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Wednesday, November 9th

Paul Sangster (Founder/Owner of Rip Current Brewing and VP of San Diego Brewers Guild) and Marcel Favela (Founder/Owner of Border X Brewing) on Cantore + Woods.


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FM 949 it's Kant Tori and woods and order would now that weed is legal yeah are we gonna have San Diego we'd week. Eager to be a San Diego we'd we'd only definitely craft that we didn't craft everything Barack dispensary. Is zero. Well an artist a hundred pairings of Perry's jewelry shop yes yeah again that you know we we love our San Diego bureau weekend. Certainly been a movement here in town for quite some time. And that we have actually from. ST BW dot org. Paul sank stir here who's a VP of the San Diego brewers' guild correct that's right. And they also happen to be the founder and master brewer threat rip currents are threatened and hello to you guys been an operation. Coming up on four years are we're doing our four year anniversary party in December and handle I'll start you were obviously I would assume a home brewer. I actually was like a barbarism open recently knows fairly active Humber and guy. Peter judsen. It's got very involved in kind of bad for his fashion. Show is actually a strip of coast and superiors. Got out that engineering the Bruno you're. Did you relaying yeah host club no wanted to bring you bro writes I think that's fantastic outside a huge fan your beer. I'd like real talk seriously recurring for years now can't you guys are known for what specific. Would split what brands specifically the question all the time in my answers bizarre we we specialize in Friday passed down to go to our players we always have to when he put spears on top. Everything from late bloggers to the biggest early spears or Karen. I would always attracted me obviously is being in San Diego in the ocean surf. Then the fact that you do obviously represent the ocean in the beach culture here in San Diego which I think telltale. We're totally local we distribute local we're not distributed outside the area of you know San Diego is our home and our focus so tell us about San Diego beer week what's going on or in the middle of it now during election week I know we're all excited my Sunday morning Montag can't wait to drink your timing is amiss. People this morning I'm sure isn't a lot of drinking tonight yet both those sides of cars so what's what's the story with beer week obviously we do this every year you've got a big event going on this weekend over at Torrey Pines yes surely excited about we have -- -- you know put a 150 events still left in this week's check out crazy W dot org. And you can sort of by what day it is you'll see all crazy stuff going on. And we're doing a fairly Snyder one of our locations are a sour night at the other one in a desert in San Marcus in north park right returns. Aren't you know terrorism San Marcos communities to your restaurant and the north park and in the big event that's happening Sunday that's out at Torrey Pines lodge is the lodge at Torrey Pines this is considered the closing ceremony the few well it's so awesome I went a couple of years ago it's amazing it's really small. So it in my intention the number of tickets is very limited. Because the space is limited by this really cool we have 28 birdies with fourteen shots so every station has a food pairing with two breweries and their Beers. That's a lot of fun. Austere we'd station yeah and formerly. SE VW dot org if you are able doesn't have speaking of the breweries. On tap we've got one of the local breweries here in Tampa. Border actually got Marcel what's happened and Marcel and on nights and he started border X down note tire right yes right next to order Ralph hence the border acts and now where you guys located or located and Mario million literally under the Coronado bridge on the way ago when agrees I had a caliber Smith and thriving community yeah how cool is that and what are you doing for a San Diego beer we you guys got any big events going on. Today actually yes we're having lied during events so anybody's welcome we're gonna have like two. Grill barbecue tacos outside that's gonna be like how we drew up brewing beer some pretty much as Sunday and Sunday afternoons is during the air just having might. Can I can eat some tacos man and nowadays taco trucks on every corner I definitely. As well we appreciate you coming by and again for more information all the events going on during San Diego beer we can't. SD BW dot org thank you Paula Marcel for coming by. A religious and drink analyst Susan drink and then went on at what mr. look at some Beers go under and the break and also come back with Hollywood's. And more Election Day coverage right after this thanks guys.