Dana and Jayson - Public Restroom Undercover

Thursday, April 20th

It's the game that is hopefully NOT coming to a bathroom near you. Another edition of Public Restroom Undercover sends Producer Jack into the public restroom at a taco shop to find out if the men of San Diego really wash their hands after using the bathroom. Kings of Leon tickets are on the line!


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It's time for public restroom undercover as the game we find out if the man of San Diego are truly clean or truly dirty it's dated Jason on FM 949 San Diego's alternative. And we have an opportunity for you to win tickets to see Kings of Leon they're gonna be at the matches from Tampa Peter in Chula Vista on April 28. Now according to research only 13 of men in America I'll wash their hands after using the restroom and we're just wondering is that true here in San Diego to find out the answer we send our producer Jack to spy on men and public restroom throughout the city but that's the II investigators investigating and everyone is I didn't Jack we'll give you a description of a guy. We'll also find out where he was lurking. Based on that information you just have to determine whether or not the man in question washed his hands let's set the scene Jack. OK let's check the. I knew I talk complacent or are coming when I'm not a couple a lot of lot of talk because period now I'm doing my favorite thing. Lurking in the public restroom I asked undercover C. Even Jack called Hitler did that they'll look at that he has heard it about they're pathetic you liked it. Let's go to our fire pay heiress Sally. From Chula Vista good morning good morning and we are about to get a description of a man for EO and based on that description you just have to decide whether or not he washed his hands at. The location is at taco place in north park at. Got some company looks like. The man in his forty's or fifty's. Tank tops swing track to demonstrate from the beach so let's find out for the east wash its hands. Permanent slammed me. It eats either forty or fifty so he's probably set in his ways. How would you have being unclean thing and cling I thought maybe just give them the B Cheney is still wash off. Ironkey. Hungry apps or they're being airlines at the feet and healing and it. Truth. Although there does she threw about accurate. I think you're Goodman of big now on not on yeah the kingdom. I was flush. Nice warm. It's no one's passing. I'm kind of wanted to. I'm no fly ash terrorists now late. It's the first time those plotting an old man now washing yeah. But I warranted because your guys in a mattress firm and the theater in Chula Vista that the Kings of Leon are. And now. To go wherever you're going in tell your family friends and coworkers that you predicted a man not washing his hands dirty man from San Diego got needed concurrently on. Top.