive like eight or nine foot zombie bear. The bear it's got a giant light. Leg offensive post he shoved through its entire body been like obviously the fence post that ripped off and has. You know MP hailed this thing and it's got barbed wire. Peace is that it's dinner ribs all drew some scary great looking photo op. Thumb. Really exciting stuff. I will be the show me here is seen Diego they had a bar. So you can go to the bar and you could play MLB they show or just get a beer and hang out in a really nice. Led their posh. Bar experience with kick ass TV if there are more bars than had playstations or that to them you know vitamin and have kids I like go to more bars. In it has to be a sort of controlled environment committee passed remain clean especially for playing games stuff. I'm a what a cool idea that they'll be the show had that raid around the corner. Massive. You could go and play Madden against your friends or other people there so they had this massive TV. Herb you know screen for mad and and then coming off of that was a bunch of senate seat could just play. Games that are available both crises before like I am. That uncharted but the last of us he could just walk up and play the last of us at PlayStation experience that was really cool. Spiderman got shown around the Spiderman PlayStation game. And in the big thing for me was fort ninth battle Royale. And on on Thursday night to kick off PlayStation experience they announced their new game mode which is expiring on the seventeenth those linger for a little while. Fifty vs fifteen it's all like fun. Yeah it hasn't really come across very fine with the they were playing all week and from the PlayStation experience. And they even has the technical difficulties because this is a good thing. The game has gotten so popular it was crashing their servers over the weekend now and at one point they can only do. Solo experience he can only play solo drops. For battle royal you couldn't play squad could play Jewish couldn't play BT vs fifty and a good day. It's good match that eighty years is fifty really exciting idea. The trailer looks really cool and they showed this basing that base and it never once just. And rock isn't crazy in two bloating everywhere voting image traps and they're jumping all good things in there you know and all I gotta told this is crazy. And then they release the game mode. It is the exact same game Matt. So it's massive. And it's fifty or fifty and so it's like all light or can you talk to everybody at team know your talk their body your squad. So you could fill with a bunch of random stone vine. But then finding Lou it's become a nightmare. Because eyes light it's literally every man for themselves. So if you if you turn in a guy shooting at you from far away and you turn slight him and that. Little loop falls out of neagle got that goal rifle shoot at your leisure suit run talking like. Dude I'm literally nowhere and that you're absolutely yeah oh yeah I know. That became as being at the event it was legally LA had a couple of street they had seat the seas there they had doctor Luke bode airplane. At the fort night. On a game and an end it was even commentators are like seriously you really studies Jessica still hungry for the elude the it was it was really cool and great idea for fifty out of fifty and winning it when it sort of breaks down and it's not in the game it works. Bomb but like to get to that point there's long stretches of a Mike I don't think this is what they want this now the players on an almost playing it. Look like they need to close the mapping and and yet all real tight yacht in if they had done like some people said what if what does that Matt was a bit smaller but also. The teams drops at different ends and in those bases that they showed in the trailer we're sort of in the middle of the map. And then the storm moves quickly to push you push you push you to that Saturn. So that you do have a chance assert collects stuff as you have a senator and they have this giant war. You know again and certainly the really cool idea but then once and played just didn't work out and it's hard. On the fly they may change especially thereabouts loss or holiday event in but I think tomorrow. What are they doing for holiday event as far as I know they boarded teas they have the snowball grenade launchers grenade launcher but it largest snowballs you know I'm expecting them at some point to release a grenade launcher with a saddle on its. So that literally you have your best friend on the front of the grenade launcher used locks them when asked they asked are gonna make reading rockets easier sell you know why not I I really love of the game I had the first few questions that ball to the streamers asking able doctor Luke currencies was do you play how how do you plan might tonight. I've never actually played this game I just enjoy watching you plant and there are little media might I played destiny to all you guys play cricket battle Royale. And and and only put you need to have streamers turning and asking me. What I'm playing allowing why do you care or do you care notre askew but couldn't get it I thought I'd just tell you I've enlarging get a clue who I. Don't Koji Ito who Diane and I was fun and added that may be going you know automatic download this for PS horse I have downloaded for PS four. And a and a and a diving you know I checked out. We'll do we'll get together and most wanna we can't you funniest sketch may be a bunch of others like you think the trick to that game just because it's so it's so hokey or corny anyways. Is just to play with friends until they get seriously does gaffe game did the way the battle royal game mode is it's it's really easy to drop in drop out if you get killed your home team gets killed a well guess what you're gonna turn round of the match in two minutes yet and that's fueling what doctor Luke assay is like is that like the game this is so. Sets refreshes itself so fat that. If you miss around keys again to take the trash out. I don't worry maybe you catch the end of the previous round aren't. Hey we already white or about to drop continue match so you're constantly whipped them dropping into a new match it's what's great about the game that. It's like when we talk about our audience we have to reset you relate say this is where you are. And with that gave their life this is grayling fifteen minutes I didn't tell you where you are LA. We'll play import value and Robin. The fact that this does this game is in development right now it really is it's it's it's not a it's not a complete release and they're gonna do the one point oh. Here pretty quickly you know with the Hollywood all these games out there if you have. An interest in games. You can take that to the next level master software encoding in the game industry and take your passion for video games to the next level learn how you can become a game developer combing university classes start every ten weeks. On their Balboa avenue campus go to Coleman dot edu for more information speaking of games. Hold on Richard two part don't be too shy about that either. Because I had a chance to go there. And they get hands on they were playing. One of the code in tabletop games so late imagine you go to school needed to play a board game to learn game mechanics overall. Paying as pretty bra was added today I played clue for twelve I'd click for twelve hours and figure out how to make a better game I don't really doubt doubt the goal anyway go ahead. The deal with with that's coming up on the of the year the the U Lou explosion of new games this kind of out done. With this last couple of weeks. I am feeling very underwhelming. And I'm sitting here are trying to put together. But top five games for 2017. And it's a rough go even for me being the destiny fan mail I'd I don't know. If that its current state I can put the top five we you and I talked about doing a top five until we Selig illustrating the top five in the in the air. And I eat. I'd call it today and said I give up. But I really gave up last week of the game awards because I was looking at that game wars Ozzie will look judges who's nominated now's like there is no way. That I came. In any way justify a top five this year because I played five games that I would make a top five. Late I didn't play and tell the rest of the loud I don't know how to switch you know and that may data is game of the year congrats to them and I don't mean that you have to have played every game but late. Feel like I played all the games this year to be able to say what was that top five games this year I can tell you at the top five games I play. The doesn't exist anymore let's true they did close down immoral heroes yeah yeah I think that's the only gave up I was like gosh. God she hears that. Nothing you know massive egg Andromeda what do massive disappointment. And then rid off Nevada wins in marble euros Omega on PlayStation and I was the air early for the beta and I was there. Early for the good times and I was bears through when he decides are going bad and then I wanna be patient came agony was never bat again. But like that's a solid two and a half months of my year that was consolidated. They got. Noll was thirty characters a global sixty and click and played bag. You you know you did you spent a lot of time in a lot of money that you may have to my PR guy. What did Doug you're. Don't you know I I'll say I'll. Off the cuff by had to pick one and it would probably be horizon zeroed on. And I kind of played the I've bought it excited the plane that I am not able to play did it's it's a fun play through its gonna engaging story it's a beautifully. Produced game and you know it did it doesn't seem to have anything broken as far as Luke mechanics or. You know battle mechanic anything that you don't replaying game legal guide. This QB so much better if it wasn't such this there's yeah really a lot in the game it's challenging it's hard. Well the wakeup that is hard I ask you about so destiny he did come out this year yet. I had actually met this ECB caddies last week whom I didn't realize and amid talk about this I realize this until literally yesterday. And this is days after the fact when this wasn't bubbling up a PlayStation experience. This wasn't bubbling up anywhere where I ago. Geez I was watching history British sailors. Reacting to somebody else saying hey did you hear what bungee did. And he was like there's no there's no way someone look at this or there's no way. And I was like it's hyperbolic that generally have an island that the storm itself might well what it. Well let so if you don't know what happened with the curse of Osiris a date. Bungee took content that was previously available in the release of destiny to the prestige mode in the rain the prestige mode on nightfall. The trials of the nine and proceeded to lock them behind it. The GL see yeah. That you had to pay what twenty bucks forty get yet so pieces that you had in the original game that you bot were no longer available to you. Because. The power level was too high. Now they've gone since today and patch that there was another quality of life patch that came out today that had master works on weapons and a list of you know changes as long as my arm which it was long as some else but. You know as one of those things where. It's the big they need to let go out of the whole power thing. And and trying to control. And where you Warren power depending on how much you pay in the game and it's real hard about that what they also say they wanna see control like if you. Have the base game. Being able to you play all the way through it as and it's Percy is having to deal CNN future DLC. By that being say keep going I really think his power does that mean a lot. In the game right now anyways it doesn't matter in crucible it doesn't matter and you know any PVP mode. And it what what what is it indeed it did they raise of the level to 2520. In the light cameras now at 335. If you play based game at 335. God bless you just let it roll well definitely together like you'll that's the thing they need to let people get there who cares what the power level extends to chair let. Here and how long grind is gonna be if they want to grind. Destiny to with no DLC. What are they getting there they are getting one of the worst experiences you can imagine because let's put it. Destiny to Vanilla. Is not that great experience it's it's a fun game to play Islam plank it if you wanna dabble. Telling us that that's pick of the controller you know play a little bit put it down who do laundry right of the comptroller amen Robin to a strike from the get out number I gotta go shopping right. You can play like that for ever and if somebody really has a hard on. To grind themselves only to 335. Without any expanded content. Why you stopping them right because it's not going to change the game plug it really is the extra content. And then I don't know a this fell itself so. Money running. But in a sense that like here's rally and give them a slight benefit of the doubt. They've dropped the price of the base game down to 3999. Moon boot right so OK so somebody in corporate is light. Well we're going to be even more responsible DLC people's cell originally the game is 5999. But when we released in 1999. DLC content. We're gonna make it easier for you to buy it all package. And ray dropped the Bay's game price down so that we need based. By the based game and the deals seat. You're still getting this sixty bucks that's so god accounting was like. It makes it says what a brilliant idea Tony if you got the game at sixty bucks. Or ninety you're under twenty depending on. Hey I'm investing and all the deals he gonna have could he told me affair. Go ahead. I'd I've got nothing at this point it is what it is that the big game is going to go through a lot of innovations and changes as the line you vote. Well I hope. I mean right now as gamers are trustee is real thing and yet but you know what I'm a favorable. And now I'm I'm gonna give them my time on any given the benefit of the doubt because honestly if I'm not playing this game what am I doing. I do feel like. I do feel like it's getting real predatory. In that. If you bought. Here's the thing you right 88 and we have to meet outside of the experience and time itself if you got Disney's you at launch on PS four. You had a fantastic two and a half months before. The deals he came out. And there has been changes the entire time but it is as a fringe and you'll be in having so much but you really got your money out of the game. Now now is DOC there's new content you boarding body if you're a fan. So they either had they got to figure worthy for I don't know I I'm playing I don't candidate the story. It's just more of Vanilla destiny to me like I had by the DLC and I'm. Replace the ninth always you guys man sometimes it's hard good to have the time for I didn't it's hard really get all the stuff done every week by. But in what they're doing is not right they're catering to casuals and I I think that's that was the miss because they figured. Well we're gonna get more casual players by QQ catering to that hardcore casual audience not hardcore gamers. But at hardcourt casual audience and raised on Lowell stocks are better. You you're not winning anybody over Petrino it feels it those feel like it it doesn't feel that much different. From a mobile game or FaceBook game. And I have three different versions of that game that I can play every day. I can be might tighten around warlock or mighty hunter but it really is. I'm maintaining my farm and farm bill that's really what destiny is leaked to wait no I boiled it down myself and ask like that is. Destiny is farms and it's it's I'm going I'm maintaining it crops in my crops is I enjoy shooting things and had a very fluid. Shooting things type of platform and that's all destiny as an Oz like that makes me kind of sat and he's made about an element. The best. If they want to cash in the so be sure Ayers so tell me they'd blown a late day sell me a packed spotlight you fight did you. It is going to your store and be like well the entire sir us. Pack I would give you five dollars site have. So I guess twenty shooters so I can do ever along with a red white Serwer cheers and just using as an example but like Barry go Activision you wanna. Rolla the bank truck. You know then there's something because there's a lot of systems in the game that are broke and at this point. I'm not gonna bitch about it when they really pissing off his last week I'm gonna sit back I wanna watch and play the game. As long as it benefits me is on as an enjoyable and I got. Almost 200 source sunken it to this point anyways we'll Friday morning I lie again and I was excited to seize error. And I as I can't wait to see is there's got good feelings are it was a big hunter flick with is there selling the crummy these lands. I'm not oh this was the most of them has been nothing but it was the Lazard to. Once you were able to get the pro media's lens from the helmet yes unfortunately for me. When you that tower it's localized. ICE. You know Joseph blow 619 and I see I smoke weed 619161. Nines for our local area cut your idea about done a lot of city Aegon C a lot of Indians rank. I bush in the crucible unseal a lot of folks that or do you have czar. Deserted different time zone than me so I. And post up in the crucible with people on our post who haven't seen birdie yet and now. It is all right. A little beams. Next time don't get until 9 o'clock go seize their arms at us and I was so mad I. I you know it did what she got it though it was a blast at a photo library because you couldn't take the crucible seriously now there was no more team shot it was just. Laser beams everywhere. It's the first drop on the other Ike is that who's gonna win that it. The trade I lost every train with my auto rifle and I was like what is Ed what at first you guys knew smells like okay. And it was like I actually had I actually got to drop onto people. Who were able to hurt and still frankly I was like they're whole man. Did you guys exert weapon and serves not a little Timmy yeah this is garbage. No matter what I need to know if I'm doing about it it's been nerve into the ground that's one thing that you remember for the patch notes that came out today said that they had laser tag was ray laser tag was great but now the gun has been. Nerve to beyond all recognition like claim in his been nerve below everything else in the game lamp. And we will get a plate tested revamp of that gun come January in an update blame. I thought that I all of this is the crucible for war. Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday nearly where Isaac consider ranking continually ratchet to get more angry. Women plan. Who is our weapon over the week so I spent my money ends as our weapon that you now unnerved. Oh got it is now. Well into my car loans a plug in that Barry is on daylight on and there's candidates aren't just know it's. A. It just remember my friend. This is video games is just video games. Just videogames. Are you excited for. Is Styron VR now he you're just tyrant I write a little sky rim but you know I exist. Is it too much time mess that's like the the what's the one monster hunter are swirls around the world yeah. I I I looked at some some game play footage of that no no no it's not gonna know those are grinds on tying seeing send and you know you're Ruger and demands for hours a year I don't know I'm gonna and plus the and you have to a little bug that to learn a whole new weapon system at that point right now. A it. Should aliens in the face and be Greg's of the game predicted three hours at a time so would you we have another episode before the end of the year or are. Long term thing ain't I mean bill squeeze in one next week and you Elena promises but dole depends on if you bound in here on Tuesday. Hundred gaga video games are some breaking news happens we will gladly be around definitely it's just there's breaking news counseling tag doesn't break for hearing here yes. Oh excuse me if I. Phase. It it is good at UW casual gamers now by Coleman university in the game and learn how to become a game developer. Through the game development degree programming komen university San Diego and komen dot edu for more information which gave Jim. In January overall whole weekend. You can sign up now there's an injury C but some of past winners are like a surgeon simulator. And some of the indie games that you know about it and in fact founder of an unheard of in fact some of those gains were at PlayStation experience this house begins I don't take this. Say you can the end of last year winning and it is you learn word see you next week may be.