Casual Gamers Podcast - Disney Ends Marvel Heroes

Wednesday, November 15th

News broke today that Marvel/Disney will be ending it's partnership with Gazillion to make Marvel Heroes Omega and the servers will be shutting down Dec 31, 2017.  Hamby breaks down the news


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Hey guys it's Tammy casual gamers podcast checking in solo tonight. I casual viewers bag tied podcast or. Like calling university I think you so much for calling university. By now how you can start your path toward entering the world of game development Coleman university San Diego online any time. Coleman dot edu or call for free campus Stuart 8588596002. I want to talk about. Marvel heroes is shutting down the news came down this morning. Disney is shutting down marvel heroes as an article on Kotaku about it. And and. This sucks we are rich reformer marvel heroes fans that we ended their relationship with a gazillion entertainment. And of the marvel heroes games will be shut down we would like to sincerely think the players who join the marvel heroes community and will provide any further updates. As they become available. And then later on this afternoon at a marvel heroes themselves put out this statement on multiple social media platforms and actually reading this off their FaceBook page. Official statement from gazillion. We're sad to reform players in our entire marvel hero Stanley. That marvel heroes are made a will be shutting down the marvel heroes servers will stay on until July 31 20s17. It will be removing any real money purchases as soon as. Possible you can read the rest that. Story online this Sox this is terrible terrible news. I will sit on the one hand I understand. You know marble as a company. Owned by Disney you can see it in their Netflix stuff that they are trying to own more of their own content they're trying to bring more stuff home. And with gazillion entertainment making the bulk of the money in it being a licensing deal out may be you hope. Marvel and Disney are working on in other marvel diablo style and remote game in the background we'll see news about it maybe. In the meantime we're does can have a huge hole where this game was available you can play it. A lot of attention at retirement is a week and we're playing some destiny to together and having just casual conversation a marvel heroes we love the game. Globally jumped to console this summer you guys can actually check out. We interview I did with Brian Wagoner lead designer of marvel heroes. A that is on our website at from 949 ST dot com under the case on cape stuff from this last summer a comic con. But they are really nice guys. And we talked about how in August we lost our public relations guy. It seems really weird but people lose jobs all the timing you don't you never gated in the you know an explanation of why. And we never hidden imam we never bothered him about it in the N com soon after we had a new public relations guy. And then just couple weeks that person went dark that person went away so. We were commenting on a wild wild we lost you public relations guys. In three months on marvel heroes this isn't a good sign. They had this stuff planned for four rag in Iraq that was announced that was gonna come out is special for when the movie came out just how we scalp that's just it can out. No explanation wine at a Halloween had a canceled no explanation why. On the and it sucks because you know obviously this stuff was happening in the background and there's even quote here. On because hockey interview. One current employee who wish during the remain anonymous. Says it over the past two to three months he'd been developing features for the game. But why is quote not very confident that they would eventually get implemented. A marvel heroes fancies and quote while they're stating they're reasonably flaming us our hands are tied to the Sox. I literally sucks and I feel for all people who work on his game other fans of the game I was so excited to have this come to console I thought. This game has got years of content had a day. You know there's the new black panther movie coming out there's always new marble content. I mean she's it's a shame that it would down this way. A couple of things you. The lead designer brand Wagoner I was sworn to secrecy what he gave me a sneak peek. A beta ray bill he was coming into the game finally a super show can be Gatorade bill. I never gonna happen that's never gonna happen now and it just sucks so I shot onto my boy got about sketch he and I just having this conversation over the weekend. And here's how it plays out. Marvel and Disney pulling out a gazillion and marvel heroes goes dark. We'll have more feet guys. Casually or podcast next week the sneak peek for you as we just interviewed. Professor Berlin last night next week we're gonna have hopefully fingers tag Ross Thompson and IBW games have talked about here not him on here on the podcast. I EW he's been here in San Diego heat that packs unplug. This weekend and hopefully he'll give us all the details on Paxson plugin. Fun games and stuff when he's on next week we'll see then.