Dana & Jayson - Anyone But Chargers: Week 7

Friday, October 20th

Okay, okay, it has been an off few weeks, and the Chargers have managed to win a couple of games, but our spirits aren't broken! The 2-4 Bolts are taking on the Denver Broncos this Sunday for the second game in their season series, and Dana & Jayson's intern Entitled Mike is back with the Top 5 reasons you should root for Denver. Forget reasons two through five, the most important reason is always that they're #AnyoneButChargers. If Mike's countdown wasn't enough, we also gave away another handful of limited edition ABC Shirts from Shirts on Tap.


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We need to be in the right spirit for Sunday football and who better to help us get to where we need to be than our own entitled Mike former San Diego Chargers fan. Meant two straight losses I kind of remembering what they'll likely be chargers fans. Are not cookie yet because I can't believe they won their last two games things have turned around ever since they got rid of that kicker. You know it's worked food material on the field and so I mean it's not that terrible we're in a lower third of the way early show you know foreign to a pretty solid record. A little back to the well this week ameron for the Broncos and patriots right we won. I think they did do it again. Sunday and you can laugh about that any time you watch what team is getting your support team. Quarterback directory entitled mind knowing what you look like it's just different why do I tell us who are top five reasons on whose San Diego should root for number five. Tourists Simien at quarterback for the Denver Broncos looked a lot like it generic white create a player Matt. Cullen couldn't Eric below average throwing arm off. Always speak highly of him in the intelligence. And the sound like Manning during you know real impressed with the you're about pressure don't try and edited out. This fool. Incident pay Manning he's probably one of the print out the best quarterbacks. Went to bat next John Elway it would feel proud of the record setting in Denver that he actually wanted to stay around. When he purchased 21 adjustment at all we're listening to the best part about it is what you call an order into one amid mideast border. You review and it looks and checks at all that well they better watch that you want to know why and but. There's only musher. You know the definition of better ingredients and he wanted to leave and go why are important as we depth to that yeah yeah. These numbers believe it good coach's name in advance Joseph. You put your typical lineup on inauguration events Joseph. And blah Coke and a big amount that general injury and as a coach. Yeah I have looked a lot like what you want to remember take an armed. I had no idea Gary Kubiak retired and I actually had a lot that cruel image abroad as coaches here. Now. And why they are so familiar he used to be the deeper the court the Miami Dolphins. And I don't know that there is collapsed defense. Well and its baggage in an associate we'd this week yet is. Insecure. But bottom and are equal dude you got chicken or any name different people permit team. I wonder a bit without the thought. Yeah. An obvious number one arena were written for the Broncos this week if you interfere in and get the charger is because. A. Par three that not us your second time. Converting for the Broncos against the chargers are written so many reasons and right now if you wanna get in the right spirit we've got your anyone but chargers shirt so you could be ready for the game 6195701949. You tell us the size they're courtesy of our friends at shirts on tap you concede the anyone but charger shirts and it. Dana and Jason talk RNC Graham account Jason spelled with a wide and title Mike as always thank you very my stroke and again.