Dana & Jayson - Artist Exposed Portugal. The Man

Wednesday, September 13th

If you were at our FM 949 Indie Jam 2017, then you know. If you weren't, you really have to start questioning your life decisions. All week long, Dana & Jayson have been taking a look back at all of our interviews with the six bands that took the stage Saturday in Oceanside, and bringing you the most honest and in-depth moments of our conversations. This morning, we brought you another edition of Indie Jam Artist Exposed with Portugal. The Man. 


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The guys from Portugal the man. They get nervous so they've more so down to earth when they came to Indy Jim we had this great conversation with them where they're being so open and honest about the fact that everything they're experiencing right now is absolutely surreal Saddam. I think we're kinda hidden there right now we're like we're showed up on it populated lists top forty. Yes well you're here you'll see it's upwards like Arianna grundy weekend Portugal the man chief he was like that's. Yeah yeah to me that's great the but yeah the more the merrier I wanna clippers many people as we possibly play for as long as we can do it. It's an it's an artist exposed words and Jason asked some 949 San Diego's alternative and even though portion of the man they've been doing this for so long this can literally their twelfth Al booms that they put out they we're sharing that they do still get really nervous at certain times. That your witness their hearts within this that are definitely here comes here it's not yeah you know I know they'll have those moments in that is you know the mental section Nazis in part it's oh and a police fallen on my face on some of the QB the simplest thing in the world of like in the shirt. Right I. I needed the challenge equity. Not necessarily island immaterial at Huck IQ so are quite. The period last game I'd love now. But she loves hall so like hey let's tell you a great day consumer and did that make you nervous or her or use more of. Freaks me out I've done it yeah. I enjoyed it though that doesn't mean it was really really really there are certain everything on it like 85 minutes to get out there. Say here's all the lights in all the cameras and Ellen DeGeneres. And Alan Faneca. As artists expose a portion of the man when we said talent and at Indy jam and with all the theme that they've been getting and the success that they've experienced recently we are wondering you know is there anything that you can't do anymore that you used to be able to do before you reach this level of fame. A memo. I'll do anything at any go to the grocery store and there's like crazy you know there's like crazy disparity between things in my. A couple of days ago I got a celebrity's telephone number and then I ate a bag of chips for dinner and that's not super glamorous yet and I don't think it ever will be just by the nature of the action to view cooler weirder things and we stood at the below nights at the end of. In my far right of the best moments from indie gem was when the the entire sold out crowd sang along with feel it's still as cordial demand took the stage we had to get clarification. Because the rumor was that Felix still it was a song that the band wrote in one hour. I don't think you get to do so I had to do it that way yeah it should happen that way but I mean if he gets like wake up in the morning in your like between ten and eleven commoner edit it song. You are right that. Apple with the biggest song it instead of center pat there's other songs that took a year all our more with feel it still that was. After on an eighth to donate from electric deaths were in its Bagram. On at such an hour ago and on and right they jump and he starts bumping around on that baseline basically excited about it it recorded that while we're on the spot and that's pretty much it. So knowledge or listening to the song feel itself they created it in one hour is portion of the man Indy jam artist on the front nine before nine.