Dana and Jayson - Maddie the Hero

Friday, April 21st

At the center of one of the most amazing stories of the week, 12-year-old Maddie joins Dana & Jayson to talk about her harrowing experience saving herself and her younger sister from a wouldbe carjacker.


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A twelve year old girl saves her own life and the life of her sister by knowing how to react when a man attempted to car Jack they are minivan. A story making national news where Dane and Jason on FM 949 San Diego's alternative and we have that twelve year old girl on the phone right now her name's Matty she's from the Virginia Beach area and I think this is a really good opportunity for us also learned what do we do if someone attempts to carjacked the car though we're Ed. Safety lessons from a twelve year old girl Mattie can you tell us exactly what happened in that moment. That we currently. Do but aren't any. And we saw a car crash cameraman mom although I have to be good marriage and take that it can't the crap actually. Thank you won't kill carjacked another car and the Rangers thought and then I saw him coming toward my car. Am I know don't come here he competed in big pool and Kerry in the wind that I'm not. In the car and started on the rag away. That is so. Insanely scary. And it turns out that this guy it was on a combination of LSD and crack cocaine he's since been arrested at. Matty you knew what to do will. And how to react and I think this is a good moment where a twelve year olds can give us all lesson of what to do in that moment. I'll live the cards got blocked he won't change. It and did everything right he did you know. Yeah I'm not meant they had to get out. One that saw her again how Iowa day really concerned 808 Il could defend myself. Excuse make pipe had eaten. And daddy you're implying that some way right now in that moment when it actually started happening and that's like where most people can't react you decided to throw the car. It's a minivan or what seep through the minivan into joy ride and you're in the passenger seat. And that wound up being the best thing to ditto yet. Why did that work his he wasn't in the car yet when you did that. Selig and the car and kind but in the art our day. Or he can really be a little egg. Quality and our draft and he still hadn't he had army here. And be able to hacked yet again Rick I'm here in the air and any child to. We campaign an article in the ignition and and I blocked ignition and and we I'm beating hand. And my mom had her pain in the gray is the Linda China blocked the steering wheel and won't mention. Why none. I carefully he does that too and asking more questions Matty because I felt like if I have your advice I could survive almost anything I hit. This is the Matty survival guide for everyone who is listening right now OK so let's say you're in the woods somewhere and a bear comes up what are you deal. Our belt round today noted I would have Marty grand though that would have been bad paper bags. And then in the high per day. I'm not that confident but I'll try that okay. Let's say that your surf being in the ocean that and they are the shark it. And comes art without. Yeah. I. Mean I don't know I don't know on the net edit the and in that pool at. Get the message bought medi what if I'm walking and I get abducted by aliens what am I supposed to do now hang around. South guy that we are so blown away by this story at and it's amazing how you knew to react and I know because of the story that came out about you. That it was your mom your dad and your grandfather that always gave you advice about what to do if somebody ever tried to kidnap Leo can we leave on the final note of view telling everybody. What to do if that ever happens. And somebody at a catch the parent kidnapped bill how about our screen at the Latin need need. Odd I ended repeatedly get that. Bill mile network. That Matty we are so contrast we're so thankful that everything is okay and that you came out really just. And being a great example to everybody else and what to do in those situations and you know thank you Matty ain't see down.