Casual Gamers Podcast w/ DrLupo from Playstation Experience 2017

Sunday, December 10th

Special!  Hamby attended Playstation Experience 2017 yesterday and while checking out the Fortnite Battle Royale booth ran into DrLupo a Partnered Live Streamer on Twitch


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Guys can't do that tonight we're nine in the casual gamers buy gas and I'm here with not one of my parents would streamers doctor. I'm not I say that as what does that summit is that is that the sound of you have this other. Stockton and that. Want wanna look and pulled alerts I've collected from killing other people lay out some of the stuff that I that is. That is something. I mean now I recently discovered you be ties 49 battle Royale and an act any twitches on those platforms that there's somebody for everybody but I absolutely enjoy the game that you discover so when noon they're not do. Palace coordinate being freely into and. Court that is it's it's kind of been like the next step I ice I singled almost only destiny for. And half years time and then I decided to take your chances are battlegrounds that came out and certainly in popular. And actually or night. Sort of pick up pace at first I didn't really enjoy it because they are there were yeah the blue Monday ours and a couple of pretty excessive it's. Learning curve they started making they started shooting them and change things and a double my buddies certain poke an Emmy and saying hey you've got to get this shot again and and it's funny as did the first game I play that began with a rocket launcher my friends him. Told me that I had to get a killer that. And isn't this court's ruling nine hardest working nine yes and as soon as I did it's that it's exploded in the in the Philippines like at the start cracking down and that. That like that chain of events got me addicted to this game. Well you just he just scratching its asking. A fantastic. You know globe. Yeah or isn't just. You have that exploded on this nice little adamant lake. I was back. History of the game we've played dancing experience you. Why is this game. Scratching things that might be the largest line because it doesn't couple things on pitching gives you the ability for somebody that's net. That maybe missed the first 23 hour stream making jumpin. And and the game kind of plays an episodic manner where Gainesville last 1520 minutes if you're gonna play the whole game so it looked as of viewers you come in and you you'll like. The audience see what happened last game of the flavor this man. Everybody that is that is an end at a news starting spot right to be in the game everybody feel like they're all part of that game together and that's huge plus this gives you good to her Knight yeah. You can you can do some pretty crazy stuff on the run its its. Rocket arrives on jump pass have created like this insane on the line and on people. Yeah maneuver you pulled. And it it it's added back in those those those crazy moments of action that other games that they don't happen sequels stuff like that that. That we're missing and court right as those things don't. I have here and I have to and eager to sense that something's. Ridiculously amazing happened last weekend. Was watching online screen and you say. If you're not setting Tennis Channel range now what is wrong with you I was actually watching union Jack failed miserably coordinate. And so I can't checking in eight hours later. Eight swallowed a hundred yeah train. Thank you so. First off I don't give me let you just that doctor Google Voice if you're not listening to him. Good that I don't know I admit that was the first on the night I ain't I a and I helped kick off at. On that like street a couple of my friends that given me some pretty crazy opportunities and and the least I can do is motivate people to support them because I think that's frightening. I did Tyler and salmon and as a one man band and the like all the not her dad in our enemies are all there they've done so much from Italy's second news trying to tell people that. They should do something then turn around and I see that's my low notes which I try to bring that to radio and what we view is that. More buildings community build bridges. Listen you know I am a moment like an idea of I just love the energy guys and I love the streams at an angle and on and it. Israel has on our podcast I'm giving a shout out like release that are out and I'm like yeah I managed to cornerback yeah. And I appreciate that sorry about that no. Then life is busy it is like it was pretty crazy and stuff like this we have here is next. And all the all the things that have come out of work night and hopefully that's in the future and destiny that this. There's a lot happening what you need your shadow fortress not to slash doctor knew bogey aren't multiple doctor exactly what he got the holidays Goldman. Starting Kenneth until next year we got this going on now on dvd itself the ugly the seventeenth is when that ends. And only a lot of things go and there's a lot of suffering that I think the best thing that people are looking to see what's next. Keep an eye and it's even science that are much voters are stuck to the gauntlet of all of the only so. That's it I've appreciated thank you have horses.