Dana & Jayson - Anyone But Chargers Highlights

Monday, October 23rd

​We're not sure exactly what is going on with that football team that used to play in San Diego, but they somehow have a bit of a winning streak going. Even though Entitled Mike and the rest of the Dana & Jayson show squad were pretty sure the 'Anyone But Chargers' fanbase was going to be happy with Sunday's result, the Bolts looked pretty un-Boltlike with a win over the Broncos. To help figure out what happened, and to give you a chance to win the official Shirts on Tap t-shirt, we invited Mike back on the show for our ABC Highlights.


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It's commercial free Monday -- and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternate them we are sixty minutes away from doing it began giving you another chance to win and elect some your marionette giving away Amazon echoes thirteen times today and what station is giving you know commercials and thirteen Amazon AGCO giveaways all in one day that's what we're doing sedan FM 949 so make sure you're signed up and ready to win our first name or announcing it is 7:10 this morning we're Damon Jason and honestly watching chargers football this season is such an emotional experience for San Diego ends so to beat their frost and to take us through that emotional Sunday football journey it's our own entitled might former die hard San Diego Chargers fan. I. In NG since anyone but charges highlights. Look at around this stadium it is nothing but he orange I heard that they couldn't even do opening announcement. Because their QB Broncos and their blue that did it matter what they'll count Von Miller sack lunch. Oh yeah. Just look at the Tibetan pilgrims pushed out. Watching Bill Berger in order away for bond Miller is like you're watching Animal Planet. And watching big bell. You know Alec and and and thank god they don't show the violent. It pediatric showing in my. And rivers got clutch. I don't know exactly be admitted Blackberry anybody would have died. He's got us a grand a year and you're holding shoulder success. You're getting dominated so. Firefox I wonder patent apply and condition of the game because. There's no way the community dinner I don't think there's another team in the NFL who loved lately there timeout board the charter real time. Scott cannot compliment wiped tears ever iPad out. There are I have no doubt about the gonna import alert now Perdue called the chargers football terrible football. In other new PBS need to make you told the general Perry Michaud called to hear your Dolan. I don't know if so tell me. Superior donuts here's CBS February 2 after the Big Bang theory. School wanting to crack. Well being of the period on a it when he wondered bureau coated got a big old donut on the scoreboard and acknowledged he did and now they're just panning the crowd angry bronco fans that look confused that they drove all that way or took a flight to watch him to sit out the that would feel like on game it looked like you Gary Denver now plus. It's. And luckily in my opinion to help me and mine in public charter he sure now could it be just the confused we'll turn about directly. This has been Dana in Jason's anyone but charges highlights and I know in title might use sound let down and you do sounds sad but we can turn this around right now because there's always next week and right now we have one of our exclusive anyone the chargers shirts to give away so that you can be properly outfitted for the rest of the season courtesy of our friends it's shirts on tack you can check out the shirts on RNC Graham account Dana and Jason talked Jason's gold little wise to check him out there but right now we've got your shared a 6195701949. We're gonna hook caller fourteen up right now.