Dana & Jayson - Anyone But Chargers: Week 5

Friday, October 6th

So far this season, Entitled Mike and the city of San Diego are 4-0, which means the LA Chargers are 0-4. This week, we face our biggest challenge so far, as the Bolts take on the winless New York Giants Sunday. Never fear though, because Mike is back with his Top 5 reasons we should be rooting for the G-Men, and the #1 reason is obvious! It's #AnyoneButChargers! If that wasn't enough, we also hooked up some lucky listeners with the limited edition Anyone But Chargers t-shirt from our friends at Shirts On Tap.


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It's the anyone but chargers campaign on FM 949 San Diego's all turn them and with Sunday's football upon us. We need to get into the right frame of mine and who better to catch us on who Cindy and should be rooting for other than our own entitled might. That's right this week it's going to be easy. And that way if your children don't Ford team we're gonna cheer for other women are going to Sicily that you are important to your report. And an awful lot to they'll probably. And we will Barton remote area. Sunday you can laugh at any time you watch what team is getting yours support team. Quarterbacks directory entitled might know do you look like it's just different quietly tell us who are top five reasons and whose San Diego should root for. Number five. Had been giant basically if they would put some people would call the laughingstock of Vienna held in New York Jets look how it's slightly off I am not only don't often remarkably good revolving door that downtown W hotel there simply because there and it all happened and what it would firecracker. And it. Actually they did that geno Smith the B Eli Manning had next coming quarterback and back out. Democrats. Don't you don't miss it granted to be like we need Archie. Question you know answered the entered not think. However they giant seemed to be in future links are at Everton permanently record. Well actually yeah art and it's who. Manning is a mouse but it looks like he's caught doing a lot of units to. Director. Who led the league in interception doing it. In his thirteen year career when you guys who he sucks so much. Better and they didn't and that an ideal. Warning that dude. So. Yes and so few why it liquid diet you can just yacht or your boots. Let him junior is the giant that player and may be one of the best player and it felt. However is that you didn't just looked up the wallet at hairstyle. Is like I didn't uncle top. I'd at least a week finally gave Libya or. Why would you do develop an aura even you know we're gonna make 100 did you play any catch it. Might Billy that he unity extra shrimp and chicken they went from a while ago it's an interest on it adds. And this week either acts is. And Matt did you know. In the coming on this they got it to the time being giant head coach and he looks like unemployment. It can't call from a desperate to know card jawed it will turn off for. It's. An iguana yeah. These attendant went into what are you laughing stock of and a Belk. Weekly wouldn't want a selection comes from uncle so quoting lie. More important this really. Well. Or in this league is alluding to and also reported giant is because. And. And we cue ball thorough entitled Mike. Where where where and right now just so -- in the spirit we have for you and anyone but chargers exclusive limited edition FM 94 and I shirt courtesy of our presidents are sun's out only need to do is give a call right now caller fourteen it's 61957019. Ford died you conceive any number chargers shirts you on the Dana and Jason talk to Graham account Jason's old little Y one of today's featured models is our own entitled might wracking is anyone but charger shirt might thanks a lot. No big loop.