Dana & Jayson - Banding Together

Friday, October 20th

​Dana & Jayson love lists, especially when they have to do with our home state of California. This morning, we got our hands on the list of the band that represents each state, and the band that is supposed to represent California was a little polarizing. What band was named the quintessential band one for our state, and what did YOU think would make a better choice? Check it out, and help elevate your weekend playlist... 


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If you had to choose one dance from our home state of California to crowned as the best banned from our state. I'm wondering what the first one that comes to mind would be for Yale is data Jason at on 949 San Diego's alternative because the best band was named from every state this can't be an individual artists it has to be a band they have to have their roots being from the state of California it can't be a ban that moved to LA at some point ain't. It has to be someone that's from here the guerrillas came out of the last of the best banned from every state and I want to do that I was disappointed. I was sure that I knew what the answer was and I was wrong but. I feel like. We could add some other suggestions OK I wanna know what you think the ban should be the best banned from the state of California at 61957019. For a night everybody who calls this morning reporting in the running for a pair of tickets in the San Diego beard music festival Halloween edition of which is happening Saturday October 28 that's next weekend and this is what I was a little disappointing because. A laugh stuff for example they have Portugal the man says super currents and like cool. Georgia had outcast. And mean Kansas had cans and so Nevada had the killers so cool so like good genre right so that mom liking all of us but then what California gad and our whole great state. But any African decent if he was born in like nineteen. Are right now honestly the Beach Boys I mean they're iconic the original boy band X setter a fine but the. Different in the sixth he's so. Can we pick something more current so we can match the rest of the lets the good news that there Arizona add meat pop bets. I think there we are aware beach boy is that just oh. So now you just have pointless audio. Death affect us. Well yeah and jackets that nodding his head yes. To AGCO I think I. You know. I don't know hey. OK that's enough share on nine before nine we don't Ramel fed stroke both short. But she's not a bad. The she's not a band she's an icon beside you like years old she's won a Golden Globe and Academy Awards got married in my era Obama on if he's reading Wikipedia about all of the stuff that Khaled a bandit plagued by high there. Cole. What I. Know. Baggy. I don't think yeah yeah. Yeah you don't you're the Goodman didn't go over so cool. June nominee from the state of California 6195701949. Shares already been taken so don't get any ideas why you point Dag. The best banned from the state of California what then immediately comes sheer mind visa through Ellis just came out with a list and named. The beach blaze as our bad words in and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative but it was like that's one man that doesn't really match the rest of the less so Pennsylvania. Had the roots Alaska had Portugal the man at Florida had Tom Petty in the heart breakers. Nevada got the killers. Somebody comes California who do you think should be on that list. Hey Monica good morning from PV nice to hear from you. Are good okay what fans came to your mind. Thank you for being in the pocket for the love that is a great idea and co. Thank you for that I'm glad I. Oh. Now you go to work today out of the beats the alternatives they'd definitely. The number one altered is that a decade ago I played it turned back my share three times. Like god. Right exactly I mean this is just the official list so I mean yeah we I did think we had to do better hurry your submission is noted that. Hang up once sacked and and we're keeping an official list of these so that we can put out the best bands in California according to FM 949 listeners he Marisa good morning from Carlsbad. They are not California is often because we have. Iconic bands like the Eagles like Santana like maybe by the end of dinner and added I'm really are. OK Morris get off your high or the last look. Lower and I carry you this there we have to respect our elders but we can still put them in the nursing home with a. It's not share rebel not that I god and stared at the Olympic day over 25. Adding they'll make a an iconic. You've angered marathon. That in so make your radar data to your G-8 or at yeah I. Did you ever funny I've got problems you can start to get I think they're very. The boom equally over there and yeah no doubt about our meeting Michigan. And I felt although I just can't take down your icon with PO I doubt you Sarah both getting torts. Much love and respect for all the icons. Brown lab what name from the light brown LA. Adam Libyan men fired and not let him beat Blake both Green Day and run Red Hot Chili Peppers there like old dudes but they can still like. Yeah raw gas. And like the hard paint iiroc brawler and and indeed that it conducted. Now you're more knowledgeable than we are honestly probably without you should have a morning show lineup that united are not put up a by the IRS. Hey Jessica good morning from a mesa. OK so what Dan would you submit for this list. And when you delaying key killing again. I mean but for the best band of California vaults and I mean I love them. They speak to my heart and soul but. Mean they're new stuff is amazing tale but I mean and they are from how ways so it's like right in the hearts I can hear that I did you there was San Diego. But for all of California than your competing against the Red Hot Chili Peppers US have to give it or not chili peppers now. Yeah I get this because I'm in the eighth. Yeah like I like a good San Diego represented Ohio. Marginalized. Blink-182. Fans I'm glad I used in though a very big Blink-182 youth and death bed he was such a deep. And I'm though not sadly I it says the eight Blink-182. With that. I don't think you're wrong. Yeah. Likely an 82 didn't deserve. I mean let that generation Ankara and in our. The are right there and you sum it up so well that they just. Hey John good morning. Okay good okay so who did you wanna submit that should have made the last. Well I think you know by David. But not. Same I don't ago of the best and the all time which is Metallica and LA. I mean is that it would match the list so much better the one that they put out. And and not not nothing against the Beach Boys but I mean they do it's just they feel out of place on that's. What well yeah like it is a little bit needed we're not bad but. That would've been greeted by David ought. A local law is soccer be applicable in history but what the but at the Beach Boys were created there. Have been relevant. Here. Great great great so keeping it relevant and enjoying this perspective John. Yeah I think I think support. That was big in the beginning back abilities early nineties that still in joy you know sit on the radio and that they today beat all you or in the all of. You should also have a show right now. I would CNN and I'd say OK tell me more about all this Muzak. Metallic. At that literally too heated for mean I'll give makes you nervous. How I was it'll say that comfort each bowl game but it's hot and I know had a really reality few under a lot of people Alec Campbell but I think he was just about the phase of laced Fiore and when you were into it like I mean in ninth grade I want little Anderson and man the happened in my world and I was intuit XT. Yes that's the bike and bought almost every food Kirby K nothing else matters are we really article but I'd like always there's always. Are out there for everybody. OK time. Now on okay so what about this man you'd. This. Sitting on like how can hop in your slap hands enjoying it's sensible. Jardin de them. And just kind of enjoying the San Diego weather with the windows been in nice. You want a Metallica song. I epic a little bit. Oh he's writing it down and let the matter. Somebody needs to know finally it's great relationship job and I that's a compliment is there were adding that to molest the they give for colleague. That came Melissa. Hey from Vista good morning or good who do you think the best band this topic they Linkin Park. Do you ask a loud and makes me sat down oh then when you that there are little pregnant there move. I. Poll now that Clinton made me even more sad and I told my guys. I know most of where you always a fan of Lincoln Park. I on Leah bird and from the big getting mad at Bob always love that I grew up listening sit down it was part hard hit pressure reluctantly get one this year. So for marriages right so 'cause they went through a phase of like changing their sound and all of that stuff more you still hanging with them all through that. I did I do it yet I am even the music that you know a lot of people don't know a lot of their spot they had some amazing lyrics that ticket cuter a lot of things back then yeah. No I don't have ultimately midmorning things well that's okay are known to be brought down a little better after that share clip I played. Her early work. We might just play one more time to just to lighten the mood again. And yup you aren't the words you had street band over here in Oceanside have ratings though they bailed I was just wondering if they might be different something in the area. You know what they're probably just driving around giving out prizes because that's what they do sometimes. But it's raining in Oceanside how bad is that there. If it were back yeah down sprinkling caddie let's say that but but that. I think. They're great that we needed reassurance absolutely wants some icy hear from you talked to this morning. Thank you guys so much for all the great news that he got by it all banks thanks again for calling all have a great big YouTube.