Casual Gamers Podcast Ep 3 - Jeremy loves Cuphead, San Diego Tekken Royalty and more

Tuesday, October 3rd


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Welcome to episode three of casual gamers it's Jeremy. Along with a handy right. Good to. Day to you my friend in my recording as this thing on this thing is on the week I yell at the others and the command center on the command centers is so vital to sit Davis he very well this is usually Wear Bryce it so he thought that anybody. He called it the command center usually has like things going on. Some call like that since I have. And all of them honest I need to see your smiling face we don't yet but this crappy week it has been in the Arab world with everything going on in Vegas and losing Tom patty. Great weekend until I feel really late. We shall we not talk about a great weekend is all this other stuff happened early we need to positively in Ireland we need to put positive media out there because we tell you. Huge huge thanks to our friends again seeing gaming sinner for a successful. Tech and seven turn into squander scene now. Wow and a huge thank you disinclined k.s. The production. I don't know what I was envisioning that night I was the only way he will only watch in their leg is. Now is our view it everybody else was blown away I mean I actually had gamers who were in the tourniquet mode to be go dude. We didn't know what to expect because it was a radio station regimen right. But you blew us away. I think that was my biggest things ID BK's. I come from and events background and I've worked in offense and radio and I've worked events. As a fairgrounds and Everett events for like the house of blues and I noticed like certain audiences. Won't take you seriously if you don't you immerse yourself in that culture and say. No we are part of this two week do you take it seriously and that was my biggest anxiety was that. This would come off half fast or wired not professional and it would just derail all of our stuff and I just but I. It's all 180 from that we tapped rightly different because honestly had we've and putting it on ourselves. It would have been pretty rainy day but yes having you know got together with the guys in game saying yeah sinners they. They had early equipment did they are the ones who made it very comfortable for all the players of the term yes they're the ones who knew. What equipment we needed to have there even pointed out they got lucky. I want to give a shout out to the I'm volunteers we had. Volunteers Gerri we had volunteers and our event so Los David in Vince who are in DC and Diego fighting game community they put out a lot of events like this or. Not like this this was huge but they put a lot of tournaments. And they were the ones that actually ran the brackets. Knew the players had helped reach out to them. And they you're folks that reach out to gain a sink like you know I mean can can can we talk about some of the matches yes go ahead please go my field guy. I feel like I did as a diddle little bit a disservice because. I didn't quite know. The moves and stuff and I was really just an there was so what's going on so much I had to keep talking about that I. Cat trying to keep people going on the action and and I was like I am. Okay it's me members is dead Jan. I don't know who these two guys are at. It should be able stringer at all. Oh it was kind of like NASCAR for me it's like I didn't know the players so I just kind of pick a horse and run whether it. And that's the kind of way it was what this tournament I I I had some I had some favorites I really like watching Quenneville play. Alex Mann was a standout playing doubled you and I mean. But it we found out that guys taken royalty apparently his brother's part of the development I'd like you brought that up I wrote it down San Diego taken royalty death on their. Lot of conversations I had onstage quote unquote backstage oft might. Where people would say to me like. All see this is really curious see this see this matchup has layers to exact guy. He's seen eagle royalty he's the brother of the guy that started San Diego taken her SE taking his seat and now this other guy he's like an open Amelie. And on what what I love it because it helps flavor. My commentary because I was not commenting directly on the magic is just overall in the event in the auditorium. Wit Anne and matches of course. Very surreal. I don't know your experience what is over the game do you lounge which. I was like how how come up with the idea that Jeremy gets to go hang loudly we get gives bring me here all afternoon. As a client who also terminated and don't stop talking for three hours. Come over with a huge smile on your veins and just getting a little. A little more inebriated and I was like. You're dying of thirst and it's incredible. To me. Okay how do you journey this machine game and I would cure all the Estandia thank you. Thank you for that. In any advice I think was that was just as much trash talk in the bar. Watching. Determined have been in the theater and I think pick up more there it though it was so Grammy some of the matches it's just like in you could tell. Where these teens rolled with the each other you know I was I was missing in San Diego a tea with a couple couple pickles guys who won the competitor in turn on it and they were explained to me you know his his theory on Steve and I'm like Mike this is. This is crazy I mean this is one them character and game. And they know everything about it. Yeah yeah. One of my favorite names for one of the players mailings to men nurse and and not on the hook. That I was dealt and down. I I I even shared a story while I was up on stage by. Findings I feel light is one of the first. Early aspects of us of social being in gaining BK is. I. I mean simply fighting you at home. But you play fighting hole to get better at playing them in New York City absolutely so that you can go and play with all the other guys that. You can put your quarter up at at their cadence at the bowling Alley. And I Grubman race and a lot of the guys that we're playing we're Filipinos. And apparently. Probably grew up with folks they knew because they easily like looking at eleven batters and Mike I'm easily fifteen. To one years older than some of these guys. Not not putting myself down but like generational lead. I gotta make sure I'm talking to them and not just being like you guys please refer attitude now with the Braves but in my bag and my BAC the play that that's the social. Aspect of it because I mean we would go down to the arcade yeah I would play against someone else right now. Now now they have to have a land turn somewhere or not is that they also play online I don't need to be in my local arcade and play with somebody right now given. That's someone I don't get to talk to I don't get in Iraq and I don't get a C I don't get crap tock. And they're not part of my community that part of my gaming community but you know thump. If I sit out a local arcade down the mall and I'll play to give somebody who's next to me chances are he's living in San Diego alongside me yet and that there's a certain community there and we can start conversations. I I miss that aspect of bottoming you can see these guys when when it was Alex men verses run a black for the finals right. When they finished. It was done there was no hostility and now they have shook hands they had smiles on their basis everybody was having a good damn time. In that I didn't know all the time I didn't know how to gauge that as well as when I was doing the commentary like I didn't want to try to embarrass anybody. Because I was like where do you go with the trash talking like one guy is getting outclassed. I don't wanna be I don't wanna point that out I would like I don't wanna point out this guy is getting wrecked it and means I was like. Can I tell you what I was trying to explain earlier is I was hosting. If you're watching the live stream journey a lot of stream of cars but it becomes pretty critical we are on a live stream dean seemed. They are light streaming on their twitch channel please give them a follow by. The hiking in the audio from my Mike. And then depending on which team was being played they were pumping that in so I I was feeling sometimes that I was trying to entertain the folks in the room. And then you guys that were down the bar keys you can hear eat and then also realizing. There is some sort of other audience that is watching this. And just sort of like. There was so many times I wanted to reach back to my twitch streaming and call the audience chat. That is what this article clearly chat let's listen Jack I understand you guys are. I was you don't and you had knowing he would house watching chat and chat was blowing up I don't ignore watching I had zero clue what was going on. I contaminate watched over the course of the demand today that final match. Roused glued nice it was that you I was going in absolutely insane and people were just having a blast in as much fun as we had a blown away that again rely at a good time. And bet there was so much respect paid to putting this event on and scored just really. I mean. You know. Tripoli comics in bands play and that saves and we had a video game term and it. Let. Him do it again we're gonna do it again yes we have to it was the biggest thing that everybody was like. How did this come together what's next like mom what I Kimmel we got from LA he was like I'd pass this on an awesome you mentioned into I want Eric went so. But give a shout out he won the fifty inch TV on hot he was so excited that the best part was. It's like he's keeping that for himself gate he says that Sherri that would his parents he's his dad is gonna get into that TV. Mean what what unselfish. Act meet. I have been such yourself as bash and out of it likes our mom and dad this team is go to my room I got a place in college duty on it. Like Ireland that need to be ninth and that really sucked wing some Kwan was like hey by the way everyone is eligible to win all of the players. That includes you guys meet in our all night and Vietnam now this really sweetie you. There's just no way in hell how bad does it look. There's like and let me announce the wet there it is Jeremy and I'd get a fair and now one of the volunteers Vince did win. Other place issue for pro I was really excited for consumers volunteering its time to be there and run the whole competition so. Yeah yeah like I was stoked that one of the guys who didn't win gap that's where it TV and one of the guys that was helping out that's when that. Including those from. Saturday so much fun yeah I mean that was just that was a great Saturday we're still going through the photos. And not intelligent too much reason why is he K is sins not back. To process my camera because they borrowed my camera. Because he was in Vegas where the the tragedy happened so. Luckily all of our people are OK. And he'll be back in we will processed food goes by. Logistically things just didn't yeah there are three priorities at that point already like Keebler okay. On people kept saying. They wanted us did you rocket league that was a big one. And then I was hearing a lot of trash you can trash talking over super Brothers. You know that was that was something no surprise here myself I didn't know that was such you know competitive game even with a. Our staff Maria she's huge and super smash rather she was up there are. Like your life is like we did things look like many other than she's the right thing is going no no can't be am I I am I kill a super smash Brothers and a regular control early. Com and the kind of. And I'm I'm gonna have to put that in my in my list of games to play I have been diving deep. In two cup had guess you remember link up had yes finally came out yes finally hit I. Ivan got a watching this since they they announced the game and I saw the art direction on it. I mean this is like the old cement and nostalgic video games. And playing it. Narrowed it looks like you wanna say it looks like CC about making it but it did it it it hearkens back to the days of them Eddie asked where you play those games. It's more frustrating is all hell. We're hard. Who'd cut that is hard man. It's kind of like. Mario Brothers and maybe I can gala at its. Well Mario Brothers yeah it'll Gallagher is with the space a lot right I've watched people live streaming it in. Lately are fighting you're on a certain platform that sometimes you're just kind of indeed sometimes things are coming at you from every direction that's my dog or Africans and it comes from everywhere and that the art on it it is almost distracting to a certain point because you get lost in the beauty of the game. It's what the hell's going on sometimes. And sometimes things come to you and they cut it to make it to NATO stop it's the brutally hard side scrolling platform it just so much fun I mean. It is. This game. Never use recreational drugs in play this. If you Pope just not stay away from this game you'll never get anything done I think if you're a big fan of Mario creator which is. They keep making levels for the blog and play if you're a fan of that. You should play right it's in plus it's a toilet it's made last box out and had that Xbox is a lead if you also have a IBM markers are computer BC ABC whatever. It's got what they they've they were there all play one yeah your eyes so I I bought it for the Xbox. But I can also played here on this computer. I was I guess I really sad about that when I first thought announced two years ago at 32050. With me and that's I say it's finally out I mean this is that's two and a half years it takes a long damn time to hand draw those frames yeah and they comment they were getting knocked a lot for it white women is this coming out like you guys is you promoted to. To a fall show. And then you take DE 326 years and people are going we've seen it three times now when it's out now finally finally and you know it. I ICL wasn't I was on the hype train when it was first released and we have seen it took me you know six to nine months after that to catch onto nice life for a solid I'd blog but it's it's totally. I mean bid for the beauty of the game play in just the overall challenging nature of it not I'm sure someone is going. Scrub. We had game effort tried and didn't drop one life or you know what. God bless you because a whole lot of big time variety she wears struggling and they they were having fun but like it's hard brutal guy did but it's it's enjoyable fun and I'm Scott. So one of those games I'm gonna pick up and I'm just gonna marathon play but I'm picking up and I'm gonna play from time to time when I. When you take a break from destiny because we all know that's that's really my main game. Speaking your destiny what is the faction up and I saw two. Asked to the other day they announce the winning faction was the one everybody thought was going to win dead orbit everybody likes black and white so I say that like one of those projects like you know. After listening to a lot of podcasts and listening to a lot of streamers I tried to future role war COLT really had a shot in the future or called was my faction. You know one of the things I I started out as Monica easy start our new monarchy along time ago I was like the white and red and Michael regal has some advice. Did you mark monarchies always had the weapons I mean think all the cool guns with the exception no hung jury. They knew marquis had eating largest rhetorical excuse me feature or call future war call Brad I mean. Just just want to come ahead warm way demean dead and so. So dad are wins but did as a matter you know it it it matters if you pledge to dead orbit you get the the the sky out rifle for like a thousand glamour. If you didn't it's 50000 glimmer oh wow so yep bend over for that I mean most people have played so much that they've been there well at the glimmer cap. All I also hearing a lot of complaints that there's nothing left to play for which I think I've heard a lot of actually ever a lot of articles I'd like that's fine and a lot of articles hi Lyle. When I was watching the summit was streaming yesterday and said you're talking about. How Saturday for destiny to become a PC a lot of the PC guys very excited for the next couple weeks. And he was I would series habitable into the content in a week 'cause that and emomali. I call you Selma and MM wow you're world warcraft comes out a new content angered over the week ray box so I'm. Week how you call yourself an MM out. You know what it is. United now it's addressed any baby dressed this dress beneath. It's all about equipping yourself with the best looking armor and she haters and just look and fly. It's become a fashion show. But you know. I don't care I'm fine I I get maybe ten to fifteen hours of play time a week if I'm lucky that all comes between 10 PM and 2 AM and isn't that gaming but but but a but I still love and I mean it's it's reset day am looking forward to trying to Tino my Klan later tonight. And getting a re going even if we don't finish it I don't care and it's just it's it's the socialized but the thing that I will always said about destiny and I guess now destiny too because I knew you would be the summit is. That is hole or no matter what you strip it all away it is a solid shooter solid. Flying feeling. The kinetic movement of I feel fine. Running at a fight tightened or we need security airport lock warrior. You know your hunch or like I feel good playing those characters and having certain end and so remember at this point. This is Vanilla destiny to. Even though it's got all these bells and whistles this is destiny to and it's Ross form. It doesn't have everything it we're not the super year that we were at the end of destiny one Reid were read everything we level up 0400 400 it's it's always we can be any thing. This is this is everybody is getting used to the new grind getting used to a new mechanics getting used to the new meta. Things are gonna change they're gonna do a weapon weapons bound I gear and he you. When they'd just before they do the update probably beginning in December they're gonna address might add they're gonna bet me now here it is. December 3. They're gonna take flinch at a minor high caliber rounds is Google Bob like this who rears Segway when I it's a business classes in college term advertised and agreeing. I wrote papers online. Buyer's remorse. I think gamers are the. If she is. And idled. Because it kind of paper about how do you sell somebody a car. And then processing that I I just meeting 20000 dollar investment. And blah blah blah you well but that's a lot of money. But I don't hear nearly as many fuel vision about their car. As the do in 1999 dollar game they buy it on Steen sale and and and dealing like his game oh. Them. An experience that they've never heard of and my. Or CN how gainers on titles like what what the I stand and sequel gamers are the worst yes because they have all the images of the last game in their head and guess well. If it was going to be the last game it would have been an extension on the last game this is a ground up new game now. They have every scans and things they have brought everything back it's still a bungee game it still feels like she either. That they would create but it is a new game it's gonna change over the course of the next three years and what we have now. I guarantee you is not what we're going to have a three year it's fine. Absolutely and I enjoy it for what I think you need we'll take a break from games so if you've played through the destiny contact cap. Like China might cut ahead as single prick up that public company had you know we get frustrated with it crash do what I am doing police something else I'm playing still playing at county with playing it literally as I walked out the door. And and telling myself tacit east always are going to be there I don't upon within late just. Take it easy everybody and a highly saying it doesn't matter it's a senior on the as a matter a game your playing just play with your friends and play and how fine. And that's you know I mean. Speaking to play and your friends. Quick note the keys you admission is eating get into the battlefront to beta launches tomorrow and Yahoo! that's why tomorrow. Yeah I watch is the fourth dad are tore those who have pre ordered it but you know I'd it. I had twenty bucks a Spanish spent an uncut and I didn't have the sixty to a hundred bucks to get all the bells and whistles from battlefront I'll get it. I'm not going to I'm I'm not gonna invest on you know I zero day game at this point because. I've got one of those vote to not only that in going back to week and after all the conversations we had this began about things that. People are so excited did you wind doesn't want to do I'm like I don't have time came for a beta. When I need to be focusing on a game that I can actually just plain enjoy this. It's gonna be there late you've probably the beta feel free fix of army. I'd like to play on launch when it's you know fixed. Will be an ordinary effect on the us. I'm woodland for punishment even though I didn't get on the battlefield one I did manage to get into the project one V one big gearbox is doing. What does that. They're doing a competitive first person shooter and you know it it's. I haven't got into it yet I just got accepted into the data only going to be like a battle royal Palm Bay they got he won three game modes it's a ranks challenge in arena event. You can basically you know in the challenging challenging you but it's a technical beta I haven't downloaded yet. I've got it in my Q I am there's something I'm going to get into this weekend I just. You know might my play time was limited this weekend I just got accepted on Saturday afternoon. So I'll let you know next week I've been watching another game and when to bring up now as we said. Out of gearbox border lands because this seems remote reminding me border lands in me speaking that there should be. A border lands. Destiny for lack of a better term pissed but isn't Portland's like destiny to look shooter but anyway what about a border lands where. You keep playing the character and it's like a big M allowing it's more of dropping in and out of what border isn't nor Mike D'Antoni is basically what I'm saying. He'll be great break from destiny right so what of port Orleans three whatever that is I so anyway I. Watching the timeout and we talked about it last week's show for nine battle right now. And I watched a lot exclusively when I need to just listening on and I'm working on stuff for playing a video of him myself. Guys going apology or a lot of sack real and a bunch of other folks playing for and I battled right out. And fort night in the last week alone the game play has. Completely bald it is not apology so that whole comparison it's another battle royal game. Split the fact that you can build stuff dean fort night this eight. It changes things what but one of the guys have been watching sack real he and his other guys study they were out in doing do you Lowe's and they got down to last UP. Folks and it's more than just started building a staircase to have it they just literally just like it's there's there's there's there's there's a. It took the other team off guard why would have gotten what you're not processing that these guys can immediately. Scale into the sky. And it in and CEO slightly from above. And so the game is absurd and he vaults where like even earlier today's macros playing in. He knew the enemy is on the other side of the mountain but there's no way to climb the mountain so he just started building stuff he quickly scaled the mountain and drop down. Swiss Jewish shotgun and point blanks and others side and so the other squad was waiting for him to come around the mountain. And he came over it is what this is game changing rob urban their somewhere I think equipment is a genius early you know it's not a building game like. Mind crash where you're building a house in trying to Cole onto it it is battle royal it does have. The circles that gets smaller and it does force you to keep pace but to be able to. Still in and and build things that and then there's rockets. It's a really fun game and it's. It's interesting to watch guys developing new. Strategies and you're like man that divert county and at that completely changes so they're not the same name. They give it to another dimension bro and I. So that's why I'm actually this week. That's a lot. Well yeah. I think Kimberly we burned through almost half hour already. Casual gamers podcast right woman you know what let's let's take casual gamers will go out next week a check and hopefully they'll have some time under my belt for project one B one. Or have a new dad gaming obsession. Maybe should take a pagan games and let's go let's go that strapped small Elisa and let's do this dance after all she is and a Mike drop.