Dana & Jayson - Anyone But Chargers: Week #11

Friday, November 17th

The Chargers didn't disappoint last Sunday, and we're ready for another win for the sports fans of San Diego when they square off against the Bills this weekend. Every Friday, Dana & Jayson invite our intern (and former die-hard Chargers fan) Entitled Mike to join the show, and give America's Finest City a rooting interest. He's back with his Top 5 reasons you should be rooting for Anyone But the Chargers, and your chance to win the exclusive, limited-edition t-shirt from Shirts on Tap.


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Sunday football's upon us and we go through this every week as sandy against mean we're certainly not rooting for the LA chargers we can't do that. But who should we throw our support behind it. To give us a good option and some solid reasons this morning entitled Mike joy Misch out now this pick the chargers play the Buffalo Bills might you're suggesting we root for the bills yeah. Well bill rich history Tom an important achievement denied they get older of course you're golden era. They still what deport you verbal back when you're still a middle school watching my so called life. It would make this personal and I don't know all of that was an attacker. So just get tear reasons. And I. Sunday you can laugh about that anytime you want what team is getting viewers support team. Quarterback directory in title might know do you look like it's just different why do I tell us who are top five reasons on whose San Diego should root for number five. Built. Throughout can. Consider. And fight for our country and it just turned eighteen so. Clinton the Clinton administration. To gain some perspective. Judgment at the university of buffalo will be completely true all. In call. This week and we'll try to see if they can take one step closer to even curse impacting their starting quarterback on when they. Oh yeah. O two content and I'd like chip in at WW eat well. But obviously I'm telling you if you reject the Buick Google strike built mafia and be prepared to be eight. As the week I want to sound old man. The blue. Dress them do here do aiming able. Law yet but it looked from Iowa to try and screamed at you and your car to grow albeit. She got a New York he said yet. It. Now she is. Looking to. Lie and you know. And you know not to remain up and this weekend. And we. During this year's trade deadline. And best player dog bit at jaguars and it seemed pretty bad as trying to put. We were tellem and any bill you permit there talks about. Actually village and it looked a lot like we will keep this year that the heated. And who to eliminate a single. I think it would be he. Leadership and I'm. I'm not to mention. It in the bill charter that call not made a play. In the weekend it goes completely injury in game. Is that they are doing back in bush on the way to go on and off the field named by. Peter who shot. MGM and yet continued arsenic and buy it took an orgy party was old starlet Shawn McCoy. Maybe you become more on real production and off field but that we were removed and that Playboy. And then Hillary before I let it die hard to build this weekend it obviously because. Yeah. Three is clinging to be a Buffalo Bills that even at the San Diego and that's right and if you are rooting for the Buffalo Bills or any senile. Than the chargers and you need a shirts we have your writing on the chargers sure right now courtesy of our friends it's shirts on tab we've got it in your size right now caller 146 and I'm 570194. Night entitled Mike thank you for that cemented experience. It.