Casual Gamers Episode 11 w/ TheMavShow from Twitch!

Tuesday, December 5th

This week we are joined by Mav from  She live streams on Twitch each day.  We talk about gaming, being a parent, Fortnite sheninagans, and Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC


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Welcome to another edition of the casual gamers podcast our Mike Coleman university get in the game and learn how to become a game developer to begin development degree programming Coleman university San Diego and Coleman. Dot edu for more information now. I know. A little I just forget it you know like advance this is what I am like twelve a Brazilian discordant channels Zelaya I had I don't doubt it that we're gonna introduce ourselves I'm Camby on on the show this week is the man shall more scores Jack joined by Jeremy. Casual gamers podcast on a nine point nine powered by Coleman university. Anyway go ahead Jimmy you China and I was say don't worry Harry took care expert also singled out I don't the. I'm glad I read we're okay and this is totally don't follow IMAP and. A professional broadcasting daily news both the no I'm a professional. Casual bad meat yeah. Through casual gamers the man now I wanted to. Energy issue to you our audience here in San Diego because. You and I have been friends for many years and I've had the pleasure of seeing you just skyrocket. TU. It's success on twitch and what do you tell us who you are. And talk to us about like what twitch is if you know if you don't know what twitches and Simmons hearing this for the first time in their right into video games. Why they tune into channel so I did tell us like with what's going on hot day. Not a new color looks my name is Matt Matt and I change show called the man show. I it is a comedy. Plus commentary game play. Show on planes so. Sort of lights you'd sue but it completely lives and not edited and completely free. Improper basically as well as the and a half. Reasoning is lying the only Wayne I don't think yeah I think that's only a kid really wide to my content is live kids I. Actually we really enjoy a company in in Prague in stand. And this is sort of like mine are saying so. You light seeing in a crazy say it. The online playing a game as having the most ridiculous reactions I can't help ban but that's my channels. You're also you're also very well loved amongst the streaming community and notices Dallara. Streamers. Everybody. Loves math yes. Well I just. And does then it says there. I'm just like so weird that I'm a big sister o.s of the media think I I worked really hard I try really aren't till. Bring everyone together in just sort of have a good time I think people forget does. Have a good time enjoy. Entertainment in the kinds and that we get some player around it. And just have a blast I I loads when I was a full time streamer. And map and I Ronnie strange scene together Tom we knew came in and you in Europe a group of friends came and it was such a burst of energy. Like a shot in the arm to my own effort in light. Trying to make content of light. Remembering to have fun and I mean you and I. Different IP as is it's it's a recently unit overseeing when you're you're worrying about. Your computer even just. There's a camera going in as a program running yeah after and a complete other program and many under on the gains jazz and then there's an audience and there's hundreds and thousands of people watching you know. And he would try to trends and numbers and what happened on it I'm really is just I'm fine in in helping people forget whatever they're doing huge if it's on the toilet boards out where. Like just the happened in good times when my favorite memories gaming the last couple years is heavily. We got in a mine craft a little bit and and mileage. I'm but I we're in a game world where I just started making light. Pixel art in the sky like you know the mass thanks single aren't fully you want the governor of beginning hand mean have to go somewhere and you're inviting me to your world and you have been working on and I tore apart. And a and then yeah I'll speak and does our eyes yeah. Making judge pair of red lips in the sky. Because not used to Wear red lipstick and it was so striking on her stream of light. Right chickens really fine and then like the red lipstick was visually let's and I remembered it. And so part of the tactic yeah. And I quickly put giant red lips in the sky and like I can't wait for mad to come hang out and play with a host and the person does is lie. Only a burn everything down. Yeah and they live in his hands me. Yeah I had I am bright purple hair and beer and let's allows Donnelly meetings and knowing that the I'm no Jeremy you don't know that Matt comes from. She was part of elder scrolls on line. In doing a lot of gaming that way and in hurt she's evolved into where no you know Lucius from the destiny community yeah so Matt talk about that late. What's that been like for you as a streamer trying to put contents out and also a gamer you're trying to have a good time. I'm wing do you decide you're gonna switch teams and and when do you decide how do you do that. We'll always been an MM no girls a massive multiplayer online games where there is this is huge numbers of world and you can. Level of your shared deer and get really cool armor Iranians. Just it can be easily it's a virtual reality basically means limit that you can treat arm where you can you. Site monsters like you can do whatever you want so I've always sort of been know that so concerned with World of Warcraft. And by the way that a that's how I BC news was watching the ID CP when they raided view and then all kinds got a system. Lisa oh I know what I did. Me me. You gave her my subscription. Yeah just like the whole thing you're going now every so now at least the boundaries of our recent inning each Carey you're sure answered a pig out why now if you're into the time sinks. And yeah like me. Changes in south all of those things may hit like I started playing since well our I mean this argue. But I destiny. Destiny in Elvis rolls on mine came not at the scene years so that was sort of light my break my world the work habit that I had been playing for eight years. Okay. I guarantee you Lauren all my iron curtain and I would rate hearing. On Catalina. Or get. Streaming whatever Ming. I'll take you for bringing of the newborn Pincus I've always wondered how to like ask you about this thing. Jeremy. Is it dad and we do something called adventures and dad gaming which is really just when we talk about how do we try to find the time. To gain I guess you're LaMont and like you're running a freely what's the what is. Really. They normally ends video game coming easy to stream in the gained handing handles in satellite. Now how well okay. OK so I'll answer your first question. With a question who is the intent. Well destiny it was just our in my side Jake and you know I didn't streamed or on console. At the center. I'm not a student goggles I would like streamed nine MM I'll and then I'm totally destiny and men like my girlfriend misty. She was like you have to stream it and that was a long ago. And now like I can't try and I had this really track relay Aybar media and capture or aren't I was leg as they'll do they'll let. Laid eggs journals and I like your butt in one year in the rankings we're gonna you're really behind it REI and just recently a created this who had a bye yeah like that was sort of the best news you need and then. I lived in T. But the times RIR had already been friends with like Italian Breaux amendment airman metres in so. The first starting time was like this backdoor. Behind that. Whatever dress shop public. And it was just like the smallest tiny user's media as me be a thousand people and not even not even and might I think maybe 500 people. I actually told Barone and it was your instant Graham photos of the event. That mud that was my access because I was so wrong and for years but you and I are friends and so. I don't know why but you know there into grant under the whatever but like I would see your stuff I never you were always my access to guardian was posting no link GAAP. In Zambia's. A hot sag give woods. Old garbage you. A come on yeah like I I who lives in the entire meant and I just had my camera and I as locker room was then that's and that's right. Is actually glass and it was it was a really fun time Regis. Every year or just keeps getting bigger it's just like. More overwhelming because there's I wanna give people so much my time because I know and I seen you name yet I I solid last year I saw an earful like I see these guys to come backs. And so it yet that's been really really awesome light. The Jesse directory as well and that's probably not only easily business. Director Jiri can choose to bring games and keep click on destiny. It was always go to C directory I am going to post online or in light show people like how gamers are we can as. Every single person in and directory I could like about four. Which doesn't happen Israeli you go play import Nike had a bunch you have no idea what they're doing and they don't they're not really to me you or you into turn elite. There are really link there for any money the destiny is completely different everyone's just really awesome so that's sort of like. The essence meaning there like my stuff inside my feeling the I might NN I act to spend more terror. And only but out. And it's on that tiebreak yes sir is it into the lane pat and I an anchor of our. To make the transition. I thought and. Yeah I am not a mom of two and I'm solo link I. On my analyst put it right I mean I comes when you can be annoying text me or does or does he get X I was making dinner. Right. No I was. Moment. So what the hell are you juggling. Definitely elementary. Yeah I'm intrigued haven't quite got there I've got a two year old and as of tomorrow any will be four year old in February and others so give me then I'm. Awesome. That's a great the greatest things your amazing yeah. That is if you ever team up with Jeremy on this nailing he has a meeting together you get a chance to meet the kids sometimes I'll I picked up on that. Off hot umpire hunter got time zombie plague in the my little boy who come up to me to be like when you have a group B diver. Oh my god I can't wait until they closed old guys is they weren't examined 30 in the morning our random I have know where my what did you what's going on. Oh you have a movie night per oh okay this year he's not gonna be sitting on my guys tell I might khakis did. It reignite people lending the noise and my cat is the one that screams and she even has her own little MOG Mota kind of Ganassi and all the does tech and she looks tea slate inpatient and they mean Paris she just does not not a happy cat who is noisy. So now it too much into your personal details and answer as much as you want or not. So does a streamer and it's a business tank and you give so you'd mention how much time you give to folks on the Internet. You have helped leg at your house would you have failures because now with two. Oh my gosh wow. I've played solidly behind you Ehrlich. All right so it's not only I really talk about just because like I get very personal about it I don't want you you're you're I don't know. But I like sort of came out because this last earning current I was on a parenting. Panel. With slight doctor live below it in an Italian. Oh yeah and I shall Italy of values at that summit with boys tech. RI RA GAAP guidance. This is why it is amazing the size is horrible. But played yeah we're on any a panel together all in attacking amount you know parenting and I was a single law hollow on the panel call like okay. Let's and I have no idea how I knew it I just I just do it like I just don't. The way that I think about lakes are writing rail link you can't do that you others in there's assigning an auction. You know they do Horry you'd do and there's no diet on timing that a. In a weird way that's exactly what I thought you'd say because I have known now for a long time and light. You your very real and everything you do is very positive and you you you'd still several focus forward right like you know you are we really key will reformer and keep an act. An end to have your response be like I don't know how to do what I'm doing but I'm just trying and I. I know that I have to wake up tomorrow and keep trying keep that's awesome that's what a winner and had a nice. I think I think it's it would be silly if you've world like I can't we did catch my brain because like even today ailing IAA. Have a hard time sometimes just except in a fact that I'm. Gonna fail at 24/7. Tea bass is is everything it. I mean sometimes failure the word is negative but honestly is just like and sort of like every fresh bilingual act and weren't mowing around the issue that I can get an idea. Yeah and that happens more than people can actually handle and I think that's a thing for people to sort of like remembered is laced. Here's threshold for comfort in a failure. Is gonna need to be really big because. Even daily sometimes there's a good night and I got lucky. That means you have the next night. I am in a month lakes. Just taking it one at a time streaming because it's so up and down oh my gosh important. How do you change so fast like I mean LA now like Elaine battle Royale games so beyond games they're sort of like survival ends. I know likes to stand. The tour de force everyone's what have you played out right at this point well. I had quit for and I am I played a lot of pub Jeanne I really low for a night I was actually waiting for us come on. Like. It's now is your world. I know I've played back at lines before this B art came on and I China and then how late can still lag Ian and they that's updated a lot. And then now you can actually builds up and it's yet which is like it takes it on to another level a punt he's cool but it's so realistic that she's beginning shows they're very slow bench and it's just very stressful. For at night it's a little bit less stressed getting Kilby is everything is literally hit fire. Ends. But not just like not a lot to worry about and if you didn't Charlie Deane has build a building around you Sarkozy. I didn't matter before a night if you guys he should twit dot TV slash I maps out if she's going for a night. You're the type mystery where that's like this team is made for light. And like last night I was watching it was Lu Bo and and and doc. Get drunk and play fort ads literally you know they they were betting on each other if you do I. By one of my people. If I don't I've now I want your people a sub they went on until they got less lately. It's all about the bike getting absolutely destroyed but it's it's that camaraderie it's it's the community it's it's it's building. The fans to instill the place for the fans can come together. Yes and just their reactions alone linked by a I had gotten shot in the water so basically you signal can see you. Your little blur floating in the water and this person was trying to get me music running around the boat because there's like a little dinghy boat and I. Come in LA. Early this do you really. Big yeah like. I can do any imminent guy and did not find me great. Now may have to be Kurds not Cyrus for destiny to came out today you are big desks and bring her own home and Janet. And odds. Yeah. Hey. It's all right yeah is actually. I'm gonna be diving yeah because I've been. All of the plays sedans there. But yes like there's a lot of treats are renowned as luminous bush learned from the new weapons inch and you. Ornaments which is like the skins were weapons and sat and theirs is a lot of really cool stuff coming out. The kid says today and the twelfth is an enemy updates for the holidays. And then the new year and his guns mean updates TU I'm very excited Ed. And hopefully that they've they've tapped and are are doing a lot of what the community has been looking for them to face 'cause. Up until this point in I've completely stay at a read it today have completely stayed out of Emmy red sweater. Just because. Very encouraging northern destiny's Muni unless they are not happy. Or. This does agent any Islam a best and the worst especially when it comes to light kiss. When they don't like something you'll definitely know so it's so funny when people are like oh you're just a cookie cutter dusty street where you do is agree with everything bungee says. But if you actually do Jiri is surged where the most whiny. Group. On the Internet because our standards are extremely high because bungee is known for giving high quality chronic straight. And I senator. Not to give a big shot octagon but there was a stream on a couple Sarazen just don't journals like that poured I can't escape. He's playing fort ranked and of course it is definite need to d'antoni doesn't mean he's finally like that he's so freshly like be human being comes out is like. Like not play. And play for QEB home rent and that's commerce and industry do a lot of that. You know so funny is. I was always in need of variety Jesse's ear and a dozens Muni and then in a variety Nina has always a destiny you're all I was so. Nice yeah. Our goalies are light. Always in the men always like doing things it's not weird that I. Play a bungee gains but does he is our own. And so I think the thing that people are trying to learn now is like aqsa T edu. I've been doing fine everyone's innings finally even the iron does need to. People like drone and guys just big examples people know out they've always played a big games always. Yeah I discover grown men before a desk like I was. What does this morning and I think yeah I don't know like that they've always sort of played one off hit some of the played through and and things like and I'm done the same seniors and people will I think people always ask that just because night. They might apology during a huge destiny's time in the non Lacey the game to go back to twist night hours and gain. Our wiring on my schedule yet it's 8 o'clock at night and and for Bonnie Allen is a game. Matt. Wear him so big apparent when can we usually find do you streaming. OK so I streaming in the morning during the days so that between eastern time nine and is yes Arnold Pacific islanders Washington. You move that's right it's and in tune needed to what is it the technology race or is asked. It. The frozen Norris and so can you call it are you here and I. Our year what's the group that's up and Seattle area with waffle in 98 dollar and there are few you heard fusion now. Bryant leads to human remains under fusion compound that a hapless and it is actually a fantastic. Gladly have my own servers and spewed out will be him right. There's sir is bigger than my house like that drain the public I was ministerial out West Coast time this morning West Coast time so I usually 93. Out Pacific time is using UN I T new and many evenings from seven schooling midnight. Pacific was down yea in the weekends it's mainly Sunday's Saturdays are sort of like. Trying to handle the household today. I have days off he got a mix that in with issuing paper to the bad days and I got together. Yes I mean you might scheduling link do nothing periods like it's so important if you're someone who is constantly going through contact and treating not even the word content with just. Beads ever present like me who's just Seubert creative always creating. It is different to be treated and creating. And learn that. But I also remember that twitch Chad I mean you guys hundreds of thousands of people that all want a piece of years so that you do the days when your like. I'm just mad and I don't have to be. To be whoever thousands of people want me to be an am just I'm just me. On to say if they've got to choose it means they're different because. I wouldn't be as weird I think. Map I let you do it I didn't you do that's the most fun gaming. That's legal Anemia is that hat in class when I had some time per share. Armed. I have. Jerry I would let them is like can you say it's right now. Don't hand I don't act we we were all you naive last week he told the story of when he saw you at what was the PlayStation Experian know that was. I think it I was doing a bunch of thugs and I really wanna dig it up now because they've always want to get mad. A platform. Ever since I got hired at 949 'cause I was like I wanted to bring Mike twitch gambling. I'd across the the season anyway. And we just couldn't connect many three and and we finally were walking past each other. And it was we've proposed and running. It was the first time seeing somebody your TV late although it's. He's made it real yeah yeah it's the same reaction like you we know each other look like but late. Not in person in at your watch you running by Animal Man in Raleigh and all my eye and so I always. Isolates. Either work conventions or not. It's either one any and they are in their work a lot of the conventions are just there to hang out and sometimes when I go to them the goal is hanging out and then end it blank. Taking on bunch of things breakfast or and then always been. Temple's schedule and then after an everywhere and I come on hourly everything but it helps that the page that's time you're not working well I mean you're working like what it's a really is light. Convention as our extra work but. And less like you're actually working when accompanied or. We're sponsored or doing something like you you miss work which are working yet so it is how do I think the biggest misconception is that light. If you're not seeming not words in Wallace untrue because when I first started seeming. I was in getting paid not own mind I had no one in 1904 months. No money yeah all right guys hi this is Serena I stood. Zed ness is the necessity and the being alive seemingly to tear. Now live year typically not alive in bright as weird does that sound that's pretty much the norm because people are used you'd. Constance. In routine to you're not on a certain time. People are knocking it was going on there stimulate. Arm lunch she was here eat everyday at noon and whatever airline and then she's done it yet sound. It says like you I haven't I this year is a first and never took a vacation for weeks. No an unasked and and it's. I was I survived a lot of music in a single day off in like four years is normally do in the end. Alice like it's time. It's time to not go to can't like not take time off or commenced and or anything else tiny zero using only your Internet issues as time just. Does he nagged. Actually have a vacation sit outside his son. Did this summer Aaron and I couldn't just like enjoy. Well. I'd say I mean here adults at a live I'm living is seen us in the Danes and. Now we're gonna realist you go you are being heard an amazing guest on our sarcastic. I you guys can check her out which dot TV slash the map show any names you're looking forward to the next month or so with the holidays coming up printing. Yes I have been sold loving my isolates like mice which is enlightened mare. My boyfriend because he's he is please don't mean enact Bausley Don and I Giuliani as a man like cancer or for me and my. Which. It was. We'll learn. Slimy and I mean. It is argue rallies haven't leading goal play it's very dramatic there's a monopoly going on right now and I am married man boy and Sebastian easily even now. We'll map if you ever get done in Diego we will host you unlike some muscle up ambulances yeah. Its. Mapping. Think you guys alliance a hundred beans. Your face takes the map from the map show the forget casual gamers is power by Coleman university can master the software encoding. To enter the game industry and take your passion to be a game for the next level learn how to become a game developer Coleman university classes start every. Ten weeks of their bubble avenue campus go to Coleman. Dot edu for more information.