Dana & Jayson - Anyone But Chargers Highlights

Monday, October 16th

Our Dana & Jayson intern Entitled Mike couldn't be restricted to just one day a week, so we decided to start inviting him to join us on Monday mornings to break down the weekend that was in NFL football. After giving us a rooting interest on Friday, he breaks down the film and busts out the Xs and Os to bring us the Anyone But Chargers Highlights, and another chance to win the limited edition t-shirt from Shirts on Tap. Highlights? Lowlights? We're not sure.​


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It's FM 949 San Diego's alternative we are Dana and Jason and watching the chargers play football is an emotional journey this season for Sandia against it just is. And to take us through that emotional journey the highs and the lows our own a former die hard San Diego Chargers fan entitled might each time. Jane NG since anyone but charges highlight. It's down to watch the game and exceeded the raiders are starting geared car with a broken back as well. This broke broke broke out well how old man. Eating Manuel would help speed action when they're probably like 800 backs. Like good car Roger back as well as growth quiz I'll let you know it's that. Marshawn Lynch demands are on the ball screen and it futile went whoa well argued sure yards. And apparently Crabtree can fly why don't see wings on the back. Act but he could fly three yards to the time that. Cut down on what it saying seven on the greater the black all gone crazy what don't silver and black. Admit that you played can that would go get the door poppa John also gain energy and should I be bringing in her feet stipulated that the front so can we expect that. Yeah. He's. I don't know who number 84 record general outer and that duke could block itself. It's. There owner blue one. And he's tricky tricky raiders get it'll have a quarterback that queen back on so much individual receiver in the backfield trick play. The black all go crazy here we get. And had yet finished well at which it Iman the black hole right now insulating Bullock's big chargers were acting cocky I don't know how they're doing it. And I didn't feel like nickname Mack will probably net you can. He. Each Johnson pulled upon our charter seventeen raiders sixteen. Second straight win the ball close game at a rarity for the chargers to win it but they do today. On the road. Actually the final count we can't beat it or Michael burger eat if you could provide any operators to Europe so I get. Charter one that count too. But that bring their record to Ford to will that fit pretty cut and Mike sounding off these main game highlight. Admit that one can get yourself lucky what you do return one on my body what did you do to watched the most boring football game of the chargers when it. In a barn burner in the black holes. This has been Dana and Jason's anyone but charges highlights right now we know you're in a mixed emotional place we don't know if those are highlights for you have those horrible lights trio but if you're ready to Wear one that we have -- anyone on the charger sharply courtesy of our friends it's shirts on tab you can get yours right now in your size if your caller 146195701949. If you haven't seen yet check the Dane and Jason talk instead Graham Jason spelled little lie Dara there the shirts looked really guide and if you're ready to Wear while we've got on for your right now.