Dana and Jayson - Defending the Uncool

Friday, April 21st

Some things are just uncool, but if you could defend them, Dana & Jayson had a chance to win tickets and [email protected] passes for The 1975 next Tuesday in San Diego.


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Having a lot of it mr. Graham followers. And evade paying. Aren't cool. It's David Jason on FM 94 and I'd San Diego's alternative new research came out about things that Americans consider cool. And things that Americans don't consider cool piercings are cool tattoos are cool beards are cool being ended nerd culture as cool. Being into obscure music at school having a lot of answer Graham followers not cool group. Not cool. They may not cool at all very low on the cool scale those are actually the top two things in America that are uncool now though so. Make your decisions wisely but are you willing to tarnish your reputation. For tickets to see the 1975. And what do we throwing meet and greet. And private sound check passes with a 1975 before their shot. I will be cell uncool. If I can win that coal price. OK so here's what you have to do if you wanna get into the show of the sound check and the meet and greet you have to defend neon cool. Put your reputation on the line at 6195701949. He's you leave there have to defend. Having a lot of answer Graham followers. Or bait bag one of those two things with passion. You have to defend. Because it's such a cool prize he can be uncool for twenty fact exactly and it's it's only a 22 defense. Really even put a timer on and you just have to go hard and convince us. Why these things are. Had like these two most uncool things are actually cool. If you can achieve that we're hooking you up with that really really really good price everybody wants go to the 1975 shot 619 of 5701949. Tarnishing your good reputation. For are really cool prize are you willing to do it this morning are you willing to defend. The two most uncool things in the United States right now which are. Z eight bang. And having a lot of minister Graham followers that's according to a new study that came out that's what Americans think of the most uncool things. And if you are willing to defend one of those two things for twenty seconds live on the radio on at some nine before nine San Diego's number one alternative station and were looking up with passes to see. The 1975. You go to the shall he go to the private sound check and meet the bands 6195701949. Brittany from Claremont. You're late to work right now already yeah. Okay that's. Only goodness a whole artery so. All we need its high tech is now the 1975 is your favorite bands. So you're willing to put your reputation on the line yet. That hasn't. Don't know how much you going to pitch reputation online you to go with V8 being are you gonna go with having a lot of it is to Graham followers for your defense and follow them OK so Jack has twenty seconds on the clock and at this time of Brittany from Claremont got. OK if you have a lot of and they ran Pollard you are more apt to get contacted by its like. Company isn't that. Okay actually know people let a lot of and your followers and today get sent freaked out all the time to attack like product book free and. Proof barring. Yeah I. I'm so passionate she had to curse so then what would happen right now if we told you that you're going to meet the 1935. Go to a sound tech and either shall. Aaron. And sang. To talk to with a I. Think yeah. Now what what liar get a tell your work for being late. I didn't even saw. Are you so excited yes I'd say that I hang on we're gonna get your information and get you to work OK hang on I think thank you so much. Your reputation will be tarnished if you participate in this game it's a warning this morning will you defend the uncool the one of the two and one coolest things in America according to a new serve I. Are you willing to defend having a lot of mr. Graham followers. Or V bag if you are willing to do either of those for twenty seconds we have tickets for the 1975. Sound check pass says he could go before the shall hang out. And meet and greet pass says you get all you the coolest prize. To defend the uncool as sag 619 by 701949. Or sandy has alternative Dana and Jason hey Chris from Carlsbad. Out a gun there that Smart and a good how are you this morning. Not bad not too bad short credit certainly a lot of friends or you could Coachella I'm I'm actually going to happen and though he knew this weekend. Nice his love your senior so cool you're so called it now. You throw something like that out there and now are gonna ask you to defend they beg that that aren't are. I gotta do it you know lack been vacant for like five years now and help you quit cigarettes and that people didn't give me a hard time about it but I tell you like go out at night on the weekend that ain't people they gave me a hard time are the ones that are common wanna hit it. Really want to hear that in your account as the defense but I. I ever ordered I every put the clock guy and can you give us twenty more seconds on the Nate being being cool he got it OK in 321. Ago. I'd say being let's start the first stop smelled spray doesn't that send anybody cheaper than Sager at most people talk. Crap about it but still wanna be able to edit when they got out here again. What about the explosive nature about it. Now let. I'll get that'll tell you my grandma would that turtle and try to tell me about that exploding paid out. I think that's more an issue that young kids trying to parliament Geithner and at the flux capacitor and that carbon at 20. OK he just made big big cool so I went and killed eight now I wanna go they put them and I want to go camping you don't he would pay. Go to 1975. We are your friends and her friends. Not so I grew up on a candidate can't ensure that. You just got tickets to the 1975. The sound check and meet and greet John. A lot from thank you somehow fun this weekend hang on definitely guys thank you so much.