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Thursday, November 10th

North Park Beer Co. on Cantore + Woods for San Diego Beer Week


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A hero. Says I'm not before nine Kant Tori and woods and San Diego merely. Brought to us by door goes at current correct. I've been called the Georgia before how. Today daily here to talk about some events going on around town for beer week we have Jake. Jake comes with a last name please news. From a north hard. Deere company here in the you're the tapper manager over there is that right as Greg tell us about the north towards your company just sort of knew right. Areas of inept in late June or on the corner of university and Ohio street's. Yeah you are now we're rarely daytime so far it has a community treat it down there it's like why north part to Mira mesa that you the two hubs for the movement right. And we it was kind of predators of the BMI a community of so we get a lot of people emblazoned dear friends like him. It's. An open door and it's all people and I understand him a big event going on is that right number of beer league we've had a lot of successful man so far this mere week. And that's why isn't and is actually goes to make me out. It's AM mere 101 class so I'm grenades. County should anyone is interested in learning a little bit more about beer kind of the basics and help them to celebrate here reed player. Any else that's that's cool because I wouldn't go out and teach other people how to do you radio because and they may be better at me and I. Then again so I think that's really cool of you to do I mean you can be training the next. You know the great brewer instead Diego that's the thing that separates us near communities from radio were were pulling back the curtain here friends and a beard community. But they're all friends they like shut up I think every leader in radio on the PG Haiti John numbers and we pretend to be friends I befriended me Brennan. Okay I see we have a lady in here as well. Are you with the north part of your company as well. I am actually I orphanage in hubris killed as well as Harold stressed during can be how cool. Anything you like dead to the dialogue today well I would just placement tonight on this Freddie is battling gilts. It's an event going on guitar not knowing if skinny Venus any others killed the Los Angeles street feel MS champions discovers guilt. It's really good event to come out and my check out the different killed. Fidelity fist fighting in the parking lot centrifuge cocktails are no no and that's just been ready just derail a just scenario you'll get your chance to fight calorie and lose to a series. Coming in studio way to many dudes and just Ramallah to. Owls thank you for adding I would you rather and we just we encourage people to check out. North pardon beer company dear jokes. Thank you IG for coming by the big event tonight near 101 and asserts that what time over there. 6 o'clock tonight Maureen so it has CDW dot org friends take TI this. All the other shows the it's okay FM 949.