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Tuesday, October 17th


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Here we go episode number. Four of casual gamers podcast entered. It's four point five why exactly four point final get to that a second course casual gamers is powered by Coleman university get in the game and learn how to become. A game developer through their game development Greek program combing university San Diego go to Coleman dot edu for more information yeah. Last week him BIA did what we normally do we sat around and talked games I was recording everything and apparently Al has also. Recording the new roofs. That's right that is right. Cut and we've we've talked about it all of you doing to rerecord the podcast and we both agreed that. This is something we do Adam love and passion for video games and trying to recreate the conversation. Doesn't work just doesn't work now and I we were going to try and force magic to happen because there's there's no there's no editing and asked this is just. Literal raw conversation and a candy Knight a talking about games to you with you and just this couldn't couldn't see trying to fake. I had interest in gaming moment this week but really so I I and this I can't sometime and man I'm buying X com to war the chosen a cat. And the thing is he's I I have had a real I've had a real problem I can't. Stop playing it I'm ready to play the SE TU couldn't affording to the next weekend and next paycheck. And I actually cited. I cancel my trip to Seattle 32 just got too much stuff going on. Which means all of a sudden I was so excited I have a hole in my schedule that I can play destiny you and I can afford it so excited that. In the meantime I might. How don't I get from Monday test Friday night had I get pal I survived five days. And an ex con to. I had a lot of problems that dean keeps crashing and I had one mission and and I tried different things and I've been on the permissions where like game over lows as to which things happening. And I'm like this game is a beast on PlayStation like PlayStation is like. It really gives barely holding nine like. Please let us get through this play through type thing in a lake so if you are the plays he should spitting out we too much eat normally I'm this gaming. Is brutal like this I feel I need a PlayStation Perot. That being said. They got to the point where one of my Clijsters I couldn't play anymore the next turn kept crashing no matter what I did. And I I was I would like you don't go to playing. Rocket league do I go to play uncharted floor until I go to play. The guardians of the down to tell tell series I was like what would one would keep might tying him for the next four or five days when. I'm really wanna play destiny to more keep playing act Scott because it's I love playing and X com has become not an option well. So I went to I went to the real desperation move. I uninstalled it. Well well well and reinstall it and it's running fine so I was like oh my god I literally had to treat my PS for like a PC. Like when all else fails try uninstalling entering installing it and see what happens and it did it worked. And I see a brawl where computers are computers bro it's not just have to. Tickets start kick starter from the ground up everything that's happened before this was a unique being that during the game when it was at its point when it was is broken. It was in the loading our elements. And it was hole it was putting up a random. Gift symbol Leggett said you almost like art is here so this is what it pulls from. An kept doing that in certain parts of the game and I was like this is just broken leg. This is no real sure there's a mile and a should be. You're worried like why did they work that was Andy's PlayStation yeah I am the only person playing Europeans for apparently everybody else the play is going to be easy. It's it's just it's just one of those bugs and you've got to erupted download when they when they push the update and it's existed this long to manifest possible end and you and I again I think this game is runs like a beast and I I I was like I don't know what I did effects event that works out that that's the same reason that destiny. I chose to go with. Thirty frames per second that's sixty frames per second is an old conversation. In the destiny community was one of those things where they couldn't throw the hordes that you and they couldn't generate the techsters they wanted to generate. On this console or Xbox. At sixty frames per second so these dumb it down to thirty now. Next week is going to be the big PC launch and for everyone who loves the church of a limited frames. Sort on this. Because so many game companies have been hammered by that thirty frames with a sixty frames per second prize in their delivering thirty phrase resentment console. And I feel like that's been the life of PlayStation and Xbox. And I'm wondering at this point in the life cycle if we don't think you know it's the console small. Not their fault the console promised these developers. He can deliver that. And through developing the game. Has any but did we get Activision figure out destiny now. Has Ubisoft figure out with any other titles now so is it really did developers and bad programming it short cuts or does the system is just really. Not actually capable. Delivering sixty frames per second. On a day to day basis on game look at how old the system is I now and now I mean c'mon. There's. The reason PC gamers always looked down their nose at console gamers because we're playing with a system this ten year old yeah and Emmitt you know. With PC they're having to constantly update like every two years I've been struggling right now my PC. Was my streaming is like capture PC so it was not the work or it was a workhorse but not at the powerhouse in the powerhouse I had was a little bit old. I'm the point now my powerhouse computer has died off so wayside it's literally is holding on to the old hard drive and everything on it. And mining. My workhorse PC is now just slowly dying a slow death and so they appears short and it's really frustrating or divide as. Zero budget and my. Moderate gonna play on is also dying where they're certain to become variations in the screen on that that drives me crazy and I don't know if you about Blake I have a budget and it's no. Not for any of this and I don't know its duty k's with that stuff goes. That's it I got to know how to replace any of that stuff and really is irreplaceable. Now it's. Everything's replaceable just facetime I mean may be big goes into your budget that you're not mind destiny to this week you put an editor funding you're not aware of carrying dozens. Now we've held off line now between I mean join the other kids now the PC launch is happening now have you decided are you going PlayStation. The thing never went through herself. There's no reason a player and Xbox so. And it maybe that will go through at some point I don't RL byte com for the match now meantime. Now in the on Olympia trust her Rios is for a sketch is for you are I got a feeling it's gonna get a little more exciting win. We finally at PC side up and running. There's I think bungee has been holding back a lot there's there's two theories of thought in my brain where destiny to his right now. It's either bungee is trying to prove a point Activision that you can't rush our development. Because the community is just in such opera with the game right now over the token system in a feeling and rewarding I mean. Iron banner just wrapped up on Tuesday after a week of being open and banner was one of my favorite destiny Indian experiences from the first game from the first game one now but. Honestly I I didn't even I didn't even hit the achievement to date said they'd gnarled ten iron better packages and at eight a Mike. You don't kind of bored playing control and got a moderates though this week so hot. I'm I'm gonna go venture into other games especially interesting our conversation last week was based on this and you were ocelot ready you are 360 the other way. You're that you're the other direction saying iron manners. They cared is great this game. And here we are we bitter that you didn't adhere to the should face the TV the other man. That's why I was like this. A complete 180 from last week I was a little disappointed just that the current loop system just doesn't feel that rewarding to me I always like. Even again blue drops like getting awards at the end of the match. Whether or win or lose doesn't matter. But I just felt like it took so many tokens it to twenty tokens to turn around one Ingram now if you lost. Playing solo. As you lost a lot playing so ranked it would take you about forty matches if you didn't hit the daily challenge each so I was like oh man I just. I'm having a bad Iran and daunting grind dad just it's a daunting grime and I coming aboard a fit knighted I started playing around my switch again. More than just planks platoon and I stumbled across the game that I. That was really cool. That I found that cannot a year ago called the flame in the flood it's it's a survival challenge in the great but I game is old but it's new to handle this thing is it just released on and so on sort of took it was it was PC game a year ago and they released on consoles. It was last week and remember how are starting about cut head and how punishing it was great this game. Punishing his cup Ed how well. It's it's a different play field I mean it's it was one of those things where you're constantly balancing. All these elements your balancing your hunger against year agility against the blue what's going on who you're fighting it. It's a feeling of survival and it is zero okay. Butcher rowing down a river. And if you're paddling really hard to go one direction or use all of your. Alternative energy ad then if you don't. Get a place to stop and rest and rebuild you get to the rapids you've done. It's it's it's a constant never on what's coming up in front of you. And just trying to balance your resources how. It's it's it's intense I was playing this let's switch and I was so when it. Speaking of he releases I mentioned this unless we show and 32 again. Last weekend I spent. A solid hour to. Building my Amazon wishlists and Newton for the November sales I don't wanna say Black Friday sales because for digital games and digital and general. It's like all the month of November. But what I've learned is like for example watchdogs to you. I don't wanna buy the game at 3990. Not saying that it's not worth it as saying it's not worth it to me at 39000009. So I am waiting for that game to hit. 1999. Or lower fifteen Blake that that is my but that is mine I he would love to play that game at that price like I would be. Playing a game in telling people how great he is and is not just a matter of like that buyers are Lawrence order that the game isn't worth more money. Because it is Steve if it is do you really is like you set that price winning your mind in its gap and I won't spend money because I don't have the money so in my mind. 3999. Sue much it would I would only be think. About how I spent too much money on this game no matter how much are enjoying it. But 19 am Lauren as my price point and so for a lot of gains. I was like I'll I ID I am looking forward to playing this or I do have this on PC don't have it appear as far. Loves played on the can you know remain so it's bloody century Amazon wishlists do you do you ever in the back your mind think like. Maybe. My girlfriend in my life will take care of this for me. I do but she like just doesn't doesn't it doesn't care about my wish assault she talks real time so she pretty much knows what I want or Eric. Does her own thing like she has an idea on just doesn't run around on I actually developed I wish this years ago when I was live streaming because my viewers. We're supporting. My contact by like hey I want you to play destiny you can't afford it. Is it on your wish list I'll just go buy it for you. So that was being that's been really nicely there's been a couple of times. Auto must get picked one of the Pokemon games to meet the sun or I think it was me and I think he picked up moon. And I was picking up son at the same time so I was able to a year ago due up back to back plays your pub on Sunday and noon. And like man. Oz one time Bobby world combat X he was like I want you know the latest game with meals like I'm I really struggle is fighting games especially. Mortal combat what it's really gory legacy isn't real kind of that. This kind of turn up but. I look they did bad and end SE one. Might be your guess he Bobby destiny lies like hey here's destiny go play it let's all experience or the other show. I'd get Greg grim memories ambassador to south though what's your which are Tom game when you wish what else well there's a lot of stuff coming out. And I want to give that he's in this is to be time for that South Park comes out this week this sequel to stick it truth. Fractured but all fractured but it falls. Which is it's kind of did you seeing they teach the they take the marvel superheroes approach for this game where last game was like a Lord of the Rings spoof. This one is. I think it's really more of a spoof of like avengers civil war or Captain America as a war. I am and you're the new kid in town and you have to make yourself a hero. Met there are some it's Gary not safe for work. Trust me yeah I I yeah I watched a couple of streamers playing and that's Roman being one of them yes firfer once the dialogue in the game was actually feel fewer than the streamers mouth yes got a lot of trailers I see you're like oh. They can look at it. Well I mean like I know about does that play. Well I. As a as a South Park fan this is one of those must own game. I think should do it it's it's definitely the if your dad gamer like me and you you're pleased to kids around. You'd just want to be it's it's it's. It would he has a solid and it solid RPG real time strategy game mechanics to it. I mean as far as like in the creators of South Park aide they don't skimp on. Quality they want something to be good and they worked really hard on these games enact. I ice at. But I know we've heard in early enjoy it and a lot of quirky humor as well and even a one of the Allen talk about is that. They do have a slight social commentary and read the late south part of the social commentary now I don't even in the beginning of the game making your character the difficulties slider. Is skin color. So then darker your skin color the harder they gave this to play. So Barry goes South Park. Known as safe but not allowed us I fractured by hole. South are. Muniz you know this week yeah I I know your fan of the franchise I am to come and ask you this question GAAP. Next week assassin's creed origins GAAP prediction out of the gate is he going to be good for is it going to be disappointment. All I really have no idea I wanted to begin I feel. Like eight. Thinking of the development process this one has been in development for years but they haven't put one out for two years. Last one was. Assassin's creed and I'm Victorian era wine. But. But. Dave hasn't slips they were just. Cranking them out to fasten having too many development houses working on the game so that. You know this game is sort of a radically different from this game and they're not equally quality whatever storyline is Eric. But anyway like we heard you. You guys wanna take a break we're having the movie come out. We're gonna focusing Garnett or go to Egypt and I'm like I'm way in a 100% 100% a deep and I just wanted to be going to. You know all I I just watched the assassin's creed movie recently and it wasn't bad. If you if you're a video game Daniel of assassin's creed. This I would say the second game in all of considerations like the three sequels that the second team had a the movie feels like that. But it's not not a fair test. Movie the movie feels soft to me I spent some time with of the you're talking about game. Game developing gap if you wanna master of the sun for encoding in the game industry you can take your passion to video games to the next level. With the game development program it Coleman university classes start every ten weeks of their Bob vote campus but Coleman dot edu for more information now. I am curious about. One thing here yeah. Are you going to play it and it's given price point are you good unit are you going to play assassin's creed origins and it released or you going to wait till it. Keep your price point if you are what does that price point it really depends on this next week and a half I have a budget this week for destiny TU. And I think I'll have the budget next Kiefer as has scribes origins. I'm but will this lead to still be in my you mean my world. And don't you always have a back in game. Like if you're playing Jesse junior burn what your backups platoon maybe I usually Odom does platoon but I've been dabbling in cup had its its a good. Pick up put down game for I don't know that I can go back Dexcom tail due note of saying I don't like that each can always be scratched as I do love that carried one more turn it. Now all I've got all the way to the end all of start over seeping Newt. You're really mellow and I love playing that game. But yes I mean if. Because all have a about a week with destiny's you end. Ancestry origin McConnell have a couple of days to react it seems you're plant. And it's the reviews are great I'd buy the full price and I add also even wait I'd even wait for it to drop when he box they did drug toy box like that would be. Like I wouldn't eat for a week and go buy it and you write. A I have to admit I have to have access needs the help me. I do I just love the is that street. The John around the brain and I love this the world building they did I I love the temple are. Or is SaaS and I wish. Some of that recent incident matter I thought Mexico's going to be torn on what am I invest my time and when it's gonna be assassin's creed origins or are Super Mario honesty but. You know playing the plan flat on my switch is kind of as kind of taken that. That that need to play in a gale I switched other than split soon off OK and I think. I am investing time and and oranges I'd I don't think it would do navigate. I think there is. Think there's something hidden a bungee sleeve I think when they. They do twitch con this weekend that they're going to reveal something about seasons they're gonna dangle another Kerry in front of the destiny community because at that point. We're going to be. A couple of days away from the PC launch and how can be ready on that and all the platforms going to be in the same time arm and I'm praying that. They're something out there other than deal seen. Or they give us some sort of road map to fix some of the problems that have been laid out by the community burn. We'll Sammy twitch con is it that's a huge event and that's just let's let this microcosm. Of of what's going on its which gone. I'm I'm and it just did to bring it which general Greg I went last year when it was here in San Diego wanted to go this year it was a Long Beach and I'll be honest. I turned my nose up at the Long Beach convention senator I've been there a few times and I was like I don't feel like making that drive. Character it's got out like did you leave your flak jacket at home I don't height. The drive along these she's just so light you have to go through residential at one point just a long stretch or residential it's just cuddled. But really boring drive with a lot of stoplights and you're at 1 point I am I gonna get to this convention senator would you that this giant. They appear in Long Beach because it's a huge peer like it's not like the CD eight appear was Mulligan naval pier that's a that's a shipping port the port. So like they're images that are at the Port of Long Beach this is not light up like. Anaheim a level dimensions and Anaheim Seattle I was excited to go to Seattle. Seated commissioner is that Long Beach is not as Long Beach. It's a lovely city I've been there many times I just whenever damage there I go. The. I don't. Let me go and he's Durham is are ruined and lung usually sort of let it. But I really. I EU at a big and very sad if he's of Mars Odyssey I am especially on the switch I really. I get my switch fix applause was platoon I'm I'm kind of getting in now with. The the fine in the flow like the bounce around console the means woods why have destiny on both Xbox and PS four is concerned I have different friends and different consoles. I like the challenge of managing two separate account six characters six million. If it's not quite as six characters about four right now you have to know yourself up. We'll plus it's it's a marathon not a sprint and but I I do like I like the whole world assassin's creed has built I think the last game I bought was. Black flag and OK and I enjoyed that I enjoy the whole monocle aspect to a bug that. Did you get me nation Egypt I am I in my opinion corn man I just awarded the night and this. Thing I'm really Saturn after this line and people are speculating. Did Ubisoft get light and educational grant from the government to do this apparently. There's a mode of the game for educational purposes. So yes they've built in in this entire ancient Egypt. But that we will be able to explore ancient Egypt. I I guess is their interpretation but I it's almost like Blake intra party explorers like you could be Indiana Jones dives you. A bunch of imagine that farrow's in the crips and stuff so apparently you know I'm talking about. The periods and I don't think that's really awesome if that's true there's a mode where you can just. Be in the world Imus has three origins of agent Egypt that sounds of beads. Like it did that world and that history is what always hooked me into assassin's creed I like playing the games. Because I learned a lot about history not not so much an exact telling of history. But I learned about characters in history that I would not have. Been exposed to other right eyes like. I'm trying to think of when when the big game was in Florence there was. One of the of the families. Was the gorgeous gorgeous and I had no idea that he had become Pope. Yeah and actually dug into the family history after learning galore the family in the game might. That's yeah this this guy basically was a dirty vote yeah yeah. The borders are really battering that there's hole there's old TV series based on the gorgeous out in funny have I got into that yeah. And it's all because of the game like oh yeah I know this end because that this day. I think that I think that's one of the things they really do love about Ubisoft. With these past three games is that they do give so much history and lore to the world that it is built off of you know you know things that actually have perimeter retelling and in a fantastical way. He the second game that and then. And then brotherhood and now whatever came off a brotherhood those were fantastic. Unity. Which was the French revolution. That game had so many problems and fell apart in the multiplayer. Putt. It was so pretty and they they went above and beyond to make. The crowds. Like reacts you're a new way and and then the engine was so great it just couldn't quite handle it all sort of fell apart like just. It was like you just spun away at the scenes you know I mean and. That was only probably unity and that's how I felt felt like with the franchise. And maybe your biggest even into a tie bawling and it doesn't spin away at the seems maybe we've got a real solid. Gem on our hands the next week or two I'm excited I guess we'll find out when a release some think it's about time we wrap this thing adagio. Two flash release is they didn't even mention grand trees most sport also coming up this week. And her body out about sketch and I've always wanted to really dive into what these games and I have not. I WWE. Two K eighteen is also out this week I. Ramona on I wanna be able to you on your own round I wanted to build to build a whole roster of like all my friends you know anyway radio Maine that Russell learned that and anecdotally. Have turned its run on its own and I can just like. Post in announce my own tournaments and. Hype and music nearly room now. All entering the ratings. And edit 260. Pounds. Do you mentioned that we are now sponsored yes we are yeah the cold. A university can get in the game and learn how to become. Game developers through their game development degree program so called university San Diego go to Coleman a dot edu for more information. All right I think it's how we wrap this up will do this again next week and hey look there's no TV audio on this. Hey.