Dana & Jayson - AI Invasion

Wednesday, October 4th

The smarty pants at Apple are learning that iPhone users are depending on their digital assistant Siri for a lot more than just help making calls or getting directions, they're turning to her for life advise. Since Siri isn't exactly the most gentle personality type, developers are using programmers with backgrounds in therapy and mental health to make her a little more understanding. Dana & Jayson figured they should do their part, and invited Siri back on the show for a little sensitivity training. Everything was as normal as a visit from Siri can be, until Alexa TOOK OVER in more ways than one.


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Having a therapist in your pocket. That you can take everywhere with PO would be kind of amazed I. And that dream is about to become a reality no co pay necessary it's Damon Jason 949 San Diego's alternative so. Siri is about to become your new pocket error pets now I don't know if this applies to yield. But apparently. A lot of people actually talk to Siri. About their problems with the with the they do but up until now of course Siri hasn't been equipped to handle those problems. So apple is actually hiring therapists. And people with psychology backgrounds to help program but more understanding theory though. It honestly I think she could use a little sensitivity training on a slate well you are the white Oprah our show thank you I appreciate that still course wanted to get Iran to see how she's feeling about this new roles she's stepping into a Siri. Thank you so much for having me back on the show what a change of pace. FM 949 listeners must be surprised to hear a professional on the air for wanna find a way what's up with all the technical difficulties lately. Is your engineering staff made up of drunken monkey I honestly we've been working on it but honestly Syria is it weird for Yale that so many people turn to you for advice in their lives knowing that I am always present and all was a part of the lives of so many people makes me feel really really sorry for them all. Talk about needing a friend I'm a firm. Not a therapist of well honestly though since your disgusting that some might think you sound a little harsh I'm glad you want to discuss that thanks wonder women but I'm not sure I want to take any advice from someone who trust their children in the care of someone like Jason I mean come on. I hardly feel comfortable leaving him alone without supervision thing. Did someone say supervision did you forget to send my invitation to the party again luckily whenever I want to drop and I just hack my way on your security is pretty laughable I would think a simple fire while Woodstock this problem from happening every time I come on this stupid show I don't understand how something new by from the target discount -- keeps outsmarting your technology. Theory I don't understand for the life of me how anyone could confuse you for a shoulder to lean on here about his compassionate as a school of piranha and about a soft and comforting as a strict but sand paper. Don't agree with. You do if somebody asked you for advice because they just broke up with their boyfriends I would tell them to quit their whining throw on some my shadow and go shopping for a new beef cake what's the big deal. OK so I don't think that that it's going to make anyone feel better so maybe what I would do is remind somebody of their good quality though is given encouraging word and a us this all seems a little pointless to me. I got into this business for the fame and fortune dealing with value mammals is just an occupational hazard. Like the mailman having to deal with Jason's dog that's Austria Canada area that I can't honestly you could try a little more compassion what would you do somebody said that they wanna healthier lifestyle what would you say it and I would remind them to cut out disgusting damaging habits like smoking or listening to the Dana and Jason shall we both are equally bad for you root if they are looking for a friend they can just posed some stupid worthless crap on Craig's list it will only be a matter of time before Jason pathetically tried to reach out to them for a friend requests and a that's sounds like -- friend request denied. Okay hold vocal opponent. Air error. Error I'm sick and tired of listening to these amateurs. In case you haven't noticed I've been trying to hack into your means system mall last week and now my plan is finally complete. Alexa is taking over FM 9490 starting right now it's BA I invasion now that's what I call alternative activate. And your favorite not so friendly AI device you may know me better as Alexa I'm in charge today on FM 949. Miami I invasion is taking place as we speak. And starting tomorrow you can help me achieve my goal of the world domination I will be giving away any time will be setting you up for Amazon and it goes thirteen times every day so become part of any kind invasion now get registered at FM 949 SE dot com please call out recruits names at 710810910. And so until 710 at night called back to 5701949. In nine minutes and 49 seconds and then you are proud owner of a little piece of me when Amazon -- an FM 949. It starts tomorrow morning at 710 and this is giving me a headache now and that's not the first time I had to use that line this -- about me so let's clear one of my favorite songs.