Dana & Jayson - America's FUNNEST City

Tuesday, September 19th

​Somehow San Diego was only ranked the 10th most fun city in America according to a new list that Dana & Jayson got their hands on. Since we know how wonderful America's Finest City is, we weren't going to take this at face value, so with some help from our listener family, we hit the phones to defend San Diego's fun level. We ran down the list, and gave you the chance to tell us why San Diego is WAY more fun than the 9 cities that beat them out, and put tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain on the line.


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So apparently San Diego isn't that fun. According to a new list that just came out San Diego was only ranked number ten on the list of the top ten most funds cities in the nation and is David Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative you will be so disappointed with the slow some just telling you -- because the cities that beat out San Diego are so. And in some of them are fun to have. But. Some are so not fun to Imus tell you the whole list but I think this is not Virginia this morning to defend San Diego you can choose another city that made the list and put San Diego up against it and defend San Diego best defense is getting hooked up with Six Flags magic mountain passes 6195701949. Are you ready for. This less. San Diego number ten on the list of the most fun cities what beat us at number nine. Chicago. Now lying if you like oh Prague the. I mean ever but us. That's a British she even most fond and that depends on how you like that you're not trying to I don't know but. Number eight on the list New Orleans. If you like women flashing their private parts that GO boobs are private guards that. It's been you're still bears looking to the numbers seven nonetheless San Francisco out at you like the day if Atlanta shot numbers thick fog Nolan do you like to eat spit. Hey did you suspect if you like Egypt's. And needing relief. The. Does fit the quote most fun city in the nation in Portland. To be like bad teeth ha ha ha ha. A virtual Starbucks who are there no it's Seattle out. Yeah although I rock bottom in this out all the equipment. The next one number four on the list in Miami. At feel like we go is a that is actually threw him. New York City number 3-D like mean people all know we need everyone else and our league death off. A war church. Numbered zero of the most runs cities and an Asian and Orlando. Makes it's a number ten so well whether it's a community in this. And the number one quote most fun city in the nation they guess if you like old people slamming the slot missing include the Alley that Mac. I fight ovarian and implemented got to find other flipped an OK so those are your top. Had no most fun cities in the nation San Diego only coming in at number ten but. Do you believe in your heart San Diego deserves to be higher on the list and William defense San Diego this morning at 619570194. Night. You pick any other city puts San Diego up against set. We'll give you thirty seconds to defend San Diego best defense winning six like magic mountain passes and there is no list that San Diego deserves to be number ten on net. Especially. Novelists of the most fun at ten cities in the nation and is seen in Jason FM ninety for nine San Diego's alternative Cynthia cocaine in number ten. Behind Chicago and New Orleans San Francisco Atlanta Portland Miami. New York Orlando and Vegas for the top ten funds cities in the nation. But are you willing to defend San Diego this morning and best defense getting hooked up with Six Flags magic mountain tech gets at six and I'm by 701949. Hey Monica good morning. From a mesa OK you've heard of all of the cities. That are being ranked higher than San Diego has stars fun levels. Did any standouts to you is almost insulting. I happen. It probably Chicago. Yeah Chicago was the worse. Chicago Yad so would you like to put San Diego up against Chicago. Thirty seconds on the clock great now at this time but will you please defend San Diego against Chicago. Okay belt can be good and try he would really cute and it. Read it and how much that we are not me I eat it. It's the tear is that Boston's broke down to the soda and I don't even know the Al old. You know let who cares. And any group I've been beat bit and get caught up in light on our end but not really there. Are. And out of McConnell and the windy. And that. He. Your program perfectly. Other hot I mean I didn't even know what he did that aren't you know in my pocket guy. We you bark away I was warrantless. Thank you are either India out. Bulldogs are so confused about this was how are we number it's all. And net but not anymore we just okay Chicago unofficially crossing off thought. Hold on one sec Monica guys. Hi Erin from Kensington. Did I understand they Yule also wanna put San Diego up against Chicago. Yeah. Yeah well I ever putting the time on the clock right now the floor is yours. Diego has steadily beaches we could access mountain church snowboarding. You could be in that. They had there about an hour cash and go out promoting your track stay ended on. And each chip and a little is that sweaty armpit. Summertime and nobody want you smell like the actual. And then in the city just there's been rising up above it and no jail we don't have known. It's god yeah that is very stagnant uses stroke Cohen at bear that pretty bad but our team thought he'd rather have no football Xena had a big. Al's. I don't. It full on says sir guy. Takes Aaron. You've probably thought to yourself but some point while living in San Diego we've listened such a fun city this past to be the most fun city no it's not ballots. Number ten from the ten most fun city in the nation according to this list by a wallet hobbled. They ranked nine other cities above bust in cool looted Aigner. The most do you on fast city's ever Chicago. Beat us New Orleans San Francisco Atlanta Portland's. Is number five if Miami. New York City Orlando and Vegas. Can you defend San Diego this morning we have to bump but up on molested 619570194. And I were Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative. Hey Zach. Good morning from Oceanside. You're gonna defend San Diego against New York City. A cat love that let me do thirty seconds on the clock at this time it's all yelled. Are at all warned that money some middle class and our city like. 130000 election effort hours ridiculous yeah the weather's terrible most that are here abolished knowing there's an unsigned note speeches. The deep layers terrible color they are really pushing her that's our. Sorry and an important thing is that they don't have a culture here is actually correct format back. Free and there. Classic now. Well I love to be you just made my heart pal got up the kids and. Another good couple I like let me push your don't apologize as I've noticed that here in San Diego anytime I accidentally get tapped everyone apology. Yeah. On a. It early and you're on their own patent and helps. And I thought. I don't even need thirty seconds he had on his reasons lined up ready to go anywhere ready to go I didn't Saturday and I. A sack and great defense the Smart and I hear Kate's task of morning from Spring Valley could only when both tests are you gonna defense San Diego against one city. What city are we going up against this morning and it turned out I know you these areas like hey I've been waiting for someone that one. I know is I did my bit Tampa and Orlando and groped groped grabbed. Like in the eight and Diego is in the and it city he had to be pretty its people you know beautiful weather I don't hit me I was in Orlando it would buy that land at your ability to my instant flat. Call it Sony and zero and happy and bloody it is so grab this I know that's. I don't have a lot after that began when you're in Orlando you don't have the when it got tight because if you go outside and like you have the unpredictable. Even thunderstorms that come in from nowhere when that would have to be. And you know like in your Dini do you like ready to go out and have a great time forget that not like. So somebody that you don't even wanna go outside anymore not to mention well we have the actor was wonderful gay district in San Diego Atlanta happy. Don't think anybody can compare to candy. Meredith. Yeah equating their. There great job status. Not Orlando and not even I didn't even come happened like that pops series. Core out. RS on 949 listener family defending San Diego's under the Smart nag Howell we were ranked number ten. On the list of the most funds cities in America according to this wallet hub web sites and I don't understand certain and we're asking you can you defend San Diego against one of the cities that allegedly is more fun non us like for example. Chicago. New Orleans San Francisco. A land a number six Portland or again number five Miami. New York City Orlando is number two and in Vegas is number 1 K Michelle good morning from Escondido. City angle up against what city. I could either go Orlando or Miami. Oh yeah attacking Florida this morning I'm bill. Add that I put it. Now our land out there might be a lot of traffic here are some people may say about an Orlando every Highway Patrol. Because there's so many tours they're just China get money out of everybody that's out there are tourists they're barely keep that the San Diego locals are so much nicer outweighs. Little concentration. Alone. And Miami they have the Cuban kid that we had a Mexican peer at how many ways can have a Cuban damaged. Where is possible he did not only different cars and Arnold. You can't let it verges on the opt out and great player than a valid point out of the blue outlet. I mean I had growing up in Florida and used all the good news there is back come out of Orlando but the alternative music here and the scenes here at the Arab and the north park this story since you can't compare. Oh my god it's such good valid point that he's here yeah sure. And there really opening mine to new things thank you sister. You're thinking about top gun. And gone without as a guy talk and there traits he make good morning where you've frowned. Oh nice okay so neat. Is this is going to be so easy for you living car that yeah they're defending it San Diego against what city. All of them are out how you're not good and vehicle number one of the list. I go to New York all the way they know. No like a lot of extra Bible TV shows. No he places it in the note here. Every single day number killed cropped beard Mecca of the world how much are happening are treating dogs and I hate the part of that radio show morning what do you think they've had pretty good right. I mean I've got without also doing well. He I mean I mean I don't know it's love orbits that they just want to take got through all the. What were they good. Louisiana. We got a New Orleans right yeah. You die you don't want a guy that lines in America Ahmanson's what state is it's hot you lose your money not fun not fun. What are cities are there. Another one as Portland that is number five on lawless. Portland night. I don't what he's actually get a live this. I don't like guys. I wanna keep giving you more because I like this comedy show on what about Atlanta. I thank you Atlanta the I don't see that a band like Miami metal plate and get out of the shower you smell already. Is this so. The only this is my favorite show you know what I think about morning show is Nate Nate Nate in the growing. Who now is awesome hang up once I get a guy they.